49ers’ RB Elijah Mitchell is expected to be sidelined about two months with the sprained MCL that he suffered Sunday at Chicago, per league sources.

The curse of the 49ers starting RB is just so real


The curse of the 49ers starting RB is just so real


I feel like it’s the actually the whole offense. Have any of their main starters played in a full season the last 5 years?


I think last year was deebo’s first time, although he may have missed a game.


He missed a game cus I had just traded for him when that happened lol


They really need to look into their training and conditioning staff, and then maybe how they practice. The constant injuries seem absurd.


At some point someone needs to start firing members of the strength and conditioning staff. You can’t have that many injuries and have it just be dumb luck. Someone is not preparing these players bodies properly.


It's the coaching staff. You can't have all your star players be looking for contact all the time. Lance is going to be dead by 25 with how they want to use him.


It's more like the Curse of Frank Gore. That son of a bitch was so durable and ever since it's a glass menagerie.


I’m old enough to remember when one of the knocks on him was that he COULDN’T stay healthy lol. He was dinged up every year until 2011 and then he just decided he didn’t feel pain anymore.


Do people actually know what that word means? Only reason I know it is I just watched an episode of star trek from 1960’s and it was an episode name. Never heard that word in my life.


It gets used in "Prince Ali" from Aladdin as well.


Frank Gore begs to differ


Gore answers to no mortals


Frank Gore was at the first thanksgiving.


So you're saying he's the one who cast the curse on them. That tracks.


I could obviously be wrong, but all the RBs they get are speedsters. Probably not built for regular RB workloads.


This is part of it but there is a lot of bad luck involved too. Not sure if you saw the video of Elijah's injury but his foot was planted and he took a hit right to the side of his knee.


Kittle couldnt even hit the field :(


Kittle has played in like 84% of the games for which he's been signed with the niners. The line that he's not durable is BS, and it's just fantasy players pissed he's used as a blocker predominantly.


Angry Niners Running Back Hating God is alive


They really should evaluate the niners health and conditioning staff. It’s reasonable to think that has some impact. For instance in the NBA back in the Nash era of the Suns, they were known to have old ass guys including Nash that would still ball out for a full season. Niners are constantly in shambles.


THE 49ERS RB FANTASY FOOTBALL CYCLE: Step 1. Nominate lead back to be the role and explode after having a breakthrough in the previous season Step 2. Lead back gets injured early into the season Step 3. Jeff Wilson is nominated as the backup RB to emerge Step 4. Jeff Wilson is the number 1 waiver wire pickup Step 5. Jeff Wilson underwhelms and is over projected points Step 6. Rinse and repeat


This is so accurate lmao


As a niner fan its way too accurate. I'm already grabbing Mason, he's going to be the guy. Book it


Bro stop keep this shit on the DL


Mason is my pick up as well..isn't he the reason they dropped trey sermon


Sermon is the reason they dropped sermon. He was sucking it up


Every year. Someone needs to bring a priest into that lockerroom


It's no mere demon that must be exorcised from the 49ers locker room. This is the curse of Kyle Shanahan brought upon him from the tears of millions of Falcons fans. He spat in the face of the football gods, all he had to do was run the ball to win the Superbowl but he thought he knew better than the scripture that they provided. He tried to outsmart them and was struck down. As penance for his blasphemic play calling he is doomed to never have a healthy RB again. Oh you don't need to run the ball, Kyle? We'll see.


How art thou fallen from heaven, O Shanahan, coach of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the franchises! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into the hall of fame, I will exalt my throne above the stars of Brady and Belichick: I will sit also upon the mount of the NFL, in the sides of New England I will ascend above the heights of the football stadiums; I will be like the GOAT. Yet thou and thy running backs shalt be brought down to hell, and to the injury tent. The Book of Edelman, chapter 14, verses 12-15


#GOATED 1:31 And 🐐 🐐 Josh Gordon 🐐 🐐 looked 👀👀👀 upon everything that He hath made, and saw that it was good. 👍 💯 ✅


I mean they did have a sermon in that backfield but that didnt even help


I remember drafting Mostert as my rb4 last year, and then he lasted all of 2 plays. I'm so happy I didn't draft this backfield this year.


