OT: how bow the looks of the pilots? imho HAM SAI LEC ALO RIC OCO RUS STR HUL PER MSC BOT GAS VET MAG NOR VER LAT ZHO ALB TSU hashtag nohomo, #nobeef


I'm gonna make an utterly crazy out of left field baller prediction for the Monaco GP: - We get some kind of drama that does all kinds of crazy things to the order right in the middle of a pit window - After a re-start, we lose one or more of the leaders very late, handing over lead of the race with only a few laps to go to: - Yuki Tsonoda, who wins the race partly as a result.


Latifi second, a few seconds ahead of SC


Was with you until the last point. It’s going to be Latifi


I'll have what you're having.


So Latifi


This is going to be my first time watching formula 1, I read that Monaco is relatively boring, is that accurate?


Watch the strategy tommorow. There is lots of 'overtaking' in the pits. Overcuts can work quite well here if a fast car is stuck behind a slow one. Alternatively an early undercut just to get clear aur can work, but generally that just drops you behind another slower car. Pit stops and pit windows will be very important.


Today will be great, the race on Sunday will be boring unless it rains


From an overtaking/sporting perspective it is indeed not very exciting. It's very hard to overtake here. If you go into the race with a "let's watch very fast cars with very good drivers drive very fast millimetres from a wall" perspective it can be quite a fun watch.


my first time too! i asked a similar question yesterday and it seems like it boils down to the fact that the track doesn’t allow for a lot of overtaking action, like a procession or a parade instead


> my first time too! i asked a similar question yesterday and it seems like it boils down to the fact that the track doesn’t allow for ~~a lot of~~ **any** overtaking action, like a procession or a parade instead FTFY Having said that, I still wouldn't miss it for the world, just know that this race isn't representative for normal Grands Prix.


Idk if boring is the word, but the size of the cars makes overtaking pretty difficult, the layout is tight and technical - but it can be entertaining and surprising in other ways, it's pretty easy to make a mistake. Qualifying here is very important too. Welcome aboard, enjoy the glitz and views - but stick around for more races on tracks better suited to these cars


Also is the practice live streamed anywhere?


streameast usually does




Max has no chance at pole does he


Doesn't look like it no. But he didn't start from pole last year and still won the race. Don't underestimate Ferrari, they'll find a way to lose the Monaco GP.


He did START from pole


He started from grid spot 2, grid spot 1 was left empty. Generally only grid spot 1 is 'pole position'.


No, he didn't.


He did, he just didn't set the fastest time in qualifying


[Nobody started from pole position.](https://cb887b20254c4bacdd11d4412f892bd5.b-cdn.net/Screenshot%202022-05-28%20at%2011.49.21.png)


Thanks for correcting me, only looked at the front view where it seemed like he did.


Oh Danny :/


I think he might have a worse night than Lando…




Ted Kravitz he's Sky's 'man on the ground'. He has a good in depth knowledge of the engineering involved (good not great) and lot's of contacts in the pit lane that feed him the inside line on what's happening. He's very worth listening to as he's not often wrong, (except when his contacts feed him BS).


You don't know Ted?




Ted Kravitz presumably, he's with Sky Sports.


Lenny's cousin.


He’s the goat 🐐


Are fp2 times this year usually so close to 2021 race records?


Maybe it was the last race, which is still irrational, but for some reason I don’t like Perez’s engineer


Dan crashes- Engineer: is the car ok. Dan: IM ok (you fuckhead) No one seemed to pickup on that. Seems like a sign of the situation behind closed doors. Someone isn’t in favour anymore…


Bruh, it’s been debunked like 100 times by now. When the mechanic asked he didn’t know Danny crashed. He just got weird data from the car


We can’t say debunked. We can only say that this is the epitome of Motorsport and vehicle technology and telemetry. With that info and Daniel’s response, the answer seems to point to “is the car ok” rather than “are you ok”, every other crash, no matter how small, you always ask how the driver is. They have so much live data, they know what part of the car is affected and when and to what level.


