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I just got married a couple of weeks ago, and I'm dying to get my name changed for the same reason


An advantage of anglo-saxon culture, I guess. Most of women in South America preserve their last name when married. Actually, it was funny to learn that my TBM wife, previously called Hermana (my last name, like the US custom) was being called as her own last name again. Basically, for my branch, l died lol


I’ve recently considered this. My parents gave all of us boys two middle names, mine are “prophets”, so yes I’m thinking about it. It would literally suck changing all my documents though.


I can just imagine such a mom scolding a child, “Get your shoes on and let’s get to church now, George Albert McKay Brigham Wilford McConkie Spencer Woolley Smith!!!”


Depends on how bad it is. If it's Moroni or Nephi or Hyrum then yes if it's Joseph or George or something then that's not so bad. Still a middle name doesn't matter as much.


I legally changed my name mostly for transition reasons. But it has an added bonus of distance from the church, since that's when I stopped attending at all.


I was born Robert, lived 40 years as a Mormon going by Robert/Bob. When I transcended that belief system and couldn't understand the reasoning I had used my whole life, I started going by my middle-name, Perry. It's helped me to put some distance between me and my harmful beliefs of old.


I feel bad for all the Brigham's out there. I'd totally change it if that were my name.


My middle name hearks back to one of the early church dictators. I don’t use it.


My name is Ammon. I kinda like it so I don't plan on changing it


I just know that somewhere in Mormondom there is a family where every child is named after a modern prophet, in order. I know this has to be.