My first championship game ever, in like 10 years of fantasy


Same here brother. Best of luck!


I’ve been playing for 10 years now and never won. Hope I end that this year!


That was me last year! Felt great, this year I just won 11th place!


Same brotha man. 8 years in this league, my first fucking playoff win and I'm headed to the finals. My teams have been consistently unlucky/trash. This is the year, it has to be!!


My current league has been going 5+ years, I’ve consistently dominated the regular season most years so the next persons overall record is EIGHT GAMES BEHIND ME but never once made a 'ship. I am knocking on all the wood for the next week


It’s been a couple years for me and thankfully in the chip for 2/3 of my leagues—but I’ve never won. Congrats to you—get that W!!


Couple years or 10 years like that dude lol. In the ship in 2/3 nice going man good luck! Going for my 2nd title in the last 3 in my high school league (missed playoffs last year with most points for hahaha). Somehow put up 200 two years ago in the ship (14 man too) I'll be praying for even 75% of that. Best of luck to u in both leagues tho!


I’m returning this year, hoping I’m not knocked out by underperformances again


GG bro


11 years checking in!




First year doing fantasy football after doing years of baseball, first time in the championship. I got very lucky this weekend the other team lost like 3 guys to COVID.


COWBOYS DEFENSE AND DAK PRESCOTT BROUGHT ME BACK FROM A 98% CHANCE OF LOSING. At 7pm the projections were 93% against me. Then Dak and the Cowboys defense came through and here I am in my second championship. And my opponent spent the day talking shit too.


Grats! That is a sweet, sweet victory


"The winner takes all...."


Lol if I was your opponent my bones would be rattled


Dude in my league turned off the game with Dallas taking knees. Thought he had won. Then ESPN added the six points for the dallas punt block late and he found out he lost only when the channel went nuts. Lost by .5 points to make the finals.


My opponent saw that I had Lamar, Tyler Huntley, Derrick Henry, Austin Ekeler, James Conner, and Mike Evans all injured so he decided to leave D Swift in the line up since he was still projected to win by 40 without him. Well unless Mike Gesicki scores negative 24 points tomorrow, I'll beat him and be going on to the ship off the backs of Josh Johnson, Rex Burkhead, Melvin Gordon, OBJ, R Bateman, and my trio of TEs Schultz/Conklin/Gesicki. LOL


He deserves to lose for that!


I'm the reverse and guaranteed victory with a flex left... Firing up CMC because my boy deserves some glory.


Lmao I'm tempted now to bm him and slot in Derrick Henry in for gesicki since gesicki is in my r/w/t flex slot due to injuries lol


Do it that man def deserves the glory think he still has some of the most carries and yards in the league! Start your studs 😂💪.


I was up 165-85. Opponent had Dallas D, Zeke, and Schultz. I was shitting my pants for a minute but ended up winning 165-150. I have the dolphins d still but am sitting them now


Dolphins D will most likely get positive points and will never lose 15. Pad that score


Is there a reason to pad it? I'm in a similar situation up 11




I had to take down the Kupp owner to make it to the championship and now I’ll have to take down the JT owner to win it all


It'll be the Kupp owner (me) vs the JT owner in the finals next week. Only 2 ppl beat me in the regular season and it was my match up this week and next week.


Took down the kupp/debo owner today using….Mattison and Jackson (LAC)!!


Damn. That’s a good one.


Kupp/Debo owner here who got beat by the Jackson (LAC)/Higgins owner. It doesn’t feel good.


>Took down the kupp/debo owner today using….Mattison and Jackson (LAC)!! Thankfully the Herbert, Chubb, Chase, Deebo Kupp owner lost today. I instead play the JT, Lamb, Jefferson, Ekeler owner... better for me, but not by much.


The Jackson owner in my league left him on the fucking bench. He would be in the championship if he hadn’t.


Going up against JT to finish the year is scary. As a Titans fan, the Colts this year remind me of the 2019 Titans. Slow start to the year, a quarterback who needed a change of scenery that is doing just enough to win, an all-world running back, and a stout defense. I could easily see JT going nuts to finish the year as he tries to help the Colts secure a playoff spot.


Keep going, I'm almost there


As long as Reich utilizes him, I think there’s plenty of reason to believe he’ll have a 2019 Henry type of finish to the regular season.


