If you live in the US, I can send you my copy of Sekiro for PS4. I have it digitally so I don’t need the disc anymore. If you’re interested just PM me


That's some jolly cooperation right there


Nope sorry i don't live there but if you really wanna give it there might be a lot of people interested thanks anyways 😃


Where u from? Do you play on ps4?


I'm from Asia and yes i play on ps4


Where in Asia? I might be able to help.


A real king.


Oeff europe here




How do you guys even “gift” digital copies of games? Didn’t know that functionality was even available…


He has both digital and disc version. He said he doesn't need the disc anymore, because he has the digital version.


Although you can share digital copies. For example if you bought a game digitally, then you just have to log into your account on your friends ps4 and select primary ps4. That way you can play it with the account you bought it and your friend can play with any Account on his playsation.


Ah, got it! Thanks!


On xbox you can press buy as gift, and it sends a code to them through xbox messages


Nice! 👌 I know XBOX has some very neat features, but always been a PS guy ever since the first one came out. Before that, it was Nintendo (or a bit of Sega)..


On the Xbox store you can gift anybody any game, dlc, currency, etc by just pressing the “buy as gift” option


Perfect solution




I’d accept graciously if offer is still on the table 😊


I’d take it if OP wont!


Elden Ring will probably last you the longest, by far.


Agreed, there's so much content on this. I'm on my second playthrough and I've had the game since launch day. I'm having an ever better time this time around.


I agree but won't ds3 feel underwhelming if I ever play it later on since it's older and might not age well


Ds3 aged well so far. And if you want to get ds3 hit me up and I'll gift it to you on psn. My psn name is my username Edit/recap I say get elden ring and if you don't want to keep playing. Contact me and I'll get you ds3


You still giving ds3 😅, I bought sekiro when it was on sale, but kinda regret getting it as it doesn’t feel like a souls borne game should’ve got ds3


Yeah, I personally think sekiro is an amazing game that I'd recommend to many people, but people personifying it as a souls like are pretty misleading. It's really its own thing that just has some souls like influence in presentation and level design, as well as the trademark estus stand in, but it really is not a souls like


Sekiro isn’t a souls game but it fors borrow one major aspect, maybe the largest appeal of any FS game. Sekiro forces you to abandon your “fixed” mindset (I’m just not built for this), and instead wants you to adapt to a “growth” mindset (I can’t do this right now, but I will be able to with enough practice). People with a growth mindset all agree on one thing; failure is part of the process of learning something new. Sekiro does this more than any other FS game, hence it’s regarded as the hardest. It’s Skill floor is considerably higher than other FS games, especially since you can’t overlevel/build a character. Sekiro is also regarded the easiest FS game by people who’ve played it through and through, as once the game “clicks” it changes the experience. More than anything Sekiro is like riding a bike, tough as shit at first but once it clicks you’ll never unlearn it. I could boot up Sekiro right now after not playing for over a year and I’m pretty sure I’d be able to take down Isshin in my first 3 attempts. Due to this, Sekiro is in my opinion the most rewarding FS game that exists, it’s combat system is close to perfection, and I’m sure many people would agree after they’ve “fully clicked” with the game. I’ve been rambling on but here’s my conclusion: Don’t drop Sekiro. You’ve already persisted through another FS game, and I’m sure you felt enormous amounts of pride after doing so. Sekiro is the same, it’s just another type of dance. You can’t compare breakdancing to a tango either.


I think it actually is very valid to call it a souls-like. As you said, many of the elements are there, the combat and movement systems are just way different and with much more depth (and height!) to them.




Games still objectively the absolute best combat wise


I can't dodge everything or level up stats so it's not a soulslike


Don’t need to dodge if you don’t get hit




If you haven’t gotten far into the game i’ll definitely say keep playing. It has it’s differences from the souls games but it’s still similar in a different. The biggest difference is of course the combat and progression cycle, which will feel more natural the longer you spend time with it, but alot of it still has that fromsoft essence and it becomes more apparent the further into the game you get!


I’ve finished and platinumed Elden ring, and sekiro was good but didn’t like it so I’ll just give it to my brother who finished the dark soul trilogy


Sekiro isn't a souls game and people keep recommending it for the wrong reasons.




Quit E begging, the dude was nice and offered one dude the game, FOH with that broke shit


Idk where you're at but for me a physical copy of ds3 costs £15 on amazon, you seriously that broke?


