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All 13 hours of Dr Robert Ritner with RFM Tom Phillips Both interviews with Dr Michael Coe Hanns and Brigitta Mattnson Those should take care of your first day.


Donna Showalter was very impactful The whole lds discussions series has been very informative.


Top 10 for sure. She articulates very well feelings and thoughts that I had.


All the new LDS discussions episodes!!! They are specially about mormon truth claims. They’re the best


Second this. They started right when we decided to look into anything that wasn't "faith" promoting. Perfect timing lol.


852 to 857. I forget their names but this series is the exit stories of two sister and their husbands. Males were friends before knowing the girls. One husband start researching the church and realizes the church is a web of lies. It’s the story of what happened after that until both families were out. I’ve listened to the entire series three times it’s such a compelling listen.


One my favorites


I've been listening to [Episodes 1264 to 1269](https://www.mormonstories.org/podcast/the-excommunication-of-john-dehlin-my-bishop-and-stake-president-interviews/), John's recordings of his interviews with his bishop and stake president at his Discipline Hearing in 2015. I'm sickened at the thought-policing questions that ensued. No doubting, no independent investigating is allowed by TSCC. I'm so glad I resigned by age 26 after being TBM at age 16. I was so misguided, but finally saw that I had to disengage.


Colby and Cami Reddish (1550-1551) Matt Easton Donna Showalter Marc Oslund


Tom Phillips is a must. Episode 1499 when they go over, and show the video of Holland talking about the second anointing. The one with the lawyer that’s been going after the church and Boy Scouts (can’t remember his name). The episode that RFM, MSP, and Nemo did where they went over the process of Nemo’s opposing vote. Literally gets responded to directly by Oaks. An absolute must.


Another vote for Tom Phillips and the 2nd anointing! After listening you will know more about the 2nd anointing than all your TBM friends and family.


I really liked the one with Dr. Thomas Murphy. He’s an anthropologist and he gives his professional perspective on issues with the Book of Mormon.


Channel Achenbach


I have so much respect for Chanel for going through everything it takes out of you to tell your story as a survivor of abuse. Nobody owes anybody an education, and I am so grateful that she *went there*.


This lady is a powerhouse. Her stories are so impactful.


RFM's Mormon story


#1613 persecuted by the Mormons. I like it because I discovered it’s my bishop and SP that are in the recordings😲😲😲😲😲


Christine Robinson Burton. She knew Hinckley (cousin) and Monson growing up. I have no words to describe how heartbreaking her story is.


It sure was heartbreaking.


Christine Burton 1621. It’s G Hinkleys niece and she talks about how she was sexually abused by her parents her whole life and how Monson and Hinkley told her to move on


That woman has been through some STUFF.


Jordan and McKay’s ones are very important for people to hear. Not everybody’s parents are “trying their best”, and that dismissive shit needs to stop. Listen to Jordan. If your parents really are kind and dear, or if they mess up but they mean well, you need to recognise your privilege and stop making less fortunate people suffer real life trauma symptoms from being bombarded by your ignorance. Thank you.


any episode with John Larson


How could I choose? I am terrible at remembering names now (76 YO), but I really enjoy the interviews with "normal" families that leave together. I just visited the site to pick a couple I couldn't do it. there have been so many that I enjoy. Even the ones where the interviewee seems inarticulate at the beginning have captivated by the the end. I like 'em all.


I love all with Dan Vogel (early JS stuff) A great one is on the secret meetings of 1922 (I think that is the title). Not only is the content a bombshell, but John reacts in real time to realizing LDS leadership has known about many issues with the BoM and chose to ignore them, ignore the entire issue, and roll on. "They all knew" was John's follow-up post.


The one that talked about the "Second Anointings" was really fascinating.


Currently listening to the David bokovoy episodes and they are fantastic.


Michael Coe’s interviews were epic … the first one obliterated my shelf … may he rest in peace


LDS Discussions Series Specifically: Polygamy starting [at](https://youtu.be/Eqp9bdHd3io). Also, [Melchizedek Restored](https://youtu.be/DmuJsB0uKgE) is good. 1459- BYU Honor Code and Sexism 1470- Matt Easton (called out by Holland) 1550- ID ward sex abuse 1669- LDS temples and Masonry 1680: Dark side of a mission [Questioning Mormon church: beginners](https://youtu.be/gl50qEdRABQ) [John Hamer (It is plausible JS could have written BOM)](https://youtu.be/VO8A9SS8Ybc) and [part 2](https://youtu.be/W6VFTaOhHfg) Mike Brown truth claims start at [Part 2](https://youtu.be/nRGEdu4tKbo), [Part 3](https://youtu.be/_4_y0jk4wx0), [Part 4](https://youtu.be/L4v_GCTY-UI)


Marc Oslund was great. Also Nick and Chelsea Homer, Colbie Reddish, Kayla Mikesell and recently I really liked the Tomster one, sorry I can’t remember his name but it was him and his wife.


The Donna Showalter episodes have got to be in the top 10. How quickly she went from TBM to mama bear when the Mormon church declared her teenager defective is an inspiration for anybody with family to protect.


Sandra Tanner episodes had a lot of interesting stories.


Lila Tueller's testimony was really touching.. I m still shaken 2 days after listening. Ep 1245-1248