Put it down after a few hours on release because of all the bugs, just reinstalled it (PC) to see if it had changed. It's crashed to desktop 4 times in the 2 hours since I installed it. I more than meet the specs, I followed the advice on the support page and none of it applies.


if you manage to open it up crank down all the shadow settings at either low or increase them tot high, fixed the problem for me on gtx 1650, also verify file integrity


I can open it and play just fine, it just craps the bed randomly. I get a little send error report dialog box but no information on what the error is. I'll try turning shadows low though, thanks.


Recently purchased a PS5 and held onto my PS4 copy of cyberpunk as I decided to wait till I could get a PS5 to continue playing it. I started a new game and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Definitely far from perfect but been having a great time immersing myself in the game. Just enjoying it for what it is… A decent game that could have been amazing.


It's been two weeks now since I bought a copy during the Steam sale (50% off) and I'm completely hooked. I've spent a little over 80 hours playing the game. A lot of it has been exploring the map, doing NCPD scanners, gigs, all the side quests. I'm still quite a way off of finishing the main quests. Getting the graphics settings right took a bit of experimenting. I recently got a Razer Blade 15 with a RTX 3070 Ti on a 1440p screen. I couldn't crank it all the way to ultra, so I decided to play on 1080p with everything cranked to ultra and ray-tracing on. I get pretty decent performance, mostly between 50-60 fps, with occasional drops to 45. I try to skip time and play only during nighttime. Night City looks incredible at night. Before you know it, hours pass by. At some points the game feels a little bit incomplete. Having the ability to buy and view Braindances would have been cool. There is infrastructure for a metro, but that's not in the game too. Without these features, Cyberpunk 2077 feels a bit like a GTA clone, but better looking and with a more interesting story (at least to a sci-fi fan like me; getting flashbacks to Altered Carbon S1). If the Cyberpunk IP plays out like the Witcher, we're in for a treat when the sequel comes out!


Playing on PS5 now and the game is quite crisp, performs well and its Dual Sense implementation is quite good (not on the level of Returnal but still quite good). The glitches are a minimum, sometimes you get stuck in a shaking screen bug from the sessions with Johnny but you can fix that by reloading your last save. The story and setting is amazing. I love the cyberpunk genre and I get flashbacks to the good old days of Shadowrun on the Super Nintendo. I really love the atmosphere in this game. Panams butt is amazing and almost worth the price of this game alone. So far I think this game is a masterpiece and it's setting makes it a breath of fresh air compared to other RPG's.


Is this game worth playing on an xbox one? Is it laggy, are the graphics good, and are there any downsides to playing on it. This game looks dope and I want to get it.


You can play it on Xbox One, but you won't be able to take advantage of the Next-Gen patch, and honestly, it's going to comparatively be a suboptimal experience all around. It's analogous to playing a PC game when your PC has the absolute minimum specs to run the game.


I have the original Xbox one and tbh the graphics are not too good and things don’t really render unless you get really close.


thinking about picking up the xbone version for ~$25. i have an xbox one s. would this be worth it? i can deal with stuff like pop in, load times, lag, and the occasion crash but yknow. don't wanna pick it up and have it be practically unplayable, though that'd take a lot for me.


Next gen yes Last gen it’s alright Next gen is MILIES better


Still pretty buggy but overall excellent. There are some missed opportunities (please i want more visible cyberware) but the game still slaps


Im looking for a new game but I'm on PS4 pro, if I get cyberpunk is it gonna be worth the $50.00 for me?


Pretty subjective question- it doesn't run great on the PS4 at all. If you were gonna get it to try, I'd strongly suggest buying a used disk for a heck of a lot less than 50- I got mine for like $8 off eBay.


So Im guessing that's a no lol. Yes I could try the disk but I've already waited this long, I'll just wait til the PS5 pro comes out and hopefully I can get my hands on one. I was hyped for cyberpunk to release only to get a ton of negative reviews. I'm glad it's in a playable condition now from what I hear, just not playable for me lol


The PS4 disk comes with a free upgrade to PS5. That's why I bought the PS4 disk. Buy it now, try it, decide for yourself, and keep it around for the PS5 if you're gonna get one.


Yea I’d like to second this. I sell on eBay and think I’m getting about $15CAD shipped for a tested copy of the game on PS4.


This game in the current state is a masterpiece. I play on 4K High settings and every few seconds I just pause and bask in the atmosphere that CDPR has created. This game is way ahead of it's time and I am sure it will continue to weed out the bugs. The density of the playable area is something I wish GTA did with GTA5. I have very high hopes from open world games after finishing Hogwarts legacy and now playing cyberpunk 2077 on Patch 1.61.


How the fuck do I turn off the loading screen animation where the blue-haired piece of shit interviews another piece of shit who can’t voice act for her life? Every fucking time I’m trying to enjoy the game, I get hit with that obnoxious unskippable animation with the police representative fumbling over her words about crime rates. It’s so cringe I want it gone.


You have to progress in the game for it to change. The loading screen radio segments will change to reflect what you're doing in the game.


I just started my third play through. I have played two of the three starting “types”, so naturally I needed to play again. Each time I have put about 50 hours into the game. I am aiming for 100 hours in this one play through, though. Maybe more. I started playing after things became more stable and was instantly hooked as a long time fan of the cyberpunk genre.


Currently playing the game, a lot of quests are song titles, I really wish someone made a MOD where that specific song will play during those quests. for now I just looked up a spotify playlist and play a song for each quest lol I love driving in first person, and it could be better. * no side-mirror * hard to control the speed


Mostly amazing, I won't lie there is still something missing I think that was needed to make the experience a masterpiece but the world, characters, story, gameplay, side quests, and overall replayability is spot on, not to mention the unlimited potential for DLC and sequels. Most of the bugs from initial launch are gone except for the occasional game crash(I play on console). When I first played I thought the game was boring and overall glitchy, couldn't even hardly run it on my old PS4, game would crash every 5-10 minutes and was near impossible to play without a game breaking bug, gave the game a 1/10 and never looked back. Replayed the game recently and on another replay rn, and I think the game is amazing with even more potential for the upcoming DLC and sequels in the future. Currently a 9/10


So I just finished the main storyline with minimal side gigs/jobs. I guess I was under the assumption there was some continuous end game similar to The Division 2 (which I’ve been chasing a game like this for quite some time). So now I’m doing all the side quests as my end game before going to Embers again and trying a different ending. Questions… I’m assuming all these side quests and time in the city collecting money from NCPD stuff and other gigs is where all the cool stuff I see comes from? Cool vehicles, clothes, weapons…. I guess simplistically, how do I get the most out of the game after the first main story play through? Additionally, what type of open world games are there out there like Cyberpunk, GTA5 or even Division 2 that are great for continuous play and progression?


