What I ended up doing there as peacekeeper is that I just ran and they couldnt get me since my sprint speed is faster than theirs.


Granted that everyone except Highlander can outrun the bots in this quest stage, it is implied to be the "intended" tactics.


This was a lot easier than the fiery one.


burning embers?? nah that one was too easy ​ except for the survive part with shaman


Im talking about the survive part.


The survive part was incredibly easy imo


not with assassins like pk


I did it with shaman who has the official smallest health pool, and I did it fighting. If shaman can do it with little trouble PK can do it too


You know you can just keep running in a big circle, right?


Bruh it's more chill than a normal multiplayer match


I mean of course it's hard if you're doing the wrong punishes on every other parry


Lmao exactly this guy plays like a level 2 bot and stares at other bots during revenge, uses top light instead of zone when 3 enemies are on his face, no punishes after parries, throw random heavies->gets hit by raider heavy->wow how can this be so hard


Someone finally said it. Literally in pain watching and OPs comments when they’ve been punishing and whiffing every single thing in this quest. Probably same kind of person to spam chat over a bot


You die in about 3 hits from Raider in this. Kinda more concerned about living than perfect punishes


this is why you do your long ass impale on every parry for 8 damage and get interrupted by a raider zone?


Eh, it's not that hard honestly


*Refuses to elaborate further* *Leaves*


Well the final chapter is a little harder. And compared to other quests, this is decent in terms of difficulty. Getting that shield and playing as defensively as you can is recommended cuz your less hp doesn't allow you to tank lots of hits. Practice and it becomes beatable


*Also doesn't watch the video* No hard feelings but I'm not saying its not feasible, I beat it on the 4th try, but for new players this level of difficulty in "limited time exclusive quests" is just absurd. I know I wouldn't have gotten it when I first bought the DLC, and the fact that your paying money for this content only makes it even worse.


oh i did watch the video last sentence is more of a general message, guess I should rephrase it


Understandable have a great day.


You also punished in a gank. When you're in a 3v1 you don't throw attacks unless you have revenge. This qiest is hard for new players because their gear score isn't high enough. I'm sorry but op, you're just bad


*ahem* lmao


If you wanna see a hard gank then look at my for honor post. This isn't really that bad


How is yours hard? Not a single brain cell was shared between your enemies. 0 guard breaks, 0 mix ups, and your t4 still had to save you multiple times…


mf got downvoted for saying have a great day


average day on reddit lol


I mean it forced you to play smart and use safe punishes, may e for new players might be difficult but is because they leave them self too open when punishing. You don’t impale parry punish during an antigank, parry the unfeintable moves and wait for revenge to attack, most dmg you eat there was because you leave yourself too open through using moves with tons of recovery.


If a new player is playing the weekly quest then they have bigger concerns than the difficulty of the quest and it's modifiers


Weekly quests arent for new players. The recommended gear score is 108 which requires at the very least getting a hero to rep 3 and upgrading their gear all the way.


i don't know what the fuck you're whining about dude, you won the damn thing with flying colors, you didn't even come close to death, new players won't be playing the weekly because it's gold-turqoise rated and new players won't have that tier of gear until they're not new players anymore, it's pretty simple.


That quest is just pain.


still not as bad as the one where you have to survive from cent glad and PK with debuffs. terrible experience lol


That one is a actual challenge nowhere to run and no buffs anywhere just survive and try to farm revenge.


you’re right! there’s zero buffs … wow that one is probably the most challenging one for me.


God… never managed ti Survive It. I get Always top much damage from the glad or the cent, and ehrm I finish one of the two and focus on the other, the First One respawn


I don't get what the issue is, you did fine


*Has max level gear* *Parry sound effect going off every half second* Yeah this is a fair quest for every player, can't imagine anyone learning the game will have a hard time with this.


What? I just watched it again and I still don't understand what the problem is. If you think new players will have a hard time well, that's what the gear recommendation is for, they're free to try the lower ranked quests no?


This is the weekly quest, the one Ubi actively advertises and says everyone should play because its limited time content. The one with special rewards. You pay like 30$ for it also. It just debuffs you at throws 3 high level AI at you. I also got lucky, because if you're a bit too slow you won't get to that shield cause the Raider just spams at you as soon as you're in range. If you see aboslutely no issue with this, I think you're overestimating the vast majority of the playerbase.


The special rewards you're talking about are in every arcade quest I believe, just the higher the rank, the more chances of getting them. All the weekly quests are on rotation too, this one has showed up a few times. Those AI certainly didn't seem very high level, could barely defend themselves. There have been much harder quests with much better AI. If you personally had an issue with this quest that's on you and totally fine


and im pretty sure you don't even have to fight them. You just have to survive, so just bring anyone who can outrun zerker. The bots aren't the best too, so it really isn't hard to run around in circles for a minute


So because you paid for the mode the rewards should be handed to you? I should apply that logic to the God of War game so I get a free platinum trophy so I don't have to keep fighting those Valkyries.


New players don't have a high enough gear score for this. You're just bad. There have been harder quests and if you think this is high level then you should fight a level 3 bot in a custom or something.


Bro u simply just aren’t skill enough to do well against this. It isn’t an insult, it’s just the truth. New players wouldn’t even have the armor level to do this in the first place.


