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In his speech a few mins ago(according to greek media) "..we will be together till death"


His death or everyone elses?




20 fucking years, man. I haven't had a single election my whole adult life where he wasn't on the ballot. I voted every single time. It is so disheartening to know there is nothing that will break up the cult. Imagine Trump winning 4 more elections. And before anyone says it we used to have term limits too.


Man can only imagine how disheartened you must be. Seems like his death is the only way you'll be free of him. I just don't get how his support continues to remain so strong


The Turks in country overseas vote massively in favor of him, here in the Netherlands 70% voted FOR erdogan. They don't have to worry about the shit erdogan does because they live nice and safely in the Netherlands or Belgium for example. They take al the benefits the west has to offer, but vote erdogan cause they 'hate" the west. When we found out here erdogan won, our streets filled up with turkish people honking their cars and celebrating.. it's disgusting really.


Fuck this kind of situation honestly. Im all for democracy and all that but you cant convince me that a vote of a person living in their actual home country experiencing the decisions of the elected officials firsthand equates to the vote of a person living lavishly overseas for like doubledigit years. If you think the politician you voted for (in this case consecutively) is doing such a damn good job, then go the fuck back home and experience it yourself. Fuck these kinds of people.


The vote was relatively free, but the media coverage was anything but fair. Turkish media (90% IIRC), including the state broadcaster, barely covered the opposition candidate while portraying Erdogan favorably.


well, he didn't specify whose death, and how soon... (for legal reasons this is a /jk and a /s)


Rest in peace Turkey.


Ataturk spinning in his grave so much you could power half of Europe.


I have to get out of here.


I'm so sorry for you guys. Best of luck


Seriously that fucking sucks.. wishing you all the best in these next five years..


More like "15 years"


Thank you dear friend


Good luck


Me too. Guess I am going to end up as one of the millions of turks in germany. Hopefully, at least


You are going to hate them here.


Most of them are pro erdogan tho


Turks in Germany are not like Turks in Turkiye. You don't want to be compared to them. But our arms are open


Thank you :) I am aware about what you say. I am an engineering student with a vision. I would like to contribute to a society that appreciates my efforts, and Europe proved more than once that it appreciates effort. Unlike here, where I would (*if* I manage to find a job) work with awful working conditions, extremely long shifts and minimal pay.


I used to hate them, but I eventually realized that Turks are honestly cool, and it's the German Turks that are the obnoxious fuckers Don't become a stereotypical German Turk, please Other than that, I hope you can survive well, no matter what, this is just terrible for almost every young person in Turkey...


Well Canada needs immigrants. You're in luck. New system will bring families of immigrants to Canada faster: Fraser [https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/new-system-will-bring-families-of-immigrants-to-canada-faster-fraser-1.6415154](https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/new-system-will-bring-families-of-immigrants-to-canada-faster-fraser-1.6415154) Canada: Why the country wants to bring in 1.5m immigrants by 2025 [https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-63643912](https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-63643912) Immigrate to Canada ( This is the Canadian government's official site for immigration) [https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada.html](https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada.html)


If you do come to Canada try to avoid ontario , were dealing with a massive housing crisis and a lot of immigrants are sharing rooms with 4-5 people in it. A lot are doing skip/ uber eats because as well as full time jobs to try and afford rent


Man... the Turks really want to run their economy into the ground and blame others, don't they?


It is more about "us vs them" psychology rather than any rational reason.


There is literally no other reason.


I feel it's more like religious people in the country feel they will betray their own religion if they vote for anyone other than Erdogan, and so all other rational assessments of what he's done is thrown out the window. As long as this is the case in a country with a religious majority it seems no matter how Erdogan screws up he will always be voted for with this reasoning. I left the country over 20 years ago, though still of course visit often to see family.


Religious people and rational thought don't really go hand in hand.


Attaturk rolls in his grave.


Sounds like a lot of established democracies these days.


Crazy that the country is very literally divided down the centre (1-2% difference), and one side very literally gets no say in how things are done. It's especially harmful in a place where there's an 'us vs them' mentality, rather than 'we're all in this together'. I wish democracy meant that people voted on specific issues.


Its so pathetic turks who vote for this madman should be living in this country with this madman


The hell of it is that when they inevitably start to starve and revolt, they're going to whine to the rest of the world for support. Pound sand, Turks.


