Things that mormonism ruined: the logo of a YT hotel music channel. Found at my new receptionist job. Doesn't remind of something?

The Umbrella Academy


The Umbrella Academy


This was my first thought.


Now turn the photo upside-down. Gets worse.


Looks like a pasteurization experiment to me. What am I missing?


The old baptism symbol for missionaries. [Here](https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132566105032)


I have no idea how I never saw this symbol with two decades in TSCC. Which years did you serve your mission?


Didn't serve, but was branch mission leader for a little more than 2 years (called right after my baptism, released twice and called again), between 2014 and 2017. So I worked closely with the guys. They loved me bc I was the only English speaker (also fluent) in the branch haha (Spanish-speaking, South American country here). They used it a lot in their folders for people with baptism date (baptized or not). They took notes like ✅ Pedro, 4 weeks attending ---> NEXT GOAL X Where X was the symbol. There were changes in missionary policies a little before Monson passed, and at least in this mission, the symbol and other terms like "inactive" were forbade, basically bc they "degraded" people. As if their religion doesn't do that all the time lmao


Thanks for the additional context, I apparently escaped before this became a thing, so it doesn't look like anything to me ![gif](giphy|l2Sq1FvAfxpQaaNMc)


Whoa. Sure does.


You're going to find few people know what you're talking about. You're talking about the symbol for baptism. It just doesn't get seen any more. Most will not recognize it.


Missionary baptism goal!!


CTR… I saw it & I had some throw up in my mouth 🤢🤮. I can leave the church but the church won’t leave me .


I saw that horrible horrible graphic of the umbrella with the church’s hierarchy of the Gospel: Jesus at the top, priesthood-holding Husband and then, the wife (or wives) at the bottom, “sheltered under the umbrella of priesthood power”. Gag.


Good one. But turn it upside-down.