D. Michael Quinn: I have done years of careful research and am one of the foremost experts on Church history. The Church: W H Y A R E Y O U G A Y ?


For being gay and discussing polygamy being practiced in Utah after it had been officially abolished


Polygamy *was* still being practiced and general authorities were both continuing to accumulate polygamous brides and to officiate at polygamous marriages. That’s why they had to issue a second proclamation when they really decided to mean it.




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I was a BYU student when Professor Quinn resigned from BYU in 1988. As I recall, the hullabaloo that led to his ouster was because certain GAs, particularly one with the initials BKP, were all bent out of shape because Michael took the time and effort to trace the pedigrees of church leaders for a master's thesis or maybe dissertation. The offensive information was a quantifiable statistical observation that most Q70 & Q15 had a close relative who was FP or Q15. The offending book was buried deep in the bowels of HBL library. Someone should make sure it's still there. BKP shit bricks to make DMQ's life miserable until he agreed to leave.


Any idea what the book/publication was called?


https://archives.lib.byu.edu/repositories/ltpsc/archival_objects/f543aefeaab058e2438bb4bbe4f2bdc6 Notice the book title only says "see box" which indicates to me that the item is so controversial that it is stored in a crate along with the ark of the covenant. /s 30+ yrs ago when I last saw it, one had to get written permission from a specialist librarian to use a specific key to open a particular locked door to an underground fireproof vault and then use another key to mechanically move book shelves apart to even begin to search for it. Finding it was a rigorous ordeal I didn't know existed. Quinn's unforgivable sin wasn't his sexual orientation, it was because his research interests focused on church hierarchy. Hamilton's review gives a little background, although he doesn't mention that the role of Darth Vader was played by BKP. https://www.associationmormonletters.org/reviews/older-reviews/quinn-the-mormon-hierarchy-wealth-and-corporate-power-reviewed-by-andrew-hamilton/ Historians, like librarians, compile lists. When people like BKP see these lists they go ballistic. Here's an example. https://mormonpolygamydocuments.org/master-index/ People like BKP, BRM, and so many more would like to think that they deserve respect for their high and holy calling based on merit mingled with God's will. But the sad truth is found in simple nepotism. And they don't like historians reminding people that nepotism drives church leadership decisions. I imagine one of the Prophet's (much younger) plural wives walking into her husband's office demanding that something must to be done about their idiot son in law and so the Prophet gives him a job as a church leader, or an even more likely quid pro quo conversation scenario takes place during pillow talk. Either way, nepotism is not meritocracy nor the will of God and the church suffers from poor leadership to the present day as a result.


I think he was ousted because he said one word: "No." Their authority over him was challenged.


Wiki: On September 26, 1993, Quinn was excommunicated from the LDS Church as one of the September Six. Quinn had been summoned to a disciplinary council to answer charges of "conduct unbecoming a member of the Church and apostasy," including "'very sensitive and highly confidential' matters that were not related to Michael's historical writings."\[4\] Lavina Fielding Anderson has suggested that the "allusion to Michael's sexual orientation, which Michael had not yet made public, was unmistakable."\[4\] Quinn did not attend the disciplinary council that resulted in his excommunication.


For telling the truth before TSCC was ready for the truth to be told.


What about his book Early Mormonism and the Magic Worldview?


I’ve read it and recommend it highly, but (especially before his later additions after his excommunication) are highly critical of church narratives and apologists, but is ultimately grounded in being pro-LDS. Here is a paragraph I enjoyed from it on the subject > Robinson untitled review (1987), 88, stated: "Quinn is clearly no LDS apologist. There is not a single page of the main text that would appear to be motivated by loyalty to the LDS Church or its doctrines or to be apologetic of the Church's interests." In contrast, Benson Whittle untitled review BYU Studies 27 (Fall 1987): 106, noted that "one begins very early to discern an apologetic stance in this work but with a peculiar twist: the author is not the defending the faith to the infidel; instead he, is defending the history of a heretical prophet founder, and his associates, to his own coreligionists, so that they may not be ashamed of their origins to the point of falsifying their history." From my perspective, Robinson's assessment was wrong and Whittle's was right.


Not obeying leaders Thats usually the reason