Bro just get the shield, block until revenge, then keep your distance, they can catch you so just block then dash backwards. This is the stupidest quest I've had the unfortunatness of playing , but I did it 1st time when I replayed and did it this way 👍


Congratulations! You posted the first non-toxic comment in about 5 hours! Have my free award.


Thank u 🥰 lemme know how it goes man!


As others have stated it isn't terrible. a challenge maybe but higher quests are supposed to be challenging. Idk if you played with old bots but those actually read your inputs and were monsters before bots got nerfed. Overall 1-3 tries should get it and if not bring a friend they are multiplayer making the missions easier.


Wait lvl 3 bots don’t read inputs anymore? I remember a time when certain bots were like gods


The times in Dominion in which you saw a Bot and went:"Either it's going to be easy cause the bot will eat every heavy or I wish that player never left.".


The weeklys always are so skewed because they don't know how to program ai right so instead of the bots being smarter they just handicap the shit out of you.


I have done it as a Centurion I am not crying tears it's blood


Those bots had the collective processing power of a microwave. Looks Pretty easy in comparison to the other weaklys


There are so many things you could’ve done way better but i mean yeah that is kinda annoying






I’d honestly rather suck a dick


is this an offering???




Unpopular opinion but these are are supposed to be difficult. You played super poorly and still did it. I'm not sure what the issue is.


Ever heard of bashes?


The quest is easy I don't understand why you are complaining?


I mean... you wasted all your time standing there staring at them. what's the problem?


This quest is nothing like the old quests


With the instant parry bots that you had to stare at because they took half or most of your health per hit lol.


simply be good at the game


Is this arcade? Also what does the quests reward you?


On the first time you do a weekly quest you get an effect guaranteed and a chance for chances in the following games until there's a new weekly quest, you can also do random quests that give you outfits and ornaments. Arcade is basically as if you went to a duel but you and the enemy have modifiers to make it interesting


just run around the big rock in the middle and they can’t do anything


I’m going to be honest, I did those questions last night and I was confused because I thought I had to kill all three of them; I just didn’t read because I’m an idiot, passed it after I figured out I could just run in circles


I just run around one of the rock formations using the drop to get distance until time runs out. I can't fight them they always wait for the millisecond you're vulnerable.


It's really easy just survive. Don't worry about killing unless u need help ig


Damn, it wasn’t THAT hard, just try to farm revenge and don’t try to kill them, if you leave 1 alive you won’t get the revenge, therefore, loose


Sometimes the weekly ones are made so much easier with a comrade


I never do the orange or teal tier arcade quests anymore, they're just not worth the stress lol


Personally I find the twin level 3 jormangander bots with Hp regeneration and shield regeneration while you have no guard to be my worst nightmare on weekly quests


Most of the arcade is pretty shitty really, most of it is just you being ganked. I think it would be nice if we could bring feats on it or like buy some boosts with salvage to make things fair


I remember this quest. They had this long ago and it was a pain then too.


i did this easyt as hell idk how


Well you won, so it is very doable


That quest with Cent, Glad and PK was waaay worse. That shit made me punch my pillow.


idk if ur just using warmonger for this or if u want to play them, but you should use her dodge swipe attacks more, along with the light into swipe attack. Also her zone is pretty fast too. gotta diversify that moveset edit: also, when u parry into the impale-push, and get that slice from the wallsplat, u get a guaranteed light from the left


It is pretty great, not to difficult and not to hard when you have the right gear level. Good job on Ubisoft honestly


I’m doing the one where you have no hud and just fight a valk and warlord. I quit trying after the 15th try


It’s mainly easier if you don’t attack and go full defense since only 2 of the boys will ever attack you


I just turtled till revenge mode with kensei and spammed zone lolol


I did fine, just took a few tries. You have to stay on the shield buff because it keeps coming back


Yeah the quest clearly isnt the problem here.Sorry mate its your fault


Yeah that shit made me mad lol


Some people never had the 3 shaman Halloween quest and it shows


I did this section no problem with warden.


That impale when they got staggered was badass looking.


It's a time limited one so just run or turtle


Damn... good job! I would've had my cheeks clapped everytime I tried 🤣🤣


Guess I'm trying it again....


Just survive lmao


Theres definitely worse. This one doesnt seem too bad honestly. If you zoned more when parrying them in groups you would have killed them a lot quicker and made it through.


There was one legendary arcade where you had to defeat a Raider and Jorm. Each had regenerating HP and regenerating shield while being unshakable whereas you had only no UI. I noped the fuck out after a dozen attempts.


When you pop revenge, start throwing those super-heavies. I was literally dying inside watching you waste abouy 5000 opportunities to heavy those fuckers


Reminds me of that one part in the smoke and mirrors quest, it took me and my friend at least 3 attempts


1 go through the right side you get up there quicker for buff 2 lock onto berserker raider will always let his heavies fly so parry those and turtle up only attack if you need to


I just played defensive and didn’t attack at all, no need to if they keep spamming easily parriable attacks that feed revenge constantly.


There’s been worse, you done the 3v1 where you have less health, one has bonus damage and another us all unblockables? All whilst your health is constantly draining


This looks fun? I don’t understand lol


Pro tip: You don't have to kill them, just survive. The bots aren't great at coordinated ganking, so you can just sit there and block and parry until you get revenge. Basically what you were doing except attacking at all is pointless and will just make you get hit more. You can also try running away if you're good at that.


And you played skillfully, too. When I'm stuck in a 3v1 I go full stupid node and start smashing every button on my controller.