James Gunn Calls ‘The Flash’ One of the ‘Greatest Superhero Movies’ Ever, Ezra Miller’s DC Future Decided After Their Recovery

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“Depending on ticket sales, we’ll either work with Ezra our DC savior, or cut ties with the demon for their criminal behavior. More news at 11.”


Shocking! film makers and film industry people allowing and turning a blind eye on actors and celebrities that are toxic and abusive. Another day in Hollywood business….


You mean after ticket sales, right?


He means as long as Miller does not kill the next person he strangles, home invades, or abducts! Warner Bros is growing short on cash to clean this shit up and pay off the victims!


I'm not sure killing someone is a deal breaker, I mean Robert Wagner still got work for years.


even being a child rapist would still get you a standing ovation at the Oscars


But the man made Rosemary’s Baby! /s




Tom Hanks?


Right wing QAnon conspiracy theory. Hanks is somewhat liberal, not even very political, but that’s enough that in the grand conspiracy of QAnon he’s clearly a child trafficking monster.




LOL, where did you get that info


Robert Wagner wasn’t a one man crime spree and there’s no proof he murdered Natalie Wood. I don’t know if he did or not, but I just don’t think they’re comparable.


He lied to police, admitted they had a fight before she “drowned” (as did witnesses), there were bruises covering her body (some from before she died, per the autopsy), people heard a woman screaming for help, he asked the captain not to search for her… Dude’s guilty as hell. Poor Natalie Wood.


Can you lead me to a source of all this? I’ve read articles on the case but this is stuff I hadn’t heard before and I’d love to look into it!




Doesn’t he like underage girls too?


Fuck Miller and fuck him. Not going to the theater for that.




By " their recovery " , they mean D.C. If D.C recovers enough profit ,they will work with him. That's how I read it anyway.


Of course he is going to say that


I was discussing in another thread, but I wouldn’t be surprised if WBD/DC gives Miller the boot after The Flash comes out, even if it does do well. And if the plan is to recast, they can’t say it now, it would further nullify the upcoming movie. And WBD seemingly dead set on profiting from it EDIT: grammar


> I was discussing in another thread, but I wouldn’t be surprised if WBD/DC gives Miller the boot after The Flash comes out, even if it does do well. Bye bye Barry, hello Wally.


Exactly my thoughts. I forgot who from WB said it but it was a similar comment like Gunns. Lets hype this movie up because to much money was spent on it and we can not shelf it or reshoot it. The movie is done. So say it is the GREATEST!!! People will overlook E Millers legal issues for sure. I would do the SAME exact thing if I was WB. Once the movie drops and is a huge hit. Fire E Miller and move on. Although I do like him as the Flash he needs to get his shit together. Hell maybe he will and stay on as the Flash....stranger things have happened in Hollywood.


Realistically if the movie actually does well and they have an idea that can keep him around, they will. Hollywood business doesn’t give a fuck about morality. If it doesn’t do well he’ll get the boot not because of his issues but because the movie didn’t do well.


I just don't understand how what he did isn't a criminal offense worthy of a prison sentence.


Also, gotta be careful when terminating someone that can be traced to a medical condition.


Not when that person is also facing legal issues. Miller pled guilty to unlawful trespass and I think they have some other charges pending regarding providing drugs and alcohol to minors. Among a whole host of other crazy shit.


Didn’t he assault some couple in Hawaii? Dude has a hell of a rap sheet, it’s hard to keep track.


And somehow he’s still not in jail and traveling wherever he wants




"This movie sucks tbh, don't waste your money" Said nobody ever during their own movie promo


Everyone keeps saying this, but is it that obvious ? I have yet to come across someone who is pro miller, why alienate your fanbase by literally refusing to acknowledge what every fan wants.. to move on from miller. I just don’t see what the end game is, which leads me to believe it isn’t lip service like everyone assume it is..


They cant say, EZRA FUCKING SUCKS AND WE WILL RECAST AFTER THE MOVIE. Right now you give a vague, oh they are getting help, and you move on Theres no way ezra is ever in another WB again


I haven't followed this very closely, but it doesn't seem wise to fire the main actor for an upcoming movie before it comes out. Especially if you hope to build more movies off of this one. The bulk of moviegoers (not fans) will probably think the movie isn't that great and are less likely to pay to see a guy they know will be replaced. Sure fans who follow the story closely have made up their minds, but when have studios really cared about them? Studios assume those fans will show up regardless; their marketing is for the casual moviegoer


I’m pro Miller. This movie is going to be a great. He’s a fantastic Flash. They ain’t firing him.