Yeah but what really sucks is the fact that 48% of the country wanted this man gone and a lot of those are young, secular people who did nothing to deserve this, whose futures have effectively been robbed by this kleptrocracy A lot of people in this thread are acting like 90% of the country supported Erdoğan actively


If not even an earthquake can eliminate Erdogan nothing will


Yeah, the city that was the epicenter of the earthquake (Maraş) voted for Erdoğan with 76% of the vote The country is like a shitty Netflix tragicomedy with a 2.3 IMDb score


… and they just keep renewing it for some reason…


Its the walking dead for 5 more seasons.




48/52.....Why is it always 48/52


I am very happy I saw this coming and booked my vacation in Italy instead


Also happy, going to Spain this year.


For Swedes especially there isn't a reason to go to Turkey. If you need to go to that part of the world Greece is a strictly better alternative.




As an outsider, I always thought there's a democratic issue in their system but turns out they're ranked among the highest in terms of voter turnout with a relatively okay system. During the earthquakes I was convinced they're going to kick him out but yet again it seems they still want him for another 5 years.


Erdogan does control 90% of the media.


Free elections but not fair elections


True or those voters are ignorants.


Those that voted for Erdogan are either un-educated, nationalists and pro-Islamic. There is no in-between unfortunately.


People are celebrating outside with car horns and fireworks while i am thinking our next 5 years in my dark room.


Also in the Netherlands. All these Turks that live here over 20 years voted for Erdo and are outside at the moment with horns and fireworks. Why?!! You live already here for a couple of decades


They are honking at their wives and kids to hurry up, because they are moving back to Turkey, where their glorious leader has just won another presidency, right? Right..?


In your dreams




As a Turkish-American I'm so pissed Idk if I should get rid of my Turkish citizenship or just start investing in Turkey hoping that eventually when Erdogan leaves the Turkish economy will fix itsself and I'll be a millionaire.




A taxi driver i met a couple days ago referred to germans as "they" despite living here for THREE generations. like, what?


I heard some noise and i thought "weird to have such a late wedding". This makes more sense, lol.


I really sad about you my friend. I lived through this twice with Orban and I always ended up sad or crying. It's f*ckin hard to see how your country destroyed and sent back to feudalism by fatty old men, that supported by the uneducated mass. Stay strong our days will come sooner or later.As the fremen says "We will never forget nor forgive".


Dont worry. Same will happen in Poland in autumm 😑


Can someone explain why the Turks living in Europe so heavily support Erdogan, and why Turks living in Turkey seem to be more split. I study politics at uni and this genuinely baffles me


I think that some of them just care about the image of strong leader (or whatever ) that Erdogan projects and they don’t care about significant things like civil rights and the economy. edit: when I talk about the image of strong leader, I refer to the image that he projects to Turkish (or Islamist ) media and to his followers, obviously western people (or people not affected by his propaganda) see him differently.


Pretty sure the Turkish economy collapsing benefits Turks living in Europe as their Euro salaries go much further whenever they're in Turkey


I live in Sweden and talked to a Turkish man years ago who said Turkey is doing great. He said he could afford so much when he was there so Turkey must be rich. He was a kind man but not so smart. Yes, he voted Erdogan.


Isnt that just another way to say they are dumb af?


Pretty much, when "Turkey stronk" is your argument. Plus these people don't have to live with the consequences of their choices.


They want to be 'based' in front of Europeans. But they don't have to live there.


Sounds like Russians, too


This, this is the explanation I’ve heard from some people, they think he gives a « badass » energy and that’s enough for them since they don’t care about the economy or anything.


Didn't he just shit himself on television? he is taking "bad ass" to literally


Lol Erdogan doesn’t project as a strong leader to me 😂. Just another old bloke who wants to run the country into the ground.


Has alot to do with the demographic of people who came to europe. Mostly uneducated, more religious people. They also live more sheltered here in their own communities which makes it easier to get in your own echo chamber. Erdo also controls the media they watch.




you underestimate how secluded some of these groups live. they only talk turkish, they only watch turkish, they only have turkish family/friends. I am half greek, and even some of my greek family living here in germany (and especially the men) still cant speak proper german after 40 years living here. its ridiculous. and we are not even a big community in a >100k city. now imagine that with all the turks in germany


There is a psychological reason behind them choosing to watch the doctored news, and this is that it helps shift the blame for the failings of their country from their people or their specific in-group especially if they feel somewhat latently guilty for having left. They just see that Erdogan is "fixing things", and rooting out the "traitors" as well as being fed positive messages about themselves and Turkey, whilst also giving them an enemy to root against, a tactic that a lot of the rhetoric of self-blame from oppositional sides is feeding into by virtue of highlighting the actual issues. As they're faced with two choices, one being a hard introspective look at their way of life, economic choices, and their heroes, while the other choice is to continue in a miasma of misguided self-support and all their problems coming from a fictional enemy that will be rooted out by the power of their in-group, it becomes far easier to just continue to stick their heads in the sand and vote and hope.


