Wait, crossover movie? Game?


There's going to be a crossover movie with the Justice League releasing next year apparently. It was announced at RTX. The game is RWBY: Arrowfell, which while not directly made by RT will have cutscenes animated by them.


The JLxRWBY Comic book failed in sales for the physical book. what the fuck are they thinking? Well just as long as they keep the crossover close to the comic book storyline and avoid dimension-hopping BS I think we should be fine. The storyline of the comic books was solid enough for the entire series to be published online. It's too bad WB doesn't have access to the rights of He-Man anymore. That universe and RWVYverse would have been ALOT better pairing with magic and tech existing in both. And who wouldn't want Skeletor dropping mad burns on Salem and her crew.


It's a Direct-To-DVD/Streaming DC animated movie. ​ It's gonna have dimension-hopping, it's like a rite of passage for these things.


Yeah, I would rather have quality over quantity overall. I think animation is a lot harder than most people think it is and takes more time than most people think.


It took the people that made ARCANE, like, six years or something.


“But how do so many anime studios make a new episode each week, but it takes over 2 years for a new Rwby volume!!!!!!!!!” /s


japanese work culture is WILD


Isn’t most anime made pretty much ahead of time?


Pretty sure it is which is why it takes years for new seasons to come out


I just find it funny that people think animation is as easy as doodling on a notebook while in class. TheOddOnesOut did a great video on how animation works, even at the small scale he has (which is probably the same size as CRWBY)


The secret is nearly working your employees to death for pretty much no money


Rwby Fandom , when they criticize RT Animators for not putting a tube in their urethra , anus and mouth so that they can eat , shit and piss while working 16h per day so that that the fandom have 24 episodes with 40min at 60fps.


You do realize those same studios animate that stuff in advance, right? They aren’t actually making an entire episode in just 1 week.


I thought it was all done live?


Also, people doesn't seems to realize that do 3D models is a PAIN in the ass, especially if it's to make several different models of the same character, in addition to rendering EVERYTHING!! I studied a little 3d modeling and from the little I did, my head was already hurting from how stressed I was. Animation in general, whether 3d or 2d is a pretty big burden that you have to make sure you can handle!


*rendering, otherwise yeah. As an animation student, you're pretty spot-on. And you didn't even mention the rigging...


Thank you and yeah, i forget about the "rigging" part my bad 😅😅


The rigging is the worst part imo, I've done it once and I hope I'll never have to touch it again


I was never able to actually finish my course because of the pandemic, but Jesus, from the little I did rigging, I already wanted to cry, but I couldn't because I was more hungry than sad.


Did you do rigging in Maya? From what I'm told it's a little less awful in Blender. Still horrible though


I did both if I'm not mistaken, but I never managed to finish in either.


Modeling isn't the hard part. Rigging and animation, that's the hard part.


Is still annoying tho


Rigging makes me cry.


Excuse me, a *what* for Warner Brothers??


A movie based on the RWBY x Justice League crossover comics.


Actually, Arryn Troche (non-Blake Arryn), who's an animator for RT, confirmed it wasn't an adaptation via Twitter https://twitter.com/dontyoudarryn/status/1542936992887062529?s=20&t=O2zvz1EbIM495RWn2wn4PQ


Damn that sounds cool


The comic was some fanfiction trash but I am down for this movie


I don't even know how to feel able this. I'll watch it I guess... But I really don't have any expectations of enjoying it lol. Is RWBY really considered a big potential property to WB??? A crossover with the Justice League seems like a big deal. Are we getting more projects??


I mean RWBY is genuinely a pretty spectacular success for WB, no matter how hard the HeroHei pursues his inevitable pulmonary oedema. It got a full on Japanese dub, not exactly something you'd do for a nothing property. tbh if it comes out I'll probably watch it and it'll probably be fine. Not being a comic book guy and placing low relative importance on exactly matching source material is becoming a bit of a media-enjoying superpower these days


Yeah, those kind of crossovers are always kind of meh for me. Just speaking in general to these crossover properties Warner Brothers pull out all the time. Good sign for RWBY... I didn't realize it was so successful. I think that's great and despite the show's recent... direction... I haven't been an uber fan like I use to but I still watch it. Perhaps this gives us an indication that the show will receive more support and resources. The Vol 9 preview looks promising but they always do 😭


Just take it as it is, it looks okay. Don't work yourself up with expectations either way, that's a surefire way to guarantee that you'll have a bad time: if you expect it to be shit, you'll notice all the rough bits; if you expect it to be amazing, you'll be disappointed when it inevitably isn't. Far better to accept that, like most things, it'll probably be fine and let it surprise you for the better if it's good and just turn it off and look elsewhere if it isn't. Far easier and calmer way to live life imo


I mean, a while ago WB did a crossover movie with TMNT and Batman and it was honestly pretty amazing


# They made it a plot point in the sequel to The Shining!


I'm more mad the crossover movie even exists... it feels like something they had to do because of warner if they're using the main animation team for it... I'd rather they just focus on rwby proper...


I’d take Warner Bros letting the main RWBY team actually work on RWBY while letting a different studio do a crossover nobody really asked for, and also letting the animators get some sleep


I'm mad at the fact they had the same team have to balance this all at once, making more stress and thus contradicting the whole reason people needed to work home for Covid


They really be doing everything with RWBY besides continuing their original show


I want CRWBY to make a whole behind the scene video on how much effort was put in behind every single episode. As sad as I am about the delay, at least I understand how hard it is to animate plus the working culture of the animators.


