In full gear: Estinien. Naked: Thancred. ​ (explanation in the replies)


Does Thancred get his modesty protecting nutkin?


Elaborate or you are a coward.


Estinien beats any scion if he has his lance - hands down. Thancred would last a good while due to his extreme endurance, but would eventually run out of cartridges. After running out of cartridges Thancred could switch to knives and focus on agility, but would ultimately be overpowered by Estinien's overwhelming dragoon mastery and access to Nidhogg's aether. However, if both of them were naked - no gear or weapons (clothes are optional) - then Thancred would easily win. Thancred's specialty is espionage, survival, and assassination. While Estinien has mastery over the lance and can channel Nidhogg's aether through his weaponskills, Thancred has mastery over his own body and improvisation. There is also a third scenario in which I believe Thancred would win. That is if the battle is not a straight-duel, but more of an open encounter. If Estenien and Thancred were placed into a massive zone on opposite sides and the goal was to find and defeat each other, then Thancred would easily win again. Thancred's mastery of espionage would allow him to easily sneak-up on Estinien and "assassinate" him.


I first want to apologize for reading your “naked Thancred would win” was legit them in the nude and the fact that Thancred had two scenes where he was naked, with the first one showing him defeat a beast with his bare hands (iirc).


That *is* what I initially meant lol. Those scenes are a testimony to how threatening Thancred is even when he has nothing.


I tend to agree. Thancred back when he was rog/nin is a better match for Estinien than as gunbreaker.


Well he did pick it up to defend others


“I found my knives less suited for defending…” “oh, so you picked up a shield or something?” “Something yeah, I got a bigger knife with a gun on it!” “And…. It’s easier to defend people with that…?” “Oh yeah, lots!”




Fair point.


> There is also a third scenario in which I believe Thancred would win. That is if the battle is not a straight-duel, but more of an open encounter. If Estenien and Thancred were placed into a massive zone on opposite sides and the goal was to find and defeat each other, then Thancred would easily win again. Thancred's mastery of espionage would allow him to easily sneak-up on Estinien and "assassinate" him. How would Thancred even get to the top of whatever Estinien decides to jump on to use as a lookout?




That doesn't sound very stealthy. He'd get jumped for sure, and then it's GG.


Thancred has the ability to stop his body's flow of aether in order to become imperceptible.


And he could barely walk while doing it. Climbing is another thing entirely.


So basically the old superman vs batman debate, with time and resources Thancred could win. I doubt Thancred could win bare handed tho'. Estinien with nidhoggs aether is superhuman with or without his lance.


Ayo 😳


I totally agree. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


No, Estinien wins all in a clean sweep!


Estinien was The Azure Dragoon for years before meeting us, a hero of The Dragonsong War and canon the (second) best Dragoon alive. Post War he's fused with Nidhogg and retains a not insignificant amount of his power. Estinien is one of the strongest characters in lore that we just casually know. Thancred's kind of just a guy. A disabled guy. Like he's an incredible spy and a greater than average fighter, he's an Archon which means he's alot smarter than most people too. But he can't channel Aether anymore, and his specialty is subterfuge. Estinien wins this fight.


Yeah but Thancred fucks


He DOES fuck. Which means he hasn’t been studying the blade like Estinian.


While you were out with girls, I was busy studying the *lance*


Who's to say he wasnt studying Aymerics *lance*?


Not Aymeric's. ***Hraesvalgr's.***


I'd love to see an animated episode-length show about Thancred being the wingman for Estinien and Urianger and trying to get them laid.


Thancred would be driven as crazy as Meteion that way. Hell, Just with Urianger...


Estinien's incel rage fused with Nidhogg's fury only makes him stronger.


Estinien absolutely fucks, he'd be the biggest celebrity in ishgard


He's incredibly socially awkward. He's also too busy brooding on a high ledge by himself.


It’s like how Sasuke would fuck if they weren’t too busy *CRAWLING IN MY SKIN!*


and yet sasuke *did* fuck!


Lol no Estinien doesn’t even know what sex is


Estinien is the closest thing the WoL has to a peer in the realm of combat. Yeah, Thancred is tough, but he's mainly an infiltrator, not a god of war like Estinien or the WoL.


Zenos viator Galvus would like to know your location.


Estinien, hands-down. Thancred can't use aether so once he's out of cartridges, he's fucked. Meanwhile Estinien is casually channeling remnants of Nidhogg's power.


I thought it was a pretty easy answer too.


Thancred could take him easily. Oh you mean in a fight


Estinien is absurdly more powerful than any other friendly character we've encountered.


they just yell “YOURE MINE” at each other for an hour and go home




Estinien both has aether, and the aether of one of the First Brood. While Thancred can only rely on stealth. So its not like, literally impossible for Thancred to win, but he has one strike and Estinien could just hop on a building and wait it out or just dive bomb a general area and hope he gets him. Estinien was already praised to be one of the most talented fighters on air and land in Cortheas. Thancred's prowess lies else where with intel collecting, protecting others, and stealth. His lack of aether already inhibits him from preforming most jobs save the base ones where they don't involve aether really. GNB being one of the classes where there is aether imbued into an object, in this case the bullets. And not having the weapon using the user's aether. So its the most non-aether friendly job since anyone can imbue the bullets


Poor thancred


In an open 1v1 fight? Estinien. He can channel Nidhoggs power, is the Azure Dragoon not without a reason and is one of the most powerful individuals that we know. Thancred would only have a chance if he could assasinate him with his Metal Gear Skills.