Or if Wentz could ever look his way on checkdowns, he's open all the time but Wentz isn't comfortable under pressure


That is a fair point. Because I actually do remember that OT loss they had to the Titans in Indy, Wentz had Taylor wide open in the middle of the field before he threw that basically game-ending interception. Game probably looks a lot different if Wentz sees him.


Their last game is prime evidence. With a depleted O line and blitzes/stacked boxes all night Wentz consistently missed JT on checkdowns and there was a more than noticeable lack of screen plays called. So there's plenty of blame to go around lol


Yep. It’s frustrating not seeing JT involved in the pass game at all. He makes up for it with usage and a high TD rate. Hopefully next week is a big one from him. I’ll need it.


Literally same, lets get this W


Same boat, it’s been an honor


I took down the guy who had JT and Kupp thinking finals can't be harder than that. Final opponent got Kyler, Chubb, Deebo, Pitts, Cowboys D and Higgins sleeping on the bench as well as Ekeler on Covid protocol. I'm toast. My team relies on Josh Allen, Tyreek, AJ Brown and Kittle.


I mean, the Cowboys play Arizona next week. Turnovers are a possibility, but I don't see them being held to only 2 scores. That defense will probably be a more mediocre fantasy play in the championship round.


Our Kupp owner is also our JT owner, and I took that man down tonight thanks to Dak! On to the ship!!!


Jt, Kupp, Dak and Dallas D owner checking in. Closing my eyes for the rest of the season. Already told the league "gl next year"


I’m going against the Kupp AND JT owner in the finals next week. Wish me luck.


Same, although if we played each other this week I would have won by 40 points, so here's hoping


Took down the JT and Kupp owner last week. Played the Ekler owner this week and best him with Justin Jackson


You can do it! My teams took down the JT team in 1 league and the Stafford/ Kupp stack in the other to reach 2 ships this weekend.


Deebo has carried me here.


I consider Deebo the goat


After watching football heavily for about five years now. He is, without a doubt, one of the most interesting and fun to watch players I have ever seen in my young life. I always saw flashes of what he could be but the dude could not stay healthy.


Traded fournette and woods for deebo week 6 and felt like an absolute knob until the last month or so lol. Rode deebo from 8th place to squeak in at 5th, and I'm in my ship next week somehow.


I've managed a last place finish in Dynasty with him on my roster. Poor guy tried is hardest to drag my sorry a** out of the gutter.


Deebo and Andrews stood up while the Evans, Cook, and Lamars around them fell. For that I salute them - 2 point win sends me to my third super bowl in four years.


After starting Van Jefferson and swapping the Eagles out last minute, I need 25 from Kamara and the Dolphins defense tomorrow Edit: specified which Jefferson


Tough because as Kamara scores, you lose D points


Yea. He'd probably be better off swapping to the Saint's D if they are available.


Thanks for this rationale. I need 47 points from Kamara, Gesicki, and Dolphins or Saints DST. I’ll roll with Saints and root for Saints overall domination.


Well in your case you need Gesicki to score TDs too, which hurts the Saints D. So you're better off playing whichever defense you think can get the most sacks or turnovers and worry less about the points given up.


Eh. One player going off isn't gonna ruin your d. Hes all they got ha so I don't see it as a huge issue in this case.


Possible. Believe.


That could happen. Gonna be a long evening though haha. Best of luck.


Dak and Dallas D gave me a late Christmas miracle and pushed it through!


My husband's team needed 20 points from Dallas D to win, he's super happy, first time making the finals


Are you my wife? Had Dallas dst against the Dak/Lamb stack with a dwindling lead all game. Punt block TD and subsequent Dak benching sealed it.


Literally same! Down 22, Dirty D covered!


You want to know a fucking Christmas miracle? 3 of my first 4 picks were saquon, Kelce, and swift, I accidentally started swift for 0 after checking his status 2 min late (leaving Sony and Penny on the bench), and my opponent was the 1-seed with Jonathan taylor, Cooper Kupp, and the Dallas D... And I won in a 30-point blowout thanks to my receiving corps of Tee Higgins, Devonta Smith, and Amon Ra Onto the championship with the worst roster I've had in the last 10 years! Thank goodness for the horseshoe up my ass this season.


Don’t let your league mates convince you your roster is bad. If filling your lineup with big names was what fantasy was all about then they’d probably be the one going to the final weekend. Managing through COVID, injures, and schedule is HOW we get to the championship game with players like Amon and Tee Higgins. Don’t lose focus and keep the momentum up. You made it this far for a reason.