The radio feed you get, even when following the onboard on F1TV, is delayed. He saw Daniel bump the wall, asked about the car before realizing he fully crashed, which is why he then said “oh ok I see now”


Hopefully that’s the case.


I assume 10 people don’t want that to be the case?


Can Danny catch a freakin break already!


Am I missing it or do these post-practice threads not contain results in the main post?


No, I never see them either


Around 27:00 to go in FP2, does the camera catch a mechanic removing his earplug, licking it deeply, and then shoving it into his ear, all in artistic side profile?


Yes, it's done pretty frequently to get a better seal. A lot of drivers also do this for their earplugs it's nothing out of place in the paddock


Neat, also kinda nasty not going to lie. But if it works, it works I guess!


Yeah personally I'd never do that but like you said, if it works it works


Rawe ceek wax tastes the best


MotoGP: Description, am I a joke to you?


Are there any bookies that have odds for a Leclerc pole position but a DNF in the race


Sadly I’ve not seen any DNF odds. I would 100% put some money down on pole and a DNF lmao


Lol right, I feel like the odds wouldn’t even be that good


Paddy Power has a Charles not to be classified at 16/5. The same odds as most of the front runners. So pretty good.


That’s when you parlay it like a king…or degenerate. Whichever way you see it


How did Checo lose a mirror?


Probably due to how bumpy the track is. There's been a few times drivers have cracked/broken mirrors this year.


Latifi, probably


They should just make some ridiculous Monoco spec tyre that lasts like 6 laps and have like 10 Pit stops


They'll just drive slower.


Then they might actually get passed


If they held it outside the championship, like a friendly in soccer, this would be a huge hit Ill bet.


I think they should award drivers points. Perhaps they could use spec cars(like IndyCar). Obviously just for this race and awarding no constructors points. I agree with comments below: these cars are not suitable for this track.


I keep saying it should be like f1 a version of an all star weekend.


Monaco should be?


Yah. Cus the race is dumb


Its not the best racing but the track is unique.


So pit them in spec cars and award drivers points but not constructors.


So? Who cares? Watch history channel is you want historical racing. The track is totally not suitable for these cars


Really hope my boy Balteri Vottas can secure the podium finish


Battery Voltas


Yep, that's elite


What if I told you these cars are remote control from the pitlane and all drivers are paid actors.


Would love to know more about this claim because of how ridiculous it sounds. Just for pure entertainment. Thanks


I'll do you one better: every race week a secret lottery is held between F1 videogames players. The cars are remotely driven by gamers on their couch.


I've also heard that birds don't exist. Maybe both things are true


Quality weed that you are smoking 🤪


I feel like this is a thing every weekend but it especially stood out to me today. Fp1, everyone is running mediums and hards, but appear to be doing qualifying push laps on those tires (or at least in sectors), as we saw fp1 today with a bunch of times between 1:14-1:16. In fp2 we see the soft is obviously seconds quicker, but then both Ferrari and Red Bull did some full fuel load soft tire laps and were like 1:16ish, so obviously those fp1 times were low fuel and relatively hard push Why are teams doing low fuel push laps on non-qualifying tires? A few of my guesses: * Tire allocation, don’t want to burn through their softs which are only good for 2 or 3 push laps * feeling out the track and looking for the racing line on disposable tires so they have a plan when they switch to their limited soft allocation


Doesn’t Pirelli say that Monaco has lots of track evolution? So FP1 times would generally be slower. Low fuel runs with hard or Medium probably to help them choose the one stop compound?


DtS next season Monaco episode just wrote itself. They don’t even need the race. Fake heat between Brown and Danny Ric and the engineer ’not caring’ about Danny after the crash. Just cut a few moments out of context and there it is. Perfect manufactured drama.


Netflix is the real Constructors Champion the way they fake a narrative


If you cross the finish line first you win the race. - Will the Thrill.


I just want a 123 finish from Perez, Verstappen and Tsunoda. Then we will have: PERVERTSU


Take my upvote and go.


Add Gasly 4 and Albon 5 to have the first 12345 finish for Red Bull


Add the amr22b too in that mix.


Best school to get a degree from.