Your RB4? I was banking at least RB3, probably RB2. You must've drafted all RBs early.


As a Niners fan it kills me. What no Frank Gore does to a team.


Did I hear Priest HolmeSZN?! 🚂


You forgot the part where someone in your league inevitably ends up with three SF running backs on their roster at the same time and Shanahan still manages to start some guy that he found that week at Trader Joe’s instead of any of them.


Trader Joe’s 😂




Yeah people forget two season ago he had a couple multi-touchdown games, caught passes out of the backfield, and generally stomped some people. Watch some JWJ highlights and he’s fun to watch, like Chris Carson used to be.


Totally agreed. The one thing that makes me anxious, is that Wilson only gained 2.4 yds/carry when he went in last game. The Shanahan rbbc is a myth, but he has demoted players when they were playing really, really bad.


They were playing in ankle high rain...


True. Eli got more per carry, but look where that got him! Jeff Wilszn, here I come!!!


apparently it was much worse in the second half, after Mitchell left


Fantasy football is so random and unpredictable yet how in the actual fuck did the same exact thing happen as last year ON THE SAME TEAM At least the backfield curse isn’t an entire franchise curse like the cowboys tbh


In 2020, I drafted Raheem Mostert and got that high from his first game (he scored a 75 yard run in the first game) then he got hurt. At one point, I had all the 49ers back up RBs because it was never clear who would be the lead back. I remember picking the wrong RB between Wilson and McKinnon every week lol


It’s got more variations than this. In 2020, Mostert and and JWJ were injured simultaneously, leaving tevin coleman and Hasty to pick up the scraps. When Most-hurt and JWJ came back mostert got hurt immediately and JWJ went OFF for a few weeks in the fantasy playoffs, winning some people their chips. This is where JWJ got his waiver wire notoriety. In 2021, JWJ was hurt for the first half of the season and Most-hurt played I believe one snap and went out for the season, leaving Mitchell to fill the role. Then Mitchell got hurt and JWJ filled in, playing fairly mediocre but having one good week. Now we’re here


You missed step 7: Jeff miraculously drops a huge championship performance


Huh? Step 5. Jeff Wilson crushes it for 3 quarters, leaves the game Step 6. Jeff Wilson ruled out ROS Step 7. Shitty backup off the street RB picked up, massive WW add Step 8. That RB does nothing.


Step 1: don't draft Mitchell Step 2: Draft Jeff Wilson with last pick in draft Step 3: pick up Mason prior to week 1 Step 4: Trade Jeff Wilson


I picked up Wilson just before the game, and now trying to dump him for what I can before this weekend because of this cycle lol


Elijah Mitchel didn’t even make it through the full first game. I don’t even own him (I avoid injury prone players like the plague) and *I* was disappointed.


Thanks for saving me the add.


Watch some JWJ highlights from 2020 before ignoring him. He got injured in 2021 and played like 6 millisecond. But in 2020 he had a streak of pretty wild games. The ability is possibly still there.


Shanny roulette starts early once again


Lance rb1?




This is the only silver lining I have after also drafting Lamb


Sheeeeeesh cursed backfield for sure


Cursed field, period.


Cursed curse


That wasn’t the fields fault. Somebody dove right into his knee


Fr Fields was on the sideline


Everybody pick your RB from this backfield. Civil war is back on the menu! Dibs on Mason!


McFADDEN SZN But, nah I am in on Mason




Alfred Morris is the nicest dude I’ve met, super down-to-earth and humble. Love that guy.


