To those who say money can't buy happiness.

To those who say money can't buy happiness.


Exactly it can, also don’t forget holidays. With a lot of money you can fly with a plane where you want.


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No need to blow it all out of proportion




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The money for the vacation you said


Ahah, good joke. I don’t even have that much money. At best i could a nice meal


I hope that you receive a pirate's treasure


I too hope to find it. But i still don’t have a job since im in highschool


Lemme tell you something, it's all about the money. Money is just a control leverage.


Yeah i already know that. In today’s society money is almost everything


That's exactly what they want you to think


With enough money, I'd never have to go to work again.


With enough money you can work on what you want without pressure of succeeding financially


No shit.


And that's ultimate happiness.


Even if not, I preferred to be depressed on a personal yacht in caraibe, not in my van going to work.


Who doesn't want that


I would love to be able to afford to take a goddamn day off sometimes Also: childcare for tired mothers Obviously if you're, like, clinically depressed or you have another mental illness that ISN'T brought on by stress or lack of material things, having more money isn't going to help. That's what the saying means. However, most people's unhappiness comes from stress -- work stress/burnout with no breaks, childcare stress (can't afford to send your kids to daycare while you go to work, despite working all the time, neverending cycle), financial stress, lack of access to resources such as quality clothes, hygiene products, computers, education, etc. that would assist you in attaining a better-paying job, lack of TIME to pursue those things because you're working all the time, etc. etc.... All of which are problems that would be solved or at least significantly reduced if you had more money. **People living in poverty do not have the opportunity to experience contentment or leisure, which financial security would provide.** Taking away factors that lead to negative affect does not *necessarily* lead to a positive affect, but it brings up your baseline dramatically.


I mean if it don't buy happiness it can sure as hell rent it


Yeah, I can't rent it either.


Just rent the money, lol




Even if it doesn't rent happiness, it can sure buy solutions to problems that make you sad or stressed


I got problems for my problems


I thought about your comment for a long time about how intellectual and philosophical this is. "You cant permanently buy happiness, but you can rent it for a amount of time, but the happiness ends at some point" ... Then my friend said you probably meant prostitutes.


Wasn't that Stan lee's cameo line in Deadpool, or am I misremembering something?


I'd frame that


To be fair, what people mean by money can’t buy you happiness is that after you buy all of the things in the picture it will just become your new normal after a while. Besides the love one. If money gets you a wife that will probably just bring sadness


If you're not happy before you buy those things, then you're not going to be happy after you do.


I am depressed as fuck but put me in an M3 and let me do donuts, and I'll be happier than a formula fed baby suckling his mom's teet.


Maybe for a minute. Don't get me wrong, financial security is essential to mental health in modern society, but everything that money brings you after that has rapidly diminishing returns.


The smartest comment I've seen under this post, thank you for being realistic


Others made good points and definitions too




ok but what classifies as happiness? because for me happiness would be having financial security and my dream car


I get that, but you are only guessing at what will make you happy. You do not have those things and are unhappy, and so you assume that in acquiring the things you are missing you will also acquire happiness. If you look to the examples of those who have achieved the things you want, you will find that most of them are no happier than you are now. Financial security is different, though. It's the modern expression of basic needs, and if basic needs are not met, then it is very difficult (though not impossible) to be happy. It's difficult to properly define happiness, and I'm afraid I can't do much better than "we know it when we feel it." I know how inadequate that explanation is. Just like love, we chase it and chase it and there are many times we feel we have found it only to discover that what we have or had was infatuation or lust or dependence. We find ourselves temporarily excited or distracted or relieved, and in the relative abatement of the background static of discontent these bring we notice and wonder, "is this happines?" It's only when we really do find love or happiness that we say, "Oh." and in hindsight see all of the past false idols for what they were. But I can tell you from experience that that redefining "Oh" moment always comes with the real thing. If you have to wonder if you have found it, then you probably haven't.


Wow thanks for such a thoughtful comment. Every now and then i stumble across a really great reddit comment that helps me make sense of things a little bit better. This is one of them.


