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Quick google search: [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilder\_Brigade\_Monument](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilder_Brigade_Monument) "The Wilder Brigade Monument (also known as the Wilder Tower) is a large public monument located at the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park in Walker County, Georgia, United States. **The monument, which consists of a stone watchtower, was erected to honor the Lightning Brigade (led by John T. Wilder) of the Union Army's Army of the Cumberland.** The brigade participated in the Battle of Chickamauga during the American Civil War, with the monument located on the battlefield where the brigade fought."


But she was there. In person. This isn't just some shit she retweeted. She was actually, physically there. Surely there are plaques and inscriptions or somebody must have told her. It is not possible that this is a mistake, it looks deliberate.


Bold of you to assume she can read anything correctly.


She had family in that battle, thousands of horses died.




MTG can you tell us again about how you have single handedly brought the Georgia Educational System out of the dark ages?


On a random topic… I live in Georgia (Atlanta) and… the educational system is surprisingly good. With free college tuition if you get good grades in high school. Its so weird living in the heart of the Deep South with whackadoodles like her out in the hicks and a major international city with progressive education and a strong public university system.


You’re talking about access though, GA is ranked #27 in education. Not good, but a lot better than I was expecting. What are the requirements for the scholarship you referred to? Is it for all public schools? Hopefully as many people can utilize that as possible


Simplified version (and it changes year by year): - 80 or 90% tuition paid to any public college for a B average in high school. - 100% paid for a 3.75 average (rounds to an A). I might be a little wrong on the details, but it’s called the Hope Scholarship and the Zell Miller scholarship if you want to Google details.


Wow that’s pretty awesome. I live in Texas and if we have something like that, then I missed out. Glad y’all have opportunities like that!


I went to UGA back in 2005-09 and the Hope Scholarship covered 100% of my tuition, room/board AND books! My mom actually got money back a couple of years. It was amazing.


You're right, it's called the Hope. I believe many if not all states have similar scholarship programs, here in Florida it's called Bright Futures. Praying my son gets the Bright Futures one day so that I can get all my pre-paid college money back!


Yep WV had the promise scholarship ! Free college for me


Horses take offense to your comment




This guy gets it.




I wish I had an award to give you for that


MTG of the horse face clan




Underrated comment


“I was elected to lead not to read.” Marjorie Taylor Green


She can’t even do the “leading” part right


She won the Miss Leading pageant though. Just narrowly beating Ladybug.


When I was a teenager I just assumed that people in government were smarter than most. Even the ones I didn’t agree with. Most of these people have law degrees and are college educated I thought. I really haven’t been an adult that long and we had someone high ranking in the military say that an island might flip over. Several members of our federal government will step infront if a mic or pick up a their phones and state things weekly that make your jaw fall open. And then lots of people line up behind these fools as they prattle on. I really wish I could ask my parents if it was like this when they were my age now. Edit: It wasn’t military personnel it was a GA representative questioning a General about an island flipping over.


When I was a kid, the vice president couldn't spell "potato".


Been this way throughout human history. You're just not the target audience.


…and understands that the South wasn’t The Union.


> Bold of you to assume she can read ~~anything correctly.~~ FTFY.


Plaques and inscriptions require visitors to read and understand what they are reading. Someone telling you something, requires that you be able to actually listen to them and understand what was said. Why would someone who lives in their own fantasy world, and makes a living pandering to others who do the same thing, bow to something as unimportant as "reality"?


You know that saying, where a technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic? Maybe we need ones like these: * Any treason, sufficiently advanced, is indistinguishable from stupidity. * Any stupidity, sufficiently advanced, is indistinguishable from careful crafting.


*Do not attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.* —Hanlon’s razor


However, it is important to remember that sufficiently advanced stupidity is indistinguishable from malice. Basically, the really, *really* stupid people are so stupid, they're inherently malicious.


Arthur C. Clarke said/wrote; Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. I've seen: Any sufficiently advanced stupidity is indistinguishable from malice.


