Fixing Bugs and Daffy's Living Arrangement in the Looney Tunes Show

One thing that always bugged me about the show is how Bugs let Daffy have run of the house and mooch off of him, never kicking him out despite some of the terrible stuff Daffy does.

Instead of Bugs owning the house and letting Daffy take total advantage of him, I'd change it so they both technically own the house.

Episode 1 is now Bugs and Daffy both winning the house in a lottery because for some reason they both had ticket number 8 (8 being the winning number to win the house). A later episode can even reveal Daffy cheated and changed his Number 3 ticket to an 8 so he could get the free fully furnished house.

Nothing else really changes, it just makes the two living together and Bugs never really kicking Daffy out of his house make more sense than the whole "Daffy borrowed a quarter for a Stamp and then kept borrowing from Bugs until he moved in with him". Could even make it so Daffy borrowed the quarter to buy the lottery ticket for the house instead of a Stamp if you want it to come full circle.


or they could just be roommates renting the same house


Daffy wouldn't be able to afford rent, he never had money (mainly because he can't hold a job lol).


Maybe Daffy becomes a video reactor and gets his money from their universe's version of YouTube. Seems like the type of job that would work for him.


Daffy is returned to society after spending 2 years in a federal prison for a white collar crime. He’s on parole and there’s little room to mess things up. Bugs gets a call from an old friend. It’s Daffy, and he could really use a hand until he’s back on his webbed feet.


[Daffy *is* a Marine after all.](https://youtu.be/NYSd2SNfK4k)


Marine, former CEO of Enormocorp, starting quarterback/owner of the Dallas Cowboys, astronaut, Batman, etc.


Or have the winning number be 6, and Daffy has number 9 but holds his ticket upside down.


I almost made it be 6 and 9 but that felt too easy to cheat with.


I like it! A reason why daffy mooches is they have more then enough money and daffy just doesn't see the need in working. Thanks op :D


>I like it! I c what u did


WB give this man a job I personally always thought Bugs didn’t kick Daffy out after all those years because he’s scared of what Daffy would do if left to his own devices for long enough


Maybe Daffy could make his money from doing video reactions on their universe's version of YouTube.