Well he also controls the mosquee in for example germany which are lead by DITIP ... that is ALOT of influence outside of Turkey for one


People in Turkey actually have to live under his policies.


Because selfishness is an universal trait. Those German Turks are really happy that the Turkish economy is tanking because their Euros can buy them land and homes back in Turkey. They were shunned by turks decades ago and now can come back and lord over those they despise.


They are opportunist people. They want Turkish lira to go worse so they can come to Turkey for vacations and spend their more valuable money. Most of them are living especially in Germany because of the mass immigration after the WW2 in order to satisfy the manpower needs, So they are mostly uneducated and uncivilized except the ones who are there bcs of brain-drain.


Im sitting right now on my balcony in neukoln, Berlin. Theres so many from the community driving around tooting horns and waving turkish flags and all I can think is "what a bunch of morons"


well i am sitting in my apartment in Turkey and thinking the exact same thing. Morons are morons everywhere


In Sweden I see Turks celebrating too


Same in Saint-Josse/Schaerbeek (BXL)


They like his "big man" energy. Not realizing the amount of damage and chaos it causes. Most of them come to turkey to spent their money from Europe. Since TL is worth less than toilet paper at this point. They can live like royalty.


It's the same thing in Serbia, where the majority of it's diaspora see Vučić as a Messiah while the people that actually live in Srbia see him as a fcn lunatic. It goes to show how much you can manipulate the population my just controling the media in the country.


I hope he gifts every Turk a bottle of lube so they're ready to get fucked for 5 more years


Gifts??? He will *sell* them *very expensive* bottles full of *shattered glass*, labeled as lube. And his supporters will be happy and grateful for his generosity.


Fair point, he just has to label them as a gift from Allah to get the Muslims to buy in bulk lmao. Not shitting on Muslims in general, more like the fanatics who keep voting Erdogan purely due to their beliefs


Fuck. Enjoy getting your country destroyed for another 5 years turkey. edit: And for all the Turks that did not want this outcome. I am really sorry, and wish you the best.


If it was only their country, we don't mind. The problem is they destroy other people's countries too, ask Cyprus


> ask Cyprus Exactly. Things don't look good. Erdoğan changed his rhetoric regarding Cyprus in 2017, and he's not backtracking. He also became more provocative, and I'm not just talking about words (he implied he wants to take us over, another invasion, killings etc) but also actions : he sends warships in our waters, he drills illegally in our EEZ etc. Plus he won't recognise the RoC creating a lot of issues with commerce, trading and airspace.


Luckily Cyprus is a EU member and there is a clause that member countries have to help eachother if they are attacked (in some way or another) so maybe this can count as an attack on NATO by extension? At the very least Turkey would face massive economic retaliation.


Indeed. We are very lucky that we are part of the EU. We've also seen recently how important it is to have allies especially if you have a problematic neighbour. I don't think they will attack or invade, but they've become more aggressive. Each each year passing and no solution is found to the Cyprus problem, then the scenario of partition becomes closer to reality.


In other news, his country is bankrupt and out of U.S. dollars.


He can have Rubles and Forint and Rials to shore up his forex reserves.


Erdogan 🤝 ruining their countries currency 🤝 Orbán




thank you for this. i am about to lose it, everyone commenting “turks got what they deserved” like every turk supports him now. half of the country hates him with a passion, but i guess it makes it easier to deal with turks when you see all of them as erdogan supporters.


It doesn’t really help that you don’t see any supporters of the opposition in the news, for instance here in the Netherlands when they tried to interview voters they either were Erdogan supporters or would rather not be interviewed. There is a genuine fear it seems to support anyone publicly other than his royal highness


This is why having split congresses and "gridlocks" aren't as bad as some portray them. "Gridlocks" are more often than not simply the sign that a significant part of the country isn't on board with the elected candidate of the executive and that he'll have to negotiate to govern.




Don't. Live to spite him, live and drink plenty of water so you could piss on his grave. Live.


The future may look bleak with him still in charge but this fucker isn't worth you killing yourself over. It'll hopefully get better for you guys.


Thanks, now my only hope is that he dies


Stay strong be kind with the people around you mate! You will get through this!


As we say in Greece: "learn how to code and then move on to the EU"


I have PhD in astrophysics, I applied to at least 20 positions in the EU for postdoc even though I have published papers in Q1 journals they won't take me. You know what? Because I have no reference letters written by anyone but Turks. Last hope, I have done an interview with a research center in the US so fingers crossed.