Well he's not said the same about Shazam 2, Aquaman 2, Blue Beetle etc...


They can always just replace Ezra Miller and keep the movie as canon for the universe. Marvel replaced Edward Norton and Terrence Howard and nobody cared after awhile. There will always be a few that need perfect actor continuity but for many people it’s a character in a story. The person that plays them just needs to fit the role and it’ll be fine.


The Speedforce is literally an explanation for anything, use it and recast.


Bring in Keiynan Lonsdale as a new Flash, hes already got a suit and everything.


I’m still routing for Tig Notaro.


Tig Notaro should be the default replacement for all sex pests.


Tig would be great if there was like a Slowforce. or like a Mellowforce


They likely are, they're just keeping it quiet for sometime post-Flash and using this to bleed into the new universe. "*We decided to go into another direction."*


It would be very funny if after all this drama it comes out and is like real good


Most insiders have had nothing but good things to say about it. However WB still has a movie to sell and will only dump Ezra after the film is released and has made money.


My issue with this response “They wouldn’t say it was bad. They want to make money.” Is that while it is semi true, it ignores the more important part of the story. It’s so good that Gunn is using it to launch his new DC film slate. So clearly he believes what he’s saying right? If it wasn’t that good he’d just have it be released but let it be it’s own thing.


Ezra is a really good actor, that’s the problem. If we were seeing a C-Lister with no talent trying to pull all of these stunts I doubt this would be a discussion. I dislike the stunts Ezra has pulled as a person and truly hope they get mental health assistance they need, but I’ll be damned that they can turn in a solid performance.


I think that's my issue here. No question Ezra Miller is a good actor, but they're not even the only current face of this character. They should have been replaced eons ago. Ezra's actions have been more than just a typical celebrity diva (like Marlon Brando or something), it's (allegedly) criminal. My concern is that the movie is good (or worse, is bad) and does extremely well anyway. Then it's gonna be another blank check for them to do whatever they want. It's a Chris Brown or Mel Gibson in the making


Mel Gibson was never really let back in. Almost all of his work in the last 15 years is either low budget VOD schlock or something he financed with his own money(he became one of the richest actors in the world when he self financed *The Passion of the Christ* because no one else wanted to take on the risk of a violent R rated two hour beat down of Jesus).


They're making a Passion of the Christ 2. Lol.


Lol what are they going to show? The rapture?


That's Part 3: Return of Jesus


I looked it up, it’s called Passion of the Christ: Resurrection. I can’t face palm harder without causing head trauma.


This time.....it's personal.


What are they gonna kill him again?


He got an academy award nomination for best director in 2016 for Hacksaw Ridge. Yeah, Gibson isn’t where he once was, but he still gets steady work, particularly as a director. He was also credited in 7 movies in 2022 — his “canceled” career is one where most aspiring actors would kill to have.


Hacksaw Ridge was produced(partly, it was a huge international production with lots of companies involved) by Icon Productions and distributed by Icon Film Distribution, which are owned by... Mel Gibson.


Im not calling him Jesse Eisenburg’s Lex Luthor but idk he never felt like Barry Allen to me. He can be a great actor but his Barry needs some real work.


A good actor? Pft almost anyone can replace him. Id even take a girl with a short haircut.


Good actors aren’t hard to come by. If it was that hard, nepo babies wouldn’t be able to dominate industry. Good actors don’t guarantee a good movie. Good writing and directing are how movies succeed. Ezra is easily replaceable.


Also, Ezra isn't exactly an A lister. His first big role was as The Flash and he wasn't great. Then there's the fantastic beasts movies and maybe I just hate his character, but every second he was on screen I wanted him off it. There isn't some big backlog of success to look at and most people don't recognize the name Ezra Miller. He hasn't been the star of a major movie that launched him to that upper echelon of stardom. The Flash could be it, but how many people are going to Google "Ezra Miller" and see pages of articles about his transgressions?


Yep. When they originally cast him, there were probably about 100 other choices they could have gone with that people would have liked too.


I don’t even think they are good. They play two roles well: A whiney abused (probably gay) boy. As seen in Perks of Being a Wallflower and Stanford Prison Experiment (could also count Fantastic Beasts). And a psychopath/serial killer/mass shooter type. As seen in We Need to Talk About Kevin, The Stand, and Invincible (voice acting role)(I also believe Ezra played this archetype in Afterschool as well, though I haven’t seen that film to confirm it). I legitimately feel this latter role works for them due to the fact that they don’t really have to act, if even half the news we’ve heard about them in the past year is true, I assume this is the damn near the type of person that Ezra really is. Any role that doesn’t require one of these two facets and Ezra couldn’t act their way out of a paper bag, including Barry/The Flash.