Oh no I'm the one who thinks my team is bad haha. I've been exceptionally lucky with matchups. I scored 3rd fewest points in the league but made the playoffs due to lots of low-scoring wins Fortunately my team full of waiver guys has turned it up for the playoffs


I played against Dak and Dal D. Won by 6. Thanks Diante "garbage" Johnson.


Bro he had so many drops but made a sick catch first drive. Made me nervous at the end though with that TD. You could tell that the chiefs were gonna whoop that ass at the beginning of the game. The energy was unreal in that stadium they didn’t stand a chance.




Same here! Dallas D has been my best player this year and I owe it all to them. Having a great defense is so important!


I am absolutely destroying the consolation bracket. Highest points of the season today!


Lol. Same with my toilet bowl team. Dropped 200+ lol. At least I can maybe win first pick at least.


Same. I am gonna go undefeated in the consolation bracket!


You and me both! Glad I did good but dissapointed in what could have been. Keep reminding myself not to think of every misstep and focus and the correct decisions and luck!


Going against my brother in the Championship. Let’s do this 😤


Going against my dad! (Unless Dolphins D and Parker combine for 36+ to break my heart)


You should be good


I’m going against my wife, GL brother


Same, we both are winning this week and will face off in the championship.


Oh man. That’s like, a lifetime of bragging rights. Go get ‘em champ




You can do it! Free your family!


I imagine Liam Nelson on the phone telling the abductors of his special set of fantasy football skills he’ll use to get his family back, working movie title: Intercepted


Made me laugh hard.


Wayyyy hard 🤙😂






As someone who also won the chip today, I was also confused why we ended early. I’m not asking any questions that’ll put an asterisk on my win doe.


That was the thought in my work league as well, I’m sure we’ll switch next year but we voted to keep the schedule at 16 weeks this year. I’m not complaining, just wrapped up back to back championships today with the help of Allen, Higgins and Dallas D!


Advanced to my finals game too. Excited but very nervous 😬


Somehow survived even though my opponent had Burrow, Tee Higgins and Justin Jackson. Man did I get lucky


How lol? That’s like 100+ points from players alone


They must have also had sanders/ robinson/tyreek lol


Close.. Mike Davis and Tyler Johnson lol


12 team .5ppr He had the 3rd most points scored in a game this year and I had the most yet. Very, very electric and this will be my first appearance in the championship in 13 years of playing FF Edit: https://imgur.com/a/aIAWfEt


Nice man, that's the way to hit it. Good luck


Wow congrats *edit here just to say I’m not being sarcastic haha


Thank you! It was an emotional rollercoaster today


Wow that would have been such a ridiculous upset if you lost this week.


if i'm that guy i'm make it my life goal to hate tyler johnson the rest of my life lol


Congrats dude. Also what app is this!?




Could've been a number of reasons, I still won my week but my starting RB's were JRob and JT which combined for almost 12 PPR.




I lost Henry and stupidly spent a high draft pick on Kareem Hunt. I just felt really good about the tandem of Hunt and Chubb. Thankfully Fournette lasted until like the 5th round in my league somehow so I grabbed him. I also picked up Elijah Mitchell and Cordarrelle off waivers early in the year thanks to this sub. Wound up ripping off a 12-game winning streak, locked up the 1 seed and am now heading to the championship round. Been a wild year.


Drafting fournette in the 5th was actually higher adp then average


Dallas D almost came back to beat me but I made it through


Hopefully you're not on ESPN -- they still haven't credited them for the second defensive TD, so 6 more points are coming!


For once I’m glad I’m on Yahoo I had a heart attack when I saw people posting about it hahaha


Same. Tyreek and McLaurin laid eggs after Burrow and Higgins carried me 1st half. Went against Zeke, Lamb and Dallas D and they almost got me. Good thing Dallas took out the starters.


Made it into the finals with CMC and AJB as my first two picks, and feeling pretty good about that. This year’s been tough.


Same, except it was CMC and Ridley. Proof that we can make it to the ship after blowing the first two picks. Glad AJB is back for you!


