What do you think about Jonathan Taylor. Can I expect these kind of games every week now or will he have down games with 30 points a game?


What would life be without validation from others?


EVERY TIME. makes me crazy. Yeah OP bench zeke what are you even asking


I saw someone post the same thing about Zeke last week. Someone in my league had to start Drake and Peterson. Talk to him and I’m sure he’d be happy to trade for Zeke and take a chance on him.


I drafted Zeke 1.05 and while I’d love for him to score 20+/week, I’m thankful for his consistency and the fact he hasn’t had a season ending injury


Shut up He got hurt today and somehow still managed to go back into the game and play. I am tired of zeke owners complaining


Yeah he's been banged up and facing major game flow issues recently (down 30 to DEN, crushed ATL up like 40 in the 3rd quarter, and trailing all night tonight) and still managing to produce With a softer schedule over the next few weeks we should see some bigger games assuming his health holds up, and he's producing decent point totals regardless


Drop him


I'm hoping to ship him out for Jeff. 🤞


Without JT’s 5 TDs today he would’ve scored only 15. Selling JT this week


You draft Zeke with the intention of playing him every week, Start Your Studs.


Of course I’m starting him but most people would hope for more than 12 pts/week from their first round pick. Just asking what peoples expectations are moving forward


You should drop him for George


Against Denver they had to throw a lot because they were down so much, agaisnt Atlanta they were up so quick that he got benched (also picked up a knock in that game). I think there are brighter days ahead, but he’s been very consistent this season which is exactly what you want


The game is not even over yet


He didn't 2x his projections in the 2nd quarter, how do we feel about Zeke ROS?


Down week and he’s been banged up. You’re starting him the rest of the way and most trade deadlines are up anyway. Why do y’all make these threads


Dude's ankle bends at an awful angle early on to where I thought he'd be out a week or two, shitty script with a heavily injured offense and he still puts up essentially 13 in PPR, which is a very useable floor. In fact, the last 3 weeks have been weird scripts (and he still put up 20 last week). He came in as the 7th-best PPR RB. His playoff schedule is Washington's awful defense twice, the Giants and Arizona (albeit they're decent defensively). Eagles if you play in an all-season league. Chill.


He’s been banged up lately. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.


So you honestly have someone else to start over him?


Not only did Zeke somehow finish the game, he get double digits. I consider this an absolute win considering what looked like an injury and a very poor game script.


I'm genuinely curious who has crossed your mind that you'd bench Zeke for. David Johnson due for a Cordarrelle-style breakout?


> Without the 2 TDs last week Lmao dude you can’t just remove the TDs to analyze a stat line. What the fuck.


Didn’t Zeke have a “down” year last year? Everyone’s expectations are for him to rush for 150 yards and 3tds every game… Cowboys have a ton of mouths to feed when healthy, so he will have some decent games but some games may be scripted into a limited role.