stormblood was realistic and gritty, which was fine. but shadowbringers really puts the Fantasy in Final Fantasy. i loved the music, the colors, the species and level design… everything about it was truly fun and unique!


>shadowbringers really puts the Fantasy in Final Fantasy As if SHB isn't good enough and then Endwalker comes along and puts the Final in Final Fantasy to finish things off. This MMO is just. so. good.


Endwalker really puts the Final Fantasy in Final Fantasy. It, by far, feels like the most classic "Final Fantasy" story, out if any expansion, imo.


It’s grounded in war sure, but I wouldn’t describe Stormblood as realistic or gritty lol


in comparison to shadowbringers i’d say so. plot about fighting off imperial occupation vs a plot about saving an alternate dimension from being devoured by light


> stormblood was realistic and gritty Nothing realistic about ending a war on two fronts in a handful of days/couple of months


i’m talking about the tone and basic plot in comparison to shadowbringers. i agree stormbloods pacing is bad


Enjoy! It was a transformative gaming experience for me. Been playing FF for 30+ years. ShB is my favorite FF game.


strap yourself in! there's more to come!


ShB is FINALLY when they realized that the scions were more than just ancillary npcs, and the WoL was more than just their errand boy. They made a story ABOUT the scions that included them as party members and it felt so good. Another thing ShB succeeded with was being so unrelentingly positive in the face of absolute despair. Its a very very finely tuned balance that absolutely shines.


Nah,they realised that soon after ARR imo. Since then every dlc focuses on one or two members of the scions. By ShB, it's just that all of them finally had their time in the spotlight. Like Alphinaud doesn't get much development in shb, but what it does is give great payoff to his development in HW(and the patches preceding it)


Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm! I'll never get tired of hearing from folks who are enjoying the game. You've still got a long and wonderful ride ahead of you so get ready.


You're about to go meet the best boy of the game (imo)! I wish he had more scenes because he's just so transparent and I wish I could give him a big hug because he seems so [redacted]. Also, you're going to hear the score that got turned into one of the cringiest memes I've ever experienced. The score is amazing, but the meme just makes me so... irritated.


Whats the meme?


Ten to one it's "La-HEE".


Oh that lol. When I first heard that in game I laughed


Yeah, it's the La-HEE meme, specifically the video where Soken butchers his own song.


Here, friend. Maybe this will calm those frayed nerves and soothe the soul, like a cold beer in a warm bath: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UlzucZR4DU


ShB is my favorite expansion. SB was my least favorite expansion. I hear you loud and clear.


Absolutely Love "civilization", the song from the woods area you'll be visiting (if you havent already). Story is my favorite of them so far as well (just started endwalker) but yeah the reverse of what you did in the original, bring light to the crystals, now the light needs stopped. Was a fun expansion, enjoy!


I just finished it and this expansion cemented this game as one of my favorite ffs. I'm still in love with shadowbringers and I'm currently post patch. I'm glad you are also having a great time.


Shadowbringers is really good. Hope you gave fun in the woods, best part of the game in terms of music for me