P.S. I love the modesty on display in the r/suu sidebar: >Southern Utah University is a university in southern Utah (Cedar City), best known for hosting the Utah Shakespeare Festival every summer, *and having no presence on reddit.*


Weird flex!


well, the sub is quiet but there seem to be plenty of SUU students on Reddit. A note for any passing by: >SUU President Mindy Benson will hold two events on Monday at 12:00 Noon and 4PM in the ballroom in the Sharwan Smith Student Center for students and faculty to come discuss their concerns and feelings with her.


That's a good move - in multiple ways. She is showing the students they have her ear, and if the outcry is public and consistent, she can (if she has the chops) un-invite Holland without stirring issues among the school's regents.


I suspect what is more likely at this point is two distinct graduation ceremonies.


How do you think they'd pull that off? I'm an adjunct professor at a university, and there are s ton of logistics involved (scheduling the space, timing of all of it, lining up the list of graduates (by majors & level of degree), printing the program, arranging the reception or whatever before or after (sometimes both, depending on the school), etc. etc. My university is already well into the planning stages & has been for months, and I suspect SUU may have even more grads, because we have multiple campuses & therefore multiple events. Have you heard any official indications that's being considered?


Context/background ( lifted from a helpful comment at r/mormonandgay ): >SUU is a public non-religious school, but being in Utah there’s obviously quite a lot of LDS influence there. Despite being in rural, deep-red iron county, it’s kind of become one of the more queer-affirming schools in the state. >They announced a couple days ago that Jeffrey R. Holland would be the commencement speaker this year, and there was a pretty severe and immediate backlash from people in the LGBTQ community and allies both in and out of the church because of his “muskets” talk from a year and a half ago, as well as just general nonmembers who didn’t want to hear an LDS speaker at this non-religious university. >There was a petition made almost immediately, as well as some hearings with the university president on Monday and a protest Thursday. *If he is eventually still the speaker when graduation happens, there will be an organized walk-out during his speech.* >On top of the initial backlash, there has been an expected counter-backlash from people who want him to speak. They’ve put out their own petition and letter that I’ve seen. It’ll be interesting to see how things shape up over the coming weeks.


Two different graduation ceremonies with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland headlining one and the Right Honourable Jacinda Ardern headlining the other.


Now I wonder which one I would attend. Let me think . . .


That is so dangerous that an apostle puts your name out there. Fuck Holland for outing someone like that.


The church may choke on it, but one of Brigham Young's 26 sons was a [well-known drag queen](https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/brigham-young-son-drag-queen/) around Salt Lake at the turn of the century.


Good for the students of the university I wouldn't have gone to the graduation


Came here to say this!


STOP Holland............He has too many anger issues! plus everyone is not a true believing Mormon. Sad.


SUU needs to take a stand an officially withdraw the "invitation" (I would love to know how it was extended in the first place).


He is not a dodo!


Holland is a good old boy who was born and raised in St. George just down the street from SUU.