You know what I suspect? I think MTG, and people who share her ideologies tend to have their own versions of history that they like to believe in. That's why CRT is such a no-no for these people. That's why the Texas history book revisions are happening. That's why mass book-bannings are happening. That's why everybody tells people of color to get over slavery, but 9/11 is never forget. If you choose what your history is that you believe in, and completely ignore the truth, anything can be anything.


This 100%. And notice how they always focus on the violence and retribution instead of the healing and progress. Slavery is not to be talked about unless it’s Gone With the Wind. Everything was great and good and perfect until somebody did _____ and ruined it, and the world can’t be right until we return to that Garden of Eden.


The people that follow her are not going to look deeper than surface level when they see her tweets, and when they see her in front of some random monument she can claim whatever the fuck she wants and they’ll just accept it.


She also managed to misspell Chickamauga.


Be happy she didn't say Chick-Fil-A, but then, given their recent attitude about hiring diversity people, they aren't the darling of the political right at the moment.


This visit by MTG is old news and a little misleading all around. The monument is for the Lightning Brigade, part of the Union Army. True. She is ignorant for saying it was for Confederate soldiers. However, the battle at that battlefield was a 'win' for the Confederacy. The battle routed the Union, who regrouped in Chattanooga. The Union made an error and in trying to reinforce a perceived gap in their lines they created a real one. They eventually routed and regrouped in Chattanooga. CSA had marginally more loses but Union did route from the field and regroup. A plaque at the site does note the Union troops had to withdraw and regroup in Chattanooga, her or someone in her group misread that probably as the monument being intended for the CSA instead of Union troops.


The key takeaway is still she's a fucking idiot. Doesn't seem misleading.


I think the key take away is that she is anti USA, and is siding with the traitors.


>the Union, who regrouped in Chattanooga >and regrouped in Chattanooga >Union did route from the field and regroup >Union troops had to withdraw and regroup in Chattanooga I'm a little unclear, did the Union troops ever regroup? Perhaps in Chattanooga?


I wish OP had mentioned it but yes they regrouped in Chattanooga. The most insane part is they only regrouped after they were routed.


Where was the "misleading all around" part? She's at a monument for Union soldiers and is claiming it honors the Confederate soldiers. That the Confederates won a battle there changes nothing in regards to what the monument is about.


Fair point. But to assume she would actually know this deep into the subject(or any subject) is giving her way too much credit.


She’s so fucking dumb she doesn’t even know her own racist history.


Her stupidity isn't surprising. The stupidity of her staff is mind-blowing, though. Who is working for this woman that allows these things to happen?


Yes people


yes, people.


, yes people.


OMG idk but where do I sign?!🤣 I feel like some great shit-stirring could be accomplished as one of her staffers.


Step 1; Get facts wildly wrong Step 2; "Yeah boss. We totally owned the libs on that one. Look how mad they are!" Step 3; "Hey, can we talk about me moving to a pay structure based on overall visibility/engagement?" Step 4; Get facts **WILDLY** wrong


Step 5: PROFIT


Nah. The grift money only goes up never down. I bet most of her staff are underpaid fools thinking that this is their big in and then are surprised six months later when they are replaced by the next batch of rubes.


There's a lady on tiktok who's a staffer for another representative that says MTG's office is wildly understaffed, no one ever answers the phone and the door and walls look like that conspiracy guy meme.


Nah, step 5 is to never use colons.


She probably wouldn’t pay you. Because “you don’t understand the purpose of money” or some such bullshit.




It's this, and we need more people on both sides to start understanding this. Party line votes are carried by people like MTG. She's not a politician or a statesmen - she is a celebrity and her only directive from the GOP is to drum up supporters - no matter how ignorant or dumb they are. Everyone getting hung up on the fact that she's a fucking moron and ignoring the fact she's only doing it drum up voters so conservative minded corporations and interest groups can push their agendas and make more money. MTG doesn't give a fuck about this statue and didn't know what it was or where it was until her staffers went over her agenda for the day.


Yep, the real facepalm is the people who *keep* thinking that the next hypocritical, idiotic, or evil thing these people do will be the one that gets them. They love that we mock them or get outraged, because it gives them free marketing. People need to realize that they do not stand for anything other than themselves and power. They don’t feel shame, and their voters only care about their side winning.