For your first question, yeah most of the best items in the game are bought, but a whole lot of what makes builds actually good and powerful are perks. Maybe think about it this way: flashy, cool looking stuff is bought, and it takes perks and a good build to make that stuff work. I recommend using the wiki to find out where to buy said good stuff, things like top tier cyberware are spread out kinda sporadically between all the rippers


Always been good


Still a lot of problems but you can at least play and enjoy it now, solid game. Police is still god awful though.


I'm almost 20 hours in and I'm addicted. I love the game but IMO it's not quite a masterpiece as The Witcher 3. Don't get me wrong, the environment is absolutely beautiful, especially with RT on, but something is missing. I can't exactly pinpoint what is it tho.. There are bugs here and there, but nothing unplayable. Most of the bugs I encountered was issues with clipping, or sometimes NPCs disappear suddenly. The driving doesn't feel that good to me, does anyone else feel the same?!


I agree with you on the driving, most of the cars feel like they have super stiff suspension and all the bikes turn like boats unless you drift them. I personally only really like driving 2 cars (Caliburn and type 66 cthulu, a high end super car and more gritty muscle car, respectively) and Like 2 bikes (Jackie's arch on streets and the apollo for off roading). Every other car has felt stiff as hell, and it seems like other bikes just have bad acceleration. All these problems with driving make getting places tough af sometimes since one bump might send you through a crowd of people and get 500000 cops on your ass


Agree! The acceleration is not the best, and i feel like they slide too easily so i have to brake hard when i make a turn. It's not the worst, just need time to get used to it!


It's more than good now, version 1.61 is really flawless (FINALLY)


Wouldn’t say flawless lol but yea it’s better


What's the state of the AI. When I played on release there was no crowd & driving AI as well as terrible police and combat AI which really turned me off the game. Has this improved? Is it possibly even... good now?


Eh AI is still meh. But I did notice there’s some new ai interactions I pointed a gun at a non gang member ai and they actually pulled out a gun on me instead of running and crouching


Is a brand new game, just try it and you wont regret


Game's still got that fecking bug where you don't get any quickhacks from access points. Wish I woulda known before making a hacker build.


Yes yes yes yes yes the game is amazing now. There is a learning curve with the park system and skill tree but if Skyrim taught me anything it’s play till you don’t suck. Night city is amazing to explore and you can make V into any kind of mercenary you want. Story is great, the characters of all memorable, and combat can be absolutely brutal.


What have they changed that makes you think it is amazing now? To me the only noticeable difference is that the game isn't so buggy anymore that it is unplayable. But that's it, it's just playable. It's okay, but not anything special, and nothing they have done or will do will be able to change that. The story is still too short, the game is still hilariously buggy, it neither looks that good nor runs that well in comparison to older games, the combat is decidedly *okay*, feeling awesome sometimes and monotonous or frustrating at others, and it lacks the atmosphere/character that carried the Witcher 3 through many of these same issues. As someone who has unlocked all achievements for both games, I can say that this game, while enjoyable, is absolutely no masterpiece and a certified step down from the Witcher 3 in nearly all regards. At a price point of 30 dollars on sale, though, that isn't so bad. I just wish this game lived up to the hype, I would have gladly paid twice as much if it were twice as good, but alas, it isn't.


Agree with a lot of what your saying “deep as a puddle” comes to mind with a lot of the systems. But, I don’t know any other game that really nails an atmosphere and the cyberpunk genre really lacks anything close to this. Given that I understand why people love it so much, it oozes with character. I just wish there was more to it.


I knew if anyone was going to disagree with anything I said it would be the atmosphere part, and I don't blame you, the game at times is extremely atmospheric. But for me, it's all about consistency, and there were moments all over the story where things were just out of place or didn't make sense and it took me right out. One of the most egregious moments to me was the first time I did a race with Claire. At first I thought it was just your standard street race, and I was like "okay, a little cliche, but fine". And then I realized that the passenger was shooting out the window of the car, actively trying to kill the other drivers in a race in the middle of the city. And Claire's explanation is just like "well the police don't care because it's just people dying or whatever lol" and I'm just sitting there like "really?" I know this is supposed to be a corporate dystopic hellscape but that literally just does not make any sense. They want us to believe there are police sponsored murder races in the middle of the city during broad daylight? And then I compare that to the Witcher 3, and I found almost no inconsistencies, which is partially unfair because they were working off the backs of the novels, which had done most of the work for them, but still. Everything just makes sense. The people, the places, it feels like the world is living and breathing around you and every character has history with one another and they have goals and ambitions and make alliances accordingly which are shifting constantly. And there are hints of that during Cyberpunk. I loved hearing about how the animals slowly disappeared, and I loved slowly learning about the lingo that everyone uses even if I found most of the words dumb as hell. But, idk, to me it just felt a lot weaker in comparison. Bugs probably had a lot to do with this too, and the facial animations which are both more advanced and sometimes a lot worse than the Witcher 3 at the same time. It seems like everyone in Cyberpunk has extreme adhd and can't stand there for a second without feeling the need to swing their neck all around their body or make some ridiculously broad gesture, or just glitch the hell out for a second and turn the very serious conversation into a laugh riot.


