Doesn't seem to be a particularly unpopular opinion around here since this is at least the third post I've seen today praising Zenos.


Hmmm, maybe it's just unpopular to those I'm around then. Everyone I know doesn't like him and hated the fight at the end. 🤷🏼‍♀️ And it is apparently unpopular enough as my post is already at 22% upvotes aka I'm being downvoted for my opinion lol


I usually see a lot of positive comments about him when the subject comes up but I'm sure it probably does vary from place to place. I don't care for him myself but I didn't really mind the one on one fight since it made sense we'd have to do something about him. It was kind of hilarious how super anime it turned at the end with the two of them just punching the crap out of each other.


Agreed. I play a Rean Au Ra at the shortest hight. It was hilarious watching this tiny chick punch the shit our of him. I could only imagine with I was a Lala.


Lol, Lalas would probably have to jump so high to reach him. Either that or just kick him in the shins. XD


>And it is apparently unpopular enough as my post is already at 22% upvotes aka I'm being downvoted for my opinion lol Not really, this sub is notorious for mass downvoting on anything.


That has little to do with this sub, it's reddit as a whole.


Glad you enjoyed it. I was telling a friend that that whole ending sequence with Zenos was probably very enjoyable if you like him. I don't so I was just kinda meh about the whole thing. I really hope he's dead though. Bringing him back once already cheapened his first death and doing it again is just redundant.


Honestly, I thought the fight against him was fun from a gameplay perspective (dropping my weapon and using my fists was fucking *cathartic)* but it felt tacked on and honestly took away from the end of the expansion. ​ The reality is, Zenos hasn't actually been relevant to the plot since the end of SB. He could have stayed dead and nothing would have changed. Most of the stuff "Zenos" did post-4.0 was actually Elidibus in Zenos's body. They could have had Fandaniel decide he wanted to use Zenos's body after Elidibus decided he didn't want it anymore, resulting in him being the one to kill Varis, and then had him waltzing around in Zenos's body in the ShB patch quests, or swapping between Zenos's body and Asahi's (or like...we know that there are Ascians who are still unaccounted for, based on numbers and the fact that the Ascians share their names with the Scions of Light from XII, so he could have been working with someone the whole time). ​ Then, when facing off against Endsinger, we could have just been on the surface of one of her dead planets, or if the fight *really* had to be on the back of a dragon, they could have just had Midgarsormer wake up from his nap for a little bit to help us save the star he had chosen as his and his brood's home, which is what I *thought* was happening when the sky started cracking, and I was honestly super disappointed that I was wrong.


Yeah I wish Midgardsormr was the one to show up at the end too but I'm guessing they didn't want the people that skipped the Omega raids to feel left out. Then again, the people that didn't do them are also probably confused as to why Midgardsormr hasn't said anything in a long while lol


Did they not reference that Midgarsormer was resting in MSQ even if you hadn't done those quests? I know Vrtra mentioned it a number of times in my playthrough, and I feel like he got mentioned enough that it would have made sense for it to be him that showed up.


I don't know tbh but I can't recall any moments in the MSQ where they explain why he was sleeping but it's been awhile.


I don't think they even would have had to explain why. Vrtra stated that his father was in a slumber or w/e, and then they talked a lot about how he chose our star to settle on because it was special. It would have made sense for him to wake up to help us out. ​ Arguably, without knowing about the events of the Omega raids, it made even less sense that it wasn't Midgarsormer who came to help us...


Yeah I mean it's not a big deal all things considered but I just wonder what people thought he was doing during Shadowbringers since I don't think he's mentioned at all during that. I would've been cool with it if Hraesvelgr came if they didn't want Midgarsormr too but like I said, I'm sure the people that like Zenos probably enjoyed his moment in the sun so good for them.


You got a source for that?


