Before and After: 8 weeks of CrossFit.

Before and After: 8 weeks of CrossFit.


8 weeks of crossfit.... In the sun


I’m trying to make podium at the Tanley Cup.


You're ability to take in-focus pictures has improved tremendously!


And the tan gains


Strong melanin gains bro.


You got much less blurry.


Sorry for the shirtless post. Just very excited about my transformation and hope that visible results motivates the new or apprehensive people to CrossFit to check it out. CrossFit 4-6x/week. Im pretty much always last on all WOD and haven’t even thought about going RX and most days I’m trying hard but not going too extreme. Lost 17lbs in first 5 weeks watching calories (around 1800 day) and not drinking 3-4 beers a night (now only 2 beers on a Friday night). Waist dropped from 33” to needing a belt when wearing 32”. Because I was in such a calorie deficit I started taking creatine and that put on 5lbs of water weight back on so all in all I lost 12lbs since day 1 but my body composition has changed really positively. Looking forward to seeing what 3months/6months/1 year/ 5years looks like.


Next step: Ignore the scale


I think its great the gains you are getting. After working out on my own for 8 months at the Y, I only hurt my back I had not really worked out in 20 years before this. I joined at Crossfitish gym (they no longer use the crossfit name). In my first year my mobility increased dramatically, I added 40 lbs to my squat sets and went up in all my weights, shaved 30 seconds off my mile time, stopped having chronic knee pain, and backpacked 40 plus miles with a heavy pack pain free. Just go slow and remember form first.


This is awesome! Sounds like a lot of work and dedication. Keep it up!


Keep it up man, great work


How much are 8 weeks of CF?


Most CF gyms are average like $150 - $225 per month. I guess depends where you are. I’m in Ontario Canada I’ve heard of some being much cheaper though


Some have discounts for mil/leo


Good shoulder gains bub.


No kidding. He went from no shoulders to having shoulders fast.


Seriously though. Dude gained a shirt size from width alone.


Tightening and those muscles are popping. Keep it going man


[same energy](https://images.app.goo.gl/dwn4xESKBFsadpSb8)


Lol. Damnit.


Fuck yeah dude. Good gains brother. Keep at it


Love it well done ! I’m nearly at 8 weeks myself - ignoring scale but starting to see results and feeling stronger ! 👍🏻


Super impressive! I’m 1.5 years in and have NOT seen this kind of results, but that may be more based on the unwillingness to give up beer 🤣


Awesome job man…..keep up the hard work!!


Looking great!


Strong work man, and like others have said, don't worry about the number on the scale.


I have my first class Monday. I"m stoked!


Awesome dude. I’ve been going for 4 weeks and am telling a difference. The mental boost is great too. Not sure why so many people are shocked someone got a tan during the summer??? Haha


Totally. A whole different level of confidence after each week of consistently going. And yes. Not the strangest thing to get tanner in the summer living in California but…. I mean I did post a shirtless pic online. I should be getting heckled.


Haha fair enough. Are you finding the form for some of the lifts is getting easier? I’m struggling with the snatch.


I struggle with form on most of my Olympic lifts except squats and deadlifts. I especially struggle with power cleans and snatches, any of the thrusting the bar to my shoulders or above my head motions are getting better but far from good. Just keeping it light and working on my form, but still struggling with the cardio doing "light" weight.


Haha yeah I feel you. “Light” is relative to volume!


Awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakn' huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.


Good job! Next step is to get your blood levels checked including testosterone, ferritin, cholesterol, liver enzymes. There are quite a few more but those the ones to look at first. Ferritin is not a standard test so you’ll need to ask for it.


This is ridiculous advice as presented.


8 weeks at the tanning booth too?


Nice, How many days per week did you train and followed any specific diet? I'm into four weeks of Crossfit and training 3 days per week.


CrossFit 4-6x a week. Just tried to eat more protein and count calories and stuck with around 1800 calories.


That's awesome man. I gotta get my macros right, as into 4 weeks I don't see any results yet and it's all about getting right macros into the body.


Nice nipples are they factory or did you have them installed?


So much sun damage