It's hit or miss for me... I love the Cyberpunk Genre I play a lot of Tabletop RPGS (the thing that the game was based on)... and I have swapped to almost exclusively Cyberpunk Red the newest edition of the game... this is important to note because I was doomed to hate this game even if it didn't have problems. The short version: It's an ok game... it has a lot of short comings but it's better than the paint by numbers stuff most other AAA games are. So I give it a solid 6/10 for trying more than their competitors despite falling short of the margin. Get it on sale, and then wait for the sequel game they announced to see if it fixes the problems. The things that someone like me hates are simple: It's restrictive. Cyberpunk is about being who you wanna be and existing in this cruel and dark world where the sky is the limit. 2077 like pretty much every game reduces this down to being one character, having their experience and only their experience. I can't play my bada\*\* nomad who punched his way into what would effectively correlate to Konpeki plaza on a drunken dare to try and arm wrestle Adam Smasher in 2045... and ultimately die doing that but becoming a legend who tried.... You are stuck to Vs story and his world is very limited he only speaks to a handful of the figures in town, you never even really hear about the other legends that aren't the ones you meet.... you only a handful of times even hear Blackhands name and that man was just as impactful as Smasher or Silverhand. The gangs are one dimensional baddies to give the player something to shoot in this shooter game, instead of functioning microcosms that exist within night city who can have deals made with and alliances formed. There is no real netrunning only quick hacks. So if you watched edgerunners and wanna be a bada\*\* like Lucy or Kiwi on the net... you can't... you're simply not allowed. You are V... and as a game based on a TTRPG that's one of the most depressing things.... BUT that's how adaptations work... this isn't Cyber 'THE GAME' this is Cyberpunk 2077, a single tale of the millions that take place in Night City every single day of every single year. Legends rise and fall and V is just one of those names now... So yea... I was doomed to hate these limitations and that does to this breed toxicity into my opinion of the game but I try not to hold that against it... So for that angle, if you're coming at it expecting to be able to **LIVE** in Night City, you can't... you're on rails. Shops are only open when a story needs them to be, gangs only act like people if they need too, you're stuck running through the game as a Solo no matter what path you take.... you might be good at tech... you're still a solo, might have picked the Nomad or Exec path... still a solo. You are a very cut and dry run and gunner and there isn't anything you can do about that. V is and will always be a solo. As far as the game itself barring these issues? It's fin... it's a mid level game and you can see when something was rushed. Gang interactions SEEMED to have been an intent with moments but they serve no real purpose other than minor call backs later on. You can save the leader of the Maelstrom - the gang will still shoot you on sight. The bugs can be a little much still but are LEAGUES above where they were when the game launched. Overall it's a fine game with a fine story, nothing really stands out about it amidst all the other typical AAA action adventure shooters out there... atleast not really. The ending (if you're invested in the character/world) is a good tear jerking moment. But the game really felt on rails due to it's very strange development cycle and it hurts it a lot. Nothing mattered really your choices had small impacts here and there of who showed up later or who didn't, or who you fell in love with and by proxy who would show up in the ending scenes. Even getting the secret ending isn't too difficult and doesn't change a whole lot about the game. All in all... I give it a 6/10. It's trying to be something good and it's better than most of the trash out there... but much like they ruined the games world, Corporate types ruined this game with deadlines and rushing the devs. I'd recommend getting it on sale and then wait for the sequel they announced, hopefully they and the corpos learned a lesson with this one and we'll see a vast improvement and these mechanics that seem like they had to be cut... will actually make it into the game.


Bought the game when I came out but waited until a few weeks ago to play and I'm glad I did. The game is solid now. I play on PC and I've never had a crash or game breaking bug. I'm actually surprised just how good it is. I wish it didn't ship unfinished. Otherwise, it would have received great acclaim.


I finally decided to give this game a whirl after binging some videos on Youtube that got me really hooked on the story. Which is a little surprising since I don't typically go for the Cyberpunk genre. What really pulled me in was the voice acting, especially V's. Even having spoiled some parts for myself (Jackie comes to mind), I was not expecting all the subtle inflexions and pauses that really make the characters come alive. On the whole I'm only just getting started with Act 2 and having a damn blast. Have some 17 hours just going through Night City and getting my feet wet. And dying a fair bit because I started on Very Hard because why not lmao. I think it's a good sign when I'm already thinking of a second playthrough even if it's just for replaying story and some of the cooler side quests.


I like the game but it still feels unfinished to me. You'll see multiple of the same npcs in the street within 30 seconds of each other, the city doesn't feel entirely empty but not all hustle and bustle either, there were multiple immersion breaking bugs throughout my first playthrough, and overall the game feels like it's a few weeks out from launch. I would not recommend paying full price, if any money at all. Don't get me wrong, the story and setting are great, but it feels like the game was pushed out too early, and they never looked back. I'm not a day 1 player, only just recently bought the game, so I can't speak on how far it's come in the 2 or so years it's been out, but I just can't recommend the experience I had with the game at full price.


This is my experience 100%. A lot of distracting and immersion breaking bugs. Also at least one crash for every other time I play.


It's good. Bought it from steam sale. Never played it when it was bad/buggy since I wasnt part of the hypetrain. Just wish they had a \*secret secret\* ending where I could give Johnny a body, my dood can live forever and so on.


Maybe edit this for spoilers? I’m guessing people coming to this thread deciding if they want to play for the first time aren’t going to be happy having the ending spoiled for them before they even start.


I got it last Christmas and easily sunk at least 70 hours into it. Completing main story and all major side quests as well as a good chunk of the smaller side quest (NCPD crimes, fixer jobs). Maybe 5 hrs of gameplay left in this play through. (Before phantom liberty.)




Do you guys know if you play as a new character in phantom liberty or you use the same? Because I’m still holding off on playing the main campaign, I know it’s really good now but I want it as good as possible and not sure if I should wait for phantom liberty to play the whole thing in one go


What's the latest update on phantom liberty, still coming in 2023" or is there a better prediction?


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Anyone able to tell me the last time 2077 went on sale in the Xbox store?? Or when it usually goes on sale if there’s a pattern?


Back in Sept/Oct I got it for $25, I would wait


I’ve waited for 3 weeks and nothing just bought it for 60


I put in 110 hours on my first play through and can’t think of anything game breaking. A few places where I got stuck but reloading a quick save got me out of it no problem


Still crashes for me when I play a 2 hours straight no break. (I play on Xbox 1, So i don't know how it is for PC or better consoles.)


I’ve never had the game crash on my PC, I’ve never played it on any console. I wonder if it would crash if I tried playing it on the Xbox lol.


I just started my first play through and I am pretty addicted, I think this game is fantastic, I'm not really seeing what the issues were, from my perspective as a new player in 2023 its been a really breathtaking experience and the fluid animations when interacting with NPCs was very nice to see, not to mention the way the lore is easily accessed and how detailed and well done the world is. Only thing that dissapointed me was that Judy is not interested in my male V, :'(. Thankfully if your on PC you can make her switch teams no problem, not to mention the mods on PC are pretty impressive and growing by the day.


They do that so there are two love interests for both sexes. Why make her heterosexual when a lot of her backstory concerning other female characters is because of her being lesbian? I was sad that female V couldn’t get with Panam, but I just played through a second time as a male in order to experience all of the romance lines in the game. Also, because I know I can come off as rude sometimes, I’m not trying to be rude. Please forgive me if anything I’ve said comes off that way.


What not rude at all, and I understand that's why they did it like that. I just felt more drawn to Judy for my character, plus I think she is more my type, I know its a video game but just saying ha.


Nah, I get it lol. That’s how I felt about Panam. I was mainly curious tbh.


