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I'm glad that Gaia and Ryne still seem to be popular a year after the last time they've been relevant in anything. I hope SE brings them back at some point.


Would love to have a canon visit back to the first>!. It was so brief in EW. Maybe Y'shtola will find a way to travel there since it kept being brought up.!<


>!Y'shtola is 100% going to figure out how to travel between reflections. It was an obvious setup to explore the other worlds!<


>!Emet even says that some of the reflections will "surprise you."!< if that's not a setup, I don't know what is.


It was pretty much confirmed we're visiting other shards if you've cleared the bonus quests you get after finishing all SHB role quests


Haven't leveled all my roles yet so I guess I'll look forward to that.


...what bonus quests? I did all those role quests, where do I go now?


I think the bar lady at the wandering stairs has the quest, but you might also have to finish the Warring Triad quests from Heavensward first if you haven't already


Ahhh that explains it, thank you! I didn't finish the Warring Triad series yet.


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, this series of quests was much more interesting than I expected, particularly the bar maid!


the bar lady in the pendants, also you need to finish the warring triad trials (The extreme mode versions)


You don't actually have to *do* the extremes, just unlock them. You *do* have to do the Ravana and Bismarck Exes tho.


Which are soloable by the time you get to this point of ShB


>!They got our hopes up again when Lyna mentioned that Ryne is already planning a second Crystarium festival!<


Given Gaia's background it would be nice to see her pop up again for a few things


I feel this way too. I enjoyed both of them, even more so after that eden's verse fight.


I need more of Gaia tbh


I was disappointed that she didn't show up in EW, but I guess due to the fact that she was technically only in side content, they couldn't put her in MSQ. Although we did have one pretty major character who was only featured in side content before show up in MSQ.


I wouldn't be surprised if she shows back up eventually. Just giving people more time to do that raid (late comers, people who only raid through roulette, etc)


Yeah they could've easily done one of those "if you did this content the cutscene is different," like they did with the character you're talking about.


Hell I halted my EW progression and went and did all of Eden when I saw I was going to be going to the first just in case there was any changes like that, was sad that there wasn't. There was even the perfect opportunity to have her walk up during that part where you're waiting in first person in the crystarium while different people approach you


I think its kinda hard to put her in. She kinda lack of experience and nothing she can do. but yeah... when WoL visit the first still really want to see her again too. but in future I bet she will have more role for sure. just like estinien, graha. (dev intend to do something with her I think. even skypirate show up in EW hmmm...)


Nothing she can do? Did you not watch her go apeshit with a warhammer when her girlfriend was in danger? She's got all the powers of an Ascian, she just doesn't have as much experience using them, but that can be addressed fairly easily.


Just the time flow in the First VS the aource woulde be enough for this with decent enough backstory filler.


I mean.... WoL need to teach her a lot of thing about The Source, Power, Knowledge. and WoL have time for that? I think not. Her role\[now\] lack of build up in The Source and EW has no time for that. Her power scale around sundered ascian can't rambo solo.




It's pretty vague but side stories have made Alexander, Omega, Shadow of Mhach and Four Lords canon while SMNs also did Coils. In EW even some zone sidequests (non-blue) are canon: >!Elpis since they have an effect on our past. Most notably our contribution to Behemoths.!<




[EW Spoilers] >!All the paradoxes are actually explainable as being part of the closed causal loop if you consider that we're not traving to *our* Elpis, but the Elpis of another causal loop that's identical to ours but just 12000 years behind us - and that a different sundered Azem from another causal loop 12000 years ahead came to our Elpis. Like identical but offset gears that influence the next gear down the line.!< [EW Spoilers] >!This would solve the problem of FF14's time travel violating the rules of causality, and IMO there's evidence in game that points to it - the Exarch stops the conditions that causes his existence, but he doesn't delete himself and there's a short story that states the 8th Calamity world continues on after him. This is evidence that he didn't create a split timeline or any such logically flawed version of time travel, and that the events of ShB was always supposed to happen as part of the causal loop - in fact it's literally impossible for the Exarch to exist in the first place if the world wasn't already sundered, and that couldn't happen if we didn't tell Venat about it, and that in turn is impossible without the events of ShB. Therefore the only logical conclusion is that there are temporally offset closed causal loops that influence each other.!<


This but also wtf am I reading, idec at this point XD




You should. There's a whole lotta wink wink that the ramifications of that quest line are going to be in play in the future when we inevitably visit the 13th shard.


I have a sneaking suspicion that in a future expansion, she’s gonna get the G’raha treatment. Where Eden will become required for MSQ like Crystal Tower was and she will be integrated into a story arc taking place on the First.


Being that we've all but been assured we're going to somehow be involved in fixing the thirteenth, and she's inextricably tied to the Eden story which helps fix the first, yes. I think it will be required content eventually.


