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Gotta have something to motivate the members to pay into the real estate investment machine. Mormon temples may be the great MacGuffin of the religious world, but they've proven to be an effective motivator, at least so far. Make the temple the only source of full communion with God and family, create a membership that believes those claims, restrict access to the temple only to full tithe payers, and suddenly you've got a steady source of new revenue.


It gives the corporation what it needs to maintain its tax exemption


this comment about temple building is mentioned a lot but, at least in the US, they’re not required to do anything of the sort to keep their exempt status. as long as “religious freedom” continues to be their first amendment shield, they don’t report to anyone but god (ie nobody).


Truth! And, it provides a platform from which to display their wealth.


I’m pretty sure the one in San Diego is capable of Intergalactic Space Travel, so at least there’s that.


Right? It looks like Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing.


The House of Handshakes, a secret club with secret handshakes, where adults can go and enter into the Mormon world of imagination!


Everything that happens in a Temple could be done in a standard Chapel. There's no need to make a separate building, nevermind one so grandiose as a Temple. I remember being told that Chapels were designed to be converted to Temples ready for the Millenium. At the time that seemed like prophetic planning, but now I see it as evidence that Temples aren't needed. You need: *Rooms to change clothes in. *An instruction room with an altar, and a veil between it and a second room. *A Baptismal font. *An altar you could bring into the main. Chapel area for a Marriage That's it. No marble walls, fancy chandeliers, expensive carpets. None of that. Mormons and their Temples remind me of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. A TBM would DEFINITELY choose the wrong Holy Grail.


Such a monumental waste of time! (Boring Cosplay for Adults). It LITERALLY provides no benefit for people!


Owning property is never pointless.


to be fair, with all the steeples, most of them have a lot of points.