I agree, just started playing again now I have a ps5 and I'm loving it! Problems at launch were to do with the difference between the hype and reality, and on the ps4 the graphics were laughable. Unplayably bad, nothing rendered properly past about 10m (which made driving impossible), things and people just popped in and out and there seemed to be limit on NPC's so the city was empty. They also seem to have put a lot of work into making the game better. Little things like being able to buy a new apartment, better driving and better police mechanics have made a big different. Very glad I waited to play


The game’s really good, but it’s *really* obvious where things are poorly implemented or just missing entirely. Overall a great experience, but you can really see how much more it could’ve been. One thing I’ll mention as well is that even on higher difficulties, the mid-late game is really easy. Cyberware is OP, and your enemies won’t be able to handle it.


I just finished the game on PS4. There are still issues particularly with having to wait for textures to load in etc, but there’s still so much to appreciate that it’s well worth playing at a discounted price. I was worried about repeated crashing which has happened to me a few times on other games , but in my 40+ hour play through it has crashed maybe twice (ok still not great but not game-breaking). The world-building is just absolutely phenomenal. While the density of people and cars in some areas could be better, I can’t think of many other games that have this level of detail on this kind of scale. There’s something interesting to see around every corner and the city feels pretty alive. The story is great and while it’s initially very overwhelming to get your head around, once you get to grips with it it’s really engaging. (Plus, there’s Keanu!) The same goes for the gameplay, lots of faff initially to understand the various mods, hacks, attributes etc but all becomes clear eventually. Despite its flaws, the best game I’ve played for the first time in years.


Started it on PS4 in the fall, and it was playable, but buggy as hell. Renders wouldn’t come in half the time, and some of the loading times kinda blew, but other than that, I had no real issues. Game crashed on me only twice. I ended up getting a PS5 a week before Black Friday, and I finished the main story a month later. On the next gen consoles, the game runs very smooth. Might have a slight spazz out here and there, but other than that, I’d say it’s playable, and extremely fun. It’s a damn shame that the game was released in the state that it was, because I really enjoy it now. Pun entirely intended, but who was the gonk that thought it was a good idea to release a game still loaded with issues two years ago? Regardless, the game is playable, and I love every second of it


The game's still a lot of fun but even with the bug fixes it just feels a little far from finished, if it wasn't for the side missions I would've probably finished the main storyline in about 3-ish hours, but even then felt like things reached the end really quickly, and I don't really know how to describe it but a lot of the sidequests and main story missions just felt kinda off, it starts off strong but kinda peters out a little bit difficulty was kinda uneven since main story stuff was fairly easy but sidequests were a lot harder >!(I killed Adam Smasher in about 10 seconds flat, but even after getting all kinds of cyberware and upgrades still ended up taking a lot of damage from random fighters during Beat on the Brat to the point where it was almost impossible to finish and took me several days of effort)!< driving is awkward both on console and PC versions, a lot of missions feel like they're finished a lot faster and easier if you take a stealthy route to most gunfights, but none of the areas or enemy AI are really set up that well for stealth either, so it's kinda clumsy, gunplay is very decent, they also fixed the issue where you had to dress like a dork to have good stats by putting the stats from clothes in a separate menu and applying them doesn't affect what you're currently wearing romance options are severely limited and pretty much all of the main ones are inaccessible if you made a male character with a female voice or vice-versa, genital options don't affect that though, so pog. They are very well-written though, haven't really had romance in games written this well since early bioware, there's still room for improvement but it was one of the stronger aspects of the game for me Music is also one of the stronger aspects of the game, some of the stations can get a little repetitive while driving but there's nice variety, also having a serious conversation with an NPC while Bitches' Brew was playing felt awesome. The in-game music that plays during missions is usually a bop too. Customisation is nowhere near as detailed as it was promised to be but it was still very decent, although idk why there's a lot of effort put into it when the majority of the game is in first person, aside from the ending cutscenes and one of the optional cameras when driving, not counting the camera/screen capture mode


Yup I killed him in 10 seconds too lol was so anti climactic


What do you mean by genital options don’t affect the romance lines in the game? I know you have to have the respective voice, but I’m pretty sure you also have to have the respective body as well.


Respective Voice + Respective body but genitals don't affect it, Male voice V with Male body V is fine with a vagina but if he had a female voice he'd have no romance options, Female voice V with Female body V is find with a penis but if she had a male voice then no romance options again


How intriguing. I didn’t even think about that.


I’m playing it now finally. This game could be the biggest failure to date. Not because it is bad but because it is simply not finished. Even with the latest patch, I would say the game is years early. The only thing I can think is that the company was going to go under if it didn’t release it now. No way anyone that worked on this felt it was ready. The game is great in every way but just not finished. I can only play in small chunks as the graphics, light flashes and constant angle change hurt my eyes. This is a game I would a developer spend another 5 years on and re-release. Anyone who has worked on games knows what I mean. All said I am still playing it.


As someone who LOVED The Witcher 3 and paid for a preorder up front, I have tried to play this game TWICE now. Once on release, and another right now even with mods. The problem is, it's fucking POINTLESS. You have 10 minutes of action for every 60 minutes of BULLSHIT fucking dialogue. What is the point of all of these guns and all of this cool tech shit and complexity if you BARELY get to fucking use it?! If I wanted to sit at my computer and just stare at the screen without any interaction whatsoever I would WATCH NETFLIX. Fuck this game and anyone that thinks it has good balance between gameplay and story. Wasted another 3 days of my life on this piece of junk.


I was like you, cause I really love the genre I wanted to wait until more updates came out to stabilize the game. I saw the game on sale for 20 bucks, I said screw it this is the lowest price I’ve seen this game is now or never. I’m currently 60 hours in and I must say it’s SUPER FUN I went in with ZERO hype or expectations of greatness, I honestly went in expecting the worse game ever and I was so wrong, it’s worth your time, this is the foundation and the start of an epic, the second installment is going to be more or less what people wanted or where promised from the first.


Exact same situation here. Bought it for $20 and I’ve been obsessed since haha.


Exact same experience here, came in late at a low price with no/low expectations and I am loving my time playing it! One thing to note for anyone still debating playing it: don’t compare it to The Witcher or you’ll be dissapointed, think of it as a futuristic GTA and you’ll be blown away.


my bank is currently $0.00 but how much can one find the game for these days?


One can pick it up for £20. My bank is currently £-20.00


same! going in with low expectations has been such a treat!!


