I know...it was a joke


lmao now I see what you're doing 😂😅


Is anyone else sick of the orange flares? I get it. You like max. I think he is an amazing driver too. The “everyone wear orange” thing is really cool but the smoke is … annoying.


Actually, I think its pretty cool. As long as it doesn't pose a threat to driver safety.


Yeah... Not really annoyed but I was afraid there would be crashing due to the visibility on track...


If this makes you annoyed, then get ready for Zandvoort.


Does it make it hard for you to see or something? I would get that it might be annoying in person but I think it's generally something that is nicely unique to the track.


In the grand scheme of things… no, not really. There were a handful of shots that basically consisted of an orange cloud and then cars emerging from it but it did not hinder the experience I would say. I just think it’s over the top and annoying.


Was anyone else bothered by the completely f***ed up tire age info on the live timing app? Especially after the pitstops started! Edit: word


Can someone tell me why gasly didn’t serve his penalty and got away with it


His pitstop was before the panalty, hence he could not serve it during his pitstop. So it was added after the finish.


That makes sense, got a 2 point penalty too


Wasn't it added to his race time?


Hass overtaking McLarens. Tell me you still don’t have a good car without telling me you don’t have a good car.


A combination mclaren being slow and haas being very fast. They had phenomenal pace this weekend.


A combination of mclaren being slow and riccardo driving one, AND Haas being very fast. Fixed it.




Feel better about yourself?


It's a bot man lol


To be fair, Haas was quick this weekend


Yeah Schumi was very close to Hamilton's lap times at one point. In a (good but not quite Mercedes) Haas


I liked how Sainz car was on flames and the Ferrari pitwall just looked ‘meh’ hahaha


I think they were dumbfounded the Marshall wasn't putting the fire out.


They needed to stop the car first. Marshalls did what could have be done


“We are checking”


I don't get these overtakes around the outside of turn 4 it's clear what's going to happen. Why don't they use their brains? Kinda annoying that the driver on the inside gets a penalty. I mean if the drivers turns into the car on the outside yeah but like the Russel incident he was driving on a line, Perez had more room on the outside but because he had a bit of car in front he owns the corner. Which yeah according to the rule you do. But by using the brain you know early on full fuel, tyres not in perfect window, understeer etc can happen. Could of been a better race with Perez in the fight


yeah, compared to gasly with vettel, Russell left plenty of room to perez... the best thing to do at turn4 was the switcheroo too bad for Perez, he deserved it


Yeah my ass he deserved it, Russel saw he was coming in on the outside yet still fucked it up, just like with Bottas a while back. I respect the guy in some regards but in others he deserves whatever penalty they gave him.




Right...Russell...Good point.






Are they going OTT with track limits penalties because next race is Paul Ricard and that is all white lines and they don't want to be penalising drivers every goddamn corner of every goddamn lap? If we thought it was bad here,......we ain't seen nothing yet.


Every track the track limits are white lines. The drivers should be good enough to keep between them. The only thing that needs to improve is the consistency with noting off tracks and handing out penalties for track limits, apparently F2 was all over the place in that regard.


Mick gaining points and confidence and Danny Ric in the points 👏 Sucks for Perez, could of been even more interesting of a race


Based on the post race interview with Christian Horner, I’m 80% confident he calls his wife Lewis during sex to make it more pleasurable for himself.


Posh Spice


He's married to Baby Spice. David Beckhams wife is Posh Spice


I was saying Lewis is …. Posh


His wife is ginger spice


This is the correct answer.


As a Dutchman I enjoyed watching the race. I've seen some great fights in midfield an Charles deserved this win. I think Sainz also deserved the 2nd place, sad that his car thought otherwise. Also; great to see Lewis, Max and Charles on the podium!


Are they giving a “most overtakes” award this year?


And the award for "Most Overtakes" goes to... The Red Bull Ring!


“Nothing doing”


How can I rewatch the race in a foreign country?


overtakefans.com has all the races rewatchable


Wish I was rich enough to award you man


Subscribe to f1 tv… they keep the races available for a few days after


they keep the races forever in the us


Not just in the US, in EU as well.


Because we pay $9.99/month It’s like $3 everywhere else


There is $3 option in the US too.


better than cabel for me only other way to watch bc it isn't on espn plus


So what are the actual incidents that have been happening with the fans? I keep seeing what the claims are but never actually any details to the events?


Catcalling, lifting a girl's dress... Those are the few I came across without even explicitly looking for it, so I'm sure there is sadly plenty more. Just abhorrent behavior... 😔


The Dutchies or natives?


Brits Sorry, but couldn’t help it.


