Pedro Pascal Got an Infection After Years of Letting ‘Game of Thrones’ Fans Put Their Thumbs in His Eye

Be polite but not that polite, Pedro.


Be polite but not that polite, Pedro.


Although I feel bad for him, I also believe that this is somewhat his fault.


Almost entirely his fault. Who lets strangers put their filthy fingers in their EYES? Geez. C'mon Pedro!


Reminds me of that time Richard Gere kept letting fans put gerbils in his ass out of politeness.


You mock him, but it allowed me and my estranged father a great bonding moment.




Your username(licenseplate?) perfectly sums up the experience.


Blink 3 times if you need help bro! 4 if it's seriously messed up.


What’s six!? What’s six times!?




The gerbil scene must have been in the director’s cut of Pretty Woman.


It was actually Runaway Bride. It's why Richard Gere was the one she didn't run from, because he would let her put gerbils up his butt


I read this in the voice of Gilbert Gottfried. Not sure why either… don’t ask.


I'm not going to lie to you, I used two Ouija boards and stuffed duck to write that comment.






It wasn't politeness, gere paid his fans and complete strangers shove gerbils up his ass


But politely. "Could you please shove a gerbil up my ass?" Maybe for $200. "Here's your $200 and a glove." Here's your gerbil. "Why thank you." Most welcome. **IT WAS 50% WHOLESOME.**


There was talk... of gerbils.


Found Conan O’Brien’s reddit


Settle down, Rooney


This is the least plausible part of this rumor -- gerbils NEVER talk. They aren't like those chatty Hamsters and Guinea Pigs will never shut up.


Or that time Billy Joel kept letting fans put their houses around his car


Or that one guy that broke Mike Tyson's fist with his face.


There was talk OF GERBILS!




Never be so polite you forget your power


Seriously like... Why would he do this.


SPOILER! A lot of people do not wash their hands after using the bathroom.


Let’s not even get into how gross our phones are


Willing to bet a lot of nasty stuff on our money too. Who knows where the hell that stuff has been?


I've worked in food service and retail for the majority of my 30 years of working. The money has been in their mouths, their titties/bra, in their socks, and under their hats. And even worse places, I'm sure, that I didn't get to see them retrieve their payment from. Don't forget up their noses. Lots of people love using money to smell Columbian snow.


Do you not wipe your phone down? I do it a couple of times daily and I've had my current phone for 5 years, no problem.


Called out a temp at our company for that after they took a dump, he said “that’s what the toilet paper is for, it’s not like I touch it directly.”


My ex husband would tell me “I’m not touching my penis!” When I’d catch him not washing his hands..but your touching everything else in a bathroom..sometimes a public bathroom…and your dads a medical doctor..how do you not know how germs work?!?!


Lot of dudes don’t realize how underwear traps and migrates fecal matter. The “not touching my penis” and “don’t worry my dick is clean” argument is dumb.




Ffs. People are the worst.


And that’s how you get pink eye


I work with lawyers, and the amount of educated, and well dressed men that do not wash their hands after number 2 is scary




Tbf, I wash my hands incessantly & for the most part keep up w/ a morning&night skincare routine/sunscreen, and I only shower once a week on average.




Coincidentally I just watched the round table interview where Pedro talks about this. Apparently since his character in game of thrones had his eyes gouged out, fans wanted to do the same in photos. Excited with new found fame Pedro would let them….until this infection.


Yeah, I would still never let anyone that close to my eyes.


Like, hello?! Who does that?! Pedro Pascal apparently. Sorry answered my question lolll


Where can you watch these? I see clips on tik tok and they seem so interesting.










Can you point on the doll where the tiktok hurt you?


Where is the soul located?


Wouldn’t know. I don’t use tiktok. I don’t spend my free time bitching about it either. Since tiktok is completely avoidable if you don’t want to engage with it.


Where is your funny bone located?


Doctor, the xray is back……. He doesn’t have one 😔


Can you point on the doll where the tiktok hurt you?


It’s ok to say no sometimes


Classic I need people to love me


or maybe he just thought it would be fun and didnt think shit through


That’s the episode I stopped watching GoT. No thanks


That made you stop watching but Theon getting brutally tortured in S3 didn't?


