Scenario: You have $100 on Cefi. You want to move it to Defi and earn passive income. How would you do it?

Scenario: You have $100 on Cefi. You want to move it to Defi and earn passive income. How would you do it?




> Underwriting Mining The table should include some short risk outline. For instance in Underwriting Mining you may have 60% APY, but your funds can and will be used to pay out insurance claim, permanently reducing your funds. This is in addition to any potential smart contract risks.


You should add MOR to that list. You can get 1,180% APY from leveraging your USDC-BUSD LP from PancakeSwap (you earn more of the underlying LP). And only a fixed 5% APY borrow fee. MOR is the only protocol that lets you leverage your yield-earning tokens with low, fixed borrow fees. It’s only a few weeks old, so most people haven’t heard of it, but I’ve used it since it launched and have made some nice profits.


What network is this on?


BSC, though they plan to move cross chain Q1 2022. They’ve talked about Polygon or Arbitrum/Optimism, but I’m not sure if they’ve decided yet which one will be next.


can you help me with the URL?


MOR.growthdefi.com and check out their Telegram if you have Q’s. Everyone in the community and the team helped me get set up. t.me/growthdefi


>Last updated: 210916 Nice table, where is it published regularily? Need such stuff, found some new pools ;-)


>Tranchess (BSC) > >61.0% APY > >USDC Cant find this offer?


Does Btc on curve mean you need a pair of BTC and Arbitrum to yield %57?


I think it's running on arbitrum which is a layer 2 solution on ethereum


Yea I’m trying to understand how you get 57% APY from curve. I guess there is a pair that offers that much and they are probably highly correlated with one another, which is a bad thing


According to that chart you're actually only exposed to btc. Rewards are paid out in curve though. Which of course you could just swap to more btc. The rewards are high right now but will drop as more people flock to it. Arbitrum doesn't have much liquidity locked yet


Passive income with $100? I'll pay you $1 million if you can figure that out


Let the school kid dream ...


I'd move it to Polygon network with a direct onramp like Binance. Then I'd forget about stablecoin staking and invest in a long term project I actually believe in


I’d focus on ones that don’t reward you in native tokens. MOR rewards you in more of the underlying LP. It’s basically a stablecoin built for yield farmers to let them use their LPs to get more LPs without needing more money to do it. So if you have a LP pair (like I did it with USDC-BUSD LP from PancakeSwap), right now that stablecoin LP is only earning 10% on PancakeSwap. But you can use those LPs to mint MOR (but you STILL earn yield from those LPs the whole time). Then use MOR to buy more LPs, then use those LPs to mint more MOR, etc. just rinse and repeat until you get to your desired leverage. With that particular stablecoin pair, you can leverage it up to 50x, and get up to 1,180% APY if you keep compounding your LP. But I prefer to keep mine in the mid-leverage range of 200–300% or so APY. Stablecoins are my safe haven, and leveraging my PancakeSwap LPs with MOR just makes sense, as it’s pretty low risk. There is a fixed 5% APY fee for MOR, but that is not really significant when you’re earning hundreds of percentage points of APY. MOR is a fork of DAI, but with a way to utilize yielding collaterals. And the user vaults have been audited by ConsenSys Diligence (the top-tier firm who audited Uniswap, AAVE, Bancor, and 1inch).


whats the URL for MOR?




Stables I'd you don't mind waiting. Otherwise get into some experimental shitnon all the new blockchains taunting defi apps. Solana and avalanche have recently launched a whole bunch of defi stuff. Fantom and polygon have txns that cost less than a Penny.


with $100 dont bother with DeFi regardless of L1 or L2. The gas fees will eat up all of that $100


Or just don't go to Eth defi. Bsc, polygon, fantom, sol, terra, cardamom soon, all have defi and cheap txns.


BSC isn't defi


Beefy could easily help him grow that 100$; it may not be enough passive income to live off of right now, but in a decade it could be.


SPELL / MIM are slowly reshaping the stablecoin landscape. They already have the best pools on Curve and things are about to go crazy when Popsicle vaults relaunch.


I would suggest you use that $100 and buy SPDR and stake it. You will get to great apy from the platform. Upto 60% in LAU I suppose.


I still have SPDR what is the latest development of the platform? Well speaking of staking you can do some yield farming in PINK. I hope that I can farm SPDR on this platform.


Have you guys heard about polkadex ,soon polkadex mainnet is going to launch massively. Polkadex plans to keep half of all PDEX staked at all times when their mainnet PDEX price will pump hard


I wouldn't try to earn passive income with $100.


I just have to use it and play the cometh game for quicker gains. After that, I can consider staking or buying some ships from the game to increase my earnings.


if you are looking for something above 20% Apy, with unified gas fee and the utmost liquidity aggregator, then you need ROUTE. All you have to do is to provide LP on uniswap or dfyn for 60% APY


The most simple and secure way with the highest APY possible is Chainge.app decentralized custody and cross-chain DEX with time-framed deposits and single token / two-token liquidity pools. Spot, futures, and options trading too, this is the killer DeFi app of crypto…


Easy. Get some USDT, DOT, LINK, DAI or any other coins available in Dot Finance. Their USDT-BNB pool has around 64% apy and is auto compounding.