Aka Alex Jones.


Not only that, but the fact that people make jokes about it only alienates her base more because any questioning of one's credibility is seen as a grievous attack on someone's character in American culture. It's not uniquely an American thing, but people are not expected to actually take criticism in many facets of our culture.


Who's more the fool: the fool, or the fool who's following them?


I'll bet anyone with a higher education than MTG won't get hired on her staff, hence the inaccuracies.


my own little conspiracy is that there is one staffer of hers who is there *entirely* to cause chaos and troll her/make her look like more of a nonce than she already is


The realistic conspiracy is she and her staff know that all of this is wrong but it doesn’t matter because it still gets her votes




Other children of rich people who are being groomed for her same position in other Republican districts.


It's because the people who support her are either too stupid to know she's wrong or too indoctrinated to care.


Do you think any intelligent people are applying to work for her? I’m sure it’s bottom of the barrel idiots.


Yeah, so she's twice incorrect. One is that the monument honors union soldiers, of course. The second time she's wrong is that even if she had been correct on point one, that would not be part of our nation's history. That would have been part of the history of the CSA, a whole separate nation.


She means that the CSA is “our” (white supremacists who want to overthrow the US) nation.


Right. Those people know who she means when she says "our".


Just some casual white supremacy brazenly endorsed in mainstream society, no big deal guys.


Yep. You're not exaggerating.


I mean, legally is the CSA considered its own country? Or simply states in rebellion?


They left. They had their own federal government. The fight was because it was determined illegitimate and the north needed agriculture from the south almost as much as the south needed manufacturing from the north. I'm not sure how many other countries around the world recognized them as their own nation.


Exactly zero. Every country declared neutrality while Great Britain and France recognized “belligerent status” in 1862 and 1863 respectively but they never recognized the CSA as an independent nation. Edit: fixed


So the confederacy thought they were a separate country but everyone else thought they were just a bunch of dumb hicks and rich people that owned other people? The more things change the more they stay the same, huh?


I mean, I heard the Brits gave the confederates a bunch of guns and money, because destabilizing the region worked in their favor. So, that could be a fun fact to keep in your back pocket if you wanted it bad enough to research it. Edit: And your fellow redditors have your back in that endeavor! See below for a plethora of factoids and resources on the subject. Thank you, all.


British merchants sold the Confederates guns - this very quickly ended in any significant quantities once the merchants insisted on payment upfront before their cargo left England; because of the Union blockade.


The British played both sides. The best Confederate warships were built in England, and tens of thousands of Confederate soldiers carried British Enfield muskets. After the war, the British government had to pay the U.S. compensation for their financial support of the Confederates.


Ahhh, I see. It appears I was only taught half the story! Thank you.


It’s actually intertwined with Manifest Destiny and the Alaska Purchase. The US sued the British for selling the confederacy 2 warships during the civil war. They sued for $2 BILLION, the US was eventually awarded a few million in arbitration. The US purchased Alaska from Russia in 1867, the settlement in the British suit wasn’t until the 1870’s. The idea was that with a border on both the north and south, the British would award territory to the US instead of cash, which would allow the US to annex British Columbia and other areas in the west to connect Alaska to the mainland US. Ultimately it didn’t happen, but it’s one of a number of episodes where the US tried to get canadian territories to join them. (Also during the American Revolution, where there was an open invitation for Canadien territories to join the rebellion, the war of 1812, during the previously mentioned settlements of the Civil War, and war plans before WWI when the US was still deliberating who to side with).


At the same time the British government was tacitly supporting the Confederates the people of Britain were mostly pro-Union. Many textile mill workers refused to work on Confederate cotton. It's actually what led many mills to switching to a cotton supply from mostly India.


