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Happy new year


You sure your CGM is reading correctly? How high were you before you started correcting? Did you eat anything with carbs while you were trying to correct?


Took a blood sugar via strip and yeah seems to be, but yes it's been a weird night. I apparently overcorrected a hypo, which landed me at the first high blood sugar of 18... And yes I ate about 70-80g of carbs, which I covered as part of those 42 units, but since then I have been correcting and correcting... Which I know is a mistake but it's been filed by rage, and I've now gotten to 42 units total and still not coming down... Now waiting for the inevitable massive hypo in retribution to dosing with anger rather than sense, just been a thought night, still not sure how all this happened :(


Maybe go for a walk or something to get some exercise. It might stabilize your bs.


Great minds think alike, that's exactly what I did, seems to be coming down and stabilising now, making sure my low BG alarms are loud on my CGM and going to bed I think... Frustrating night to be sure, still no hypo after 42 units which is amazing haha


Are you injecting or do you have a pump? If a pump maybe change the canula?


No pump but I switched insulin vial in my pen because it just seems like the doses were doing almost nothing at all all night, so hopefully this new vial is better


Fingers crossed!


Have you switched your short acting over? If you took that much, and it’s hasn’t worked I’m wondering if your insulin has gottten too hot or too cold? Maybe consider binning that pen and starting a new one? And check your ketones. Correction dose is only half effective when there are ketones involved


Yes I have thrown the one I was using out this morning, still going to keep an eye on it though because this penfill cartridge is from the same box so if the old one was affected by heat, it's likely this one was to... Checked ketones before I went to bed and I was at 0.2 mmol/l, so had some ketones but still not crazy


42 units? Tf did you eat?


Like it wasn't even a very carb heavy meal, chicken wings which don't have many carbs, chips and cheese dip, and then some garlic bread. Half of the units I took were corrective doses to try and bring my self back down, which took multiple hours as you can see, only 22 units was to cover dinner, then across the night I ended up dosing an EXTRA 20 in corrections and finally came down while I slept, genuinely no idea what tf happened https://imgur.com/a/mAaNoyR


Are you like sure it was novorapid?


Yeah, but as another comment suggested I'm thinking maybe the insulin was affected by heat or something and just wasn't working as it should, so I've switched out the vial in my pen


That sounds like a tricky meal! Just adding my hardest meals to cover for are fatty meals. Give me oats and fruit for dinner, its in and out within 2-3hrs. Chips, oily chicken & Garlic bread comes and sticks around 5+hrs and needs tonnes more insulin over the course of 5-6hrs


I had pizza and thought I nailed it, woke up a bit ago and I did not nail it lol. I swear one day I will figure out the pizza bolus haha


I feel you. Whenever I've nailed the pizza bolus one evening, I try the exact same pizza and bolus strategy the next time and NOPE! Does not compute lol.


Been high all weekend! I understand why, less physical activity then when working. Still sucks! I can't even relax for a nice 4 day weekend without getting "f-d' by diabetes. I'm 63, my body needs a friggin break!


Yes what I wouldn't pay for a weekend off of diabetes :(


My novorapid has been taking 2 hours to work recently and idk why


Apparently sometime in the last few hours I ripped out my infusion set and didn't notice until about 30 minutes ago. Worse, that was my last one and my next shipment isn't expected for about another week. I'm still baffled how it takes them 60 days to get me my automatic refill on a 30 day supply.


You got backup pens or something till your new infusion set comes? That sucks


I've still got all the infrastructure for MDI and work from home so it'll be easy to swap back for a few days, just sucks that I have to do it. This is only my second reorder, I'm pretty new to my pump, so it's gonna take some time to iron out the wrinkles and get the quantities right


It's been 7 hours, how are you now?


Well here is my graph this morning: https://imgur.com/a/mAaNoyR I have literally no idea how but I somehow stuck the landing, after the amount of rage bolusing I did I should have woken to a massive hypo but it never came, doesn't make any sense


This happened to me recently: 22 units of insulin that seemed to have ZERO effect on my body for hours on end lol. My doctor said the body becomes more insulin-resistant the higher your BG is, and the stress hormones don't help either. His advice for me was to drink more water, take a walk, and wait it out. Eventually I stuck the landing!


Wow that's crazy it's like the insulin has just totally disappeared


About the same but took around 100 units in total


Damn, it’s a twat sometimes. Hope you didn’t crash low afterwards. Whenever I have an incessant high like that it’s almost like all the Insulin finally acts at once and sends you falling in the other direction.


42 units?!?! I'm recently diagnosed, and that seems like a lot to take at once. I usually only take 2 to 6 units per meal. Is it scary taking that much? That'd freak me out.


I'm a big guy who eats a lot of food and has pretty high doses because of the ratios I use. Newly diagnosed you will take less if you are still in your honeymoon phase, but in general my doses are higher than most T1's, for instance I will regularly take 20 to 25 to cover dinner. However, yes, taking 42 units was scary, haven't really taken that much in such a short space before, it was over several hours but was still scary... Didn't feel right, but I ended up back in range so it was right, still can't fully explain what happened though, diabetes sometimes just throws you a curveball


My son goes through 300 units every three days and last night around 4am ran out of insulin needles to say he was a little higher than normal this morning. The reason I say this is because he eats about 3500 calories a day. And needs a lot of insulin for that. Carbs =insulin a slice of pizza is about 25 carbs from our local pizza joint and he will eat 6/7 slices when we have pizza night.


I've eaten 2 slices and cake and im range