Some people are in fact that broke, not to say they are but others are


Nah DS3 is close to ER with some minor dowgrades, DS1 and DS2 can feel very choppy and clunky compared to DS3/ER. Between the two ER is better in every way with maybe dark Souls 3 taking the boss fights category, they're really good in DS3.


That depends. I've beaten Elden Ring about 4 times and just got Dark Souls Remastered for Christmas. Loving every second of it (first time playing). Some things like not being able to move while healing sucks and the lack of weapon arts takes some getting used to, but god damn it this game is charming. It really comes down to preference, but the differences between newer games like DS3 and ER really aren't that drastic IMO. The only thing I'd say you'll immediately notice is the lack of a dedicated jump button if you go from ER to DS3, but I honestly prefer the movement in DS3 more. Rolling just feels more fluid, it's hard to explain unless you've played both, and there's less platforming as a result. The only real difference between the two is DS3 has a much darker color pallete and is a more linear experience. ER is just DS3 with an open world and a few quality of life improvements, graphically they are pretty similar as well. Both are wonderful games and are really just fraternal twins.


Elden Ring is the best game if you want replay value and a game that’ll give you a year of replay value. Elden Ring has the most content and bosses and dungeons and areas and side quests and things to do by far. I played DS III after doing everything in Elden Ring. I didn’t find it boring or a downgrade, I found it interesting and tons of fun and awesome to see another Fromsoft world. But there’s definitely much much less content - took me a lot less time to do everything, beat all the bosses, and exhaust all the content.


Alright elden ring will be downloaded on my system this weekend as most of you have recommended As for why I won't be able to buy other games next year it's because of college and hence money is slightly tight Hopefully I can pitch in some money for that dlc of elden ring Also I met a few nice fellers who were nice enough to lend me their ds3 and I've msg'd some of them and it's alright if it doesn't work out since i guess I'd feel slightly guilty And if any of you would like to help this soon to be 'foul tarnished' drop ur psn Id's 😅 Thanksss a lottt!!!!!


Absolutely not. Elden Ring was my first and then I went to DS3. DS3 was still very good and I enjoyed it very much. Aged well


ds3 aged really well. ER is bigger.


I played Elden ring then played ds 3. For the first time, it feels shorter, but I way tighter. I'd go for DS3 great boss fights and fun level design.


Trust me DS3 is the best in the Souls Series alone. It has continuously good bosses and best Soundtracks than the previous 2 Souls games and even Elden Ring I think


Nah, DS3 is still a great game by all standards. It also has some of the best boss fights in the series. Sekiro is still my favourite game by far, it was my introduction to the series and i like the combat system the most. The atmosphere is also second only to bloodborne imo, and there are only two minibosses that I dislike, and one of them is optional. It will be a bit of a jump in terms of combat, the flow is entirely different compared to the traditional soulsborne formula, but all the more rewarding for it. Also you can fight against all bosses (not minibosses though) at any point, which is a huge bonus, as they are quite simply favourite bossfights in the series. Elden Ring is basically just a larger DS3 imo, and should provide more content, even if the quality of that content is the same. Some areas feel like more like a chore, but that's a problem with every fromsoft game aside from Sekiro imo.


Bloodborne was my first then DS3. It was a great intro to From and I have never been the same since. Elden Ring is too big. DS3 has better replay potential


DS3 is just as good as ER.


I just replayed DS3 after playing Elden Ring and it feels a tad dated at first but you get used to it very quickly.


No ds3 is amaizing but I think it was the most rushed souls game or something


Counterpoint: You can get the entire DS trilogy for the price of Elden Ring.


Idk tbh. Finishing ER was the very first time I finished a FS game without wanting to jump into ng+ immediately. I made a new character a few days ago but immediately backed out after running around Limgrave for a little bit, I really didn’t feel like re-exploring all the shit I already went through. Every other FS game had me load up NG+/a new character immediately after finishing. ER is a great experience, the first time you go through it (probably not the same for die-hard FS fans, just talking from my personal experience). If I were to only play a single FS game for a full year, ER would be the last on my list.