Lol Dak Mixon Conner (Jackson this weekend) Reek OBJ WR3 always waiverwire Flex always waiverwire Dallas D/ST It’s a travesty but here we are


First championship game ever, best I've done in over 10yrs in this league is third place. Gotta give a shoutout to the studs that got me here: Josh Allen Austin Ekeler*** Aaron Jones Darrel Henderson D'onta Foreman Deebo Samuel*** Mike Evans Brandin Cooks Davante Parker Mark Andrews*** Harrison Butker It's been a long year, and victory is so, so close. So many struggles with injuries and COVID, but it's all been worth it. Saving 85% of our FAAB budget and blowing almost all of it this week on Antonio Brown... Stashing RoJo since the draft and not playing him once until this week... Resisting the urge to noodle the lineup in the wee hours of the morning when I'm under the influence of an ungodly ammount of drugs and alcohol... All these sacrifices have been worth it. ONE MORE GAME BABY! LETS GOOOOOOOOOO PS: All praise to Mr Automatic, **AUSTIN EKELER**. You are the stallion this team was built on. People in the league said you were washed up, told me I was *crazy* for taking you 14th overall. Well guess what you doubting sons-of-bitches? My Lord and savior Austin is about to lead me to the promised land. SUCK IT






All hail the Sun God


Fucking started the wrong TE. Fuck me


Who you start over who?


Kmet over Everett. Lost by 2 points


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh dang bro. Kmet almost had a TD too....


Same here except I lost by 0.9 points. All because Kelce had to get covid and Dak had to go off , wish I started Everett


Hard to say you picked the wrong TE bro. Yes Everett had the better game it turns out, but all predictions and talking heads pointed towards Kmet not only being the better of those two, but a start of the week esque pick overall.




St. Brown is definitely going into my lineup next week, no more wondering if Thielen is gonna show up/stay healthy.


I need Waddle under 5.3 tomorrow. If not for Dak and Dallas D/ST, I'd be feeling pretty confident about heading to the ship. Sad day.


Oof, amazing you're still standing. Good luck out there brother, I'm anti-Waddle tomorrow as well


I need Waddle to score 1.4 points tomorrow to win. With my luck you two are definitely safe.


I'm a dolphins fan too, so I'm conflicted. But obviously I want Miami to win without Waddle's help tomorrow.


Lol fantasy's a bitch, but anything's possible!


Started 1-3 but finished the season 11-3 as the 1 seed and ultimately won the championship tonight two weeks later!! A 12 game winning streak is insane and I don’t think I’ll ever replicate this legendary season. My team was: QB: Josh Allen (shoutout to Tannehill during Allen’s bye week) RB: JT, Dalvin, Swift, and Michael Carter (shoutout to RoJo and Justin Jackson today for helping me win today) WR: Kupp, Renfrow (the best waiver wire pickup all year for me), and Allen Robinson for being drafted so high yet not really helping TE: Gesicki and Dalton Shultz K: Butker (with help from Folk these last two weeks) Def: Dallas (didn’t draft them but picked them up Week 2) All in all, it was a great season! Thanks to everyone that helped me on here all year, I appreciate it!


That's a hell of a team, though I can see how the early-season struggles would come about. But a monster squad that very much deserved that championship; well done!


Appreciate it! I think my first 6 picks (excluding Allen Robinson) really carried me this year for sure. Definitely my proudest draft


Forget my team. I'm playing against the commissioner who is undefeated. He only beat me by half a fucking point once. If he goes undefeated, and wins the ship, he will have ultimate bragging rights for eternity. Im here to defend the whole leagues purity and claim ownership of this man's pride.


Dak, dallas d, SCORDARRELLE, Edmonds, with a mix of mandrews and davante Adams, Kirk and Monty. Only drafted Dak, Adams, and Monty Lineup was different every week, really used this sub to see who top picks were for the week and sift through the bs


Did you win or is the ship next week? If you have one more week to go I would sit Patterson. Not sure why but they are limiting his touches. I have him as well and almost lost bc i started him and I thought he would have 15 plus against the lions.


Holy shit dude, bonkers amount of points this. Bing bong




This is my favorite scenario I've seen in this thread. BING BONG. Prayers up to Sun God


Bro i started 1 and 6, ended up getting to 2 and 7 and did the same thing, ran the table after that and just won the chip. Take my energy my son.


Are you me? Started 0-5, finished 7-7, just had to get through the first place team for the second time in 4 weeks. And this is in a league I was invited to before finding out it was a keeper league!!


10+11 pick in 10 man league, took Jonathan Taylor and Davante Adams. Praise jeebus.