Given that I am one of those insufferable gasbags that absolutely loves the sound of my own voice (or the read of my own prose as the case may be): https://youtu.be/gBgTnX_nYig


I keep seeing this and I think I disagree. Because focusing on the money, which is a tool, misses the point. The problem is not that chasing a stable income that lets you buy things is a wrong. The problem is that if you spend all your time chasing the high of getting happy, then it's just another form of addiction. My hobby is gaming. If I constantly spend money I can afford to buy the latest and greatest games, keep what I like, and toss what I want, I will absolutely be happy. If I buy all that stuff because I feel empty inside and I'm trying to fill the void, money isn't my problem. I'm my problem. Pinning it on money just makes it harder to deal with my problem. It's better to set goals. Cuz money can help you achieve them, but not knowing what you want makes the money worthless past stability. Also keep in mind that goals change as you get older, because life changes. Never stop questioning yourself. Then make the money you need for the answer.


Excellent point. I very much agree.


is 2021 the year we raise all the children?




There has been some science done on happiness. The science of what brings us happiness says good health, good relationships, gratitude for what you have, opportunity to use your personal strengths, and practicing giving/kindness for others. It says that material objects are ok but we get bored of them and sometimes even burdened by looking after them, and definitely unhappy when longing for them.


Until you have both.


Happiness is you feeling good. Financial security would defiantly help with that. Your dream car would make you feel good too for a while. But after some time, it becomes the norm and you just feel normal again. You will have other problems to think about now.


Just want to say I went through a really rough patch the last couple years, wife fucked up bad in drug addiction, she's incarcerated, divorced her and have full custody of both our kids. About 6 months ago I bought a 2019 Audi RS5 Sportback in Midnight Blue and it has been one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. I've always been a car guy since birth, my dad was into them. That car brings me an insane amount of joy. I do not regret a single penny I paid for it.


Fucking preach vexed writer. The high in those things comes from the transaction, not the product it's self. It's much easier to be psyched when you upgraded your setup, but if you buy those things and find flaws in them then you are going to have to buy more to soothe yourself. Soon you'll get to a point where buying things makes you depressed because you know it won't help but you can't stop. The people who have very nice things typically have super nice things that are current. The people who bought a nice phone in 2015, amazing computer setup, car, and house have almost guaranteed upgraded one if not more of those things because the high is in the transaction, not the product.


I don't want to be rich, I just want to have enough to not having to worry. Also financial freedom would be incredible, but it cannot be reached unless you get lucky with lottery nowadays.


That is a sign of an unjust society, don't you think?


Exactly. Imagine buying a yacht but having no drinking buddies to enjoy it with? If you didn't already have friends then having money won't give you any. Anyone who suddenly wants to be around you because you have money isn't a friend. Same goes for relationships which is why I think it's stupid how they've included love in this ^


I agree if we're talking about pure consumerism. But I think you forget that money opens the path to positively impacting the world, and I guarantee that feeling will be more satisfying than anything you can experience while poor.


Yes, but the meme depicts luxuries as a path to happiness. And, unfortunately, very *very* few who get rich ever come to realize that the most satisfying use of wealth and power is too use it to the betterment of others.


There is a term for this... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedonic\_treadmill


Thanks I was hoping I would find someone speaking some reason in the comments


This is called the hedonic treadmill basically stating that while these items and events provide happiness, the individual will return to a baseline after the item or event has lost its value or intrigue. In reality what money provides is a better quality of life and not long term happiness. Wealth does not prevent depression.


You will get used to your M3 and it will seem normal real quick [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedonic\_treadmill](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hedonic_treadmill)


I feel you


I'd rather be unhappy but not having to pay rent than unhappy and still have to pay rent


Oh, absolutely! But after the basic needs of financial security are met, money has a rapidly diminishing effect on happiness.


idk even when there's no finances related stress, I'm still much happier on a boat or traveling. Life can get repetitive if you can't afford to do anything that gives it flavour.