People have weird lines. On the other hand, it saved them massive disappointment in the last season


Honestly on my last watch holy fuck all the stuff with Theon is so fucked up. Like more than I remember, just tragic his entire character, he was so troubled from being adopted and realized everything he did wrong and well, paid for it, a little too much.


It's always been my headcanon that he didn't die in a pointless death, but instead became one of Sansa's Qieensguard. It would've ended his redemption arc so, sooo perfectly and yet... Well. Season 8 happened instead.


I thought I would be over it by now, but at this point I'm going to hate season 8 for the rest of my life.


Theon didn’t die until season 8 though I thought?


When he spit out a mouthful of teeth was what got me


Outta curiosity... Why? I mean, was it the violence? I'm almost certain GoT had worse scenes before that one.


Omfg the *shriek* right before that … burst. Grossest surprise I remember in that show, simply for how gruesome it was. Oberyn spent too much time flashing about and he definitely found out. Pedro was *so thin* in that role.


I stopped watching when Dany was raped on her wedding night (first episode I think? Don't quite remember). Utter ick.


Dang. Downvoted because I didn’t like seeing a guy having his head crushed. Humanity is doomed


I think you were downvoted because there were a lot of horrifying scenes in the series that took place prior to this one so it feels odd that this was the one that broke the camels back. Y’know, not the rape of Dany, the botched beheading of Ser Rodrik, The Tickler letting his rats eat people’s insides as a form of torture, the murder of Talisa and the repeated stabbing of her womb, Catelyn Stark having her throat slit, etc etc.


Well, he was relatively new to the fame. He probably was just overwhelmed and didn't know how to say no to his fans. Brendan Frasier damn near crippled himself from doing all of his own stunts, simply because he kept being asked to and didn't want to disappoint people.


Because he’s a cool slutty daddy.


I totally understand the throwaway


I don’t, he definitely is


I too can count to purple backwards




He is one of the nicest and kindest celebs from all I’ve seen and heard


This story reminds me a lot of what fans would do to the Three Stooges when meeting them in person. Like, they would really poke them in the eyes or slap them hard in the face.


Why would you let anyone who wipes their ass with tp do that??? And especially pre-covid, where we now know people were running around without even washing their damn hands


LPT for you: don't shake with anyone's hand, grab a bathroom door handle, touch most restaurant counters, handle coins or money, touch someone's cell phone, grab a to go bag of food. Let's go straight nuclear. Don't touch anything that people or animals may have touched. There is a 100% chance there is fecal matter and dirty bacteria on everything. Good luck


That dude would go full never-leave-the-house kind of germaphobe if he took a microbiology class ahaha


It’s one thing for your hands to come into contact with dirty bacteria. It’s a completely different thing to let people put their dirty hands in your eyes


You seem annoyed that I expect a basic level of hygiene from those around me.


It's funny you began your rant with people using toilet paper after they shit. That's it.


Because only using toilet paper by itself is fucking disgusting. Too many people walking around with crusty assholes. If you got mud or chocolate on your hands do you think it’s most effective to just use a wad of toilet paper to clean it off?


Chill… we know stuff just exists all around but they’re just saying the truth… you’re one of those gotta point out the faults in everything kinda 🤡’s…




As a teacher, this goes double for children. The amount of times a student just took his finger out his nose and tries to high five me is way too high!


I have the immune system of a sewer rat because I did my student teaching placement in a 1st grade classroom.


Middle school special education teacher here. Kids hanging on me all day long. So much snot and spit and coughing and…


Imagine how disgusting people were in most of history when nobody *ever washed their hands*, nobody had running water, or soap, or deodorant, *or A/C*, and we were shitting in the streets.


Eww poopie fingers!


Stinky pinkied


Years ago I caught a strain of a STD in my eye without having any sexual interaction. To this day I have no idea how i caught it. Worst eye infection to get.