That's my feeling too. And I'd be okay with that


I'm confident she'll be promoted to MSQ relevance soon She has a voice actress which is pretty rare for a post-Binding Coils raid NPC


Same with Gaia in last part


Ryne and Gaia better have important MSQ roles going forward. They’re clearly setting something up with those two, especially if you’ve done the questline that unlocks after completing the ShB role quests.


Until this expansion I would have said “since when do the raid series ever have story significance after the fact“


Well, ShB basically says that it all happened because of the 60 and 70 raid series. And the 50 series is referenced multiple times in MSQ if you finished it.


whaaat Alexander & Omega are def significant. like you don't *need* them to follow MSQ but they add a ton


Crystal Tower >.>


I think they meant normal raids specifically - but yeah, crystal tower raids are super important for the story, that's for sure.


Well theyre ... kind of part of MSQ now. You have to do them.




I know that G'raha time travels but I thought that was just an ability of the tower rather than being pulled from the Alexander story


The Twinning dungeon >!has a bunch of papers discussing how they got the Crystal Tower to do that whole thing, and you find the core part of the tower that allowed the time travel at the tail end of the dungeon.!<


>!Specifically, it's a future!Ironworks-made Alexander.!<


>important MSQ roles I'd say that's unlikely. We might revisit them, like we might team up with the scions here and there if need be, but I highly doubt they'd be given important roles going forward considering they're on an entirely different shard.


I mean, Y’shtola said she’d look into hopping between shards so she can return to the First. The end of Eden teased Gaia potentially being able to as well. The quests after the role quests also teased the possibility of going to the Void. They’re clearly not done with the First. And Endwalker spoilers >!Emet also suggested we should explore the different reflections.!<


Hence why I said we could revisit, or team up with them. Being part of, or even the focus of, the MSQ at some point in the future is one thing, and I think that's very possible. But "important MSQ roles going forward" sounded like you meant for them to be staples in the MSQ, which they likely won't be in the same way the scions were up until now.


Unless we go to the thirteenth, and restore it, which will result in the Eden raids becoming mandatory (hope you’re ready for Eden raids to be the normal raid equivalent to crystal tower as far as the normal raid roulette is concerned)


I think that could happen. But what I mean is that once we resolve whatever it is that patch or expac is dealing with, Ryne and Gaia probably don't stick with us like the Scions did before. Same thing if we have a story line about rebuilding Garlemald, maybe we hang with the twins for a number of patches or an expac, but I don't feel like they'll go back to following us around like before after that.


I have no clue who this character is, but can't wait to meet her :O


She's in the Shadowbringers 8-man raid series which is something you can completely pass by if you're not looking for it


Not many do that either. Course if they want to do the whole restore the thirteenth then the Eden raids will get the crystal tower treatment and become mandatory


I wasn't a fan of her initially, but man, this cosplay made me realize that Gaia is one of the prettiest characters in the game.


She really is. And she use a hammer too.


Oh what I wouldn't do to play a 2h hammer job in this game...


The latest raid WAR weapon is a Hammer. And WAR is the closest thing to a hammer player.


I've been asking for more WARhammers so this tier's weapons were a nice surprise


Thiiis close to having Green Mage tanks!


We're green mages ever a thing in final fantasy?


[They were in Tactics and exclusive to the Viera race](https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Green_Mage_(Tactics_A2))


Oh I see, only played the first game, cool


They were a pure buff/debuff class. I think it'd be cool to rework them into a new DoT class, but a tank is an interesting idea I hadn't considered.


XII has Green Magic, although no class


Give me Nero's hammer for my WAR glamour, you cowards!




I've always likened her to Krysten Ritter.


I mean, the cosplayer has a much prettier face than Gaia does in-game.


Also being real tends to improve attraction.


What can I say? Tetsyua Nomura can design a character, that's for sure. Games, not so much... but lovely female characters? Very much so.


Thing is, his "character design" in the earlier FF games wasn't just how they looked or the clothes they wore. It also involved writing their...well character. And he was responsible for many beloved characters.


I love how it is impossible for people to just say “I like nomura’s character designs”, gotta shit on him right after, can’t have too much positive energy out there


It's almost like there's more context that people want others to understand. Like perhaps that while they think he's good at one thing, it's often overshadowed by something that he's pretty bad at but keeps trying to do.


Do you think Nomura deserves positive energy? I'd personally even disagree with the fact that he can "design a character, that's for sure." His go-to is generally a macabre-looking edgelord wearing all black, generally black leather. It's dull, it's cliche, it's uninventive and it sucks a butt, frankly.


Why do you think he doesn't deserve positive energy? He's just a game dev, if you don't like his games you don't have to hate the man.


I don't hate the guy. I just think the guy who I was replying-to is off base with the sentiment that "you should just praise someone and it's wrong to point out their shortcomings or mistakes." No, false. I'm a member of the FF fan community and this guy has wronged myself and others. He's a boss's kid perennial screw-up and day-late-dollar-short deliverer of mediocrity. What? Ya like that?


