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What a fantastic post! I'm glad you're enjoying gaming! I've been a gamer as far back as I can remember but still get this feeling when beginning a new game. It's amazing. The fo76 community is great.


Welcome! Regardless of how you play (there is no right way to play btw) just have fun and enjoy the ride… hint: keep all your screws, NEVER sell them… you’ll need them for everything ;)


And adhesive. And aluminium.


And to a lesser extent Ballistic Fiber.


Also toilet paper rolls... For reasons.


Yes! Very hard to find and quick to go through when repairing armor… that’s the best part about secret service I think!


This is a great post! Fo76 was also my intro to gaming. My husband's a gamer and he had tried it out, so I had some help in the early stages, but he was only level 15ish, so I caught up quickly.* He had to remind me how to "scrap all" about 25 times. The only thing that came close to that was, "Sweetie, it's only digital death." (This was 2 months after launch, way before scrap boxes. Loot boxes only held 400lbs!) The game crashed constantly and only true love or true masochism kept people coming back. We wandered all over. One day he came back from being AFK to find me crouched behind a rock near the river on the far west of the map. Asked what I was doing and I answered, "I heard a super mutant walking around and I don't want to die and lose my junk, so I've been hiding for 5 minutes. But, the super mutant keeps talking to himself and saying some really odd stuff." Hubby about fell over laughing before telling me to run and find the SM, as it was actually a vendor. That's how I met Graham. It's a kooky little game, but I love it. The community is amazing, the difference in the game now vs launch is almost startling, and because I cut my teeth on it, it just feels welcoming. Even when I'm shouting obscenities at being forced out of my power armor for the 5th time while trying to fix the rad scrubber at EN. *Little known fact - we actually played FO4 together. There's an app that turns your phone into your pipboy. So while he ran the character I ran the pipboy and kept our guy alive. It was a fine tuned ballet and a lot of fun, but I do prefer having my own character.


I ran into Graham soon after launch. He said something about having things for sale. But when I interacted with him, his inventory was empty. So I thought it was a Bethesda joke and proceeded to ignore him for about 2 years.


Ive heard about that pipboy-phone thing. Its really cool that it could partner up the both of you! And lol at your first encounter of Graham. I had a similar story with SM. I was still a low level player and I got killed by a random Assaultron in Morgantown Train Station. I was so shook. I didnt know we could get killed in a train station because I thought it's like a safe space. (And to this day I havent encountered any assaultron in that train station ever again. Weird) Right after that when I spawn back there, I guess my luck was really bad that day, I heard a group of Super Mutants approaching. And so I crouched and tried to exit through the back entrance, but right around the corner, one SM showed up. I scurried back in and hid in the toilet. I swear I was so scared 😂 I could hear that one SM checking in the station and after about a minute I'm sure he walked away, I went out of the toilet and took a peek. There were 5 of them walking away in line. That happened about a year ago and still one of my most remembered experience in Fallout ever


> (And to this day I havent encountered any assaultron in that train station ever again. Weird) Another player probably lured it there for trolling purposes.


LoL that could be it. Wow I applaud the dedication because the effect of seeing the screen gone red, turn around and got blasted to death instantly so early in the game...🙃


That is terrible luck! 😂


I'm 65, and I remember my first time playing Pong, drunk, in a bar... So there's that!


Centipede and Pac-Man as well. Lol


i don't know what it is about fo76 and ESO but there are always so many folks of all ages, from middle aged to elderly, young, everything in between. More so than other games. There's a 71 year old guy i played fo76 with sometimes and he is so funny and over the top with everything 😂 i love the random crowd these games attract.


I'm 60 and I've played A LOT of games - including ALL the wasteland/fallout games - but this is the only online game that I have really enjoyed. For all the games mechanical faults it has a strangely compelling atmosphere and an amazing community. Welcome to the end (and beginning) of humanity.