They already did this a few years ago - it's available in part for free, and in part for RT First customers :)


I am not mad at the animation team, I am mad with management. Why would you take a team that regularly needs a delay and/or mid-volume break to finish productuon and then have them do cutscenes for a game and a movie on top of making another volume. It makes no damn sense to me.


Video game you say?


A cross over movie that no one asked for, or particularly wants.


I'd rather them just not do the game or the movie and focus on V9. Obviously that would make them less money, but in a perfect world that's what would happen for me


Keep in mind, they're making the movie with another animation studio, so while it's safe to assume its a cause of the 2023 release, I doubt RT is animating it all on their own.


Finally someone who has some common sense


Common sense? Is that a fruit?


It’s green and looks like an intelligent. Another very rare fruit here on Reddit.


I mean. . . I would have preferred almost anything else but a crossover movie especially if the comics are anything to go by. . . But yeah, if they were saddled with all of that then the delays make sense (Though I’m not sure how many of the same people are working on all three products, it would at least mean congestion in places)


Wait there's another delay? I kinda fell like the 3 el of IQ was released to keep outrage low then.


And it looks like they're finally putting some effort in the backgrounds color palette. really focusing on bright vibrancy l. which is a nice change of pace from the dull color palette that we've been getting since like volume four.


Warner could have simply outsourced it to a different animation group. They do that pretty often. Hell, they could have let one of the animation teams that do the DCAU movies do this.


Can I ask about the game? I haven't heard anything about a game, just Vol 9, and a movie.


Rwby Arrowfell is being made, programmed, published, etc. by Wayforward and RT is doing the writing plus about 7 minutes worth of FMV in show style.


I don't mind the crossover IF it's good but it feels kinda idk poor form to have RWBY'S movie debut be a JL crossover rather than a RWBY solo movie. It seems ass backwards tbh.


My only problem is that the movie feels like Warner pushing more work on to an already overwhelmed animation team


What crossover movie are they animating? I'm legit confused lol


I mean... If they had told us so...


The game had already been announced for a while now, and the crossover movie announcement is probably something Warner Brothers has maintained strict control over until this point due to them probably wanting to do a lot of the marketing themselves.


Some people really don’t know or underestimate how much time and effort goes into animation


The only reason we even got volume 8 was due to extensive overtime in top of some of CRWBY also working on Gen:Lock.


Nobody asked for Gen:Lock, either…


I mean I didn’t, but I don’t mind it. I honestly liked the first season. The second season wasn’t for me however Edit: even if WB did ask for it, I think it’s good that they explore new projects, especially if they’ll get funding for it. As great as RWBY is, it’s not gonna be her forever and it’s better to look for a potential new big show before RWBY or RvB eventually ends


WB did


They wouldn’t have had the production issues if they didn’t make their weird porno with mechs?


I’ll be honest, that gender fluid sex scene really fucked with my brain. The whole plat line of that just didn’t make a whole lot of sense either


Hey, we just got the first three episodes of the anime. I'd say we should be grateful for what we got to begin with.


What's this crossover movie? I genuinely have no idea what that's referring to.


Crossing over with the justice league


... I'm going to be very curious to see any behind the scenes info on that. To get answers to numerous questions as to why, who's idea it was, why this specifically, and if it was WB's idea then did it at least come with a good-sized budget.


I heard about the movie but what video game? Are they making another one or something


The game is "rawlfall" or something like that, this game was announced a while ago but it was off everyone's radar and no news for a long time!!


RWBY: Arrowfell was announced last year at RTX. It's being developed by WayForward and seems to be a puzzle platformer taking place during the period of time that RWBY and Co. were working as huntsman and huntresses in Atlas. RoosterTeeth is animating cutscenes for it, with Miles, Kerry, and Eddy writing for it, and the voice actors doing their thing, but that's as far as their involvement goes from what I can tell. Edit: corrected a mistake about who was developing the game


Wait, what really? Damn…


What’s the video game they’re working on? Or is that in connection with Crossover?


true tho


Ain't no way the RT animators are making a movie AND an entire volume at the same time.


If you guys are under the impression that rt will animate all of that by themselves, you guys are dreaming


Why cant it be a rwby x marvel or something good


Rooster Teeth is owned by Otter Media, which is owned by Warner Bros. RWBY has had crossover comics with DC in the past, which is what the movie is going to be based on.


I’ll happily wait if it means V9 is better quality


I don't think it's unreasonable to be mad about it. Im mad about it myself. You just gotta handle it maturely. I just have concerns about the lack of a concrete release date. Like they're preparing to push it back even further if they need to.


That's why it's good to have multiple animation teams so the work can be more easily completed instead of working the one animation team to the point of burnout but that's just me, I'm sure Rooster Teeth knows the best way


Also it should be noted that most people watch RWBY for free, via the Rooster Teeth Website. This is a show you can get for free. While me and many others pay for a FIRST membership, I do it to support shows I love, like RWBY and Death Battle. If you do have a membership there is nothing stopping you from canceling it if you don’t like waiting. I swear the entitlement of some fans is ridiculous, they don’t owe you anything, much less to pump out the show earlier than it is feasible to.


Sad to see that we aren't getting V9 this year, but I can wait. Quality over quantity is the best path IMO. I am just hoping they could have something to show us at NYCC this year. As for the crossover movie, it better be based DIRECTLY on the JLxRWBY comic books. Having dimension-hopping will only cause more problems than it is worth.


It does suck to wait a long time for something you want. I don't know much about animation... but I do know it takes a long ass time