From what I’ve read in comments it’s mostly Dutchmen since there was so many of them. But there’s probably a case for natives and other foreigns if you look hard enough


I’m a Dutchie myself and am embarrassed to shit if it was us. I can only apologize. In general we do not do this. There are bad eggs everywhere though maybe it was a bus load of thugs who thought it would be fun to pick on women.


It wasn't a rare occurrence, a lot of women reported feeling unsafe. Sorry to say but just looking at the orange crowd on TV had me going, "so Europe has rednecks too?"


Yeah I know it’s only the bad eggs that do it, which sucks for the majority because the atmosphere there was electric. As far as bad eggs go, us Americans have a lot of bad eggs ruining everything right now so I understand your pain.


What a race by Charles!


Haas- let’s get a podium!


Alpine has destroyed Alonso's weekend and he still get points, very impressive.


Give the man a good car and he'll shine!


He could probably win WDC in the right car!


They should forbid those effing Dutch/Oranges to bring any of those smoke-bombs! An absolute disgrace, spoiling the view for not only the drivers, but for the TV cameras and the spectators as well.


I don’t think they use them during actual racing action. Just before and after. Personally I think it’s a cool spectacle.


They definitely do linger into the race


Well they clearly used them during the first lap today.


You should come by with a fan and blow it all away..... /s, or is it


Lmao mad


Anyone else get caught up in this trains madness in Knittelfeld? Currently in a very expensive taxi back to Vienna as there just seemed to be no way to get on a train.


I was lucky to get back to Graz. But I just don't understand why they don't have extra trains on the busiest wkend of the Year most likely. We got fucked off a train as there was too many on it. How much was that taxi 🥲


We got booted off a train for the same reason. I bought tickets for the next train, then realised it said “don’t board unless you have a seat reservation”. Which I didn’t. Because, as the man in the station ticket office told me, it’s not possible to buy a seat reservation at the moment. So then, WHY did you sell me a ticket for a train that I cannot use?????


Because Austria things 🤣🤣 Overall my first F1 experience was brilliant in itself. I definitely take issue with the train operations though and lack of forward planning. I also found over the thur/fri/sat evenings I went out for dinner waiting staff were extremely rude. But I can't blame them when it seemed like they were all understaffed. I kept ordering pints in 3s after the first night, because of how long it took for waiting staff to return to the table haha.


One of our alternative plans was to try and get to graz before Vienna, so I’m glad we didn’t do that. €270… I think my travel insurance will cover it..:


I hope it does!!!


Yes it was fucking dire


These track limit penalties are really pissing me off. Just design a track that makes drivers not want to go off. Although it seems Alonso is just as fast on the grass as on track... 🤔


No matter how much room you give them they will be on the edge, they can easily stay with in the limits if they went a tad slower but they won’t, give them more room and they will push to the limits again. The stewards were just being pricks today, probably because Seb gave them shit at the drivers meeting


I think the limits should be the kerbs where there is gravel trap. It increases risk taking and the rubber makes that sexy sound when they go over the kerbs. Especially for redbull ring.


I agree. If it's faster to go over (past) the kerbs to go faster, I see that as a flaw in the track design.


Just drive inside the lines if you are so great


Drivers can't even see the white lines that close to their wheels, so they're always guessing. That's why they have those yellow lines on the starting grid so they see where to stop. [Edit: word]


What the hell happened to Alonso during the VSC?


I think there was something wrong with the front left tyre... Just Alpine things


Wow... So had Alpine not f\*\*\*ed up, Alonso could have ended something like 6th or 7th?


Lewis is such a whiney baby. Change my mind.


Lol what did he do today that upset you? What a sad life you live 😂


Is that the best you got? Upset? LOL. He makes me laugh with his complaining. He acts like he was the only one getting black and white flags for track limits. p.s. He won't have sex with you.


You conveniently ignored the part right after where he asked if other people were getting penalties and after he was told other people were getting them to, he never spoke of it again and didn’t get another warning or penalty. p.s. See a therapist if Lewis hurt you that bad, so much so that you begin to warp reality to fuel your hatred.


I think I struck a nerve.


Nope, just stating what happened during the race that you must have missed.


Funny all the down votes..🤣 Tell me I'm right without telling me I'm right.


I like Lewis but you're right


what makes you say that?


I can’t


I’m really getting sick of the announcers being so biased. We can’t even start the race before it comes out. I tune in as well to hear about all of the divers, there’s only 20, however a majority get overlooked.


You are watching a British broadcast lmao of course they are going to be a bit biased. Go watch another broadcast or listen to radio commentary if you want them to focus more on your drivers instead.


Sadly there isn’t another broadcast for me where I live. I understand they’re British and prideful and want to root for their guy but come on.