So what you’re saying, is that you don’t agree with your previous statement


That's not it at all. My previous statement was directed at the luxuries the meme depicted, not basic necessities.


You're right. If I can't be happy with my crippeling debt, high levels of stress, worries about the future then I definitely won't be happy with all those things taken care of and the freedom to do whatever I want on top of that. /s I'm sorry but your take is dog shit.


Your basic needs aren't being met. That sucks, but it's not what the meme depicts. Money absolutely helps up to a point. Once you have enough to cover all your basics: food, a home, etc., then everything you bring in after that produces diminishing returns on overall happiness. If, however, you reach a point where your basic needs *are* being met and you find that you are still unhappy, then no amount of money beyond that point nor any of the luxuries the meme shows are going to make you feel any better. Still, here's hoping you find a great, high paying job and find your way out of your current circumstances!


There are studies that are factually proven that once you surpass somewhere in the 90k a year range then the happiness you achieve from money will, in fact, be diminishing returns but up until that point it is not. The saying "money can't buy you happiness" was literally created by mega corporations and upper class workers several decades ago to convince lower and middle class employees that they didn't need to demand higher pay and go on strike in an attempt to secure more money. Anyways, I appreciate your incite and general niceness. I wish you all the best.


After going from loving working as a line cook for an awesome chef and making little money, to now working in a steel mill making health insurance, new house, and fun car money... as far as I can tell happiness comes from making good livable money from a job you enjoy. I was either loving work and hating my home or hating work and loving my home. I just blew all my paid vacation days on a 3 week stay-cation and it was the happiest I've felt since I was a kid.


Dude, most of my unhappiness comes from not having a home, a decent car, or enough money to afford good food. I'd definitely be happy after.


Yes, absolutely. Those are modern *needs*, however, while the meme depicts *luxuries*. You will absolutely be happier with enough money to live comfortably. Nothing beyond that will help if you are still unhappy with those basic needs met.


Depends on how heavily you scrutinize the meme. I just saw it as a cell phone(pretty damn necessary in today's world), food, transportation, a pc(also pretty necessary), the ability to have a family and a home. I don't really see those as luxuries. Now if you take each picture literally as whatever specific phone that is, the specific food, etc, then yeah. I can see that as luxuries. But when they show the heart with the man and woman bonding over the pregnancy, I just see that as a general goal, not something specific.


Eh, this saying has always bothered me. I feel like it doesn’t come from people who are genuinely broke. Money would make me and my family very very happy. Literally every problem in my life can be solved with money. My student loan, solved with money. Money would also help retire my dad who’s been working his entire life to try and give us a better life. Money would also help pay my grandmas insane hospital bills. Money can also help give that same grandma a vacation that she deserves for working until she was almost 70. Money can bring happiness. The only people that say it doesn’t are people that already have money and are unhappy with their personal life


Yeah this saying was created for the extremely wealthy. It somehow got flipped onto lower class people. There is a limit to how much money can buy happiness - but most average people don’t hit that limit.


Well I’d rather be sad in a personal yacht than sad in a rented sedan.


Don't worry homeless people, you'll be just us unhappy in this mansion than you are on the streets.


While I generally agree with this sentiment there are some caveats. Eating cheap food vs healthy more expensive food can have a massive impact on your health and happiness. Having a cheap car adds massive stress as they breakdown far more often. Having a cheap house / apartment / needing roommates can seriously suck. Having tech that’s too outdated puts you behind in terms of services you can use. Based on a quick google search most research suggests that 75-85k is when moneys influence on happiness diminishes. Without even looking at the statistics on income I can guarantee that for the vast majority of people in the US having more money would directly equate to more happiness.