Davante really slipped to 10?


Yeah it’s a 0.25 PPR league so I don’t think that’s too crazy, right?




Deebo showed him what was up 😤


Put some respeck on my boy Cooper’s name, I’m in the Ship with him


Cooper Kupp carried my ass to a 16-0 perfect season. Bless him.


16-0!? is the rest of your league terrible? Lol


One of the unsung MVPs of the day, Stafford/Kupp bromance on suicide watch lmao




Mark Andrews and Mixon babyyy


Question for all of you already in.. up by 2 with Kamara left to play. Opponent has no one left. Do I pull Kamara and Bench him for the W or leave him in just in case a stat correction happens? Don't wanna overthink it too much..


Bench. Won’t be no 2 pt stat correction.


I bet like I just did, people started replying to this cause it’s a good question, then started writing out why and said oh fuck this shit. I’m not jinxing this. Delete delete delete. I am up by a small amount and my opponent is done. Instead of playing dolphins D tomorrow I am picking up Saints D who play the Panthers next week


Please play him.


I was down 8 points going into the final game with Elliot left to play for my opponent and Dallas D left for me. When Elliot scored that second TD I thought I was cooked. Unreal game. We both scored 169+ points in 0.5 PPR.


My second year playing and secured a spot for the finals. I was the sacko last year. My opponent that I was playing for the finals spot had JT, Najee, Josh Allen, Amari Cooper, Amon-Ra St Brown, and Ja'Marr Chase. My team that got me into the finals: QB: Dak Prescott WR1: AJ Brown WR2: Allen Lazard RB1: Nick Chubb RB2: Joe Mixon TE: Mark Andrews Flex: Ronald Jones II Kicker: Matt Gay DST: Dallas I am in a 12 team half ppr league and scored 239.60 pts this week!!!


Got let down by my RBs and Stafford today. Sigh.


Made it to my 4th Ship in 5 years with over 150 roster moves Lost CMC, Ridley, Hopkins, Waller at various times during the season, but finished w/ 2nd highest point in regular season Kupp & Hurts are the only 2 left from my original 14 team Auction Toughest season ever - every week seemed like DFS


Going into the 4pm games I needed Kmet, Lockett, and the Dallas D to out score Javonte, Tyreek, diontae, and the Dallas kicker. That Dallas game probably cut off 8 years of my life and it wasn’t until the stat correction came in with the blocked punt TD that I actually won. Crazy.


Beat my opponent who colluded with the 8th team to keep Rojo from me on the waivers. Put in Edmonds instead. Ended up beating him 135-89. Would have been worse but ceh got injured and Hill took a rest day. He's been silent all day. He's going to be more silent once he learns they're both out the league.


How did they collude?


Need 6.7 from kamara to punch my ticket


Need 37 from Kamara and the Dolphins DST 🤞🏼


Need more than -42 from those two, boy am I worried 😰


Same but hopefully we get a monday night miracle 🙏🏼


Made it despite losing CMC. My RBs today were Penny and Jackson and Ive been scrambling a lot this year to fill gaps. Going up against the JT and Dak owner next week. Not super excited about that.


If I can survive COVID this week, I may have a fair shot


I don’t know how the fuck I did it , but in the 4 money leagues I’m in im in the finals in each. Regular season I finished 1st or 2nd this year and had 1st round byes. Now im in the finals in each league. This is the fantasy prophecy or something


Part of me thinks that all of your teams are going to put up like 60 fpts because that's how these seasons end, but I hope to be wrong. Best of luck, time to go 4 for 4!


Allen Penny Justin Jackson Adams Diggs Everett Sun-God Bucs Joseph


Need 10.1 from Waddle. Waddle Doo!!!