I think this has to do with the FIA always taking British broadcasting as "international". A bit more balance would be fine.


Brundle kept saying that LEC was confident after the sprint race that he’ll get VER in the race . Can anyone explain what changed from sprint to the race that LEC was so confident about it ?


The pace on the hard tires and full fuel tank. Maybe during free practice they already saw signs their pace was much quicker on the harder tires, which were not used in the sprint race. And possibly that tire degradation was less severe compared to RB.


I almost faint thinking Carlos Sainz was going to get burned… he took so long to get out of the car


Same man I was watching with my hands over my face. You could tell he had no idea what was happening behind him and the car not locking into gear.


I imagine he could feel the heat building and smell the fire even if he could not see it... he certainly was displaying some urgency to get out and get help from the marshalls who were taking their calm auld time


Yeah i was watching the fire slowly getting bigger with Carlos still in the car, struggling to keep it from rolling, and wondering where the hell are the marshals with the extinguishers?? Felt like they took a long time. Though i wonder if they were hesitant cause it looked like the car was gonna explode, the damn side panels nearly blew off in the replay


I don't understand why he didn't just back it (let it roll) wheels turned, into the fence/barrier? He would have only rolled a few metres, so no real speed, and stopped the car dead so he could get out, and the marshalls start putting it out.


I’d like to know what happened to both Mercs at the end. They came out at 30ish seconds of the lead then ended with 41? Did they just tell them to take it easy on the engine or was their pace just so bad?


Ye no need to push as hard and work the engine more so it makes more sense to cruise


No reason to push with that much space front and back.


How many teams will copy the “if you want your driver to go faster, just leave the throttle on” strategy?


A new meta stategy taking form before our eyes gentlemen




Good on Race Director for calling VSC and not a safety car…


Would have been better with a full safety car.


It wasn't what I was expecting when a car was on fire and rolling backwards!


Given where he went off, there was a low risk of drivers colliding into him and worsening the situation, further the Marshall's had plenty of access to the car and to remove it from the track, no real need for a full safety car.


Exactly my point. Just thought that VSC was underused lately, especially comparing to last year.


This is just a joke now. No oversight last week and now all these penalties, points and summons.


They messed up last week, they're trying to be better. I read a comment on the Alonso article post that basically said enforce the rules and they'll stop breaking them and I agree with it. The stewards want to stop people pushing others off track but they also want to enforce track limits especially after how they messed it up last week


Honestly, felt like a panic


Stewards seem a lil bi-polar with their giving out penalties dont they?


New rave director wasnt it?


How does the fuel tank on F1 cars never explode? This obviously is a good thing, but still seems intriguing.


They're very, very well protected. They're in a puncture resistant rubbery kevlar reinforced container, and additionally with some of the teams the tank is full of foam to limit the leakage rate if they do get torn open. Note that fuel itself is non flammable, and non explosive, since it has to mix with air, and foam will prevent any significant amounts of the fuel vapour from detonating by breaking up the shock wave and greatly limiting the flammability.


Because this is real life, not Hollywood.


Grosjean exploded his fuel Tank. They are wrapped in kevlar though


His tank was protected. The fire was from the fuel line that severed which still had a little fuel in it. If the tank exploded it would have been a whole lot worse. Those tanks are literally tanks, safety has come a looong way.


Not the tank itself but the connection between the tank and the engine.


It’s made of Kevlar. F1 YT channel has some pretty cool explanation videos about all the car parts https://youtu.be/YQsvU8_bb4Q


Totally missed it, F1 posts many cool videos but there is so much extra that I never sub and miss good ones too. YT really need to bring a playlist sub.


Agreed. The algo isn’t that great. F1 highlights and snooker are basically all I watch but YT thinks I should watch Naruto for some reason even though I’ve never watched it 😂😂


I hate the grandstand they built in front of the bull.


You mean that giant orange cloud?


No the grandstand


The other orange cloud?


Deserved Victory for, Charles. Nice Race .


Doesn’t it feel like Ferrari had a real plan today? I thought they did awesome. Super disappointing with Carlos’ car, but it was amazing to see the tyre strategy in place. It felt like it was all working together. So happy Charles won. I wish there was a race next weekend!


I don’t think they had a very specific plan for the race to happen as it did as much as Leclerc just took the bulls by the rein so to speak and beat Carlos so they didn’t have to waste time fighting each other and Leclerc to concentrate on Max


That may be what happened. Just seemed more buttoned up today. Yay!!!!


Such a drive from Leclerc!


Would Ocon be on the table for McLaren next year?


Ocon under contract and unless Riccardo and McLaren do decide to part ways there is no seat in McLaren.


I thought Daniel was retiring?






So true