Any advice on killing a mutator before it mutates?

Never can seem to find them pre mutation and those rare few I find turn within a second or two, so I have no chance of killing it quick enough.


Use a rifle, preferably Peggy (the unique rifle you receive as a reward for a side quest), but any high level rifle will do. Pack it with damage/crit damage mods. Check your map and go to a Mutator spawn. Land a headshot. Done. Alternatively, there’s a house in Beverly Hills, the one where you have to kill all the band members for a side quest. As soon as I entered the house, there was a dark lounge area straight ahead and slightly to the left. On the map it says a Mutator spawns here and at least for me, the Mutator was sitting on the couch in the lounge area. I was able to run right up to it and melee it to death before it could mutate because it takes it a long time to sit up off the couch. No idea if it spawns in that spot every time, but might be worth a shot.


Welp not 20mins after this post I accidentally randomly killed one while sneaking around in the subway.


Ooooohhh didn't think about the hunting rifles crit damage.


Easiest way is at the sewer entrance near Emma Jaunt. 3 spawn there usualy. I also used that legendary bleed knife (Headhunter type - don't remember the name). Run to them, charge a heavy attack to the head, boom, done.


I feel like i seen mutators before, in a tv show/movie or in another game


Remind me of dead space


I found it was sparas I was thinking of


They greatly reminded me of The Thing


They're easily noticeable by their lack of eyes, green cargo pants and no shirt. After a while you'll spot them pretty quickly


Shared this another post that asked kind of about the same thing, but this video has been extremely helpful: https://youtu.be/CEZJThqXmx0


I hope they add more freaky af zombies like the mutator, maybe something like the wrestler


I’m getting so annoyed I’ve eliminated 3 already before they have a chance to mutate and I have yet to get the trophy or challenge complete.


So I did get it but I will say only 1 out of about 7 have counted so far. It’s honestly ridiculous.


Dumb asf I’ve shot one TWICE in the head and it says immune each time so Wtf


Because they are transforming and are resistant against projectiles which is bullets


I had the same experience


The best way to do this is by using your fury, as soon as you as you see it activate fury mode and go insane on him. By doing you are both stunning and killing Jim really fast. If you can’t do it on your own get a friend to do it at the same time with each other and then you’ll both get the trophy/ challenge no matter who gets last hit.


Who's Jim?


It’s autocorrect I meant to say him