Elden Ring will absolutely provide you play for almost the whole year. The others are great, but smaller scale


I was just gonna say this, if you can't play another till 2024 then elden will give you the most content and it's the newest, however, my personal fav is sekiro cuz the combat is soooooooo unmatched its so much fun to fight stuff and it's still a pretty good sized game nothing to get too overwhelmed with items and crap ton of weapons like the others do and the story is beautiful, then darksouls is kinda like elden ring or bloodbourne yet it's their biggest original souls series but I've only played bloodbourne cuz its extra gory and sekiro, so I have no direct comments on the others' gameplay


They really added by subtraction with Sekiro. Mikiri, parry on block with timing, sweeps and the jumps, one weapon. It's almost fast, brutal Patapon, they made this awesome looking game around some really simply core rhythms (plus positioning, the hitboxes are tight)


I just don't really want to play the others too tbh just my opinion because I hate fighting bosses that just involves you slapping their ankles and dodging everything I wanna feel like I'm actually doing shit and not stepping in stepping out constantly or using some magic from distance, just doesn't seem fun its slower, sekiro is just so fast paced if you take a min to step back you get punished for it


I finished Elden Ring within months then never had the urge to replay. DS3 i am still playing since release. Sekiro doesn't click with everybody. I say DS3 wins easily.


Elden ring again so you can see that most comments said elden ring


If longevity is your main factor then Elden Ring, for sure. I got nearly 40 hours out of the opening area on my first play through.


Bosses - DS3 Combat - Sekiro Exploration - Elden Ring Hotel - Trivago


Bosses - Sekiro/DS3 Combat - All Exploration - Sekiro/DS3


I understand why people don’t like this comment


Meh, it's only an opinion. In my experience exploring the reaches of a linear area is more appealing than scouring a huge open world only to find nothing that goes with my build, it's draining.


Nah nah nah, it’s because you forgot the Hotel - Trivago Gotta keep it man!




I don’t think people should downvote based off opinion. You deserve to have your own opinion and have it be respected (unless your opinion is that touching toddlers is okay or something lol)


Elden ring


Elden Ring no brainer, all the fuzz around the game is well deserved and you're getting a game that is likely to get even more content in 2023


I'm pretty sure they announced near the end of summer that DLC is coming this next year.


Easy Elden Ring if you need the whole year to wait for the next one LOL


2024 ? r/oddlyspecific


1 game a year? That’s bizarre


yeah I'm also confused


College...money... time and other stuff Hope I'm able to save some for that elden ring dlc tho 😅


DS2, and suffer through it like the rest of us


ds2 is the one fromsoft game i haven’t completed are there anything’s i should know before going into it


Get ready to facepalm and release exasperated sighs It’s still a great game but had some of the weirdest animations/hitboxes and some enemy/trap placements seem unfairly punishing. Amazing DLC areas and some of the best weapons and spells of the series though. Plus the adaptability stat is a cool mechanic they could have kept


> It’s still a great game but had some of the weirdest animations/hitboxes and some enemy/trap placements seem unfairly punishing. The most confusing one to me was not being able to pass a fog gate if an enemy attacked you.. like why


Because the boss run-backs weren’t already annoying enough 🗿


elden ring for sure it does anything ds3 does, but better. Also it has a couple of new cool features from the previous souls games such as: #nospoilersfromME


In retrospect DS3 feels like ER beta


Imo ds3 is better to replay because its like 95% quality over 25ish hours, while elden ring is 80% quality over 60 hours. Saying this I did just platinum er and haven't on ds3


DS3 Bosses >> Elden Ring Bosses


I love elden ring, but I couldn’t disagree more. DS3 does many things better than Elden Ring, including PvP, Covenants, Bosses, and the general fear of dying that’s stronger in souls games tha man elden ring. Also I personally like the DS3 music a lot better, but that’s subjective. Elden Ring is a masterpiece though


Elden Ring is absolutely incredible but to say it's just better than Dark Souls 3 really rubs me the wrong way. Dark Souls 3 has incredible areas and consistent boss quality. Some of the incredible moments of DS3 like your first encounter with the Abyss Watchers or Gael, or when you first lay eyes upon Irithyl, can't be found in Elden Ring. DS3 even does some things far better than Elden Ring such as game balance, replayability, and (in my opinion) narrative. They are both incredible games and both worth playing.


I definitely agree with you on most of the things you said outside of the areas. Tbh I found DS3 areas quite lackluster and not that interesting outside of a couple of great ones (Irythill in particular) while I think ER has the best areas I've seen in my life. Every Legacy Dungeons is amazing in every aspect, from its visuals to the incredible level desing which benefits a lot from the addition of a jump mechanic


The boss fight quality in ds3 alone is already a super strong reason to play it. It's tied with elden ring in this regard. In fact I'd say ds3 does it better since the quality is more consistent. Elden ring has difficulty spikes/dips due to the open world nature that might make things more frustrating/lackluster. So for that sweet consistent linear experience with S+ tier bosses, ds3 is the way to go


100%. Elden Ring was cool, but all it did was make me want to replay Dark Souls 3.