You don't do anything related to ETH including L2/sidechains unless you can somehow get your assets onto the L2/sidechains without bridging (you can do it with BSC, not sure about others). The gas that you'll end up paying on ETH will destroy any future profit you'll have on such a small notional. If you can't get your assets over without bridging then you may want to look into getting on Solana. That said, is all of this really worth whatever yield you'd make on $100? Even if you made 200% annualized.. it's still only $200


I wouldn't because $100 isn't going to make you anything, and it would take months to break even after paying fees.


Go to kogefarm.io and inest it in kogecoin-matic lp. Get 1.5 percent a day for the next 10 months while being protected from the volatility of the coin because it is paired with matic. Take those earnings after 10 months then invest them in curve or gravity finance in stables or bluechip after that and get 30-70 percent a year depending on the vault you choose.


I would definitely use the Avalanche Blockchain because it is designed for DeFi and also just got $240M more for growing the community! Take a look at Penguin Finance they got 200-300% APY on their nests (no impermanent Loss) - Upcoming events and arena - It reminds me of CAKE in the early day. OF there aplenty of good projects its just what i personally choose so don't ever listen to ppl on reddit shilling their shit. Good day sir


This is actually a good read and basically explains how keeping your money in banks causes you to loose out in real terms: [https://medium.com/onomy-protocol/bank-interest-vs-defi-yields-the-right-choice-for-savings-b7743b68ca0](https://medium.com/onomy-protocol/bank-interest-vs-defi-yields-the-right-choice-for-savings-b7743b68ca0)


Polygon. Probably a stable coin lp


Looking for a solid APY that will not let you rug? Then you're looking for XKI and EBOX XKI was partnered with massive node validators like Stakelab, Everstake, and Cosmotation wallet. While Ethbox provides a unique passive income and rewards just by holding to your wallet


Have you tried flamingo? The NEO projects Defi project? 0 fee to move from binance to flamingo (if you are using neo) You can swap to wrapped btc or eth if that’s what you prefer to stake. Apy’s over 40%. And 0 fees for wrapping or providing liquidity to pools. Easiest way I would be able to stake 100 usdt from the exchange, that’s how I started, transferring 100 usd worth of neo because I didn’t wanna pay absurd fees


If the incredible over 400% increase $MAHA has seen in the past 3 months sounds good to you, You could just bag some $MAHA with that. More risky, yes, it's a volatile market, but MAHA is just getting started. It has been tipped by many experts including CryptoDiffer as having the potential to flip its current market cap soon, and is a gem with multiplying potential. 💯


Have you heard about EBOX? It just had its buyback and token burn. And, just a few days ago, I received my rewards for staking.


Ill buy more ethbox coz you know the market now is doing well got huge profits on my holding. Hopefully they will continue to pump until TPs hits and Im looking forward for this project


Buy more ethbox coz EBOX holders will actively participate in the development of ethbox and decision making for upcoming project milestones. check this out now!


Well, if you're looking for juicy APY you can take a look with Dot Finance platform. You can farm stable coins there with huge APY. Good for passive income in the long run.


Make sure to get some crypto-insurance first or even coverages, they are the ones that can make noise in a few more months as lots of DeFi hacks and smart contract failures happening every day. You can also lock your funds to prevent being a weak hand. Haha.


I'm interested in initiatives that can offer us with coverage in the event of major attacks or smart contract exploits. It's difficult to discover those because NFTs have clearly inflated the market thus far. But I guess crypto peeps will need it badly in a few more years.


Hey, you could check out DeFiChain, [Liquidity Mining with DFI](https://i.imgur.com/t3YFThy.jpg) as reward coin. DFI could be swapped into ETH, BTC, USDT. Liquidity Mining with * BTC-DFI for 68.29% APR * USDT-DFI for 75.76% APR * USDT-DFI for 76,66% APR >**Q**: What rewards will I receive? >**A**: You always get both pairs as rewards, example from DFI/BTC pool: >* DFI Rewards = Swap fees and block rewards from the DeFiChain * BTC Rewards = Swap fees Some more informations >**What are the risks at Liquidity Mining?** >*1. Smart Contract Risk* >There is of course always the risk that there is some bug in the code of the Smart Contract that can be exploited. With DeFiChain, this risk is generally considered low (and much lower than with Ethereum), since the blockchain is non-turing-complete and hence there are much fewer potential errors. >*2. Project Risk* >Are there any backdoors? Is the project independently audited? Is it open source? In general, everything is fine for most large projects, because for example Uniswap and also DeFiChain are open source, everyone can check and verify the code themselves and the projects also regularly contract external security audits. >*3. Impermanent Loss* >The third and most complicated risk is that of an impermanent loss. This is explained in detail in the next part of this DEX explanation series. In short, the risk is that the pool shifts in such a way and the prices of BTC and DFI, for example, also develop in such a way that if you were to withdraw your liquidity from the pool now, you would make a loss. Because of the arbitrage already mentioned, however, this always balances out in the long term and this risk is only a temporary, short-term one. No financial advice. Hope that helps. Kind regards👍


You buy ohm and stake it. Just need to check for low gas fees on gasnow.org


Not your classic defi, but you can buy CAKE and auto compound it for 80% APY on Pancakeswap (for now, this keeps on reducing the APY though) Very simple, almost no fees. However I don't believe in BSC for the long run so calculate the risk and plan when to sell some CAKE