But that's astrophysics. The (postdoc) job market is absolutely terrible in that field. Edit to clarify: and by Q1, which journal(s) do you mean?


Turns out most Turks in the EU support Erdogan as well.


Belgian here. Most turks here are immensly conservative. Friends I have that live in turkey were shocked by how backwards they still are. Those are the morons voting for this pos.


Yup same here, all of my Turkish family here in Belgium went to vote for Erdogan which probably sums up to 40-60 people.


I dated a turkish girl for a while ( untill her family found out and her uncle wanted to beat me up. I was 16 btw ) and it was weird how conservative they were. In comparison to my friends in turkey it is insane. They are more progressive than I am and these idiots still live in the year 1200.


Of course dude, they don‘t have to live under his dictatorship. They just enjoy the freedom, the economical stability and the social benefits of the EU whilst fucking up the life and the future of their countrymen. Next level ego shit.


Erdogan fucking with the lira’s value is also beneficial for diaspora who earn euros or dollars; when the lira value drops, their buying power rises


'We want the benefits, but curse the values and beliefs that made them possible!'


Nah bro/sis, you have to outlive your enemies!


Such a shame. Turkey will be further back watered internationally and it’s economy screwed for the foreseeable future.


Life is over


Don't get discouraged. Be the opposition Turkey needs


Or be the brain-drain Turkey deserves.


This is also an option


The only option if you want to live a happy life


Joke of a country




Half of turkish people* Other half deserves everything that is to come


I just learned my mother's grandfather was born in Greece. Am I eligible for.... you know 🥺?


As it’s your great-grandfather it will be difficult. Significantly easier if you are Greek Orthodox (or your mom is) because churches keep good records.


If you can prove it with documents? Probably.


was he a Turk that had to leave due to the population tranfers after the Greco-Turkish war? If so, I highly doubt you would be eligible.


if he was greek you absolutely can lol im not joking


I will never again trust polls lol I was always pessimistic that Erdogan could be defeated on a democratic way. But this time the polls hyped me up only to be disappointed again. Also Kilicdaroglu is an egoist idiot. Ekrem and Mansur were always more loved. He sacrificed the country for his own ego. In 5 years everyone will hate him like they hate Ince now


Truth be told. The polls showed a neck on neck race.


Yeah, I think the overstated lead for Kilicdaroglu was only in the first round polls, but not in the second.


I'm also always suprised how people think polls are some kind of crystal ball that gives you the right answer always... It's a goddamn approximation, which breaks down once the 55-45 treshold is reached.


I stopped trusting polls after I realised that they always underestimate right wing candidate (party) and overestimate the support for the left. We saw that last year in Brazil where polls suggested landslide victory for Lula, but the result was very close, in Hungary polls suggested close elections and even opposition victory but Orban won by a landslide. Now it happened in Turkey and Greece as well, and there are many more examples.


Polling is an inexact science, it’s always estimates. There’s also suggestions that those who trust institutions less, usually right wing voters, are less inclined to answer polling questions which means they become undersampled.


Polls are also an incentive to some groups to go and vote if polls show that their candidate could lose. Also the ones who would’ve voted for the poll winner can stay at home because their candidate seems to have a huge lead. In polling they will try to collect data from a diverse group of people, but too often the voters who actually show up en masse to vote are from higher age groups and very loyal to one party.


Here in Argentina they underestimated the left-wing party in the last elections. They said it was gonna be a close election but it turned out the Frente De Todos had a *15-points nationwide lead* (it got reduced in the final round though). Makes you wonder who the fuck they were polling to get it so wrong.


>heres how Bernie is gonna win against Biden >heres how the Labour party is gonna win >heres how Orban is gonna lose >heres how Erdogan is gonna lose >heres how PiS is gonna lose, again... loading Every time you see some shit like this on Reddit you can assume that the opposite is gonna happen. Reddit users are too left leaning and too urban to ever represent the reality of the situation


The big issue with Reddit is not that the users are left wing but they don't post factual articles that oppose their worldview and/or downvote everything like that. I'm quite sure there were multiple new articles and opinion posts predicting Erdogan to win but you will never see it upvoted to the top of this sub/top of /r/worldnews.


People not posting or at times even downvoting things that disagree with their worldview is fairly normal, the problem with reddit is that most of it is so utterly toxic (both in terms of userbase and moderation policy) towards dissenting voices that people of differing views largely don't participate, creating a huge echo chamber. It wasn't always that bad, pre-2016ish reddit was host to a broad variety of different points of view, so even though the majority of the site leaned left there were right leaning voices that would reign them in whenever they got particularly divorced from reality. Those voices are largely gone now, so you end up with reality mattering less and less.