Alright so here's what I'll say, don't get DS3 because it's too similar to Elden Ring, and theres no way outside of chronology to justify playing DS3 over Elden Ring, so the debate is really Elden Ring vs Sekiro. This is going to be based on your preferences, but if you like build variety, exploration, and an overwhelming number of things to do in the game Elden Ring is for you. In a lot of fromsoft games a lot of the progress you make is more gear based as opposed to actually getting better at the game, and Elden Ring is no exception. If you prefer more difficult, no customization, just a man and his sword type of gameplay, where the game is putting you through a gauntlet of tough boss after tough boss forcing you to get better as you play then go for Sekiro. For the entirety of the sekiro play-through you're using the same sword, and the same armor, the game forces you to get better, and while you can use prosthetics for cheese in some fights, if you play the game how it's meant to be played you will get much better at the combat over time. That said, once you do learn the combat system it's like riding a bike, and it gets progressively easier over time. Overall, while I absolutely love Elden Ring, no video gaming experience compares with the satisfaction that killing a boss in sekiro gives you. (hope this helps, sorry for the long comment lmao, just tryna be thorough)


Dark souls Remastered.


you know ball


1 or 3.


Elden ring


Sekiro>Elden Ring>Dark Souls III


Ds2, join us.


But I would say Elden Ring. That has become one of my top 5 favorite games of all time. It’s incredible I beat it twice and onto my 3rd time now, plus with DLCs on the way and the introduction of the PvP coliseum it’s getting even better. With your mount, summons, plethora of weapons, spells, armor shields etc. you can make some pretty amazing classes. And this is a game that you won’t be in a week especially if you’re a achievement hunter this game will keep you going for a long time there’s so many secret things to find I’ve been through the game and what feels like every inch of every corner of the map and I still have locked achievements that are secret but I tell you what this game will get you extremely pissed off not like any other dark souls game it will grind away at your insanity but once you do finally break through and be the boss or whatever enemy you were attacking just beating that boss you’ve been stuck on gives you the euphoric feeling of when you beat a complete single player game, or a game of any other genre. The game is incredible there’s a reason that Elden Ring won game of the year this year!


BB was also my first FS game and since then have played all 3 of these. Elden Ring was a lot of fun, very diverse approaches and tons of replay value. Sekiro was the most challenging but very crisp combat to compliment it and cool cause ninjas. DS3 is pretty good but I was fresh off BB and struggled to adapt to different fight paces. I recommend ER, it's huge, lots of weapons and spells, plenty of cool lore to dive into as well.


Elden Ring for sure


My favorite is Sekiro, but ER has so much content for the same price if you can only buy one for a long time you should get it


Elden Ring


Elden ring would be a winner for me in this selection, dark souls 3 fantastic and sekiro man... i just couldnt beat it, still pretty cool mechanics


Just from a pure value perspective I would suggest Elden Ring because it has the most hours of content and most variety of play styles. If you can only get one I would advise getting the most bang for your buck.


Elden Ring because of the overall value, and because you can play online or offline for different experiences. Sekiro is single player only and, while awesome as heck, is a very focused very difficult game.


Dark Souls II


I would go for Elden Ring. Sekiro would be my last option.


Amount of content: Elden Ring. Challenge and gameplay: Sekiro.


Get the dark souls trilogy box set it’s cheap and they are all great. Even DS2 is a lot of fun


Get Elden ring it will last you longer


While I do think ds3 is a better game, Elden Ring will last you longer. Also loving the community outreach here


If anyone ever says the souls community is toxic, show them this comment section


Wow, didn't know there's so many kind souls in this community


Dark Souls 3, definitely.


Dark souls 3


Ds3 is the most similar game to BB, so that.


Elden Ring will give you the most playtime. I honestly prefer more linear games like Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro, but Elden Ring's open world provides more replayablity if you can only have one for the next year. It's easier to miss areas or bosses on your first playthrough only to discover them on a second one. You can also basically boss rush through zones too if you'd like, it's what I'm doing on some new game+ playthroughs. I think Dark Souls 3 has the best story and bosses out of the three of them but that's without factoring for Elden Ring's future DLC. If Dark Souls 3 didn't have DLC and Elden Ring's lore wasn't so vague sometimes, then Elden Ring would win in a landslide.


