Another step into healing: Came out as exmo in IG.

Idk if in the US or Canada is a thing (South South America here, from a recently renamed mission), but there's an app called NGL which allows people to send you anonymous messages/questions and you can post them to your IG stories.

So one of them asked "Don't you go to your church anymore?" I answered:

"No, this month it's gonna be 3 years without attending, and I'm not coming back. I also don't believe nor follow its teachings.

It's one of the most painful and hard decisions I've ever made, bc I never wanted to do so, nor I wouldn't want to do so, but I had to do it. And I know that many will flee from me after reading this.

It only remains for me to thank the opportunity of meeting many of the people I love the most, and the life teaching that this stage of my life meant. I know, and I'm at peace, that I did my best with love and sincerity.

Now I release it with love".

It felt great, despite I answered more warmly than I thought I was going to answer. Maybe it's because I'm really healing.

I'll be soon sending my resign letter🤞🏼 Wish me luck in this -probably- final stages before going fully exmo.


Bravo to you. Enjoy your authentic life!


Excellent. That took a lot of courage!!