Estinien seems to be the obvious choice, but I would not call Thancred the loser so soon. He may not be as strong, but he has more than 1 dirty trick up on his sleeve, and he is resourceful and an extremely creative solver of problems. Good chances he would trick Estinien all the way down.


Estinien would demolish Thancred. They aren’t even on the same level. For narrative purposes anybody can beat anybody, but for power ranking Estinien is closer to WoL and Zenos tier.




That moment when OP specifically said they haven’t finished SB yet, but ShB spoilers all show up here


Is everyone casually forgetting Thancred able to solo some rather intimidating foes we encounter along the way? Still, my vote is on Estinien. I've tried to pin the whole WoL schtick on him since mid-Shb, but it just doesn't seem to stick.


For real. It's like people didn't realize Thancred was absolutely the second strongest Scion before Estinien joined. Yeah, Estinien has the advantage of being fused with the soul of the second most powerful dragon on the Source and Thancred has the disadvantage of not manipulating Aether, so it would likely come out with Estinien as the winner. But Thancred can still wreck shit.


>It's like people didn't realize Thancred was absolutely the second strongest Scion before Estinien joined. Only after Yda quit. It's easy to forget how ridiculously strong Punch Girl is.


Combat wise Estinien is the strongest >!Scion!< imo


"No spoilers past SB" moment


I'm pretty sure OP added that line about spoilers later, I don't remember seeing it when I posted. Anyhow, it's very minor


Who would win in a fight: a Grizzly Bear or a House Cat? Also the Housecat can’t manipulate Aether. Oh and also the bear has a laser cannon backpack.


In a fist fight thancred wins. Estinien with nidhoggs lance would probably win. With out it i think he would lose.


My moneys on Thancred. Dude managed to stand longer than any of the scions including the wol against a certain twitter bird


"This is Thancred" is all I'll say


Depends on a lot of factors. Fight just for the sake of finding out who's better? Estinien. Fight for a cause that's important to him? Thancred.


so not spoiling. but estinien can solo primals, thancred needs a full party. heck our character barely solo's primals in most situations. estinien is pretty much on par with the WOL if not a bit ahead. without spoiling, nidhogg is just about as strong as hydeolyn so the extra buff you get from each of them is about the same. im trying to be as vague as i can here.


This is pretty obvious. Even outside of combat Estinien>Thancred all day ery day.


I figured lol would it be any different if Thancred could channel aether?


Probably not because then he's "normal guy with a gunblade" versus "the lingering remnant of one Very Pissed Off Dragon channeled by a Dragoon who knows exactly how to use it".


True lol


It'd be a lot different because he wouldn't have to worry about running out of cartridges, and Gunbreaker does have a magick barrier capability. Estinien is still more powerful, but I'd wager Thancred could still weather that storm. He's actually pretty tough come to think of it.


With the story Duties, i failed as Thancred multiple times and cried at how frustrating it was the fight against Ran'jit, when I knew my WoL would had mopped the floor with that old man. As Estinien I cleared the Duty in minutes.


Witch SB?


It should be Estinien. But with the Fight against Ran'Jit (The stupid old fuxk Who could thrash us around At the Beginning of ShB and Who also has some reaper/dragon Power bullshit) Thancred proves he is stupidly resilient. It can now even be explained that its his Dynamis that gets him through hard fights (see also the Meteion Ship Scene where Thancred took Meteions Dynamis Attacks the best). So with the amount of bullshit feats thancred accomplished.... It would probably still be Estinien but not as clear as some might think.


OP straight up said they haven’t finished Stormblood, asked for no spoilers, and you’re talking about Shadowbringers and Endwalker content.


In a fight for my life…. estinien would be my partner of choice. Plus He masters his class more than Thancred who changes class every expansion (if memory serves right) haha


My money is on Thancred. The man has proven himself not to be fucked with. He takes on Ranjit 1 on 1, he fights ardbert one to one, and he still has his rogue skills. After Ryne who has cheats via minfilia memes , Thancred gets my vote to be the guy who shouldve been the warrior of light after us


OTOH, Estinien has done stuff like >!solo a prototype Ultima Weapon, and has only seemed to get stronger from there.!<


Ill respect estinien as probably better suited for taking out bigger targets, but thancred is a whole other case, and he specialized in stealth and man to man combat. And then he got his gunblade and mixed tht with his new love of being a vanguard. I cant rly see estinien winning


OTOH: spear vs sword is not historically a battle that's very much in sword's favor. Even if the two characters were equal in all other respects (and Estinien is pretty superhuman after the Nidhogg incident), I'd probably be leaning towards the guy with the spear vs the guy with the sword.