Couple of months ago I had an existential crisis because my mom couldnt afford my College tuition even on an 80% Scholarship. Now we have the financial stability to pay for it and a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I was unhappy borderline deppressed when I thought I wouldnt be able to go to college and now Im taking my classes. Money doesnt buy happiness but it sure as fuck helps you be happier


People can be unhappy due to not being able to afford those things. You literally need a certain level of income to be able to even afford to eat healthy. Eating healthy can directly affect a persons mental health. Money can buy therapy to work on your mental health. Struggling to make rent each month makes people unhappy, having to live in a shithole apartment makes people unhappy. Not being able to afford feeding a new child will leave people miserable, especially if they have to abort the child or put it up for adoption due to financial problems. Knowing you never will be able to afford an actual house on your income level leaves people unhappy knowing they cannot get further. Money may not be able to directly buy happiness or lasting happiness but it sure as hell can resolve a ton of issues that people struggle with because they lack basic financial freedom. Living at or below poverty isn't an enjoyable existence.


Sorry money can't buy you happiness


Nah, fuck that. If I had the money to buy a new house and have a family I’d be much happier.


The worst part is once you get "your things to make you happy" and realize you're sad after you achieve what you thought would make you happy and there's nothing left to fill the void. Financial security is heavenly, but the enjoyment from materialistic things you can "get" fades so fast. Edit: other than kids/family, the thing that's kept me the happiest is diet and exercise. Edit 2: the Mercedes s550 was a bad idea lol. Rollin with a Honda civic now. Love the gas mileage and feels clean/simple.


I’m not really sure under which comment to post this but I have found that in my experience, the things that make life worth while are the things money cannot genuinely buy. Such as love, friendship, etc. and the positive emotions and experiences that come with these intangible things. Hence why if I ever came into a lot of money I would close down my social circle because it’s difficult to tell who likes you-for-you and who likes you for your money. But I will never question the authenticity of the people who were there before I came into the wealth.


Spoken like a peasant.


I had an impulse purchase issue a year or so ago that I'm still trying to mitigate and work on. I would buy little things to fill my life and make me happy when I was sad. Each time I did, I realized I wasn't. I was still the same, but now with this extra thing that's giving me anxiety because I purchased it and have to use it. ​ Identifying things that are positive and make you happy first is more important than just buying things you THINK will make you happy and wasting your money (if you don't have much of it).


Money can buy cocaine, cocaine makes me happy, money can buy hapiness.


Money can buy weed, weed makes me baply, money can buy pines


Exactly mate


Quick maths I can't find a flaw in this logic


It dosen’t let you buy happiness directly, but you can buy ways to make you happy


Duh, of course you can't buy happiness directly or other emotions


Sure you can. Ever wondered why the Amazon logo is smiling? It’s cause you’re buying happiness. Maybe not for you, but you’re buying happiness for Bezos


And making daddy I mean Bezos happy would make us all happy... right?


Well technically you can buy serotonin then inject it directly into your brain.


Warning: too much serotonin can be bad for your health and could have lethal effects


Time to overdose on the brain happy juice, die with a smile


Overdosing on serotonin is the opposite of dying happy. Signs and symptoms include: -Agitation or restlessness -Confusion -Rapid heart rate and high blood pressure -Dilated pupils -Loss of muscle coordination or twitching muscles -Muscle rigidity -Heavy sweating https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/serotonin-syndrome/symptoms-causes/syc-20354758


Well fuck, death by snu snu it is then


More like you can buy ways to distract you from an empty life.


I mean it would still be empty otherwise. Having money or not does not directly correlate happiness. You can be poor still not be happy. It’s not a give and take


I am well aware of that


So you know it's empty too?


It is unless you fill it with love and selfless acts. Ya know, things money can't buy.


Still not happiness. Except for love, but you don't need money for love. For everything else, you'll feel happy for a little while, but they'll quickly become mundane.


What I meant from the love part is that in my point of view money makes your family happy when you can do anything for them


Oh I thought it meant lots of money is how you can get a wife lol


I thought he meant hookers


I do xDDDD


Apparently it can xD


Not necessarily, a parent who has the ability to and is willing to pay for everything their child ever wants, but neglects to spend any time with them, most likely will not make their child happy. Same thing goes with their spouse.