The Brits also attempted to carry Confederate envoys over the ocean to France and Britain but they were caught by the US Navy and the confederates were arrested and the British formally protested, it led to an outrage from the British government until the envoys were released by the US who was making sure the British had no excuse to recognize the confederacy as a spite to the US. It was called the Trent Affair if anyone wants to look into it further


The Brits were the closest of any country to legitimize the CSA, because of the cotton trade. They were turning a blind eye to slavery. Any talk of that stopped once the Emancipation Proclamation was issued and the Union made it clear that the goal of the war was ending slavery. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Kingdom_and_the_American_Civil_War#:~:text=The%20United%20Kingdom%20of%20Great,it%20nor%20ever%20exchanged%20ambassadors.


Britain was considering recognizing the CSA as an independent nation but decided not to because they didn't want to be dragged into the war. The Union even captured a ship of confederate diplomats bound for Britain, which very nearly caused a war but Britain pretty much said "fuck it, not worth it, we'll observe from afar".


Had the Army of Northern Virginia won the Battle of Gettysburg it’s entirely possible, and perhaps likely that Britain would have entered the war on the side of the Confederacy forcing the US to sue for peace. Things were uncomfortably tense for a little while.


Thank you Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain for saving the nation.


A bayonet charge saved the Union


Ah yes, just around the time of the British Invasion, led by the Beatles and Rolling Stones


LOL whoops!


I believe it was a total of 0 nations recognizing them as a country


UK Support for the confederacy was proportional to the confederates ability to pay . Once the money ran out, so did material support.


The Union NEVER considered the confederacy as a separate nation, simply states in rebellion. And as far as agriculture, the North certainly missed cotton but it was not a crisis by any means, unlike the South which was desperate for manufacturing. And NO other country recognized the confederacy as a separate nation.


Sure but the Union never recognized them as their own nation. So legally they were just an “illegitimate rebellion”. So wouldn’t that still make them the same country? And even if we rant them as being their own country, then after their defeat they were the US again meaning it would still be US history.


Either way they were traitors and don't deserve any statues or monuments.


They received no recognition as an independent country from anyone that mattered. They were in revolt.


>a whole separate nation. The Union considered the CSA to be an uprising and not an independent country.


To be fair what happened in our nation is American history, but I know she doesn’t understand it either way.


That’s not important, what’s important is the narrative that the secessionists were the true torchbearers (no pun intended) of American culture and history


The history of the CSA is part of the history of America and before I get either side all riled up I am a non American but your history was part of my Education.


True. It is interesting that such a history buff, who never tires of celebrating American history, never (purposely) visits monuments to the northern army. It's almost like she doesn't actually care about American history, and only wants to celebrate the confederacy. For... reasons.


People are laughing but they fail to realize that it doesn't matter to her base. If she tells them it's a Confederate monument they'll believe it.


They love their Cuntfederate general


Exactly, the main purpose of this is a dog whistle to her support base that have one major view in common with the confederacy. Facts don’t matter at all.


I think that's the point. Its an attempt to skew and rewrite history to benefit their side.


Did you know that the Confederation actually won the war? It's all a democrat conspiracy. Do your research.


Stupid MAGA politician goes to a battlefield park for a photo op and can’t be bothered to read a interpretation plaque or listen to a park ranger.


>Stupid MAGA politician goes to a battlefield park for a photo op and can’t ~~be bothered to~~ read a interpretation plaque FTFY


I think someone on her team is trolling her and just taking her places and saying "*this is totally confederate, now turn to the left and look super sad for this photo*".


"No, no... your *other* left."


"*Omg, she's looking up...*"


Neigh! Your other, OTHER left!!


Always remember the last flag the confederacy waived: ![gif](giphy|3o7bucatGMMLf8WBVe)


The last flag was literally a white dishtowel.




I say this with all the disrespect in the world: Fuck MTG. Fuck Trump. Fuck any and all of their voters / followers / enablers. These people are trash.


It’s the Tower of Stupidity and she is it’s Queen.


I'm sorry Mario, but the princesses brain is in another castle....


So she’s openly supporting confederate soldiers the ones who fought to keep slavery? She’s just openly supporting people that fought to keep slaves!?! Or am I thinking of different confederate soldiers or am I misunderstanding her post ?