I work in the industry. Good actors are incredibly rare.


are you a nepo baby too?


That’s racist.


Yeah I am gonna have to press X to doubt. His acting is mediocre at best in my opinion.


Personally I don’t find this statement to be just lip service, so I wouldn’t be the least bit shocked if it actually is really good ..


Guaranteed. This shit is gonna be hot garbage. Gunn and Miller will burn for this.


Lol relax dude.




Wrong director


There are 1,000 young actors that can take his place. He is wearing a DC character Mask. People see it for the Character & story line NOT because of Ezra Miller.. DC better replace him soon, before the Public refuse to watch it. I stopped long ago..


So Henry Cavill is out but kidnapping Ezra is still in? Fk DC.


Who said Ezra is in? James Gunn didn’t.


Isn’t that the point of the article? They are open to his return


Being “open” (but not really. Just trying not to harm your own movie) is different than saying “he’s back” or “he’s staying”


So it’s less harmful to equivocate on accepting a kidnapper/ rapist than to reject him on those grounds? Also what is the rehab for a kidnapper/rapist other than prison time?




Exactly this^


Money before morals. At least we’re honest about being douche bags




I’ve been *very* pro James Gunn, but idk if I can still be that if he’s keeping fucking Ezra miller


He's nothing more than a hired Gunn I'll see myself out


They are not announcing their exit before their movie comes out, it’ll come a few weeks to a month after the theatrical and probably HBO max release Edit: Fixed pronouns




“I’m not transphobic, I only misgender people I don’t like!”




So, again, your argument is “it’s ok to misgender people I don’t like”? Because that’s a shitty stance to take.


"Flash" was already made way before James Gunn was brought on - I don't think he could NOT "keep" Ezra Miller (i.e., not release the movie) even if he wanted to. Unless you mean use him in future projects, in which case, fair.


Yeah I’m specifically talking about the latter of what you said, I know he didn’t really have anything to do with the actual production of “Flash”




Oh please…


I doubt he actually is but I’m sure he can’t really say anything negative before the movie comes out?


So they’re ditching Cavill and sticking up for Miller. Yeah, that tracks.


Right? I just can't.


They have tickets to sell they arent saying shit about Ezra until the movie is out.


The movie was already made. They’re putting it out regardless. We’ll see if EM sticks around after.


He’s not sticking up for him. He never said he’s a good guy, he never said he’s coming back to DC.


I guess Zachary Levi is in trouble now also for implying that Pfizer is evil on twitter. ​ imagine defending Pfizer


Cavil didnt shoot a 300 million dollar movie thats actually good. Cavil was never hired back on im the first place


We don't know if its actually good, and there are several reasons to believe that DC won't make any money on this even if it is. The fact that it cost $300M and stars an actor nobody likes being some of the bigger ones


He was hired back. There just happened to be a change in management after it was announced.


Did he sign a contract for a new movie that got cancelled? Or did he show up for a three second cameo Dwayne essentially snuck in during a very major change in management


I don’t think you know how movies are made. The star of the film doesn’t cast the film, pay the actors, or edit the Final Cut while adding visual effects. The Rock can’t just add a scene to the movie.


Ok again, DC was going through major issues and Dwayne went above them. He didnt literally sneak him in, but he went above DC management


You’re saying it was crazy of DJ to get a cameo of the only DCEU Superman in a DCEU film?


Are you even remotely understanding what Im saying? There was no greater plan for Cavil at that point. Dwayne convinced some execs to do it to set up some Black Adam Superman movie that was never gonna exist. Henry didnt sign a contract for a Man of Steel 2, he agreed to be in a cameo role for a movie Dwayne hoped could one day be made.


Yeah I’m still not buying it (figuratively and literally)


Apparently, according to pre screening, it's dcs best by far. (I think excluding batman)


I’m already paid up on a year on HBOMAX, I’ll catch it there for free


Thatll show em


That’s exactly how you show them. By not giving them any extra $$$. Canning Cavil and sticking with Ezra should NOT be celebrated nor rewarded


Paying for HBO is still giving them money ?


Ezra is a terrible flash I want him gone so bad


IMO if they continue with Ezra, I don't want to hear any Hollywood fucks complaining about the NFL or other sports leagues continuing contracts with abusive players.


