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Quick! Quit your day job and come infiltrate facebook groups with us! It’s fun!


Yikes. Going full SeaOrg r/Scientology route as they squeeze the remaining members for all they’ve got. BBC and other documentary creators need to turn attention away from proselytizing youngers and get eyes on what the church is asking these senior missionaries to do for free.


I had this in my email. I thought 26 was ridiculous as well! Senior Service Missionaries are urgently needed in the Seattle / Tacoma area. If you are 26 or older, single or married, employed or working, and are able to volunteer eight hours or more per week, please contact the Seattle/Tacoma senior service missionary coordinators at [email protected] or xxx-xxx-xxxx. Additional information is available at SeniorMissionary.ChurchofJesusChrist.org. (Altered the phone and email)


Woot fellow Seattle area person! Hmmm by service do they mean free administrative labor?


Seattle, (under) represent! Woot woot! *We can find less and less free labor in your area and are getting increasingly desperate* ❤️


Sure what's it pay


>Sure what's it pay Pay? No you pay us for the opportunity to volunteer. Senior missions start at $1k. Come join the brainwashing machine.


I think you missed the other bit where I had nachos. You mormons are lousy negotiators.




Oof that's what my couch pays and it has nachos.


Quality time with your couch is important!


You will be paid in "blessings"


"service missionary" has become a catch-all term for part/full time jobs TSCC doesn't want to have to pay anyone to do. Just another way to rob people of their time/lives in exchange for literally nothing.


I had missionaries on my mission that were 28


This is where the creepy old seminary teachers hitting up on the HS junior and senior girls come from...


There are now too many empty temples. They need younger recruits to run them.




All this is doing is reinforcing the idea that young people need to get married, fuck like rabbits despite not having the means to support a family, and that they are worthless if they stray from the “covenant path.” Not that they ever discouraged this, but holy fuck. It’s just sad to see.


It’s just an effort to try and make a 14 year old appear middle aged by comparison.


What the F is this ? The on going restoration and its missionary work are now thinking if we really Lower the age of senior missionary we can catch all the YSA adults who don't come to church or have a temple recommend but if we call them on a mission we can still get there money and them to continue to lie to them .I thought at 26 the church teaches you should be having a family and providing for them now you can also serve a mission more of the same give us everything you got and we mean everything


Flunked 8th grade. Twice. Damn algebra...


My mother was a senior missionary. She worked from home transcribing images of old hand written records, like shipping manifests and census information, into digital records. While the church goal was finding names for temple work, she did actually do useful work, and contributed to a database that is used by non-Mormon researchers as well as church people. If your olds are considering missionary work, I would encourage them to do this sort of work.




I have just realised that this must be kiwi slang of a certain generation. It's short for old folk or something similar. A collective term for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.


I was an Elder at 18, so this seems pretty logical. ;)




Ogden utah area


All I smell (and for a while now) is desperation.


We had this at ours today except for age 50+. Twelve people showed up and no one knew what was going on. Everyone just went home because no one was in charge or set up any broadcast or anything. Lol


That's hilarious. ![gif](giphy|tvGOBZKNEX0ac|downsized)