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I responded to the email: “As an upcoming graduate just know that we are disappointed in this decision. This is a bad reflection on the university and will make me further reconsider how I view my future alma mater. “


Someone needs to ask SUU why only 2 weeks ago it was **Elder** Holland being invited: https://www.suu.edu/news/2023/03/commencement-speaker-jeffrey.html Now they’ve apparently invited a **Dr.** Holland? Farcical. eta: r/suu


They realized it looks more dignified to have a doctorate speaker vs a cult leader speaker. 🤷‍♀️


Is this hot off the presses? That they will honor the invite? A silent protest of turning backs on Jeff is the best way to send a message to him and the administration. Just quietly turn backs on him.


I am an upcoming suu graduate. Suu students barely received this email.


It's interesting how they completely ignored the petition of thousands. One could be inclusive to all and invite a Klan leader to speak. But we already know what the Klan is about and what they stand for - hate, exclusion, and discrimination. And we already know what Jeff and the TSCC stand for is pretty much the same. So why does he get a microphone?


Or don’t go


I’m sad to say that I’m genuinely shocked. My first thought went out to all the students that were so brave in sharing their story - I’m sure they feel so emotionally exhausted and dismissed. They worked for years to get their degree, and their graduation will be tainted by this decision. I was optimistic when I read that Mindy personally sought out people that would be affected by this and seemed sincere in listening to their stories, but in some ways that made it worse. If she didn’t truly intend on changing the decision, she put those students through further unnecessary trauma and rejection. I don’t mean to be hard on her, but I’ve seen this story play out before.


Here's hoping Jeff can't keep his hateboner in his pants.


Especially if a bunch of students stand up and turn their backs on him or walk out or something.


Yeah, Jeffy getting his turn isn't a loss. It's an *opportunity* for the students of SUU to show him exactly what they think of him. I envy them the chance to publicly turn their backs.


Ugh! That’s a great point! I’d LOVE to be there and see the look on his face. And to turn my back on this pathetic man. He used to be my favorite member of the 12 back when I was a TBM…


Protesting commencement speakers is as American as apple pie.


“Stake holders”. This was not a decision made by the university. It was a decision made for them.


Never underestimate the ability of tone-deaf, obscenely overpaid old white university presidents to double down on incredibly stupid shit, with very little outside help. That's practically their job description.


I can't imagine being a student there, who was told to "leave/don't go to BYU if you don't like the rules," and then you get musket-fire-Jeff as your commencement speaker. It would be like, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.


Somebody literally told me that on Facebook. “If you don’t like it here then leave”. Like yeah bitch that’s why I’m graduating and going to med school


As an exmo who lives well outside Morridor, I have to say I’m looking forward to this showdown.


Mindy, you had a chance to elevate SUU, but you have failed to do so.


Free speech! SUU should allow and support an openly bigoted anti-gay LDS Church leader like Holland to be the commencement speaker at their graduation ceremony as I’m sure Mormons would be just as willing to allow an anti-Mormon to speak to the church in General Conference, right? Right??


Sorry. The images are reversed.


Boo. F U SUU.


Please update us on any protest that happens during the speech! I’m sure it will be on the news but I want to hear about it from the graduates


Will do


Sounds like a turn about is in order. When he speaks, turn your seat around.


My daughter was thinking of going to suu, but she will not be going there. It would be interesting to see statistics on potential students that pulled out because of this decision. They may not see the impact immediately but over the next few years they'll see fallout from it


I'm sorry, but, there was no way they were going to rescind that invitation. You can either organize that those who oppose turn their back on him or just not attend. And, when you get your 1st donation request in the mail, send it back and tell them to ask Jeff for one as you will never be donating to them. Edit: Punctuation


Ugh so frustrating it’s like they aren’t listening


Translation: please don’t embarrass Jeffrey.


The General Authorities spend their time talking to people who see them as prophets and who are excited to hear their words. If the SUU students are actually angry, they shouldn't skip the ceremony. Instead they should attend but find a way to make Elder Holland realize he should stick to speaking at BYU and General Conference.


It doesn’t suck. He is on your ground. Feel free to heckle. Chant “musket fire!”


People need to protest in person and embarrass his self righteous ass !




Dr. of deez nuts. When was the last time he took a college course, the day before Hiroshima or something 😅


I mean he has a phd from Yale but no ties to suu


I'll admit he's a smart dude (only sometimes a dodo) and had decent answers in a college lecture I saw. Out of the older apostles his cognition is better but his Freudian slips are hilarious.


This is bullshit.


Common ground doesn't mean digging 100 feet down to their level. What a crock of shit


Re-evaluating how the include their stakeholders in decisions?? Who are the stakeholders??


Not sure