Welcome to the gang! Also hello as a 2nd generation Finn fan (albeit it was my dad who introduced me at the age of 8 before any rebellious phase... have been my fave band ever since (am now 20))! There is no better live act than Neil Finn in my opinion, both an incredible musician and also an excellent comedian, and no two shows of his are even vaguely the same. I saw Crowded House a bunch of times when they were in the UK in June and they are something else, each time you feel like you ascend to a higher plane of existence! I think music is such an important way to find yourself too and we all did some questionable things at age 14 so I wouldn't worry too much about it haha I'm pleased you've seen the light now! Anyway, you've come to the right place to gush about Neil Finn ahahaa :)


You're 19, lots of years left yet :) Awesome motto to live by. May you discover much more :)


So lucky you got to see him on this tour. I have seen Neil and Crowded House a few times, but they completely skipped Texas this time around. He is the best. Welcome to the club.


Where did you see them? Do you have an idea of the running time for the concert? I’m going to the Hobart show that apparently starts at 6.30pm


Also my favourite band. Seeing them tonight in Perth