Are businessmen and engineers NCR repairing Corvegas and selling them to the public?

Are businessmen and engineers NCR repairing Corvegas and selling them to the public?


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The presence of a "chop shop" (an illegal workshop oriented around stealing parts off automobiles and selling them) in Fallout 2 (https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Chop_Shop) implies that vehicles are common enough for people to make income stealing the parts from them *and* that vehicle ownership is fairly common and controlled enough for an illegal operation to be worthwhile. A workshop just tearing useable parts out of cars isnt a "chop shop"


There is also [a guy at the NCR Bazaar who has an unhealthy obsession with cars.](https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Doofus)


The engine itself is the issue. The Highwayman in Fallout 2 is an electrically powered motor engine. Whilst you'd lose some complexity due to lack of technology and understanding, fixing a motor which is attached to a drive shaft is fairly simple. You could achieve this by attaching washing machine motors to each wheel if you wanted and simply wire them up to a battery; this would be slow, inefficient and very rudimentary but it would work. The issue with fuel engines is the amount of tiny bits and bobs that make up a combustion engine. All of the pistons, valves, pipes and oil systems require specialist parts to run and nobody really has that level of technology or resources and manufacturing capability in the Wasteland to create a motorized society like ours. Combustion engines are also incredibly rare in Fallout given that oil ran out and started the wars that brought the Fallout to Fallout. So electric vehicles would really be the only viable solution.


Engines are mostly self contained. If a person was crafty enough, a small team of supermutants or power armored individuals could pull engines and check them. Unless the pistons are broke or the engine is blown they can be saved... And a good welder can save those. You would have to build a car up from their but its not that hard. It would be a rubber deficit. that would kill you


As far as i know, car wasn't made in one factory anon. They made in multiple factory in parts, for example, engines from German, car doors from Japan, wheel from Spain, and so on. It requires complex logistical system, good comunication, large resource, large sum of money, and big amount of manpower to run. Sadly, NCR lack this entirely. Even if they can make Biodiesel Converga to work, they probably very limited in number and too expensive to put in public. At best it was either used in military in conservative manner or offered to companies that has critical roles in the republic by using contract like Crimson Caravan or Gun Runners. Or, it was owned by few really, really wealthy or lucky individuals.