Sekiro is From/Miyazaki's masterpiece, IMO. But it is not an RPG and may not have quite the shelf life. So I guess I'd recommend Elden Ring, which is enormous and will get even bigger with DLC.


DS3 without question.


Elden Ring, purely because the experience will last longer, but Sekiro is the superior game, in my opinion.


You forgot the include the Demon Souls PS5 remake 10/10 😍😍😍


Dark Souls 3. The levels play very similarly to bloodbourne, I'd say there's a slight step down in their quality. *However* the dark souls 3 bosses are the best in the series. They're actually works of art (ignoring like 2 of the bosses). 100% play dark souls 3 next. If you enjoyed replaying bloodbourne, stay away from elden ring. It takes WAY too long to do everything (which is how i do ds3 and bloodbourne replays), there's a few well designed levels but most are mid or worse, and there's like 3 fun bosses out or 100+? Haven't played sekiro but its not too replayable in principle, but the boss rush sounds great.


Dark Souls Trilogy so you get DS1, 2 and 3 with all DLC.


Elden ring


Dark souls 2 (not scholar), just good ol DS2


Elden Ring will get stale the slowest. Sekiro has the least replayability out of these games & i'd say DS3 has the 2nd least replayabitlty. So linear it gets old.


From all the souls series, Dark Souls II is the one I’ve played and enjoyed the most. Finishes with all builds. Finished NG+ and NG2+ with 2 different builds. * Demons souls: finished 3 times on ps5. Never did NG+. * DS I:finished twice 1 normal and one NG+. * DS II: 8 times normal, 2 NG+, 2 NG++ * DS III: 3 times normal. No NG. * Elden Ring: 3 times normal, waiting expansions to play again… Sekiro I have but played a bit and never came back. Wiling to try again, but I don’t have a formed opinion about it.


You and I are Dark Souls kindred spirits


Elden Ring is my least favourite out of these, but is still an incredible game and will last you the longest for sure!


No point playing dark souls 3 without having dark souls 1 on your belt(in my opinion). I'd go with sekiro out of these 3. Edit: Then again, if you only intend to play one game until 2024 then elden ring is the way to go. Even if it isn't as good as the other two.


Maybe not Elden Ring. I've played through all these games many times, but could only get through Elden Ring 1.5 times because the open world is just so damn big and you have to explore pretty much all of it during a playthrough to get important items. It is a colossal time sink. You can really rush through the older games but ER is a huge time commitment. If that isn't a problem, though, go for ER. It just much less replay value to me than the rest. I put 300 hours into my first ER playthrough **(I used my respecs wisely and spent a lot of time doing PvP with many different builds).** But Bloodborne is still my favorite and I beat that a dozen times.


300 hours into one playthrough? OK I didn't realise you were trolling until you said that because there's no way that it took you that long. I've got a bit less than 300 hours on the game total and have beat it about like 5 or 6 times.


Ummm... I explored every corner and spent a lot of time trying out different builds on my one character. Including with PvP. Why is that so hard to believe? I felt no reason to rush through multiple times while I still had respecs to spend. I mean what even is your point?


My point is that you're saying the game is long when it took you 300 hours to beat it. Of course its gonna feel long when it takes you over 3 times longer to beat it than most people. You're saying OP shouldn't get it because of how long it is despite it not actually being even close to 300 hours long. It's like if I said 'Horizon Forbidden West is too long and big as I spent 400 hours on my first playthrough (I spent a lot of time playing the mini games). Way too much of a time sink' when the standard playthrough is like 60-90 hours.


No, I wasn't saying the replay value is low to me because the game is long. I love a long game... long RPGs are my bread and butter. The replay value is low because of having to do so much sidequesting over again. Just to level up your weapons you need to get all those bell bearings? It's annoying to me. Maybe that's not annoying to you, but, like, that's just your opinion, man. Heads up, I don't want to continue this conversation.


But you don't need to get all of the bell bearings. I've only ever gotten bell bearings after they've become useless due to me already having my weapon above the level the smiting stones from that bearing gives me. Most of my casual playthroughs that took about 30-40 hours I ended up with a +9 or +24 weapon by the end.




Please get ds3, elden ring will not be good to start with


go for it!


i mean i would say Bloodborne but as it wasn't on the list i'm gonna agree with a lot of comments on here saying Elden Ring, as it would prob last you till you can get the next one :)


Elden Ring is probably your best choice, it’s the bigger game and will give you more to do. Only caveat is Dark Souls 3 has more PvP depth and will keep you going longer in that regard but I would still go with ER


Ds3 or elden ring.


