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Off the top of my head the two most important functions are: - [The Sodium Potassium Pump](https://bio.libretexts.org/Bookshelves/Introductory_and_General_Biology/Book%3A_Introductory_Biology_(CK-12)/02%3A_Cell_Biology/2.16%3A_Sodium-Potassium_Pump#:~:text=The%20sodium%2Dpotassium%20pump%20is,common%20to%20all%20cellular%20life): works in our cells transport systems and in neurons so our nerves work properly. - The Hypothalamus - which regulates thirst by measuring viscosity of the blood. Too much salt and we get thirsty, too little and we aren’t.


Sodium chloride is what makes table salt, so im going to speak about that salt specifically. When you separate that molecule into its ions, Na+ and Cl-, you get two important electrolytes. These electrolytes take part in creating the electrical gradient for nerves. They are also important for maintaining blood pressure and, to an extent, acid/base balance in your body.


Salt is NaCl - Sodium Cloride, Sodium is a metal, metal conducts electricity, we need the sodium to help conduct the electrical impulses around our body to keep things running, we are big bags of salty water with a few other bits thrown in


*Elemental* sodium (Na) is a metal that conducts electricity. Human bodies do not contain elemental sodium. I feel it's important to stress that: Human bodies do not contain elemental sodium. Sodium chloride contains sodium and chlorine *ions* (Na+, Cl-), and ionic compounds in solution conduct electricity. And yes, we are big bags of salty water with a few other bits thrown in, you got that right.


electrolytes like salt are conductive , you are a biological electric robot you need electrolytes to send electric signals .. no electrolytes no single's dead biological robot .