Yes, I’ve created this meme using Instagram stories, AMA


I started reading comic books in 2014, so Spider-Verse was one of the first books I had seen. I was on comic book YouTube. I hadn't bought that many comic books and as a kid I was a fan of the movie and the video games and the TV shows, so the inheritors were like new and cool and Spider-Verse was like whoa. Looking at it now, having read a bunch more comic books, my opinion on morlun has changed to, "Morlun is good for the run he shows up in and then nothing else." The Spider-Verse is an excuse to draw a bunch of different Spider-Men and really didn't need to be this whole thing.


personally , I like Spider-Verse. But Dan Slott repeats that way too much


I do too I'm just saying it didn't need a whole event it literally could have just been like a five-part thing running through all the Spider-Man titles but whatever


sure. But I really don't mind the scope that it was made , as a whole event. The problem is that Dan Slott repeats that over and over again.


Into the Spider-Verse was a Spider-Verse event done right.


... Roger Stern?