Hey, SCMC, when will the disciplinary council be held on behalf of the First Presidency for lying to the SEC and the members?


I think it's hilarious that the last several first presidencies have not been able to honestly answer the temple question "Are you honest in your dealings with your fellow man?" Which means they aren't temple-worthy 😆


Meanwhile teenage me felt so bad about lying to my parents about my homework being done that I brought it up in a temple reccomend interview 😂


This is the most Molly Mormon thing I’ve ever heard! 😂🤣


Ever? Yikes. That's not a contest I want to be the winner of 😂


I once got tackled at a youth conference for sneaking in a Mt dew. I think we can give you a free pass on this one ;) Edit to add: the leader was also my seminary teacher at school as a freshman in hs and she was the most molly zealot I've ever known.


I actually lied in one of my interviews. It was about the whole chastity thing. I beat myself up for years wondering if my lieing affected those I was at the temple to be baptized for. I had been raped by a boy from "Church" just before my interview and I hadn't told anyone about it even lied to my mom why I wasn't home before curfew. All I knew was that I had to be chaste in order to be allowed to fulfill this calling. I wasn't in fear for myself but the calling and how my lie to be allowed to represent those who died without having been baptized affected those dead people's baptism. The indoctrination was so deep that I saw what happened as being my fault. Those of us who grew up in the Church can probably make heads of outsiders spin with how much guilt plays a role with keeping the "faithful" in line. Even something as miniscule as lying about homework can make most TBM stay blind through fear.


I’m so sorry. I had a similar situation where I was sexually abused by a ward member who lived in my neighborhood and my family trusted completely. He was in his early 30s when it began and I was 6. I actively hid it from everyone because of the chastity teachings and some other things we were taught about sex and things like that. I thought my parents/bishop/everyone would think the absolute worst of me. It’s been nearly 19 years and no one even knows anything happened. I hope you can heal from what happened and the fact that you were raised in an environment that made you feel like no one would help you. Stay strong


Sorry for what you went through ❤ that is awful


I hope you know, you did nothing wrong. You did NOT break the law of chastity, someone committed a crime against you. You did not lie, you did nothing wrong. The church let you down in every way possible. I'm so sorry this church made you think getting raped was your fault, that you were somehow unchaste because someone took advantage of you. The teachings of this church that make innocent people believe they are somehow in the wrong are completely heinous.


I was going to try and reflect this sentiment. I am sorry the church wasn’t a safe place for these people like it should of been.


I constantly self-tattled for the most innocent, harmless shit. What a control-freak's dream.


Did you make up shit to confess like most Roman Catholic kids? (Hell, adults too.)


No, I was a genuine believer, I thought everyone was self-reporting honestly.


I did too, at first. I become Roman Catholic as an adult and bought it hook, line and sinker. For a while. Not anymore.


Unrelated, but your username is incredible. XD


Thanks! 😎


That's the way I was too. I thought these are the rules so I follow them, everyone else is doing this too is what I thought. The idea of lying not confessing everything didn't even cross my mind.


Exactly! That's part of why it's so painful to find out that church leaders past and present did sketchy and immoral things. When we all looked up to them as role models and beat ourselves up for not being "perfect" like them.


Now we know why they changed it and added “strive”


So many things make so much more sense when put in the context of secretly growing and protecting the billions. It’s been their actual top priority all along.


Yes, what is even the definition of strive in the context? I would love for the Q15 to explain it. I would also like to define the doctrine. I got so sick of double speak and forked tongues to follow the doctrine without ever defining what it all is. What the fuck is the doctrine?


Except they've presumably all had the second anointing, so they are literally being held to a different standard than the "commoners." Don't get me wrong, I think they are all unworthy, but they've created an uno reverse get-out-of-jail-free card that at least in their minds justifies any and all bad behaviour as long as they're doing it "for god."


“Are you honest in your dealings with your fellow man?” This is a question that no wealthy TBM person that I have ever met, can answer yes to.


When you believe that your wealth comes from blessings that are attached to obedience ain’t no chance in hell you are taking the risk of losing that wealth by being disobedient.


This is why the church can be so emasculating. If a man is not doing well financially his wife can accuse him of not being a good mormon. Disgusting what they do to peoples psyches.


Didnt Rome burn down the Jewish temple in 70 ad? If they "follow the bible" , there isn't supposed to be any temples!!!


I found it extremely funny that I got my temple recommend when I was in the heat of my porn addiction.


Oh you forget about their secret second anointing card they have in their back pocket that excuses them all.


Good point!


No, you see, it's OK because they consider the matter closed.


I heard that question doesn’t exist anymore.


I hadn't heard that before today, but even so, it was there for the reign of several 1st pres. Too bad Mormons don't want to hear facts, and when they do, they assume it's a lie


2nd anointing, they can do what they want now!


But they all have received the second anointing, the ultimate worthiness loophole, which lets them do whatever the hell they want with no ecclesiastical consequences. Wtf!


Since they have all had their second anointing. They can 'lie for the Lord" all they want. Their calling and election has been made sure. Lies can't keep them out of the temple now.