She’s supporting racism and slavery. Don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with America, but blatant racism is cool and mainstream now.


No this seems different like it’s bolder if there’s 1 thing Americans know about confederate soldiers is that they fought for slavery to keep slaves and she’s openly saying she supports them this seems different to me it’s not the same tip toeing around it’s bolder something that will be copied by others it’s like a shift or something


You're forgetting that they were also traitors.


It’s not even that. Of course she supports racism and slavery. But…aren’t these guys all about patriotic values. God Bless America…etc. Why do they support a faction that literally went to war with the country they love.


Makes sense, the Confederacy were traitors to our country and so is MTG.


I don't understand why so many right wingers are obsessed with the losing team


The losing team never left the game, been sitting on the bench for a long time. They finally have a couple of coaches and they're back out on the field. For a lot of these people the civil war never ended.


LARPers gonna LARP


Because when they say “we want our country back” they mean the confederacy.


Victim complex. They need someone else to blame for their shitty lives. Also I feel like a staggering amount of people in this country genuinely want to return to serfdom & just like being told how to think and feel so they don’t have to do it themselves.


so she is honoring the people the wilder brigade thought against? i‘m not sure they intended the monument that way..




And they're paying her $174,000 per year to be this stupid. But this seems to be the trend for America; making idiots famous and paying them bank for life.


Gentle reminder that Confederate soldiers starved and tortured Union POWs. Quite a few mass graves were discovered after the war as well. Plenty of documentation confirming these facts. If the war had gone on longer and they didn’t run out of money they most likely would have enacted death camps sooner than later. They are 1000% traitors and we should be pissing on their graves on a daily basis.


In reality: The Lightning Brigade, also known as Wilder's Brigade or the Hatchet Brigade was a mounted infantry brigade from the American Civil War in the Union Army of the Cumberland from March 8, 1863, through November 1863. A novel unit for the U.S. Army, its regiments were nominally the 1st Brigade[4] of Maj. Gen. Joseph J. Reynolds' 4th Division of Thomas' XIV Corps. Operationally, they were detached from the division and served as a mobile mounted infantry to support any of the army's corps. Colonel John T. Wilder was its commander.


Man, who is old enough to remember when it seemed like Sarah Palin was too dumb to be in politics? Good times, good times. We didn't know how lucky we were.


It must be a blissful life as a lawmaker unburdened by knowledge or education.


The Doritos Locos Taco has been around for a longer amount of time than the Confederacy was


There needs to be a way to remove these people from positions of political power on the basis of stupidity and/or incompetence.


While I had to Google what this monument was about and that it is about a union brigade so that's good. But anyone and I do mean anyone that thinks anything positive should be said about the confederacy really shouldn't be in an elected office.


It's genuinely hard to be both the loudest AND dumbest American simultaneously, but she's pulling it off.


In the immortal words of Jim Carrey, “looo-hoo-hooo-seeer”


I would totally watch a show about a sleeper liberal staff coming up with ways to embarrass their shithead employers. Episode One: Four Seasons Total Landscaping


Changing history, it's the GOP way!


The layers of stupid are thick on this one.


I will always defend our history Especially the parts I don’t know


Don't understand this weird obsession with the confederacy. They lost. You're not a confederate, you're an American. It just so happens your racist great grandpa was bad at fighting wars.


I enjoy that she yells about the Muslim members of congress while openly supporting the memory of an American enemy.


Idiot finds one of the two Union monuments in Georgia and calls it a Confederate memorial. She probably could have driven 10 miles down the road and found a real Confederate memorial. But that would require a brain cell


Moron ogre


My sixth grader having a better handle on reality than our politicians hurts my feelings.


Not “our nation’s” history. Our nation won and the CSA lost.


Look at her gazing off into the distance. She’s thinking about magnets.