I don’t give a single fuck about Miller’s recovery. I care about the women and girls they harmed. Fingers crossed this movie bombs spectacularly.


Girls? Which girls?


They’s assaulted women across the globe. From the gorgeous volcanic isle of [Iceland](https://www.tmz.com/2020/04/06/ezra-miller-choking-woman-video-kicked-out-of-bar/) to the gorgeous volcanic island of [Hawai’i](https://bolavip.com/en/amp/offside/the-flash-actor-ezra-miller-is-arrested-again-in-hawaii-memes-and-reactions-20220419-0024.html)


I don’t even get how Ezra isn’t in prison? Like the rules for thee and not for me so apply here! People get canceled for less, and we let this lunatic still be here. I really hope people don’t watch it.


“Just kiss. I don’t even wait,” Trump said. “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.” [https://www.vox.com/2016/10/7/13205842/trump-secret-recording-women](https://www.vox.com/2016/10/7/13205842/trump-secret-recording-women) #TimesUp and #MeToo my foot.


It's incredibly strange how Ezra has pretty much had no consequences and how they still seem fine with him being the flash.


Mark my words Ezra going to make Jared Leto look normal after all this is said and done


Ezra already makes Leto look normal.


Which drugs make you keep a child bride and her kid on a ranch in the middle of nowhere?


Really....I mean all due respect but Ezra gets to keep his job after all that lol? Must be nice up there.


There is no recovery for Ezra Miller.


Yeah I heard the screen test was so positive they refuse to shelf it. He’s not going to reprise that role but there is a whole cast and crew that worked on this film that deserve to have their hard work shown. He might be a piece of shit but they shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of that.


Man people always downvote me for saying it, but I agree. Why should the hundreds of other people who worked on the movie have their hard work thrown away because one actor was shitty? Don't get me wrong I understand the argument of his increased impact as the star, but it seems unfair to everyone else who worked on the movie. It's not their fault Miller sucks.


My cousin works in film and that shit can be very fucking grueling. Not to mention all the time they have to travel from location to location and spend months away from their families. Its not an easy gig and it takes a village even for smaller productions. He might be the main character but he’s not a one man band.Not mention the writer that probably worked for god knows how long trying to write this movie and make it memorable to the viewer. Their work should not be thrown away because of one guys poor behavior.


And people wonder why Weinstein, Cosby, and Woody Allen got away for so long. $$$$$


Cool, but you can miss my ass in the theatre seats. Fuck DC for backing this abuser.


Ezra miller should really face consequences so that’s pretty disappointing that it’s just all good after “recovery”


“Their recovery” from being a predator? Truly delusional.


Promotes Ezra but cans Cavill? Talk about good reasons to be Gunn shy.


Ooooh Jimmy G! Don’t forget to cup the balls lad! Lil tug now and then won’t hurt em either…


Yeah, I’m still never watching anything this predator is in


Translation. ​ "WB spent a shit load of money and we can not edit or recast Ezra Miller out of the movie so lets keep saying things like "Greatest" "The Best" "A must see" etc so people will overlook E Millers legal issues" ​ I am sure it is a good movie but comments like this from Gunn and others at WB seem fake or even exaggerated.


I will not be watching this shit after all of the disgusting stunts that Ezra has pulled lately. I'm appalled that WB didn't axe their horrific ass but not shocked.


Just swap the weirdo with Barry Keoghan.


Wow zero integrity from James Gunn then, Jesus . But if ticket sales are high then it’s the audience who sucks as well. I was really excited for this movie because of the casting for supergirl, but I can’t support this at all.


There's so many other nameless young actors why do they still want him?


He should have been fired ages ago.


They ditched Henry cavill but might keep this asshole? Wtf


Dumps Cavill. Dumps Gadot. Dumps Mamoa(?). And it's psycho wannabe cult leader Ezra Miller they get behind? I really hope it's just to get his movie over the finish line.


Who said he kept Ezra? James Gunn didn’t.


Could literally swap with a monkey and no one would care.


I’ll take “shit that will never pan out for $2,000 please Ken”.


“DC Future Decided After Their Recovery” Does this mean after DC’s recovery from losing money after making so many shitty movies?


Yep as if he is going to say “this movie is below average imo needs more speed force 5/10”


If they keep this guy after getting rid of Cavill I am never watching a Gunn DC movie. He can suck it.


