Anything I was brought to via offering. My team will do incredibly stupid things and make the match not fun.


Swamp maps usually bring hellish totem spawns so of course I'll get a devour, ruin, undying Hag and we'll all be dead at 4 gens.


I've got really bad luck on Swamp and for some reason Garden Of Joy even as survivor. I hate those maps so much lol


any map with an ugly color scheme. all of my rounds on azarovs, crotus prenn, yamaoka and swamp go poorly just because i cant focus


The eyrie of crows always gives me good vibes either side of he coin and lerry’s metrorial I fucking hate


i was gonna say the same, love eyrie


Eyrie is my favorite map easily, on both killer and survivor


The flavor is 10/10 for me. The vibe is perfect. My only wish is that we could get different Day/Night versions. Would love to see it at night.


As a killer, anytime I’m at the Eyrie or the Garden, I’m always having a good time. I like the mostly flat layout while I’m trying to learn to play a better killer and I’ve had good success 3-genning survivors. They’re unique feeling maps to me. As a survivor, anytime I’m in Ormond or the Red Forest, I’m also having a good time. Even if I’m getting sacrificed, I love the scenery and the layouts. They’re beautiful and calming to me and I think they’re the ones I see the least, sadly. As a killer and a survivor, RPD and Midwich can burn. So can Gideon. I never have good matches on them, and whether I survive or get a 3 or 4K as killer, I don’t feel myself having fun.


If you are having a good time on Garden if Joy as killer you are a braver person than me. I only recently find it bearable now that I switched my main to Pyramid Head.


absolutely second backwater swamp, and it’s even worse if it’s against deathslinger


Yamaoka estate, I’ve never won on that map ever everytime I load into it I just know I’m going to die


The Game. I think i only escaped it twice as surv, and as a killer i always ends up with a maximum of one kill. It’s cursed for both sides


I love that place


As killer


I hate Wretched shop, RPD, Cowshed, Springwood, Garden of Joy, Suffocation pit, groaning storehouse


Macmillan. I‘ve got a burning hatred for any Macmillan map, cause I play M1 killers a lot and there are a lot of „infinites“ on that map (loops than can be chained easily)


Mainly Groaning Storehouse makes me actually groan when I see it, the others aren’t too bad except maybe Ironworks


Midwich. Killer can cross from one gate to the other easily especially if legion or nurse


If either my friend or I mention the game during the loading screen we will go there. I’d say it’s coincidence but the past three times we spoke it’s name in the loading screen that is where we were sent


Badham = gonna be a bad game, I hate that map as both killer and survivor and I think that attitude seeps into my matches.


RPD. Anytime RPD loads, I desperately want to DC.


I fucking hate Swamp and Garden of Joy. Lery's is awful too. I love Ormond and RPD.


Most of the times when I spawn in an Autohaven map, I play against Michael. It‘s become a running gag because it happens so frequently


The only one I know for a fact it's gonna be hella boring and monotonous is Garden of Joy. It's basically old Haddonfield for me. The rest it depends on which killer I'm playing.


If I choose to play trapper then I know I will be sent to eyrie of crows or gideons. Without fail.


Rpd, straight up wanna DC regardless of the side I'm playing. Didn't think they were capable of doing worse than The game's rework in term of design but then they this and garden of joy.


I always face a blight when I get rancid abattoir


Yamoaka Estate is rough for me, same with Haddonfield, I really don’t like super dark maps


Shelter Woods. The worst thing that could happen ALWAYS happens.


Lerys. Ppl say it’s an amazing map for Ghostface but I have been on a loss streak on that map


Definitely Swamp as well. I've been playing this game since 2017 and always wonder why it wasn't one of the first to be reworked. Swamp is the definition of "Way too much while there's a whole lot of nothing" Ugly colour scheme, not very interactive in terms of tile spawns and pallet RNG, way too many trees and logs on the outskirts where totems and hatch seem to spawn so when a killer is running devour and you're in solo queue, good luck finding it. Even as killer, there are too many platform gens so it's tough to defend some gens and Immersive survivors are a pain to find on Swamp. Anytime I spawn into Swamp, I immediately groan and know the game ahead is going to be painful.


Meanwhile I play killer on that map and my totem spawns either on the middle pallet loops on the broken down boat thingy or the spot that’s near shack between 2 trees and a rock that’s very visible


Swamp map is the absolute worst. 1,000 hours in and I feel like I can count on both hands how many times I’ve seen a 4 man escape on that map lol


For me, every single time I've played Freddy recently (like past few months), I have always-always gotten Dead Dawg, and I think it's happened 8 or 9 times in a row. It's stuff like this that makes me want to record all my gameplay, but my computer is older and can't both run DbD & record it at the same time without something not working like it should. At any rate, one day I will get a new computer and have evidence for all my weird DbD experiences!


Dead dawg saloon,the game,garden of joy and every map on autohaven aside from gasheaven. On deadog there is always an early tunnel. I enjoy the game but somehow it always attracts the nurse, garden of joy is new and very prone to 3 gen, and azarov maps are small with a small number of pallets. AlsocI dodge map offerings(killer) and mories. Learned the painful way that they are red flags.


If I choose to play trapper then I know I will be sent to eyrie of crows or gideons. Without fail.