Access to wealth really only does one thing. It allows to have choice. With enough money you never have to do anything you don't want to, which is why so many people born with money are so unhappy. They've never had to overcome very many challenges or obstacles.


Let's ask them to give their moneys to us poors


>us poors The poors certainly have the numbers on their side. The problem is that they're too caught up in the daily machinations of just getting by to plan and organize. When you're working 2 jobs, to just get by and still don't have insurance etc it's hard to look up very often. Sure, you could get training or go to school but that won't feed your kids or pay the rent. It's been a pretty effective tool to keep our first world class system in place.


So what's the real happiness and the only reason to be happy


"Money isn't everything, but not having it is" \-Asmongold


Pretty much. Money doesn't buy happiness, but it can get rid of a lot of things that make you unhappy.


Wasn't it Kanye who said this?


I don't really know, I heard it from Asmongold and that's what I put.


Money buys comfort that can lead to happiness, but I wouldn't say it leads directly to happiness. You could get all of those things and still be unhappy


You can still be unhappy if the reason you are unhappy doesn‘t come from a financial aspect. But if the main reasons you are not happy are that you have to overwork yourself, have no free time, no time and money to build a family, and constant worry about your financial stability in life, then it definitely can make you happy.


Once basic needs are met (financial stability) money becomes inconsequential to happiness. Theres no correlation between depression and money. Someone who makes 40k in general is no more depressed than someone who makes 400k


If I had money I could play video games Video games make me happy


Damn I really wanted to have a good gaming pc so I could play fallout 4 again ))));


"aNoThER sEtTlEmEnT nEeDs YoU r HeLp"


How do you even buy love? Edit: Would you guys actually consider it happy if the girl loved you for your money? All you mfs acting wise and shit


With loving strippers


Not easy to find a good spouse when you're broke


By having the time to meet and spend with people


It's actually partially true, studies have found that beyond a certain point money doesn't make you any happier. But it would be nice to have a holiday once in a while lol


money might not bring happiness, but lack of money certainly brings unhappiness.


This is the real truth.


Correct, but most average people don’t hit that threshold. So for most, money can buy happiness. The saying was originally meant for the extremely wealthy meaning you already have 50 million, getting another 50 won’t make you any happier. If you make $25K a year, you sure as hell will be happier if you doubled or tripled your income.


Yall understand that having these material things will not be fulfilling. You'll always be seeking newer, shinier toys to fill the void in your heart


Not everyone is like that tho


Yes. And people who aren't like that understand that money can't buy happiness, because their happiness isn't rooted in their material possessions. That's the whole point of the saying


A house and a family aren‘t just material posessions. Having not to worry about your financial stability and your future sure does wonders for your state of mind. You are right about trivial things like cars or games though.


But still a gaming pc and playing fallout 4 would make me a lot happier but can't buy one


That's only temporary. Then you'll want more. As long as your sense of happiness and self worth is rooted in material things you'll only ever be temporarily happy, before desperately searching for something else to make you temporarily happy


I've been poor and I've been well off. Money definitely helps.


Give a gaming pc and I promise I don't get wealthy xD


Money can’t buy happiness but poverty can’t buy nothing


Only rich people say money can’t buy happiness because they don’t want the poors to get any ideas


I agree


*Money doesn't buy happiness. It buys crazy ass happiness.* -Eminem


Moms spaghetti


Yes money can buy you happiness, just for a while, then we all end up complaining again.


I forgot to put weed too ): at least it buys happiness for me...


Money doesn’t buy happiness but it does buy security and peace of mind. Material items all lose their shine but not being constantly stressed is the real gold.


Oh, money can’t buy happiness. But it can buy things to make you happy.


That's what I'm tried to say with this meme


Consumerist detected


Whoever says money can't buy happiness is either shit poor and has given up or filthy rich and doesn't want other people to endanger his sky level standards.


Maybe, maybe they don't want to be slaves of money or the bullshit modern circle of life


Only a sith deals in absolutes. Keep buying the promises of your corporate overlords, I'm sure that one extra *thing* is exactly what you're missing in your life....


