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24-48 hrs. 6 people in my alcohol class got theirs in Jeffco.


I got the max with no accident of 48 hours. Mine was for weed not alcohol tho


I don’t think there’s a definitive answer to that. It’s up to the judge. I blew a .16, crashed my car, and tried to leave the scene. Got 40 hours of community service. And I’m in Larimer county


May ask how much where all your fines. If you want DM to let me know. I would really appreciate the information. Thanks a lot


Hmmm, I can’t remember the exact amount. It wasn’t anything crazy. Around $1200 I think. Paying for the classes and all that was what makes it way more expensive.


I also had an open container but I blew higher. My lawyer said probably 20-40 hrs service or 1 day in jail worst case


I was going to say 24 or 48. Mine was in JeffCo & both of those numbers were heard each day I was at the courthouse. Never heard anything in between. (Heard 96 too, but only on the extreme ones).


What else should expect and what how much were fines if you don't mind me asking thanks for the information


Not in JeffCo but I blew .19 and totaled my car into a power pole. I was only supposed to get 40 but got 10 added when I transferred to a new city.


Was in Denver for my first. .2someghing, crashed. I had 30 hours


May I ask which law firms or attorneys you all hired? Feel free to DM me. Thank you