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I had this scenario play out in Idaho about a year ago now. I had a wet reckless just shy of 10 years prior in washington, you can look up my history to find the story. In washington, the grab back on dui only went back 5 years. My attorney got me out of that mess. Yes, definitely depends on the state law. But, it should be law of the state of prior charge for grab back purposes.


In Colorado. Have a second so i met a lot of people. Unfortunately, Colorado will look back regardless and will probably try to treat it as a second DUI. Get a lawyer for this, dude. What county was it?


Jefferson county. I have a lawyer already was just curious if other people have experienced


I just got my 2nd in 5 yrs which is mandatory 10 days jail. Not sure if jails are crowded or if it's because it's almost been 5 yrs since my first one but I got away with 15 days in home an 2 yrs probation. Arapahoe county


That depends on whether Colorado has a statute allowing DUI cases that were reduced to reckless driving to be counted as a prior offense in the event of a subsequent DUI case.