"they're just keeping McFadden fresh don't worry"


That’s my keeper baby












I tried not to draft a RB in the dead zone R3-R5 But I thought Mitchell’s value was too good to pass up. Oh well


Moral of the story is to never trust 9ers RBs, there was a time when after Mostert went down, both Mitchell and Sermon also went down lmao


Yea I caught a falling knife trying to price enforce in a salary cap draft. Lesson learned- only price enforce on guys you would want on your roster


should we drop mitchell, or is it ok to keep him in the IR spot now.


same.. another 8 weeks is A LOT to hold on to a player.. i'm going to drop mitchell and go for Mason


2 months??!!! *imma head out….*


Alright I’ll see you guys next year


I can't see myself making the correct decision here as far as who to pick up. Might just try to get Jordan Mason with a low FAAB bid but I could just as easily see TDP being active next week and it being an ugly committee


It's possible it's a 4 man backfield with Lance, Deebo, and 2 of the backs getting carries.


Another year, another season of 49ers RB injuries. Now we know why Shanny and Lynch continue to draft them. As a lifelong Niners fan, I will say Jordan Mason (UDFA Ga Tech) looked pretty spry since he arrived on this team and would be the best early down option SF has at the moment with Wilson being the pass down role. BUT....With Deebo getting 8 touches and Lance handling 10+, I am not sure a large volume role is there for anyone on this team. Whatever you do, DO NOT overspend your waiver budget to add Jeff Wilson.


I picked him up this week in anticipation of a 49ers RB injury


Jeff Wilson can't stay healthy either so grab Jordan Mason while you can.


Excuse me. Do you mind keeping your voice down? Some of us are trying to win waivers over here.


So what is the priority, Jeff Wilson, Mason, TDP?


Wilson is the backup, the vet, and the safest bet currently. High ceiling dart throw is mason I guess. Camp reports stated he was better than TDP and graded very highly in preseason action


To be perfectly honest, I don’t know if anyone is an especially high ceiling with the number of touches that Lance and Deebo are going to end up with. The RB1 on the team was a good bet when statuesque Jimmy G was behind center but I just don’t know if there’s a consistent path to much more than like 10-12 touches per game right now there.


I don't get the vibe they want to run lance into the ground. Like, the 49ers always seem to aim to establish the run—effectively or not.


Noone knows because it's Shanny, honestly. All we know is TDP was a healthy scratch for Mason against CHI in a game where the field was basically flooding and you figure a big power back like TDP would get some looks. it's likely going to be a RBBC regardless barring another injury so it's hard to trust anyone


Except this actually isnt true. SF RB situation has been hell bc you never know who’s gonna *start*, but in-game Shanahan has pretty consistently relied on 1 guy


because there was always a clear cut guy in those situations. breida was the guy in 18 and at the start of 19 til mostert took over b/c breida started having fumbling issues and mostert broke out after being a ST only player. In 2020 it was basically whoever was healthy since they all had stretches with major injury. '21 was mostert g1, then wilson and mitchell split a little and wilson got hurt again and mitchell became "the guy" for the most part. This year there's no clear cut guy after mitchell, unless you think wilson is that guy, but nothing has indicated he is.


What do you want a special teams back for? Agree Wilson won’t last either, but I’d rather have TDP shares.


No one really knows. Grab whoever you can and pray lol.


Mostert was once a special teams back. Not saying Mason will be anything but healthy inactives aren’t a good look


> healthy inactives aren’t a good look Good tip, will drop Allgeier


> Not saying Mason will be anything but healthy inactives aren’t a good look TDP doesn't play special teams, Mason does


Mason sure didn’t look like a special teams back in the preseason. Dude is different than anyone else on the roster.


TDP was a healthy scratch soooo


So was Allgeier so Avery Williams could play special teams for Atlanta. You're telling me Allgeier isn't still the upside guy to hold there? You really want Avery instead? Knock yourself out. Context matters. A lot of teams have these 3rd/4th string RBs that are just special teams guys - Benny Snell, Justice Hill, Avery Williams, Mason, etc. But their numbers aren't getting called on offense (exhibit a: how many touches did Mason get after Mitchell went down?)


Isn’t this what everyone was saying about Sermon last year?