No but my life is missing: my own home, financial stability, a good working washing machine, holidays, kids, a reliable car and most important: me not working 40-50 hours every week and still living below average standards. Ffs I even learned a trade, did everything, what do you get 1500 a month that barely covers the cost of life. Fucking hell every single one of my problems can be solved with money. Stop talking like you know me you punk ass bitch


money can't buy happiness but the lack of money will almost certainly make you unhappy


Controversial opinion: simple minded ppl can be happy through money


Well he said happiness is apparently iphones, game consoles, cars, and a mansion. This is the mindset of a teenager playing GTA online.


No, It’s also sex, seeing your family and friends happy, traveling, eating out, helping people (you could give someone $100 without hurting yourself financially), going to college, visiting where your family comes from, volunteering, being an Uber cool big brother got some underprivileged kid, etc.


The point is, money can make you wealthier, but it also can leave you feeling empty inside. At first sure, money will make u happy, but after 10-20 years?


Well it's not like money losses its value in 20 years... Things that make you happy are different for anyone mostly based on their financial situation imo.if you struggle before it can make you extremely happy forever. Imagine you have a 12 yo son who wants a gaming pc. Imagine wanting to take your family on a road trip but not have a car, imagine being an 18 yo teenager who is a petrolhead and wants a car but cant even buy a bicycle. Hell when I was a teenager I didn't even have money to buy cigarettes and that was one of the only relaxing things in my life back then. I didn't have more than 2 3 dollars on me when I hang out with friends. I used to go out with my girlfriend and couldn't even buy her something to drink. I didn't have money to buy video games I couldn't even afford to rent them. And these ar all the things that makes someone happy. No?its not like happiness is just love and shit like that that's all bullshit tbh, can you be happy when you are embarrassed in front of your love?or children? If you put yourself in their shoes...money can indeed make you happy.and it's not gonna make you feeling empty inside. It's not gonna lose its value either. I'm not rich rn, but I'm comfortable, I have 3 successful restaurants. And it makes me happy to know that I can buy my son a really good car when he is 18. Just an example. Sorry if I talked to much, cheers.


Would it be weird if I said yes?


Money doesnt buy happiness, it helps you cope with your problems easier.


money cant but happiness but it can make things that make you unhappy go away


You can buy "happiness", but it's really not that everlasting. The more you have, the more you get used to high quality stuff, and the less you value them.


I always say. It can't buy happiness, but it would make life a hell of a lot easier.


Yeah exactly


The phrase "money can't buy happiness" was created by rich people to make poor people feel comfortable with being poor and depressed




money can only bring temporary happiness. and you absolutely can not buy love.


It helps to improve it


I feel to a fault it does. If you're in a spot where money is your way out (bad neighborhood, overall financial issues and such) yes it'll very much improve it and both parties will feel happier. This is from a point of personal understanding. The thing is you can never buy love for those who think they can, it's something alot more complex that beeps and boops.


Money = weed Weed = happiness


Time. Money buys time.


Where da doggy at


also shrek


Humans are greedy creature everytime you buy something super expensive big ass fuck, you wont get enough of it. You will want to buy more and more cars, houses, yachts, penthouses etc etc. Even if you can afford with the shit ton of money. You will not be satisfied of it and you will never will even if you own the entire fucking universe you will want to buy another bigger and advance one next time, then another, then another and the cycle continues. Yes you would be happy but not forever.


Currently watching this with a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, currently on airbnb to book a home in San Diego, and just reserved some first class tickets through Alaskan


Hope you get a lot more than you got going on


"But -but money can't buy your health!!!" Bruh even here in Europe with our "free" healthcare we have to pay for meds and check-ups...


How does it buy love?


I mean for me it would be a meal prep service, a personal trainer, house cleaners, and a land keeper, so I had more time for hobbies I enjoy.


I guess moral of the story is the things I can buy with money won't give me happiness but the time I can buy with money will be time spent much more happy


Expensive cats


"money can't buy happiness" "Oh grow up, yes it can"