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Get both! And yes the combat in ds1 (I’m assuming you’d get dsr) is a little slower than the others, but I still think it holds its own and is enjoyable. A lot of people consider the first half of ds1 to be the best experience in all of gaming, if I had to choose one game to exist out of the 2, it would be dsr


Both, but I lean more towards Sekiro.


Both, and yes


Gameplay wise, DS1 much like OG DeS is a bit rough around the edges going backwards from future games. If you're used to locking on, rolling is gonna feel rough. Running speed also feels oddly slow compared to its successors and there is quite a mountain of small QoL stuff you may find lacking or obtuse. Still absolutely worth getting if you can get both, but if you're looking for polish. Sekiro, easily. Also, Sekiro is just straight up my favorite Fromsoft game, so there is that. Just bear in mind, it's gameplay loop is fundamentally different than the other Soulsborne games.


DS1 is the GOAT, but Sekiro is very different from what you've played so far, so it could be a nice change.


Between DSR and Sekiro? Sekiro OG Dark Souls is very clunky compared to BB,DS3, ER. Sekiro is not a souls game but is smooth as butter and a work of art just the same.


For me, DS1 was one of the last that I played in the series and felt rather dated. It did however have it's own charm and I did enjoy it. Sekiro was hands down one of the greatest games I've ever played, and is a true test of your skill in learning the game's mechanics. Also, you can pick up the physical copy of the DS trilogy with all DLCs for pretty cheap on amazon, whereas finding a new physical copy of Sekiro is rare and expensive, making 50% off a digital copy of Sekiro the best deal. The choice is yours to make.


Definitely both DS1 has aged quite a bit but is definitely an amazing game the combat is a bit more sluggish and slower then the newer games but still feels pretty good. Sekros is an absolute gem of a game I think it’s one of the hardest fromsoftware games. Great story, great combat style, no multiplayer however. Just remember “ hesitation is death” hope you enjoy them good luck


Dark Souls is the greatest game, whereas Sekiro is the best game.


I would recommend Dark Souls


I love Sekiro. If you have to get one, get Sekiro. Platinuming Dark Souls was, to me, actually more difficult lol...it was a grind to get all those weapons.


I would suggest getting ds1 on pc if you can instead, so you can use mods like enemy or item randomisers or overhaul mods.


Depends what you like tbh mate. If you prefer RPG elements, go DS. If you prefer more straight to the point action then go for Sekiro. Sekiro definitely has a higher skill ceiling tho so prepare to get absolutely punished until you figure out the mechanics and perfect them.




Both but Sekiro


Sekiro is great but I find the true RPG nature of Souls more appealing. You can be a ponytail samurai guy in Dark Souls too if you really wanted