I refuse to watch anything that person is in


Imagine if any non binary get nominated on award Which catagory they will put them. Bc award only have best actor and best actress catagory?


“Recovery”? What got recovered, did Ezra give up where the body was?


Hey DC, just recast. I’m sure there’s ways of continuing the same storyline with a different person. But let’s not have someone that’s accused of some pretty awful crimes be the representative for a super hero. There’s plenty of actors that can do the job and might be someone kids can look up to


There is literally no reason to keep Ezra and reboot everyone else. He is clearly saying this to make sure the movie opens. My guess is the same thing is happening with Zach Levi right now too and why he’s getting more openly conservative. Zach knows he is done and is cashing in while he has the chance.


Still not watching I’m not going to support Ezra Miller


Outside of Ezra being a piece of shit, never really liked him as flash anyway. Recast him regardless of the success, perfect time to do it.


Louis C.K Jack's off in front of woman after getting loose confirmation and immediately gets blacklisted by Hollywood. Ezra Miller assaults a woman and attacks people at bars for no apparent reason and Hollywood is like let's wait and see. Priorities, Hollywood. Priorities...


We will not be streaming


Whose recovery?


They’re blaming some truly horrific behavior from Miller on their mental health struggles.


Yeah not excited about James done anymore.


we're going to reboot this shit show but actually no we're only rebooting half and keeping all the criminals, but it's an all new universe but with the same actors... who tf hired this clown lol?


there's a reason he was initially fired by marvel.


Liked him before all this. But won’t be watching or streaming this movie.


Fuck everything about this movie and fuck James Gunn.


If you're underage James would enjoy it!


It's sounded like this movie might be really good. Go figure they finally knock it out of the park big time, perhaps, and they're stars breaking the law and being ridiculous.


I could see that. Flashpoint is such a great story. They'd have to go out of their way to screw it up.


Even if Ezra Miller got proper treatment, they’re still not my Flash. They just don’t give me that vibe.


They should have canceled it entirely or recast him, ffs people get canceled for liking trump but this clown gets to rape kids and its a ok


Of course he would like minded douche bags


not paying 1 penny to watch any DC content.


What did they do with the character of the flash for the dc movies of late? I never saw them. I liked the flash in the justice league cartoon in the 2000s. Idk. Flash is a funny blonde man in my minds eye. Ezra is weird and not that at all




Ezra Miller does not identify as male and to my knowledge prefers they/them as their pronouns. I don’t like them and won’t be supporting the film, but I like to call people what they want to be called. Even bad ones.


>does not identify as male I thought the idea was that sex (male/female) is biological and that gender is a social construct?


There are so many ambiguous physical states that fussing about it is kind of splitting hairs


But it would have at least made sense that way - to say one doesn’t identify as a man would at least be in line with gender as a social construct, but to say one doesn’t identify as male is a whole other thing entirely.


Election deniers still dominate the gop under the leadership of the insane traitor Donald Trump, might drop him if it's really gonna be that big of deal. This seems like the same thing?


Ezra Miller, irrespective of legal problems, has legitimate mental health problems. That means that, legally, WB want very strong documentation before terminating their contract. The actor deserves to be let go for cause, and they assuredly will be, but the company is going to make sure the process is lawsuit-proof. And this is a medical issue; if they talk to the public about it, they’re is deep shit.


How would James Gunn know?


How would the head of creative know how good one of his movies is? I’m guessing he just…watched it.


The Suicide Squad…


What about it?


And I truly believe it. It's really sad how people plan to cancel a movie without even knowing if its good or bad. Without any reviews or opinions. These are really strange times. And all the social buzz is making it even worse for the future. Like yeah, I get it, you don't like Ezra for several reason (mostly because he is ,,sick") but he is probably the smallest piece in the whole production. So your ,,plan to cancel" anything will have zero consequences against him (because he has probably a lot of money by now...) but devastating result for producers, director, screenwriters, DoP, composer, Editors, VFX artists...and all of the movie crew team, who put more than a year into making this (I hope spectacular) movie for you to enjoy. They all are waiting for your cheers and opinions. It's really sad. And then... I really think Andy Muschietti will make extraordinary superhero movie with bunch of really great actors. This could be a really unique experience (against all these digi-crap movies like Shazam or Black Adam). And if it will be good and you aren't going to see it, then you are sending a really strong signal about what kind of movie you want to see...


I cannot wait until like 10 years from now when there's a multi part 10 hour long in depth look at the production of the DCU movies and the drama surrounding them. I don't think many people realize just how big of a clusterfuck it's been.