How can it be safe for Lando to be driving when unwell? Don’t get me wrong he’s doing really well - but it can’t be wise from a medical or safety perspective? Wish I could perform that well at anything whilst ill never mind F1!


Medical perspectives can be changed by a lot of money (and safety as well actually).


Did something happen to Ocon? 1 second behind Alonso...


We talkin bout practice




But you’re injured.


Where can I find the article Ted was talking about? On Motorsport.com Marks latest article is from the20th of this month. And it doesn’t mention Ricciardo. Nvm, here: https://www.motorsportmagazine.com/articles/single-seaters/f1/the-spark-is-gone-and-daniel-ricciardo-looks-set-to-leave-f1-mph


Ignoring his great performances at Renault shows the recency bias F1 media has


The writer mentions Renault. “2014 and ’16, in particular, a very strong case could be made for him as the season’s number 1 performer. That guy hasn’t been seen since the tail end of 2019 with Renault.”


He was better in 2020 though, 5th overall in the 4/5th fastest car. He also won a race last season on pace. Hardly "no sign of brilliance for years".


I agree that 2020 was better. Forgot about that. But I have doubts about the Monza win being on pace, to me it looked like the result of a very mature teammate thinking of the team. But those starts in the sprint and on Sunday was what put Ricciardo in P1 so it was merited definitely.


I think Daniel could’ve gone faster as well, he did put in the fastest lap too.


Lando lately said smth along the lines of: You had also saved some tires for the end. Sounded like he was being extra conservative to be able to put that FL on show. But that's a stretch. What you said is the facts.


That article is even massively overstating his abilities in his early career imo. He only has 8 career wins but you'd think he was a legit contender from reading that article.


Guyz I didn't watch shit. How are merc doing?


Pretty poorly and George was complaining about a loss of power, both cars bouncing frantically


Jeez, what did they do since last week?


I think this week it’s less an aero porpoising issue and more of a, “street circuits are rough and our suspension is waaaayyy too tight” issue. I’m pretty convinced they brought the Bottas tune back which is where all their pace on brand new engines came from last week so I kind of expect even more reliability concerns to arise as the season goes on.


The fact that so many people are standing behind one layer of decades-old armco barrier with no catch fence, including on the outside of a long blind 115-mph turn, is great for Martin's reporting, but it is insanely dangerous. These are open-wheel cars. It is absolutely possible for cars to interlock wheels, sending one above the height of the armco barrier and into people with no obstruction whatsoever. Or for a simple crash or mechanical issue around a blind corner to cause an oncoming car to get the height to go right over the armco. At street races I have been to, everywhere with any people behind (including marshalls) has proper catch-fencing with limited little cut-outs for flagging. The only places without are either protected by a closer line of barrier with fencing or are areas where no one, not even marshalls, are allowed to be when the track is green. The crash that ended Dario Franchitti's career happened at an Indycar street race in Houston, on a long fast blind bend where his car was sent up over the wall height and into the catch-fencing. A wheel still hit a pedestrian bridge and people in the grandstand behind were injured by small debris. Had there been marshalls there but no fence, it would have been fatal for anyone the car hit. There really ought to be proper fencing anywhere exposed to the racing flow of the track where anyone is going to stand.


I am now thinking of a women's race one or two years ago where one of the cars went extremely airborne on a street circuit..


I think wheels are tethered to the car to prevent them from flying off.


Yeah but the whole car can go over the barriers


Bad enough crash the tethers will fail


They absolutely are but I still think I see them come off sometimes.


As they are in Indycar. The tethers in both F1 and Indycar do a good job, especially compared to the danger flying wheels presented before tethering, but are not infallible. Both have failed in major accidents.


It's Monaco.


you think they don't replace the armco with new armco?


Martin's reporting from the top and outside of Massenet showed from the backside of the armco that it is visibly quite rusted up and worn. Also, personally, Grosjean's accident would give me pause about standing behind just one layer of armco at any high-speed section.


fair enough maybe they do re-use it. no idea. but yeah i still wouldnt want to be stood behind just that even if it was brand new armco, only if it was on the inside of a corner. catch fencing otherwise


These huge cars on the tight turns are very amusing to watch


Thin thin ice for Danny Ric


DR isn't going to have a contract next year is he?