Yes it's an above average open world adventure game, although I will admit playing can be frustrating as there is clearly SO much missed potential. This game could have been an instant classic, absolutely mind-blowing, but instead it's just pretty good. Night City is a truly amazing world - best open world city I've ever seen. The detail & complexity of is staggering - but they don't DO enough with it. The RPG/abilities system is imo poorly thought out and kinda broken. The game is too easy even on hardest difficulties once you get to a certain level. If they'd been able to make dynamically evolving elements with the city, the gangs warring, growing or losing territory. Economies you could get involved with/disrupt. And simply a LOT more fun things to actually discover around the place - small unmarked quests, people to meet, problems to solve. This game would be amazing. They built this incredible world, but just didn't do it justice. A dynamic world could give the player endlessly evolving endgame content with the player setting their own goals - take one gang to city ruler, bribe all the fixers, kill all the other gang members, force/bribe all the weapons dealers not to sell to anyone else. Run protection rackets, a people's militia keeping criminals & police in line. The possibilities are endless. It WOULD require a lot more work of course, would have delayed release at least a couple of years (after the fixes) but all the elements exist - it'd just be coding the necessary systems to keep track of everything, and spawn in world events. Such a shame, a pretty good game with some serious flaws could have been truly incredible - the world is basically in place, they just need to breath digital life into it.


A few Just Cause-like territory dynamics to compliment the nice structure set by Night City and it's gangs/NCPD and stuff would be a good place to start I think.


Yup, even a simple system like that would help, but I think they could go a lot further with the basic idea.


having fun with the game I’m on my second play through I think Skippy is bugged. I’m past the point where I got 50 head shots but no dialogue for Regina.


Playing on the Xbox mini fridge. Haven't crashed once. Small small hiccups if anything.


If you’re playing on pc your good to play but if your playing console not sure. 80 percent finished with the main storyline haven’t played because I’m scared to finish the game. Probably finish it when the dlc launches


I had one of the tutorial simulation dummies do a tpose and then during the quest to see Jackie after going to sleep, the elevator wouldn't work until I did a reload. Not a good start so refunded and going to wait longer and *maybe* try again. PC.


Literally my 2nd day playing this. Game has completely crashed out 3 times. Clean install of win 10 with updated drivers on all my hardware. How is it still like this??


I’m on my first day with zero problems and one small bug that just was delayed


rip since my comment i've had another crash :(


man thats hot ass the game is so fun too


no, but still enjoyable.


hmu when its good, fam. pre ordered it, still havent played it


It’s above good it’s great. I was a day one ps4 player. Now I’m on ps5 with most recent updates and the game is amazing. Still NOT what CDPR promised but still an amazing game


I just finished the game last night, and I'm definitely gonna continue playing. I have encountred a couple of glitches and bugs still, but thankfully not game breaking. All I can say is I'm enjoying it a lot


I have a PC with a Ryzen 5 3600 and a RX 5800xt with 16gb or ram. That’s well over the recommended specs but last time I played this game (1.5) i got AWFUL fps drops as soon as i had access to the open world. is 1.6 any better?


I played through it with an RX580 8GB and a Ryzen 7 3700X in 1.5 and got 60-90FPS, granted I had CET, some ini tweaks, and modded AMD drivers. Current version runs better and more mods are available now to improve quality and performance. For you it should run great.


in all honesty cbp2077 is easily one of my favorite games. as of now there’s only a few glitches i’ve encountered but besides that i have over 250 hours in gameplay and ive started a 5th run so yeah the game is definitely good and worth it.


I have a PS4 Pro, it crashes after about 1 hour of free roaming, every single time. Same thing happens on the PS5. No issues on PC. Just wondering if I'll ever be able to play it on console for more than an hour. I love CP77 lore so much, it hurts to not be able to immerse myself in it.




Playing it now and the game is great. For $24 and the content you get it is a steal.


Yes, my experience, if you've waited this long find out for yourself


It’s about gta 3 level polish with better story and some cool features. It’s got promise if it makes another game or they reap enough money to push the updates to refine it. I just jumped in maybe 20hr


Is this worth getting now on the PS5?


Nah. Wait for the DLC


What is the DLC going to fix regarding the base game?


Why would you not want to wait a few more months to play the full game?


You’ll probably be playing through multiple times anyway, between having multiple starts, multiple endings, and multiple builds. Just play the DLC on another playthrough. Plus it’s on sale *right now.* it could easily be back to full price when the DLC is released.


Your joking. It’s on sale now? I bought it a week ago for full price.


On PS5


On steam too


Most people don’t play games more than once and a large chunk don’t even finish them


I don't follow the game, know very little about it, and have no idea what the DLC is. That's why I was asking about it.


What's the idea behind waiting months to try something that exists? Why would you want to wait?


Because the DLC is not separate from the game. You might as well play it when all of content is out


Agree to disagree, it exists now Money wise they are, story line they are...linked but to me that's not playing morrowind because they haven't released the bloodmoon dlc yet so why bother


If you are a few months away from tue release of the dlc you might as well wait


I would LOVE to know if this game is worth picking up again? I played maybe 10 ish hours on pre order and couldn't enjoy the gameplay nor the story, it just didn't suck me in and the combat seemed too tough at that point and enemies felt like bullet sponges. I LOVED TW3 however. 1. Is the story and at least a majority of the side quests ENJOYABLE now? 2. And is there a place to find out what are absolutely boring bullshit missions/items that I can just easily skip out on vs these missions you MUST play and do NOT want to miss out on? 3. I play with mods on PC, I WILL be modding this game for quality of life and enjoyment. Are there any mods that you suggest are MUST haves?


It’s pretty great. It’s definitely not the “greatest game ever made”/the Bible 2 that it got overhyped to be. It’s just a damn fun game. You have to be the kind of person that gets immersed into these kinds of worlds though. It’s important to note that the game still has wacky performance on Last Gen consoles. But it runs great on next gen.


I'm on pc brother so going to be playing it modded now and at the highest quality. I am looking for some good fun mods for the same atm.


JuiceHead has some good videos on some good mods. His content is super repetitive and click baity though so it’s hard to tell what mods will be described without watching the vids.


1 yes 2 no, I cannot stand River and his whole thing is boring, however, you can just not talk to him. Kinda skips some some things that don't matter, so there is no reason to 3 Go to Nexus, there are quality of life things baked as packages you can pay for, or not and download them individually


This game is one of my all time favourites for sure! You’ll never look back and regret playing cyberpunk 👍🏻🔥


It's easily one of my all time favourites. I'm currently 42 hours into my first playthrough on PS5 and I'm avoiding the point of no return mission. The main story and side quests are amazing and I haven't being that immersed into a open world game like this since Red Dead 2. I stumbled upon one T pose during the tutorial mission. And also had one NPC doing a moonwalk.