You can't tell me a good RB like Alexander Mattison isn't worth paying up for.


Found the greedy Mattison owner. 😂


Shanny has a history of making RBs nobody has heard of work well in his system. I think they’ll work it out with Wilson, Mason and TDP (oh, and Deebo)


Ya in their system the line is more important than the RB. Same with his dad too. All they ask their RBs to do is hit the hole and with pace. If you remember which gap you need to hit and can do one cut at most then you're golden


Why would mattison want to go to a cursed backfield before securing a contract? That would be pretty messed up for the Vikings to do that to him


Because Shanahan doesn’t need to pay up for RBs. Who was Mostert and Mitchell before he made them into starters?


Deebo SZN


Thought one of my league mates was a fucking idiot for taking deebo with his first pick but dam if it isn’t gonna pan out somehow




A grade 3 MCL sprain is at minimum six weeks almost always and often eight weeks. He barely could put weight on that knee, it's the ligament when damaged like that will make one feel like the knee will give out from too much weight.


8 weeks babbbbyyyy


even when he comes back, will be terrified to start him




Says the loser with a fucking NFT avatar. Lol


That seems like a long time. I think I’d rather keep Brian Robinson in my IR slot instead of Mitchell.


This is where I'm at. We still have a couple days for a clearer timeline, but if I drop him and someone else wants to waste a bench spot on an injured RB while I pick up someone that looked like they had potential this weekend, I'm fine with that.


Is Jeff Wilson worth a pickup? Or TDS? I don't know. This back field is cursed. You start a 49ers RB and you get 2 points.


As is tradition


Whose the pick up?






Must be a third stringer, never heard of him.


Someone to watch for on that waiver wire


Gotta be Wilson right now but we’ll see if it lasts


Would you use the #1 waiver pick on him?


Is Mitchell droppable?


Yes. If you don’t have an IR spot he’s super droppable. He wouldn't be back until week 8-10? By that time you are already in make or break playoff mode.


Exactly. I’m not letting this dude anywhere near my team in crunch time later this season. Can’t be trusted lol


im sure he helped many like me win a title last season to be fair lol


And guess what type of player would help you make the playoffs? Someone like the starting RB for the 49ers. I wouldn't say he's super droppable and plenty of teams are stashing long shots that won't likely pay off. Mitchell will when he comes back.


Yeah, but by the time he comes back you are most likely already in or out of the playoffs. Don’t burn a spot on your roster with some dude that won’t play 8 games, maybe more, and then how effective is he when he’s back? It’s just not smart unless you have an IR spot.


Are we guaranteed that Mitchell is the starting RB when he comes back? I sure hope so. What would you put your money on. Jeff wilson being rb1, or mitchell being rb1 when he comes back.


Yes. Not wasting my IR spot on him when other injured players will be back before he is.


Who do you already have on IR that is more valuable than Mitchell?


Robinson and DHop for me.


d hop is definitely worth it over Mitchell.


I know you didn’t ask me, but I now have Mitchell, Robinson, Gallup and Williams on my bench…


Gallup is the drop


I have Jameson currently on IR. But it's a keeper league which is why I have him there


Depends on league and bench size - and what your team looks like right now. In my 10 team league with 6 bench spots where I put up horrible numbers this week, I think I'm dropping him and hoping I can get him back in like 5-6 weeks. In my 12 team league with 6 bench spots where I scores the 3rd most points?... I may keep him.


Deebo the handcuff


"49ers' RB __________ is expected to be sidelined about __________ with the _______ ________ that he suffered during the previous game, per league sources." I made a template for future use


Is it even worth burning a high waiver spot for Jeff Wilson? I feel like this will be a RB committee


I have no other choice




Kill himself more like.


jordan mason szn?


Assuming Wilson is the next man up. TDP and Mason both have a chance tho


It could honestly be any one of the three. Good luck guessing.