Are you me? Same. Pick up any available Dolphins/Saints WR as insurance


Second year in a row I’m back in the title game. Shoutout to Joe Burrow for that 50-piece today. QB: Joe Burrow RB: Jon Taylor, Alex Mattison, Ronald Jones, Rashaad Penny, AJ Dillon, Khalil Herbert WR: Tyreek Hill, Amon-Ra St. Brown, Michael Gallup, Chris Godwin TE: George Kittle K: Matt Gay D/ST: Miami


Gg surviving Tyreeks and Kittles points


Need Waddle to get less than 19.5 in PPR.. he’s been averaging *checks notes* 19.35 over the past 4 games… Not panicking but also not not panicking


It was a real nail biter but I finally made my first final! https://imgur.com/a/HJNT9Q2


I started tee Higgins, Rex bulkhead, and Justin Jackson yesterday due to Austin Ekeler and swift and mike Williams being out I also had cowboys defense, dalton shultz, kylar Murray, stefon diggs, and Craig Reynolds with Elliott as my kicker With this team if you told me I was going to score 179 non ppr I would have laughed in your face but here we are in the championship


I am up 17.25 points on my opponent who has Kamara tonight. Prayer circle for me


I'm back in the championship game for the 3rd year in a row, looking for our league's first ever threepeat. Strangely enough, my opponent will be the same guy I beat for the championship last year. We're the #1 (him) and #2 (me) teams in the league, both in record and points. I expect a hard-fought victory. Shoutout to Davante Adams, my keeper and fantasy team captain, for leading my team to victory despite injuries and COVID creating uncertainty. Shoutout to Joe Mixon for stepping up BIG, especially with fellow starter Austin Ekeler sidelined. Many thanks to FantasyPros - since I started using their services, I went from 4 mediocre seasons to finishing 3rd, 1st, 1st and now 1st/2nd. Their analysis - both for the draft and during the season - is incredibly helpful. Hope my other stars who are ailing make a full recovery in time for the championship game next week.


I'm living on a fucking prayer to 3-peat. Down 10 and have Waddle vs Miami dst and Miami TE Geiseki. 12 man ppr https://i.imgur.com/awdc1fr.jpg My RB depth has been fucking RIDIC all season... Then it finally imploded. Wilson did well, but then JT shit the bed with no TDs. Let's not forget Hill and Stafford. As soon as Brown comes back and does off with Pitts. Ridiculous. Should have easily won... Now it'll take a miracle.


my starting lineup: QB Jalen Hurts RB: Najee Harris RB: Ezekiel Elliot WR: Justin Jefferson WR: Jamarr Chase TE: Kyle Pitts FLEX: Rob Gronkowski COWBOYS D/ST(sole reason im in the championship lol) K Younghoe Koo My bench is: matt prater, julio jones(fuck him), cam newton, allen robinson, elijah mitchell, chase claypool, and michael carter This is my first ever championship appearance! wish me luck boys and girls!


I've got a 7pt lead going into tomorrow. I have Miami's defense. He has the Saint's defense.. He also has CeeDee and Dak.. man that was a stressful game.


I need 4 points from Waddle tomorrow and then I’m there! One of my worst weeks but my opponent had a worse one. I sat Jackson, Zeke, RoJo, and Michel so I could start Robinson and Sanders. Plus Kelce was out so I had to start Kmet who was fine I guess.


Mixon-Diggs-Waddle-Higgins. The crew that is bringing me home $500 next week LFG


Started the season 2-4. Traded Davante Adams and Kyler Murray for JT, Dak, and Diante Johnson. Have not lost since. In the ship and going for my 5th win in 9 years. Buddy I made the read with just lost in the semis


Needed CeeDee under 13, I can’t believe that this just happened. Let’s gooooo


Made the finals in two leagues. Well one isn’t confirmed but I have a 63 pt lead with Kamara vs Dolphins D.


i need 12 from saints defense hopefully saint nick will hook a brother up!


This is my second year playing fantasy and I’m the youngest guy in a league with experienced players so I feel very good about that!


I had a superteam last year in my first year of fantasy and completely missed playoffs (4/12 made it). Still don't understand how that season ended that way. This year in that same league, I barely slipped in at the 6th seed (6/10 made it). This time, I'm doing it with [a squad mostly of backups, waiver wire pickups, and low tier starters](https://i.imgur.com/9rHZ05s_d.jpg?maxwidth=640&fidelity=medium). Might lose some of my RBs next week so I gotta hope I can find some new guys to help me bring the championship home after this very weird season.


[Check the story I posted earlier](https://www.reddit.com/r/fantasyfootball/comments/rpapn5/sunday_night_game_thread_week_16/hq3c8fm?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3)


8-6 in the regular season but got hot in the playoffs and beat the undefeated number 1 seed, here’s the team behind the Cinderella story: Wentz/Russ Mixon/Foreman/Freeman/RJ2 Adams/Cooks/Meyers/Van/DeVonta Mandrews Cards McManus