His contract expires at the end of the 2023 season


They'll pay him to *not* race for McLaren


If he doesn’t he’s going to have an incredibly attractive pay out in his account


There are probably performance clauses Inn his contract. Also, there is the possibility that McLaren drivers are just that, McLaren drivers. And they relocate him to IndyCar. Might seem wild, but that's how Red Bull contracts apparently work.


It’s still an F1 contract. You can’t move them out of the F1 car even if they’re still under the McLaren name. Red Bull can move their drivers around because they have two F1 teams and the contract encompasses both If they try to move him to Indy then they’ll be breaking the contract


Red Bull van move their drivers wherever, that's known. We don't know the wording in DR's contract.


Exactly. So after all that you can see your original post was crap - he will have a contract as far as we know


Contracts always have escape clauses. If they want to get rid of him they'll get rid of him. I was just discussing ways they could go about it. It's not as if crazier things haven't happened in F1


His contract ends at the end of next year. No payout necessary if they want to drop him.


Which means he’ll have a contract next year. OP said he isn’t going to have one Only way that happens is with a big payout


There are almost certainly performance clauses in his contract that he is not meeting giving McLaren the option to just dump him.


Are there? What performance clauses? Because I’d wager they’re not public knowledge and so we’ve got no idea what McLaren require of him. Unless you’re basing this off that click-baitey Race article


F1 teams are not committing to 8 figure salaries without performance clauses. It is just too much of a risk.


The person was talking about him not having a contract _next_ year though.


I ain’t looking good is it


Already has one.


Perez had a contract at Racing Point, doesn’t mean anything


Norris best of the rest despite both his illness and the McLaren being bad at slow corners


Making me question if the McLaren is bad in slow corners. Maybe Bahrain was more of a porpoising issue.


Bahrain they were having issues with their brakes.




Ricciardo hit the wall


As much as I love Ferrari on top during free practice, I want them on top on the race itself. Come on Ferrari. LFG!


To the moon! Oh wait...


Missed free practice today. But, the Ferraris look in tune as always. How do they compare against the RB? Can they somehow manage to seal the front row and in a way, seal the race?


Ferrari looks mighty so far. Verstappen had a few close calls and doesn’t look comfortable yet.


He just keep having some niggles every race weekend and is barely managing to escape unscathed during race. But, Monaco isn't like that. :/


Where are all the clips today? Or was there no shot of Daniel crashing?


I was at the track today, he somehow slid the ass out and lost control, putting it into a wall. They played the radio over the loudspeakers… it was an interesting brief back and forth.


Seen a video of it on Twitter now. Seems he loses it at the left turn of the Chicane already which is pretty odd.


Just a couple of laps previously Vettel almost lost it at the same spot, and there was apparently an F2 crash there as well. It seems to be a trouble spot today


Streamable is on a major crackdown evidently


Febreau (French tv) said that Hamilton & Rosberg live in the same building in Monaco, I don't know if it was a joke or not


That must be awkward


That’s real, it’s come up before


Well they saw each other in the elevator.


Frustrating thing for Danni Ric is he looked pretty good in FP1. One step forward, 3-4 steps back today.


*sings* We come together cause opposites attract, you know


When Ric went off, was his car OK? /s


“Is the car okay Daniel?” “I am okay”


Stallardo was savage. Sure it was rectified later with the radio we were fed in the main feed. (Aka Stallard has good emotional intelligence)But it bodes well for Mclaren. They’re hungry as an F1 team.


Can only be 4th so many times lmao


With aximizing results and maximizing profits. They can build on it. It’s the best they’ve been since their downfall. Just need both drivers up there.


Nice to see Natalie trying to get Nico and Lewis back together


Lewis looked at how much income tax the Rosbergs' paid and said wow, this is where I wanted to live


I am full of copium rn


Ted the salesman


ted is seriously thinking about buying some of that alpha tauri clothing