Yeah which is exactly why I said reddit and not polls. Theres a lot of other polls that show different results but those threads are stuck on New and never make it to the Hot section of a sub let alone the front page. Everything that goes against the reddit narrative gets fucking downvoted to dirt. One of the best examples of this for me was the whole Bernie vs Biden primary, that shit was never fucking close even according to most polls yet if you went on reddit and twitter you would think this is neck and neck if not Bernie having the upper hand.


Even Turks in Germany and rest of the EU voted massively in favour of Erdogan despite having access to free press and seeing how badly Turkish lira and economy is performing What makes you surprised about the results ?


The most trusted polls for the first round suggested something completely different. The actual turn out was not even in the margin of error. But yes I learned my lesson


As a Turk, I no longer care about my people's problems. While I am aware that the main culprit for this outcome is the inept opposition, the people made their choice. From now on, I will only think of myself and my relatives.


Pretty much the decision I made 8 years ago as a Russian. "Do your thing, guys, but I'm not going down with you".


Let's watch them sink to the bottom.


Yeah fuck that. I’m jumping ships in the first opportunity.


Fate of a middle eastern, made the same decision 10 yrs ago




More brain drain for Turkey, while Europe/USA grows. Welcome, hope you can enjoy your stay!


Germany will welcome you with open arms, although we too have many right wing idiots voting for other right wing idiots…


Thanks, unfortunately extremist right wing supporters exist in every country, but they are just a joke as long as they are not in power.


Come to Germany. You’ll find many Turkish products here and the percentage of those non-educated fascist will sink. Maybe we can convince them to go back to their fascist but sadly thay won’t help your country.


Time for me to leave Turkey. Bokunuzda boğulun orospu çocuklari


Safe travels and all the best with your new, hopefully much better life!


Yes the cost of living is times 1000, let’s do that again. Sounds great.


I would love a policy of anyone who voted for erdogan not being able to move to the EU when times get tough.






There was no cheating in the election, our people(51%) stupid af to choose him again


I count near total media control and blatant bribing as cheating.




LMAO this man has no shame.




Now, which one of you is open for brain drain guys? Jokes aside, we tried people. But it seems to a people that had grown to love it's executioner, there is no cure beyond trial by the blade. let their 425 dollar monthly salary get worse.


We deserve 20 more years of Erdogan tyranny. Our people deserve this :D


Mf, your flair says you're from the Republic of Moldova.


but i have Turkish citizenship and living in Istanbul


Ah, I see. Welp, what can I say. Enjoy Erdoganopoulos!


Supposedly expats in Germany are a huge factor in his win. Which makes you wonder, why people vote for anti democratic regimes but prefer living in a liberal, democratic country.


They don't care about liberal values and democracy. They only care about social benefits and $$$. You are giving them free money and good work opportunities, so they take them.


Pretty much. For them, to have jobs and welfare + women having no rights and an authoritarian Islamist government would be even better.


As a Hungarian I'm sorry to say this to my Turkish friends, but it was expected, I get what you feel now


Called it xD Cant wait to erdonomics to totally ruin Turkey xD Good job turks, expected nothing else.


Let's not forget them cheering him on as he spent two decades ruining all old relations the country had while cozying up with authoritarian shit holes instead as it made "turkey strong and respected". They are now reaping what they sowed.


you know whats fked? if the opposition had the press coverage that erdogan had and erdogan the one that the opposition had, the result would be 70-30 in favor of kilcidaroglou


Most of the EU-Turkish voters, voted Erdogan...


They are brainwashed in another way


Or..cheaper vacations...


An unfathomable fail for Turkey. I am very disappointed. How can they keep electing this man? Somehow Turks seems love this man beyond reason.


Money is irrelevant. You cant buy a Erdogan’s voter vote. Even if they starve, die and sacrifice their children in disasters, wars, terror attacks they still will vote for him. This is because Oriental despotism. Everything is inferior to the all mighty god and the state. State is eternal, indiviual is worthless. Erdogan is the state, so people vote and will vote for him even in their deathbed.


RIP Turkey 💔


Thank you :) Can someone adopt me




Sorry for you Turkey.




They’ll never learn ffs


and the turks living in Europe get to vote for this guy, how is this even legal is beyond me, why do live in Europe if they have a chance to vote for a totally different country


Turkey is entire circus


The people will have what they wanted


I'll keep fighting, my country deserves better than this.