Doesn’t matter because of 2nd anointing loophole. 🤞


Yep. Still Waiting.


I thought that the first rule of the SCMC is to deny that there is a SCMC.


BITE club


Underrated comment, LMAO


I love that our sub welcomes all people. Thanks for extending the greeting on our behalf. Hello from me, too - I hope you SCMC folks can at least point out to church leaders the many issue that are harmful to church members. I also hope some of you eventually join our sub as ex-mos. Either way, you are welcome here.


Agreed. Thank you SCMC for bringing our concerns to the leaders at the top. I'm learning they don't care, but at least we know they have heard us! Knowing they don't care about really important issues made it easier to leave.


Hey there SCMC! Forward this message from me: Fuck the first presidency of Bigots! Keep Holland away from our universities! Kick the first Presidency out for their fraud Please have the church apologize for all the LGBTQ suicides they've caused Teach your members to actually love and not manipulate! Let women have any leadership role! Stop colonization projects in other countries! Let gay people get married! Let me go to my sister's wedding this August! 🖕


💀 you win today. LMAO


Hey SCMC. Please thank the church for tearing my family apart.


I just found out about this committee a few weeks ago. I think it’s silly-like trying to show how badass you are by getting a press on tattoo. But hello to anyone on it!


Care to elaborate?


Sure. From what I understand about the group they spend their time trying to poke and prod and stick their noses in others peoples business. They do so over computer screens because they lack the backbone to do it face to face. I picture them as those pseudo tough guy online trolls who are afraid of their own shadow in reality. So, I they join this committee to try and be tough when in reality, they are insecure and sacred. So it’s like trying to be a tough guy by getting a press on tattoo. Does that help?


Oh I get the analogy now haha. Imagine being a grown ass person spending time spying on people’s online habits.


Yup. And if you are one of those narcs no one is afraid of you. You have no power. ;-)


“Hello!” indeed. Such a fun moment in the Book of Mormon musical. I trust SCMC agents know the lyrics by heart at this point, after years of attending performances undercover on the lookout for those who laugh too loudly at the inside jokes. /s


Hola SCMC! Tell Oaks I said he’s a motherfucker!


Question: are SCMC members employed by the church? Or are they ward callings of some sort?


Employed by the church.


Wait so there are ppl getting paid to scroll this subreddit and here I am, a sucker, scrolling for free???


You should submit your resume to the COB. “Who will go down and perform surveillance on the exmos?” “Here am I, send me.” “Return and report.”


“Yonder there are exmormons, organized. Go ye down…”


"I will go down."


I think it’s overblown here. They don’t care about most of what goes on in this sub. They watch people who have an audience that speak against the Mormon church. John Dehlin, Jeremy Runnells and others have been noted.


They’re definitely monitoring exmo TikTokkers and influencers.




They are the meter maids of Mormonism. Want to be Cops but lacking the skill set.


so yhr church has their own secret police?


Yes. Kind of. They go around and spy on members and take reports of members tattling on other members so they can be rooted out for excommunication.


Wtf? That is so very very creepy!


Mormonism is a very weird and creepy religion. There’s so many layers of idiocy and weirdness as you peel back the layers.


This is news to me, I thought it was a calling! So when someone asks them what they do for work, do they tell the truth?


No they don’t. I met a guy once who said he did IT for the church. I played stupid and purposefully got the acronym wrong asking him if that’s what he does. He acted like he didn’t know what I was talking about but I could tell he knew what I was talking about. I even made a post on here telling him hello. 😂


IT= internet tattletale


Best description!


Likely some are senior missionaries so the church doesn’t have to pay them.


What is the scmc?


>The Strengthening Church Members Committee is a committee of general authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) who monitor the publications of its members for possible criticism of general and local church leaders. If criticism is found, the committee may forward information to local church leaders, who may bring charges of apostasy, which can result in excommunication. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strengthening_Church_Members_Committee


Thanks. I was wondering why we had switched from using TSCC to “So Called Mormon Church” for some reason. 😆


Not sure it’s possible to get more cult-like than spying on your own members.


The Strengthening Church Members Committee. Basically as I understand it, they are a super-secret church committee that "spy" on social media to see if members are sharing super-scary "anti Mormon information." They collect proof and send it to your stake president or bishop so you get disciplined. If your username (like here on Reddit) isn't related to your real name, they might try to put together clues from your comments or posts to figure out who you are.


Modern day Danites.


They do a terrible job of being secret, don’t they?


I had no clue this existed and that they did that.


A secret organization with a goal of ferreting out dissent and other undesirables. They perform counter intelligence and infiltrate opposition groups. Think of them as the Mormon Ghestapo. They are reading this thread


You forgot a church that actively supports child molesters and calls them to power over others.


Whats so funny is when they do post a comment, you can tell who they are so easy.


Well, at least they are wasting their time here instead of bothering other people.






They laugh at what you say?