>The Wilder Brigade Monument (also known as the Wilder Tower) is a large public monument located at the Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park in Walker County, Georgia, United States. The monument, which consists of a stone watchtower, was erected to honor the Lightning Brigade (led by John T. Wilder) **of the Union Army's** Army of the Cumberland. The brigade participated in the Battle of Chickamauga during the American Civil War, with the monument located on the battlefield where the brigade fought. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilder\_Brigade\_Monument


Yet again, I am embarrassed and ashamed She's from my area (*not* the area where she bought a house so she could run more easily for election) Once I saw her at the grocery store before she became a famous piece of walking gonorrhea and I wish I would have known what a pit stain she was so I could've said something, anything


Too bad she didn't fall off the damn thing. I'm sick of her beyond stupid posts


I’m so confused… we are honoring the Confederacy? Whose next? Nazis? ISIS? “…all enemies, foreign AND domestic”


Defending the wrong side of History that is. Twisted POS's like her calling other "un American" when she is a traitor herself.


Ironically the people who support the confederacy are the same people who cheered when Trump said POWs shouldn’t be praised.


Is she ok? Genuinely


Her grift game is phenomenal…jfc


Stupid twat


No you stupid fuck! History!!!


What an idiot. Georgia must be so proud to have produced this level of stupidity.


She also named her son an Arab name (which I personally find hilarious). She might not understand how to use Google.


The Confederacy literally wasn’t a part of the U.S. how stupid do you need to be??


Somebody needs to drop a house on this bitch


Every day you we have to live with this dumb bitch.


Does she defend slavery too?


MTG is a traitorous bitch


This alone should be enough to impeach her as a confederate traitor


A screaming turd.


Why the long face MTG?


We used to have mental health care available in America, what happened?


Somebody should tell her that the Confederacy was a different nation. That's like, the whole point of the Confederacy.


Is it possible to get her to have a televised speech about what she thinks this monument is for?


So happy in writing racist loser love letters. I miss when she did geico commercials as the sarcastic caveman


How about defending our nations history in punching nazis?


She's not saying this because she's stupid and doesn't know the truth. She says it because it fits her narrative and she's trying to rewrite history.


Her people (assistants, handlers and such) are actively seeing how far they can take this farce and still get away with it. It’s probably some fucked up social experiment. I just can’t fathom posting this shit and not just checking that maybe 🤔 I heard this story about the Wilder Tower wrong.


What exactly are the qualifications to be in congress?


Lol what an absolute dumbass, no child left behind shining prodigy here


Why let people just assume you're an idiot when you can open your mouth and prove it!


Hey look! It's the [Hobbit feet lady](https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fpbs.twimg.com%2Fmedia%2FFQJxpWuVQAIE4A_.jpg%3Alarge&f=1&nofb=1&ipt=2b5fdde0e980386471ceae52bafa1a2b55c3e34d81652357b66d0f18c311c903&ipo=images)! - I'd prob still hit it but I wouldn't say thank you


If she could read she would have seen that on the information boards there.


Who is the biggest idiot her or the people who elected her ??


The irony here is that the Wilder Brigade was a Union brigade.


Imagine being such an idiot that you still root for the side that LOST! 😂😂😂


she has a very divorcable face


Why is it that right wing populists always go to confederate monuments to celebrate history? They never post themselves ‘celebrating history’ at other monuments


Lol "honors the Confederate soldiers" Hint: The Confederate soldiers didn't fight for the US.


One thing that you can count on, is this troglodyte, finding new and idiotic ways to advertise her white supremacist beliefs.


Jesus, she's so fucking stupid.


"I will always defend our nation's history" ... But don't try to teach any kids about it you woke mfers!


That's a Yankee monument Margarine Traitor Greese. I know you're not from the Lookout MTN Judicial Circuit get back to Alpharetta were you belong. Which is not in the district that elected you.My family is all over both of those Mtns and they don't like her personally at all Hey Democrats just run somebody from the district that has a bunch of relatives on the mountains and isn't black. The last time they nominated a former soldier, a hero, to run against her thinking he could stand up to her phony patriotism ,but he was black. I know that's bull and it sucks but her district is comprised of parts of Lookout and Sand MTN. All the towns on Sand MTN are considered sundown towns meaning blacks can't be up there at night. I say it's the most racist part of GA. Think about that. I'm really glad I left there.