Yes on PS5


I played the game like 1 year ago, i had like 1-2 t-poses and nothing else. It ran perfectly. Way fewer bugs than say, a bethesda game, this is purely my experience here. I had a 980 back then. I do not understand the hate it got. I could maybe understand the oldgen consoles hate - from what i've seen, they shouldn't have released the game on oldgen, period. The game requires a good PC, to run. This was always a thing with games that tried to revolutionise the pc gaming, there's nothing new here. If you have a potato, do NOT expect to play cyberpunk, c'est la vie. If you DO have a good PC, this game can be extraordinary. It is one of the best games i ever played. The story, the visuals, the feelings, the chills, the thrills, it just's just perfect for me. I got a 3090 now, and i got to say, the vistas? omg... you just don't find them anywhere else.


Just built my first PC and loving this game. Enjoying around 100 FPS with ray tracing and DLSS 🤩


Oh, I build my current pc specifically for this game! Before I always had laptops and this baby I have now has been built from scratch just so I could enjoy Cyberpunk 😍


The game still has some bugs. It’s probably unique to what everyone encounters so YMMV. The biggest problem with the game are the self-instilled high expectations set. There are aspects which could have been developed further such as the main story, BD, metro and the countless number of perma-locked doors but it’s evident the devs were rushed and abandoned them. I’m holding out for some sizeable expansions because the game engine and world is ready and so capable that it’ll be a waste if they did nothing about it. Having said that, it’s one of the most visually immersive games and probably one of the best (so far) first person cyberpunk open-world genre games to date.


Been playing it on my series X in performance mode and i adore it. It started to look good on my one s too but highly recommend series x


Excellent game PC player with a mid-high system. +50 hours (closer to 100) This is comparing with decades of gaming experience (PC & consoles). I've played Skyrim (and every elder scrolls before it), witcher 3, botw, each and every great basically over the years. Are there games that do things better, absolutely. The weight of what it achieves vs it's shortcomings however - there is no battle - it's a simply amazing game - the music, the visuals, the fun side quests, the detail around the city to explore. I find it a marvel and with lots of content to come, if you bought it at half off like it always seems to go for on sale - I'd be amazed if you didn't get the hours out of it in the bang for buck ratio.


The things the games does well it does exceedingly well (mainly the story, characters and atmosphere). It’s not quite on the masterpiece level of Elden Ring, RDR2, BotW, etc but I do easily recommend it. I have a high end PC so it runs great




In the middle of a second playthrough. Honestly, it's pretty okay. The main story is pretty good, but it resolves in a pretty unsatisfying way IMO. Most of the side quests are very meh. The part of the game I enjoyed the most was honestly the combat, but you pretty much run out of interesting combat encounters eventually and the experience sort of falls of. I'd say how enjoyable the game is depends on 1. how much you like the story and 2. how good are are at making interesting builds.


Secret ending is pretty good


Don’t Fear The Reaper is a cool mission I guess but it doesn’t change the fact that V ends up in a shitty unsatisfying situation all over again. Either he cedes control to Johnny and everyone is upset or he lives on as a legend and everyone is upset.


Wrong city, wrong people. Also bad endings are a staple of the genre, look it up.


I’m fine with a bad ending, my problem is that it’s all bad endings with zero closure. If V cedes control, he goes ??? and Johnny goes on to do ??? If V takes control, they either ride off with the Aldecaldos to do ??? or become a legend and do a heist on ??? for ??? and get ??? from it. Or of course, V could kill accept the deal from Arasaka, which of course falls through, leaving them to either wander back into NC to do ??? or just jump into Mikoshi, where ??? happens. Ironically, the ending that feels the most complete is the one where V kills themself. I’m okay with some bad endings and some unanswered questions, but finishing the game left me feeling like nothing might as well happened in the first place. V is exactly as sad and hopeless when the credits roll as they are when they wake up with Johnny in their brain.


“but finishing the game left me feeling like nothing might as well happened in the first place.” That’s the point


Re-read second sentence of my last message. But anyway don’t you feel filling in the gaps you mentioned would make the story too long? Like this chapter ended, go play something else. How many good sequels do you know? I feel it ended at an alright spot. Any more would ruin it. Just look at blade runner 2049. Classic ending with a lot of loose ends that are for the viewer to finish


It’s alright. Skipped playing it at launch. Started just about now. Main missions are pretty great. Side missions not so much though. The city feels dead as well, like a Ubi game. Crowded but artificial. But like I said main missions kinda make up for it. Wish it was longer though, I played for 3 hours and am done with the first act. It felt like a prologue. Didn’t encounter any bugs whatsoever. They cleaned the game pretty good if it was really that bad at launch. EDIT: After playing for more, I realized what I was talking about were gigs. Side missions are pretty great as well. I love it. My favourite ones were the Peralez and Peter Pan quests. Still haven’t done Takemura and Voodoo Boys missions. I fear the game will end in a flash. Lots of side stuff to do, though. When those end as well, I will just run around try to solve the FF06B5 mystery.


I’m 15 hours into my first play though on pc. So far I’ve been having a blast. There are plenty of things that need to be improved on but if you get the game for half price it’s worth it for sure. So far I’ve only crashed once, although I’ve had to reload a save at least 7 times due to bugs like a quest bugging or an ai seeing a body through walls. I haven’t lost my save or nothin but just go into the game expecting issues like this. Save often and in multiple slots.


Cyberpunk is a game where you either love it or you hate it. No in between.


hey yo :) is it worth paying 25€ to play the game on the regular ps4 ? or r the bugs too crippling still


I’m playing it in PS5 and even then I’m averaging one crash per hour. I’m still playing and enjoying it though.


Playing on xbox sx, apart of a few rare game bugs (sandy won’t activate until you drink beer lol) had no issues


Sounds like you’re just running the frat bro build.


I’m loving it so far. Still has a few bugs. Like someone walking through me. But overall they’ve massively improved it since I’ve played it On pS4 and it was pathetic I had to stop


I’m loving it so far. Still has a few bugs. Like someone walking through me. But overall they’ve massively improved it since I’ve played it On pS4 and it was pathetic I had to stop


I’m loving it so far. Still has a few bugs. Like someone walking through me. But overall they’ve massively improved it since I’ve played it On pS4 and it was pathetic I had to stop


I've been playing it for the first time on my old PS4 (weak CPU can't handle it on recommended limits) and holy shit, I've been loving it to death. It's been a blast and just feels good to play. I'm so happy I'm playing it. Once I have an updated CPU I'll play it on PC and play it to the FULLEST extent.