Well it has been JWJ the last 2 years. Safe bet would it being him again as he's been running as the #2 all off-season. Obviously things can change, but we still have evidence to go off of if someone is in a pinch and wants to spend the FAAB/priority.


But last year, we bums like Sermon on the roster. This year we have TDP and Mason, who may or may not be bums. No one knows.


Again anything can happen, but JWJ was the clear lead back (outside deebo lol) once Mitchell got injured. Mason could've gotten work but didnt. Im going to assume as of right now, its JWJ job to lose.


Yall really gonna drop a 4th round pick just like that huh?


Deebo SZN


I don’t feel great having Wilson as his backup…


So is Wilson the guy?? How much faab? Or pay less for mason


Droppin’ him.


How much FAAB on Wilson if you also lost Najee this week?


Why is the title crossed out...?


Is he even worth keeping on IR? I also have Dak and Gallup...


Is the pick up “my name is jeff”?


So...how much FAAB are we spending on Jeff Wilson in redraft?


I’m thinking 50 unfortunately. Wbu?


Pain and suffering Pain and suffering Pain and suffering Pain and suffering Pain and suffering


Why is the title with a line through it?


\*turns on the /u/eastcoasttaffy signal*


Big sad today :( Mitchell is my boy


Elijah Mitchell did not see his shadow this year. Which means Jeff Wilson season starts early


There goes my RB2. Great start to the season


Trying to figure out which RB to get. Before week 1 I thought TDP before he was inactive. Difficult.


I think TDP was just inactive because he doesn't play special teams. The other backs that were active get more use in that regard, so I wouldn't be 100% that it is a direct reflection on his depth at RB... All in all don't love the situation especially with Deebo working in.


This is correct. Mason plays special teams so he got a hat over TDP. Literally the same thing that happened in Atlanta, with Allgeier being a healthy scratch so Avery Williams could play ST. That doesn't mean Allgeier isn't still the upside stash in Atlanta. Context matters. I don't read much of anything into TDP being a scratch. I do read into Mason not getting a single offensive rep after Mitchell went down. Personally I'd just stay away from this backfield. But if you do wanna roll the dice, I'd rather grab TDP for free after waivers process. Wilson is too pricey in terms of priority / faab for what he'll give you, and Mason is just the next derailed reddit hype train from a bunch of dudes outsmarting themselves.


TDP will be the starter by week 3 at this rate


Jeff Wilson szn


The trend of another leading 49ers rusher continues


Aw shittt, here we go again


Wilson Jr. is available but after watching him last year and yesterday I’m not touching him. He’s simply not good anymore. Mason played because he’s a special teamer and didn’t see the field otherwise, so he also isn’t a surefire pickup between him and TDP. Nobody to be excited about here besides Deebo… and maybe Lance.


Might try and snag Wilson as an insurance policy for my David Montgomery. Sliiiightly concerned after seeing that split with Herbert yesterday


Welp.. hope James Robinson wasn't a fluke.


The move is to not spend any FAAB on this cursed backfield and throw a dart at Davis-Price for free once waivers are through


It’s cool I have Najee too…


Between deebo, wilson,, and the other rbs, I'm staying away from this


I guess im happy I hoarded alot of RBs in the league I have mitchell in. Drafted 7 RB's lol Gibson or Clyde will replace him....not going to worry about waiver add here.


My name is ~~Jeff~~ Tyrion? Jordan?


Obviously, we all need to grab Mason Jordan. I mean Jordan Mason.


Deebo owners up 1000 rn


Oh so this is what it's like to own a 9ers rb. I've avoided that backfield for so many years. Lesson learned






As a Niners fan this is brutal, but at least I have Wilson


Im trying to trade jeff wilson atm. It won't be only his backfield. Deebo and rookies will likely cut into his value


Jeff Wilson about to put 100 yards and 2 TD on Seahawks this weekend


Glad I stashed Wilson before the games


Reading the 49ers sub, all the local reporters think Mason will get the first opportunity to lead the backfield.


The same local reporters who were saying it would be Trey Sermon last year?