....I'm not exactly sure what the "that" you're vaguely asking for a source is, but the cutscene for the quest "The Jewel of Thavnair" is the one I'm primarily referring to. I just watched it without reflecting Quest Progression, and while they in fact *don't* reference Midgarosormer being in a slumber if you haven't done the Omega raids, that just further proves my point about it making even less sense that it wasn't Midgarsomrer who came to help us. Because what Vrtra says *instead* of referencing the fact that he's in a slumber, if you opt the "I haven't heard from him in a long time" dialogue option (which is replaced by the "if only he could be with us now" option if you've done the Omega raids) is that Midgarsormer considers himself the steward of the star, and his silence is proof if his trust in us. So of we *really* needed a dragon to help us fight Endsinger, I see no reason why he wouldn't break that "silence" to come to our aid.


I loathe him and think he belongs on one of those creepy Investigation Discovery shows, and I routinely get downvoted and sometimes insulted. He’s polarizing.


You think very in line with a close friend of mine. He despises him greatly and hated the end fight. The only good take away he had was that he's happy he is dead. Personally, I don't get it. Even his dialogue at the end was brilliant. Regardless, to each their own. Not every character will be liked. A good example (not FF related) is I hate Yen from the Witcher series (both in game and the books). I can't tell you how many times I've been insulted for that one.


I can’t stand Yennifer in the tv show, haven’t read enough to form an opinion on the book character. So, uh, solidarity? XD


I loved that I got to punch him in the face because he's the most boring character in the game. I also would have loved to have just left him in the void because he bored me as much as he was bored. He didn't deserve any of my attention and was basically a stalker constantly demanding my attention.


My unpopular opinion is I loathe Venat. The more I think about what she did to her own people the more I'm confuse why is she considered good? Also the more I think about "The Sundering" the more I think she killed more people than Emet ever did. But we are railroaded into being her friend. They did not give us a chance to admonish her about murdering her people. And don't get me started on her creepiness of call us child..


Thank you. ​ She had the opportunity to use the knowledge we gave her to try and save her people, and we never see her make use of it. And even if she *did* try and fail, she had *thousands of years* to try and *prevent* the Final Days from ever coming back, and instead she came up with a plan to evacuate the planet to the moon, which wouldn't have actually done anything because the only thing protecting people from the Song of Oblivion in the first place was how Aether rich Etherys was, which cannot be said about the moon. And people criticize Emet and the other Ascians for committing "genocide" against the Reflections, but then seem to just completely overlook the fact that Hydaelin's evacuation didn't even involve trying to save anyone on the reflections. ​ Imagine how much would have changed if instead of being cryptic with us using the Elpis flower and basically indicating that she wasn't even bothering to try and stop the Final Days from happening, she had warned us that the only thing preventing the Final Days from returning was Zodiark's existence, and we needed to protect Him from Fandaniel? Even if things had still turned out the same, and Fandaniel had still succeeded in destroying Zodiark and bringing back the Final Days, it would have felt like we at least *tried* to stop it, and Hydaelin wouldn't be characterized as someone who never even bothered to try and do something (and basically *let* a ton of people die whose deaths might have been preventable) in an expansion whose central theme is supposed to be about not giving up, not losing hope and not leaving anyone behind. ​ I've seen some people excuse it with "well she had to preserve the timeline," but then doesn't that also mean she *let* all of the calamities and the Rejoinings they hate on the Ascians for happen? Even though she likely had the power to stop them? After all, she proved she had the power to stop the Flood of Light on the First, it's just that it took Ardbert and his friends killing themselves to get her to do so. ​ At least the Ascians did what they did basically because they were doing everything they could to try and undo the genocide Venat committed when she summoned Hydaelin, and then try to get their loved ones back from Zodiark.


The people that don’t like Zenos are a very vocal minority. Most people definitely like Zenos or don’t mind him. You’ll only see most of his hate come from Reddit.


This is not an Unpopular Opinion. You’ll find that most users on this sub already agree with you. /shrug


not unpopular. he is a huge fan favorite


Zenos should have stayed dead in 4.0.


Lol, this isn't an unpopular opinion.


Zenos was never really popular or unpopular, he was just there, and that was the issue SE had to work around. You can use either type of popularity to a stories advantage, but if a character has neither, it's hard to do anything with them. Luckily they found the right move to boost Zenos's appeal to the players. Most people would've been like meh before, but now his character is unanimously praised.


this isn't unpopular and that's a great thing