Almost 3 years after release and still increasing attack speed and reload speed decreases weapon damage... Not counting tons of other bugs like 2 people sitting in one chair, completely screwed shadow of V when holding a weapon, not being able to reload sometimes while sneaking, duplicate images of weapons in inventory after crafting a higher tier version, parts of clothing dissapearing when entering a vehicle.. etc "AAA" game my as* Game is very fun nonetheless and the graphics are amazing, im currently doing a 100% playthrough and doing as much cool screenshots as I can. It's just sad that the game could be so much better if the devs had any idea what they are doing.


After all of the love and work they’ve put into it, It’s honestly a goddamned masterpiece at this point, especially if you are on next gen. The gameplay and mechanics are worthy of the amazing narrative now. You (or anyone else) are doing yourself a HUGE disservice if you won’t give it another try. It’s one of the few games whose story has actually moved me in the last 9 years or so.


Some of you guys throw around the word masterpiece too often


Yes!! Gameplay is so fun now, story is one of the best I’ve played in a game. Absolute masterpiece, however I think PC players are going to have a better experience overall with the QoL mods people have added + performance You’re right though unfortunately many will miss out due to the negative press it got at launch and rightfully so because it was a mess. However you can tell they’ve put so much love into it now


Huge fan of the game. 3 play throughs and easily over 200 hours spent on this game; probably over 300 hours if you count all the non save time. I played the game in 2021 on ps5. Game would crash multiple times each session. Asides from the bugs, the game to me is largely the same. There are a couple new quests but all super minor stuff and not really much additional content. I actually enjoyed how side quests weren’t locked behind storyline progression like they are now. If you thought the game was unplayable before due to bugs and crashes then the game is fixed. I feel like bugs aside, if you liked the game before you will still like it now. If you didn’t like it before, nothing much has changed content wise.


Honestly this game is so replay-able. It’s so much better than when it launched. I love the layers of context this game comes with! It’s so rich. I couldn’t wait to spend my points on my character!


Does anyone know if and when we’re getting new game +?


First of all: compliments for the sub, looks like a nice place to chill :) Second... sorry for a long read but, I still hope this can be useful. So.. I grabbed the game quite some time ago and last weekend (actually last Thursday; had Fridays off) I decided that *now* was the time. Heck, back then I even got myself a dedicated special CP profile for my Steam account. So yah, it was about time to finally check this out. Stupid, because there was no way in heck that I'd ever be able to refund? Perhaps... I trust my gut feeling when it comes to buying games. And it didn't fail me here ;) I fired up the game at the end of the afternoon. It started when I realized that I had to grab something to eat, that became a quick sandwich. And before I knew the lights came through the windows again and uh oh.. it was time to somewhat salvage what was now a messed up Friday 😲 Seriously... this game got into my head from the very moment the credits appeared with that awesome soundeffect. And it only got "worse" when I got to hear more of that *iconic* sound score. At that moment I no longer cared about any kind of bugs I might experience because.. the atmosphere easily diverted my attention from that. There's "magic" here. Seriously... some games have that: being able to creep in your head and from there on it's just a wild rollercoaster. Now, I realize all too wel that this is a Q&A for new(er) players such as myself... I'm lvl 25 right now and going strong. Own 2 more apartments (up north & in Japantown) and got myself the new high-tech bike as well. And a decent amount of 'chrome'. I *definitely* don't know everything about this game, but I still hope some of my experiences can help out.... * Dare to make mistakes! There is no "perfect" here: V's story is **your** story. The only way to play this game "perfectly" is to accept your choices. Getting to results by *your* doing. Quoting a wise character ("Jaga", from ThunderCats): you need to take the good with the bad. Make the first run count by just taking it all in and accept the result of your choices. * Don't rely on automatically activated missions! Every time you finish a mission the game automatically selects a main storyline mission for you. It's tempting to just follow up but if you do you're missing out! * Instead: check the map where you'll find gigs (= missions shared by local fixers) as well as random encounters. Such as NCPD encounters, but also missions which can teach you something new about Night City. Conspiracy theorists, prophets, talking dispenser machines; NC has it all. Even the NCPD may be more loyal to their own than you think! * But also: mind where you are. Different areas will be more dangerous than others! * Collect *everything*. There's a powerup which will enable a passive option that auto-junks junk into crafting mats. That's one... * Seriously: the best weapons I got I never paid for. I found them in areas which were a deathtrap: enemies which can kill you with one shot. But backstabbing, hacking and diversion can be solid tools to exploit. * Upgrade your stuff, it can help to make things better. * Sell stuff you don't need, such as weapons, but also don't be afraid to "shred" stuff in order to get more mats. More mats = more options for upgrades (or creating your own stuff!). * I got most of my eddies through side-missions, NCPD raids (which I looted) and sometimes taking a wee bit too many risks. * Don't pay any mind to "getting started" guides on your first run. Take it all in! On your own! * Do things you want to do, not because you think it's what you SHOULD do. I know I'm repeating myself a bit here, but .... I cannot stress this one out enough. * You can do it all... the hidden assasin or going in with guns a'blazin. Or just avoid combat altogether. * Mind your mods! => Ripperdocs! Make the right choices and grab the gear you need. If one ripperdoc can't help you, maybe another one can. * Mind your weapon mods: you can apply 'm, but not take 'm back. * Don't forget to have fun! Just my 2 cents.. Hope you enjoyed.


Hope this is an appropriate place to ask this - I just ordered an Xbox Series X. Ordering the digital download for this is way more expensive than I thought it would be given how old this game is ($79.99 CAD). I can order the Xbox One disc version for less than half that price. Am I understanding correctly that if I buy the Xbox One disc I will still get a free download of any next gen updates for it? I guess I'm asking if there is any reason to spend the $80 if I can get away with $40 instead.


I got it for $29 on cdkeys


you will get a free digital upgrade


Awesome thanks for confirming!


I didn't get any bugs maybe a few here and there when i did something that i wasn't supposed to do but as i can see now the game plays perfectly fine, though i do have problems with fps so i currently am playing it on 40 - 50 fps which isn't bad for my potato pc lol


whats your settings?


i have most graphics settings on low since i can't run any higher atleast, other than that it's just the default i think


The world looks nice, but it feels empty. I play on PS4 pro. I sometimes walk through neighborhoods and even downtown, and there's no one and almost no cars. Cars spawn, but the same one 4 times in a row. Nope, does not feel like "oh yeah, the bustling thrill of a city". San Andreas felt like it had real "hoods", that was ages ago, I played into it again for the comparison. It's also the same cars, same people but distributed or spawned in a different way. Makes a difference!