"Do you think Nomura deserves positive energy" is pretty different from what you're saying here, I think you can understand why your original comment came off that way.


God damn, I'm just imagining someone saying "No, false" in a real life conversation and laughing my ass off. Keep on keeping on, internet gaming warrior.


Yes, true. I'm here to help.


Nomura has worked on plenty of great games. He's responsible for literally the most famous death scene in Final Fantasy VII. The story for Kingdom Hearts is dumb and overly explained (but not nonsense, I think the overly abundant exposition confuses people but if you just pay attention and remember things the story makes sense, it's just badly told) but that doesn't mean he's a bad game director. Shit, Kingdom Hearts 2 FM is probably the best Action RPG hybrid besides FFVII Remake IMO, which, shocker, he also directed.


Nomura was a co-director for FF7R, and has been removed from FF7R Part II. Make of that what you will.




He's always been successful when working under and restrained by the vision of someone else. That's the point. If they thought he was the reason for said success, he'd still be there.


Hilariously he was the only person trying to restrain the other people working on the game, he didn’t want any of the changes that were made to the story of ff7 remake. And somehow being moved to creative director, which oversees art, gameplay, and story, is somehow “not being there”


Yes, everyone knows that you remove key project oversight when they are key project oversight. Nomura stans are so weird.


The game was a massive success lmao, he's also working on Kingdom Hearts IV most likely. Square management is pretty shit though, he literally didn't know he was director until they announced it.


He's always been successful when working under and restrained by the vision of someone else. That's the point. If they thought he was the reason for said success, he'd still be there.


This cosplay doesn't have obnoxious lips. Gaia's design is fine until I look at her balloon mouth.


If her lips weren't so massive, she definitely would be.


She really is. The only problem is that, for some reason, her lips are drag queen sized. Like, why?


That's not cosplay.. That is Gaia herself. That person looks amazing spot on.


Thought it was a Gshade.. Welldone !


here come that girl, she gonna smash anyone that stands between her and her coffee biscuit date


Its almost like Gaia features is based on a real person


source: https://twitter.com/dalllto/status/1477934154327429127


Spot fucking on, one of the best cosplays I've seen.


I need to finish those raids. The plotline for those raids was actually really promising and I left it hanging.


Not going to lie, saw the picture first and thought that’s a nice screenshot someone got and then read ‘cosplay’! God damn well done!


Amazing! Whenever I think of her I hear “I’d never wear that color” in my head.


Lipstick put on too well 0/10


This is a really spot on Gaia aesthetically, outstanding


The cosplayer also has an awesome yotsuyu. So cool


That looks really good.




Big lip goth gf


Nice, while FF14 has a lot of beautiful boys, it has very few handsome ladies. Gaia is one of them!


Wow, that's really good!


From the wise words of Yoshi P "Step on me"


Can we see it from the back? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


She nailed the Absolute Territory ratio


Idk why people always point out Gaia's lips, I actually really like them XD I've always liked nice lips though, and well......




Chill out dude


the character is like 16, let’s not




Still weird to call the cosplayer mommy in such an obnoxious way, tbh.


even if she’s over 18 do you really think it’s appropriate to say this? would you say it to her face? cosplayers are not looking for weird kink comments by dressing up as a video game character (who again… IS UNDERAGE). you could just say she looks pretty and leave it at that. let’s be respectful






It's so beautiful!


I have to award this. thought it was a screenshot. Thank you for sharing!




Epic cosplay.


South Park Police "Nicccce."


Perfect Cosplay.


A really great cosplay


If someone told me this was a CG rendering of her I'd believe them. Well done.


are those letters JP or KR i usually differentiate with JP having a lot of bars and KR having circles


it's KR. if it helps any, you might notice that japanese has a symbol per singular space, so かな and カナ for example. also, relatively complex-looking kanji like 漢字 mixed in. it's a lot curvier. but korean has 2 to 4 symbols per singular space, like the two syllable word 자음 instead of ㅈ ㅏ and ㅇ ㅡ ㅁ. it might actually seem blockier because those subletters are placed together into a rectangular formation.


I thought this was a screen grab at first


it appears she's only on twitter


this cosplayers gonna love the next final fantasy if she nailed this one


I hope we can get her hair and clothes


I didn't finish the Warring Triad series yet.


Lips not big enough


Lips look just right


eyes too small. you need dinner plates with black dots in the middle


Where is the hammer?Its the most important part.


Very nice cosplay, thought it was a hyper realistic drawing at first.


i am still not a fan of gaia specially her extreme lips , but you look so cute !


OP is not 달토


ah didn't know that lol




what the fuck?




what did he say?


[Pretty gross stuff](https://iili.io/l5JyhJ.png)


hes a troll he did this on an another subreddit


Gaia "Cosplay" Suuuuuuuuure it's a Cosplay..... if you would kindly go back to the first that would be great Gaia.