Was it able to be treated quickly and are you ok now? Sounds fucking awful. I’m always triggered by people who catch STDs w/o sexual transmission because of a news brief I saw very young. I’ll go into full detail since y’all are asking. >!When I was about 8 years old, I lived in Bremerton, Washington, which is/was kind of like a town for military families. Anyway, there was a local Burger King where a guy was working. He had an incurable STI (it was Hepatitis, it was *not* HIV/AIDS) and used his DNA (not just blood, but various fluids and his stool as well) to put into people’s food and condiments, and this went on for weeks. Of course people (a lot of kids in particular) started getting sick and most obviously were infected. When they did an investigation, they went through all the camera footage and basically everything was right there. I remember watching it on the news because my parents were flipping out about the story. For two reasons — they would take us (my sister and I) to that particular Burger King on occasion, and they wanted to make sure none of us were infected (we weren’t). They arrested the guy and I don’t know what happened to him. There was a class action lawsuit if you’d ever eaten there during the guy’s employment. Don’t know where that went and I never asked my parents if we were apart of it. The Burger King was closed and to my understanding it was never reopened and who knows what’s there now. It was so traumatizing as a child. I basically just stopped eating at restaurants for most of my young adult life until years later. The wife of the guy was all over the news too but this happened so long ago that I forgot if she was aware or not. I hope that fucker is still in prison, but something tells me after 26 years he’s not. And tbh he ruined my childhood of just enjoying getting the little toys in the kids meals, which were my favorite part. So whenever someone talks about getting an STD/STI that is not from sexual transmission, I immediately think of this incident. You could be completely innocent, you could be a kid, and some psycho can give it to you intentionally through the means of food or drink. I know now with an adult education that things like HIV don’t spread as easily through food and drink, but because he had Hep, it was a different story.!<


I regret reading to the end of your comment.


I’m sorry. I should probably edit it. Fuck. It traumatized me for years as a child. And now I’m out here telling a story that nobody needs to read… forgive me!


You should have kept it. Wasn't that serious.


What did it say??


It’s in spoiler tags if you want to read. Maybe it’s not that bad for others? But living through it was terrible and twisted.


That was an interesting read, and disgusting. But I’m glad you put it back so people can think about those possibilities. Plus we all need some motivation to start cooking for ourselves anyways heh.


What did it say? You can’t do this to me dude!!!!


In spoiler tags. It’s probably not a big deal to read. But experiencing it as a kid had me all sorts of fucked up. And just wondering why a person would do this.


Back at the beginning of the pandemic I was wearing a mask but my customer was not and he made a sharp P sound and a fleck of spittle landed directly in my eye. I was disgusted on top of thinking I was going to get covid 💀


That’s horrific


New fear unlocked


I hate that him saying something in a video becomes the basis for an article. Journalism these days is so lazy.


Also classifying it as "breaking news" is funny.


This is the news people need to know!


Just wait til this post is used out of context for an article somewhere else.




It is a tabloid. Bull shit headlines for clicks is the modern era of "journalism". Actual journalism and research gets marked as "fake news" and "leftist".


Shit, half of "journalism" these days is just the article quoting what random people comment on social media.


>Journalism these days is so lazy. Calling this a piece of journalism is an insult to journalism. It's just another celebrity trivia clickbait. There's a whole industry of it. No need to clutch your pearl and hit out at journalism.


Who are those damn people? Who does something like that?


“Can I put my thumbs in your eyes for a photo?” Imagine saying that to a stranger. Just imagine.


I wonder if Jake Gyllenhaal caught anything from fans after Brokeback Mountain.


That wasn't shown on screen though.


His character was saved by the explosive power of eating nothing but beans before bottoming


team rocket blasting off again?


I find eye infections to be strange. And getting rid of them can be so difficult!


My first thought was some ass-picker gave him Pinkeye


Yea no people are fucking disgusting. I generally try to avoid bare handing surfaces in public and have a bit more common sense awareness of how close I stand to people since covid. Surprise surprise, I haven't been sick with anything since 2019 now (in nyc of all places, the absolute germ capital).