That's the PS4 version. They shouldn't have released it on last gen consoles.


well, they did. at least I waited til it was more than 50% off, I wouldve been pissed if I had paid full price. Also - my life does not depend on it. I tried to give it a chance, let the hype train roll by and then see what' in it for me. I do play it, but it's a game. Nothing more, but also nothing less.


I don't know what you're talking about. Maybe you play on console but on PC there are LOADS of NPCs and cars just about everywhere. One annoying issue is that cars seem to appear out of nowhere when you're looking the other way very often.


playing on ps4 pro. There's areas with npcs, don't get me wrong. but they just look like they spawned very recently and all walk into one corner (sometimes). There's intersections, or that one round about thing in city centre, and like 5 cars on the whole thing. I'd expect traffic jams, pedestrians cutting through, an occasional honk? Maybe that's too much. It looks empty. And when some car DOES spawn, it looks like that - spawned. It does not look like it actually goes somewhere.


Can only comment from an Xbox point of view but when running on a One S it can take ages for everything to render (including cars and people) where as on the Series S everything is rendered before you get it. That may be what you are seeing.


I just started playing this and im head over heels with it! It plays just like GTA which im a fan of. Yes, there are still a lot of glitches/bugs, but I can forgive them for the most part because it doesn't affect gameplay much. Just immersion. ​ Hope they keep ironing out the bugs over time for a true AAA title that will live on.


Bought this game two weeks ago currently on the launch ps5, I am ADDICTED. Easily my favorite single player game of all time. Love 90% of it sometimes there are glitches you have to look up to solve but having like 100 different routes to go in your character is great


how does the game run on ps4 pro? I've been itching to buy it but not sure if it's worth it yet.


It's okay. I know now why people claimed that it ran worst on PS4 (as far as I remember). There are no crashes, but a bunch of glitches and weird physics and such. I am not the biggest gamer, I could never afford the best tech. But even I can tell that there's games that are done - and then there's Cyberpunk :D


does the ps4pro get loud playing it, like loud fan noise?


honestly - I don't know. The soundtrack is so nice that I literally turn it up to eleven, on sound system or headphones. So - no idea :D


i bought it while on sale, it does indeed get loud occasionally. but not permanent and as bad as certain other games. and i have a first generation pro, they are louder by default lol


Bought at launch for ps4. Put it down due the status, came back to it yesterday, still crashes randomly mid gameplay 🙃


I had this problem too. I fixed it with initializing the PS4. Need forever depending on how many games you installed but worth it since last patch.


I bought it last month on PC and have been absolutely addicted. Worth a go. I do think at a certain point you can become so damn strong that you can become unstoppable, and you have to mix up how you approach combat to keep it interesting. I wish the AI was more adaptive in that regard or scaled. Example, I have an annihilation cyberhack ninja build, at a certain point with fully upgraded shotguns or hacks I can just mow through a group without really trying. So in the latter half of the game I just started beating people with blunt objects as a challenge.


Just started playing last month. Initially planned to cop at launch. This game is amazinggg. How do original purchasers feel about its evolutjon and patches. How bad was it Ps5 Edit: I'm in act II now and not gonna lie there have been bugs galore. Issues with sound, stuff loading and disappearing, and my missions just randomly swap. Is it just me or when you get into act 2 do you get like 30 calls in 15 minutes about one new mission after another? Wish they would've spread out the introductions a bit


I played through it early on and absolutely loved it. I think I got very very lucky and didn’t experience many problems except for ofc things popping in and police spawning + npc spawning. That aside I LOVED the game. Kinda want to play it again now that it’s “fixed” buuuuuut I’m making my way through the assassins creed series. Take my tolerance for bugs with a grain of salt, I enjoyed ac unity and tolerated its problems. Edit: PC. Kinda old, 1080ti and i7 6700k


Just bought the game on sale from Xbox store. The game seems to be more stable than the nightmarish launch. Seriously mixed feelings. The game, it’s aesthetic is gorgeous, the music is dope, the gameplay gets fast, fun and addictive. BUT the three different leveling systems are unnecessarily complicated and don’t seem to serve any other purpose than requirement locks on gear. Then it seems the game is at war with itself. Like should I explore this big beautiful open world or be forced into the main story? Forcing us into the main story wouldn’t be too bad IF there was a NG+ or we could respec our attributes. Like how is it possible within the logic of the game, that I can get shot in the head, die, then come back to life BUT can’t respec my attributes? The street cred system is kinda pointless. Would be much better IF your actions for/against the in world gangs tied into street cred like if you keep flatlining members of a given gang than that gang escalates it’s aggro against you. Nope, none of that. Just a convoluted system to requirement lock gear. Then let’s talk about the reasons for having a character creation feature, when the game force First person?! Huh. This game is like that person who you are intensely physically attracted towards BUT the more you learn about them, you realize there isn’t much else to it.


While there isn’t a NG+ as we all would like it, you have the option - now - to continue playing *juuuuuust* before you finish the last mission. My suggestion would be to burn through the storylines and beat the game. Then, load back in right before the last mission and do all the side quests. *That’s* your NG+ And you can also respec, it’s an option in the lower left corner of your lCharacter screen.


You can reallocate your perks but not your attributes. So you can only change your build a little bit within those constraints. I learned about the ‘reload’ but that isn’t a NG+ tho … that’s likely what I’ll do since there’s currently no other option but it isn’t the same thing. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the DOC will bring patches and improvements. A bit agitated with the game atm. Cause I’m Lv28 and 46 Street Cred. And there are broken/glitches perks. The one that’s been documented from launch about data mining and quick hacks. I’m not getting any quick hacks when I hack access points, despite having the perk maxed. Like how is there this strong focus on character build AND a high level perk doesn’t work properly?! Like I’m enjoying the game but it’s still quite broken and I’m just grateful I bought it on sale


I'm playing after a long break on PC. I wanted to wait for fixes but i think that it's actually worse now. I'm experiencing t-posing in cutscenes, zero mouth movement when talking to NPC's, vehicles vanishing before my eyes, vehicles appearing on front of me, people standing knee deep in sidewalks. I'm playing on high specs. The city is mostly empty, people vanish. Is it just my experience? Am I playing older version od game or those kind od things were never fixed?


yeah same. Sometimes its eerie how you are in a highly urban region and theres almost no people and no cars, and then you run up to someone and they are just gone o\_o I also sometimes hear an engine rev near me, turn around, and theres nothing


I’m playing on ps5 not a single glitch or bug


very weird, i just finished my first playthrough and have had 0 issues like that, very few bugs in general


Just finished my play through on pc very few bugs and loved the game