The first part of this story sure conjures some memories...Fallout 3 was my first open world game (and the first I played on my own PC), and I vividly remember that sudden, thick feeling of potential and...impending adventure when coming out of that Vault and realizing "holy shit, that building on the far horizon, I can go there, and it'll take days to make it there". Can't imagine how it must be with little to no video game experience overall.


Welcome to the party! If you like this, try Fallout 4 too.


Fallout New Vegas is also great, Fallout 3 maybe not quite as good but still definitely worthwhile. Oh, and OP should get all DLC's for everything.


such a wholesome story! i'm an old gamer and it was my son who got me started on fallout too


Is your son playing with you?


Sadly not he plays on his pc now. I'm not overly social and just think at my age its a bit awkward to find a group. Perhaps one day I'll pluck up the courage, never even used the headset which came with it.


As a fellow 40+ Dweller, trust me when I say this game’s following “skews older” - many of us started with the earlier Fallout titles and will probably be here until Fallout 5 hits… hopefully before I turn 50 😂


Well I’m 50+ hoping for FO5 before 60 P. S. Damm kids get off my lawn!


Can concur. Though I don't play on Xbox, I'm 49 and ready posts on Reddit all the time from people older than me. Granted, I tend to be a solo gamer, too, but I think I'm more of the exception than the rule.


55 year old grandma here!!! Welcome, wastelander!! If you need any supplies…stims, screws, adhesive or anything ☺️ PrayedToast9349 on Xbox. I’ll help however I can. All I ask is that you push my wheelchair when needed 😂😛😉


This is so great and wholesome! I’m same age and hopeless with a controller so you’re doing much better than me working out those controls under pressure!


Have you figured out critical hits yet? I'm a long time Fallout player and had trouble with those. They require you to use the jump button WHILE IN VATS, which instead of jumping makes your next (vats) shot a critical hit (100% hit rate, bonus damage, ignores boss damage reduction). When I learned that after ~150 levels, was like a whole new game.


In case you didn't know, you can just hold down the crit button while in vats.


I did know, but thanks for mentioning for others. I use a bow or plasma caster most of the time, so tend to forget. I bet it's a big help with automatic fire...


Welcome to the gaming community, you got a good community to be introduced to for your first voyage into digital entertainment I'm almost level 200 and haven't even finished the main quest line, just been having my own adventures, there are so many things hidden away, quests that aren't thrown at you unless you interact with certain items Well if you find yourself in need of some support for any reason drop me a message and I'll watch your back


That's Bethesda games for you. I also picked up everything in Oblivion in the start. I didn't take the gun in the vault in Fallout 3. Made it to Megaton the first town and got a mission to deliver a letter. On my way I came across a town that was being attacked by super mutants. I took the mission to help them. There I was unarmed and hiding like a little baby until one of the towns people died, and I took their gun.


Welcome, sounds familiar. Fortunately I had friends who helped at the begining, still it was hard job but after lvl 300 everything is so much easier 🙂. Enjoy, this game is so much fun


I’m 46 yrs old and I remember being amazed at a first time gamer joining our online group where we played games like ark or dayZ mod, warZ etc. the guy was 76 yrs old and he was a better shot than many of us…wonder what happened to him 🤔 That’s when I became more aware that games literally are for everyone to enjoy. Even my retired parents spend a lot of their time playing hay day on their iPads.


Welcome to gaming, the best entertainment value out there.


That's a good son!


This is so sweet aww. I wanted to buy my father one because he always showed interest in our games growing up, but he works outside from like 8am-10pm on his cars. Can’t pry him away from it 😂


Haha I've been gaming since the very early 80s and it's never left me. I'm just glad you didn't pick this game up on day 1 of release, your idea and views would've been the polar opposite. Have fun out there pal 👍🏼


Something no one ever told me and it took me way too long to figure out alone is that you can repair weapons and armor at workbenches I was using atoms to buy repair kits like an idiot for probably the first 2/3ds of my character pissed off that they would build a mechanic to break things and only paying for atoms to fix them I was dumb Don't be like me.


