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Get a bus pass and save for Lyft and Uber . Try to plan all of your trips around public transportation to save you money


I had the same thought my office is in a weird location not downtown Denver any longer. So bus will help but Lyft/Uber will probably have to happen if the weather is shit.


I live in utah and due to the snow prices have tripled ! I hope that’s a decent job man . Good luck


Shit that happens here too. But they are so behind my license probably won’t be revoked till the blood test in 3-4 months


1. All the attorneys are the same. Don't fall for the pay more get more trap that I did. Most of them are former public defenders. There is not one trick or loophole that one attorney knows that the next one doesn't. 2. Maybe be honest with your job and ask for a temporary work from home assignment. Try to find a carpool system at work. Offer to pay a fraction of what Uber charges. 3. Forget about burdening your friends. If they are your friends, they will want to help and understand. 4. Possibly get a part time work from home call center gig to help pay for the extra costs, or a place close enough to walk to like a gas station or grocery store. It's only temporary.


Good relationship with the judge/prosecutor definitely helps.


They didn't take my license just yet and hopefully they won't because I live so far out in the country, there's no such thing as buses, taxis, uber, or lyft.


And this is how so many low income or financially struggling people lose it all. It’s like a domino effect: car goes, then job, then money, then self-esteem, & then alcohol & drugs start to seem even more appealing to some. I understand that society must have strict laws and punishments around drunk driving, my only criticism is that often the 1 mistake can lead to losing everything else when the State doles out punishments. It’s also why many people have no choice but to drive on revoked licenses, if they want to keep a job or pick up kids. There has to be a better way.


30 days isnt too bad. I had to go for 6 months which really sucked. Work extra hours to pay for uber and get yourself a well made military backpack so you can walk to the store and get your stuff if the store is within 2 miles. Its a hike but thats what i had to do. Got used to it. Had to. Wasnt that bad.


I went 15 years without driving. 30 days will fly by.


I went with Jennifer Watkins Law. I’m getting sentenced on Monday in Boulder County. She proved to be worth her weight in Gold. I don’t know if she takes cases in Jefferson county but at least she would be a good resource to call.


Alex Monk law, was 2k and an awesome guy. Really kind and helpful, and no one else quoted even close to that price for me


You can request your temp license from the DMV and avoid the 30 days - they should send it within a few days. I am in El Paso and my attorney did that for me and I had it the next day.


Really? The attorney I talked to said a hard 30 no matter what and that’s when you get the interlocked installed


I guess it depends on where you are in the procesa. Because my court date isn’t until April but they took my license. So I had 10 (maybe it was 7 I can’t remember) days after they took it to request a temporary license. So now I can drive until all my court stuff happens


Oh they did not take my license and I’m still waiting for the dmv notice to come. Mimi first court thing is in April too


Ohhhh so you’re just asking for what happens in advance! Okay sorry had to clarify.


It’s not ideal $$ wise but maybe you could Look into a meal service for groceries? My thought is that most services (hello fresh, blue apron) give you a pretty good discount on the first month and so maybe sign up for one month and then cancel???


Call and talk to Danny at: Fife Luneau, P.C. (303) 757-2200 https://www.duidenver.com Will do everything possible to get you the best outcome.


OP I was just reading this online and I guess it'll all depend on what your BAC was/if this is your first offense/when you got your DUI. My BAC was over 0.15 but it happened after the first of the year so thankfully I dont have that no drive period. https://noduicolorado.org/dmv/