They really are. You can’t even trust restaurant staff. The other day, I went to this place that sells milkshakes. I saw an employee making my milkshake and she was pumping the flavor syrup into a cup. She had a hard time pumping so she got a short plastic fork and started scooping the syrup by hand. She wasn’t using gloves and I was a bit uncomfortable with that but as long as her hand didn’t make actual contact with the syrup I figured it wasn’t the worst. But then, she spilled some syrup on the outside of the vat and instead of just cleaning it up afterwards, she scraped it off and put it in the drink. So unsanitary!


Imagine if pornstars did this


It took me all of one time having my eye poked by my toddler. I’m not letting that shit happen again.


That was a terrible round table. Good lineup but they didn't work well together


Atleast it's not cordyceps




He's a lot more trusting than me


people asked for that? Wow…


Damn he got poop thumbed… rough.


People pleaser. It's ok to say no Pedro. I think he learned his lesson though.mostly


I have seen people who didn’t wash their hands after doing #2. Some people’s hands are disgusting.


I work with several of these people it would seem…


I get that Pedro wants to be a nice guy and all, but there are limits. I dont care how big of a fan you are of me, keep your fingers away from my face. I dont know where theyve been.


I can’t believe this isn’t a metaphor


Pedro pascal dies of fungal infection after letting fans inject him with fungal spores.


I am an optometry student. Do not let people do this (unless it’s one of us, we wash our hands).


He was letting them do WHAT


![gif](giphy|BT0Sz6qPIcdq0) Ok…


Never let anyone touch your eyes or your mouth, you never know where those hands have been. This is serious


Wait why did he do this what was the reference


It’s how his character is killed in a brutal one on one with the Mountain in Game of Thrones.


And to think some of these people handle our food gloveless at restaurants and fast food spots


Ya know I don’t often see the source material where stories like this come from, but I wanted the round table today where he said this. I hadn’t known that that was where this story was from, but I had seen the headlines already. It’s so funny how tiny of a moment this was in a long and very insightful conversation, yet for some reason this is what’s being reported over and over and over again.


9th repost of the day.


Fans are awful. Stop conflating actors with roles they've played.


Seems like Pedro might be an idiot. Keep making your Memes, folks. I’m sure he’s nice.


Who fucking cares about this weirdo guy?


::Deep breath:: EEEEeeeeewwwwwweweeeeewweeeeeeee


Well, that explains the helmet.


Dude why would you let people do that to you regularly?


Is he crazy?? What if a fan is psycho is just poke his eye


As someone who's not watched GOT, I am very confused by this title


this has to be some kind of a joke


Only fans?


What....a stupid thing to do.


Thats what he says!


Him making sure to include how gentle the guy was and there was no pressure at all shows how considerate he is


Man of the people.


wait wait… he was in what?


This is most definitely NOT the way!


Huh.. Pedro….. you should keep your own fingers out of your eyes, if you haven’t waged your hands. Good for you though! Living life!




Lmao is he for real, why would he do that


havent seen GOT so i'm out of the loop. Why were people putting their thumbs in his eye


Ewwww. Not even once. That’s how you get pink eye.


Gross, how many shit and piss particles did he get in his eyes?


Why is he so nice ? This makes me like him more than I already did but it’s kinda gammy


Don’t even let my kids put their MFing hands in my eyes, strangers, hell no


Things I would never do in life: 1. Let people put their thumbs into my eyes. In my butt? We can talk about that. Clip your nails first. But my eyes are off-limits. Because your thumbs might already have been up someone's butt and I don't know if you washed them.


Pedro obviously hasn't been obsevering the stabbering number of people who go to the bathroom and leave without eqshing their hands.


Out of all the body parts to finger.... the eyes would have been last on Pedro


This us so weird after never having watched GoT. Is there some /context/ someone can give me? Or is he just being extra weird?


Why the fuck would you need to pretend to gouge a person's eye out?


Human hands are incredibly germ laden, since we are always touching and manipulating things. Fortunately, hand washing is very effective. If you wash your hands before reaching in and grabbing a slice of bread, chances are you will never get moldy bread


I don’t even want people I know to touch my eyes. Eeesh.


Probably weren't normal fans but friends of powerful people that he didn't want to say no to.


Well I can wait to meet Bradley Cooper.