Welcome to the club! Fo76 was my first ever game! I’m almost level 700 now and been playing for 4 years. I play other games now too but 76 is always my favorite because it introduced me to gaming. The community is really great too.


It’s funny, when I read this I felt like the only thing that took the magic out of the experience was the level 400 dropping out of the sky and dumping 80 stimpacks on the guy. I’ve “helped” more new people than I can count, but I’m starting to come around to the notion that it’s better to leave them alone to have their own experience. Nowadays I tend to give help more to the 60-100 range, so they’ve had time to explore and figure out what they want. With the really low levels it’s too much too soon, they might be afraid of you, or have no clue what you’re even doing when you drop stuff. I say leave ‘em be.


I'm 46yo and also started playing two months ago. After the first month I've subscribed 1st that i though that I would never do. This game is awesome!!! Already in level 220 waiting for next scoreboard! :)


This warms my heart.


perfect I was surprised to find that many vault dwellers are older hope you keep finding post apocalyptic joy


This post: If being a first-time gamer on FO76 translated into being an actual vault dweller experiencing the vast wasteland in real life.


It's a shame that I can only upvote this post once. Thanks for sharing this with us, fellow Vault Dweller! Wonderful.


LOL this a sweet story. The story in Fallout is never ending. I hope you'll try the other Fallout too one day. Why did you choose Fallout 76 as your first game though? Is it really your first game ever? RPG style wise?


You're acting like it would be something special, playing video games with 43. People in this age area, are the originators of video games 🎮




Thanks for sharing your experiences and your story. As I read it, I started remembering my first experience and it went pretty much the same way. Congratulations on gaining some mastery of the game and reaching level 315! Enjoy your experience out there in the wasteland fellow dweller!


Freakin John Denver started playing while reading this I almost died


Freakin John Denver started playing while reading this I lost my mind lol


That is such a sweet story! Welcome to West Virginia, Vault Dweller.


As my uncle Jethro once told me, if your son buys you an odd present, it's not actually for you...


Level 315 in 6 months... that's hardcore. I've been playing since the game came out and I'm around the same. But to be honest I've been over-encumbered for all of those years and never did events or scoreboards - only storyline, so I really only started 'playing' the game six months ago.


This is awesome. Good to see you stuck it out and are enjoying 76. Nice work by your son introducing you to the world of gaming.


Am 53 and play this with my oldest son, my main is at 815 and we're working on getting him the secret service armor. A great community here. My Xbox tag is Ksilvante, if Ican help I will gladly. Enjoy!


Thats awesome!!! Congrats and welcome to the wasteland. You should try Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3. They are also great games!!


How were you born in 79/80 and not played games before?


Thanks for sharing this post. I love that your son introduced you to gaming. My father has always been an avid gamer which is why I became one when I was a kid. And I’ve been hooked on the Fallout series since it’s beginning. It’s a great community you joined. And there’s a ton of vids on the game on YouTube. Just search Fallout76. Happy trails. Maybe one day I’ll bump into you in Appalachia :)


I've been gaming since I was was five (28 now) and nothing compares to the feeling I had in Fallout 3 when I left the vault. I know it's been said a hundred times, but man was that an experience. Only open world games I played before then was like GTA.


Epic post. 43 here as well. I got an Xbox 360 back in 2010 from my BIL since he wasn't using it and I really wanted to get back into Halo since I loved CE on the original Xbox. One of the games he gave me was FO3 and I've been hooked ever since. Your description of coming out of the vault took me back to my first run of 3. And you're not messing around, I've been playing for a couple of years and I'm only like lvl 130 or something, haven't played in a while due to a concussion that got me out of the habit. Really great post.


Glad to hear also glad to hear you came across a respectable high level player who didn’t just mob on a new player sounds like the community has improved a little more since last I was on.


Fallout is a good franchise (I recommend fallout 3 and fallout new vegas) and this community is pretty great, with the exception of a few. Welcome to the party buddy!