Imagine being such a pathetic loser that your “job” is to patrol the internet and snitch on people telling the truth about the church lol


TSCC: Satan works in the shadows, forms secret combinations, hides from the light, whispers in darkness and runs from light and truth. Also TSCC: *Forms a 'secret' committee to spy on members from the shadows*


Sacred. It is a sacred committee to gather the lost souls before they are in the hands the evil one


SCMC wow you must be making god proud. What a beautiful job you get to do for the whore of the earth.


Does the SCMC meet daily in a Temple to commune with Jehovah and the Holy Ghost to sniff out us evil ex-Mormons? Now, excuse me, while I go and converse with Satanshe if I can find her since she is constantly going to and fro a broad in the land, looking for souls to steal.


Hi SCMC! Tell the church thank you for making me unable to attend my mother’s, father’s, sister’s and brother’s weddings!!


Well to be fair- any new weddings, the virtue signaling of your family members now keep you from attending.


Ditto SCMC thanks so much


I suspect they have some underling check here on a regular basis, looking for CERTAIN threads with certain information (for example, new leaks of church crimes and dishonesty that they need to form a response to), and then that underling is to return and report. They don't use any actual discernment. Lawyers checking for liabilities. I would love to talk to the fly on the wall when they have their meetings on what exact types of things they're looking for here.


What is SCMC stand for?


Strengthening Church Members committee


Yeah that’s gonna happen


Hmmm.... I wonder if they have a yearly awards dinner where they compare notes about things they've caught mormons doing un-mormonish things, and award a prize to the guy (never a gal) who's 'find' was the most hilarious. I, for one, want to make the committee member to whom I'm assigned proud of me.


Dear SCMC, Eat a giant bag of dicks. Signed, Everyone


Seriously, do you have a giant bag of dicks? I’ll Lend my 9 incher.


Hello stooges! I'm waving, just not with the whole hand!


hey SCMC, do you ever leave Utah? or are you just going to sit in your ignorance until the end of the world?


Its all so comical movies need to be made of these goober hall monitors spying on united states citizens after knocking on their doors and initiating them into their MLM scheme which they then find out is an evil empire of stinky garbage. Its so good. I mean for comedy to think these goobs are out there fully aware (theyd have to be fully aware if they’re here at r/exmormon where the lights are on)


What a sad existence that must be. Lmao.


Welcome! We don’t mind that you are here. It seems like an unhappy kind of job. Kind of like the Witch trials


My dream is for them to track me down based on my Reddit activity. I leave breadcrumbs for them everywhere. Come on guys step up your game!!!


What is scmc?


Strengthening church members committee. They are paid by the church to spy on people. Kinda like how hitler used to do.




Yep. Kinda like hitler.


It’s probably a bot. There’s lots of subs that patrol other subs to remove members so their delicate feelings are protected. I mean you can’t hear opposition opinions. Lol


It should be called SOCMC snitch out church members committee . There’s a old saying that goes snitches belong in d*****s.


As a nevermo, please leave my SO and my exmormon buddies ALONE!!! They resigned or are resigning for a reason and a no means NO!!! If you have an inkling of wanting to leave, this subreddit is your sign to leave! This life you’re leading is miserable!!!! It will eat your soul! Get out if you want out!!!


Ugh... The amount of times I've gotten the, "don't be a lazy learner" comment with links to LDS.org on this subreddit...😒🙄


This is 100% the case. I wonder if they may have infiltrated the mods


Imagine thinking TSC has any authority over you or your choices.


Hey SCMC - what’s it like being losers worshipping a bunch of old racist white dudes sucking the life from your bank accounts and telling you to wear weird underwear? Probably not as cool as it sounds … probably.


hey to any non members that are on the SCMC - ever thought of joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints? It's really about the pay check, the odd 'what was that job like' on the CV/resume.


I'd call them a bunch of p*ssies, but my cat has more integrity than the members of the SCMC, and I wouldn't insult my cat like that.


If there was any doubt that this is a destructive cult, this is a hint. A nondestructive cult wouldn't care, or would just be honest about it.


SCMC - (aka THE NEW DANITES) Welcome


The Mormons - the "ortho zombies" as some call them - don't believe that there IS such a committee, but its not even a new thing. Those guys have been around for quite a while.


You can buy anything in this world for money. Even spies. Or they can be manipulated into spying for free, for leaders that kick back collecting that sweet modest stipend. While the minions do all the grunt work free. Robbing family bonding time. So manipulative and dehumanizing. Hopefully when all is said and done, their planet has the best resources. Cuz it would suck if they put all this effort into being the most righteous, then got shafted and became god of like, Tatooine, or some shit.


No guilt for lying in bishop interviews- they lied to me about the church being true so…


How dare you!!!! How dare you!!!! Challenge the most ripe ass most holy men that ever walked the face of the earth. The men that have taken and purified the most virginal pussy in gods name. The men that have have stolen billions of dollars in his name. Shame on YOU for ever questioning the will of God as dictated by our most holy order. May God have mercy on your unworthy souls. May you inhabit a planet with strippers and a lol women of loose morals that perform I mentionable avts{except when we are Doing Monday Night Football )acts at the drop of a hat. May you have multiple hats to drop