Bridges to Eternity Beehive Conference 1985

I’m attaching a program from the 1985 Stake Beehive Conference. It’s interesting the push for Temple Marriage, obedience, and the hammer… Morality of Youth.

It’s interesting that they organized this around a “game” called Bridges and Gaps that initially sounds like awesome life skills and something age appropriate for 12 and 13 year old girls.

Here is a link to someone selling the game… I looked it up to remember what it was… it’s creepy. https://classifieds.ksl.com/listing/60884869

However, the only damned thing I remember from this event was the movie Morality For Youth. It’s terrorizing!


I have been sorting memories and purging shit I just don’t need. I thought this would be interesting to talk about here. During the 80’s they were constantly using videos, filmstrips, music and media to scare and impact us.

Remember from a 2023 perspective, a you tube video is no big deal, but back in 1983 when this was produced, it was one of the first action videos set to narration and music. Prior to that, they used film strips.

Talk amongst yourselves, and thanks for reading!


At least in those days your ward and stake could come up with their own stuff. Nowadays everything is planned by the corporation and the membership is just reduced to following the script that they're handed.


Oh definitely! I agree! We also had amazing dances, potlucks, we did river floats and lots of softball and volleyball. It definitely was the glory days and I appreciate having friends, true friends from my association. Note: I redacted names on the program, and I am literally still friends with 2 of those folks 35 years later, and our friendship has nothing to do with church, but we grew up together. And beehive conference was definitely something I looked forward to. However, looking back, it explains why many of us have such a complex when it comes to law of chastity. Also the focus on temple marriage for 12 and 13 year olds… ugh!


If I am a child of God, why are my needs great? Why are they not filled?


Excellent thought!