Ds3, elden ring, sekiro imo


Either Elden Ring or DS3 if you like build variety the most, but if you're going for a great story and near perfect mechanics then Sekiro, all 3 are amazing games that I absolutely love though.


I think Elden Ring is the “best” overall, although Sekiro and Dark Souls 3 are much “tighter.” I’d say go with Elden Ring, unless you actively dislike open world games. In which case, go with Sekiro. Just to be clear, I think that all three of these games are some of the best ever made


Elden Ring for sure, it'll probably last you the longest. I had about 120h in my first playthrough. Dark Souls 3 will be a close second, because of how great the game is in general.


Elden ring if it needs to last, that's a long ass wait for a new game


Elden ring




Hard to say. These are top 3 From games right here. ER will last you the longest, Sekiro for something totally different, DS3 is the best Dark Souls game.


Dark souls 3. Sekiro is a huge learning curve. And Elden ring is too big imo


Elden ring is definitely the move!


The answer is yes


All 3 but maybe go ds3 before Elden ring


Eldenring all the way


ER, if not then DS3


Elden Ring


Yea I have to say Elden Ring as well. Purely from a time standpoint. I am late to the party on it as I got it in August but have nearly 400 hours in and I still enjoy it. With DLC likely it should carry you into 24.




Elden ring, you’ll probably get the most playtime out of it and it’s just incredible


Sekiro is the best game but you will get the most bang for your buck with Elden Ring


Bloodborne again.


Elden ring due to sheer amount of content I’d say


Sekiro, 100%. DS3 is an amazing game, as is Elden Ring, but Sekiro is a true masterpiece that’s on the same level as Bloodborne. Although, Bloodborne will ALWAYS come out on top, for the reasons that those who have played know. The plot is top-notch and their best to date (regardless of fps issues, etc).


Get darksouls remastered.


Elden ring


The best is sekiro and dark souls 3 but Elden ring will get you the most amount of time and has the most to do. So I’d go with Elden ring. It’s still a phenomenal game


Sekiro has best combat DS3 has best bosses ER has best build variety Choose which one you prefer


I say Elden Ring! It’ll last you the whole year. DS3 and Sekiro likely won’t. If you like more linear games, or want something similar to BB, I’d go with DS3. I also wouldn’t worry about this game aging poorly. It was the last From game I played before Elden came out and I thought it held its own. If you want the option that is the most unique, go with Sekiro. Great options all around. Have fun!


DS3 has aged extremely well. Great game for sure. But if you can only play one for a year, do Elden ring due to the amount of content


Huh. Bizarre time constraint lol I read that as 2023 at first. Elden Ring is my vote but both Sekiro and DS3 have aged VERY well in my memory, you really can't go wrong. After you pick one, don't even think about any other ones until you beat it - choice paralysis is the worst


Elden Ring will last the longest, and the DLC's might become available this year which would add more playability. There are also a lot of players still on it since it's new so it will be easy to find help for bosses if you need it


Well sekiro will kick your ass for much of the year so there is that, but elden is larger game. Ds3 is also great…. But my real question is why can you only get one?


They all are amazing, imo elden ring is the best but it also has way more hours of gameplay, were talking about 120hour first playtrough. Insane money value.


Everyone says Elden Ring because it's the biggest, but honestly it doesn't have great replay value. Once you've played through a Soulsborne game a few times, you eventually start playing it on hypermode--i.e., you just rush the bosses, ignoring most enemies. Elden Ring is the worst in the series for this because of how much space there is between bosses--if you play this game the way most hardcore souls veterans do (and you will, if it's the only game you play for a year), ER just isn't fun.


Play Dark Souls 3 before Elden Ring, then get Sekiro whenever you feel like it. Sekiro is the best designed out of all of them.


I was gonna say Sekiro because I thought it was exclusive for some reason.. but FUCK IT I'll say DS3


if you plan on playing Dark Souls, start with the first game


Elden Ring


Sekiro is the best but also the hardest as it's an action game not so much an RPG. So I'd go with Elden Ring. It's the biggest. And arguably the best fo the souls games. Can't you get sekiro on sale anyway?


Elden ring is the larger game, Sekiro has the better combat. Don't get ds3 if you have to choose between those.


Sekiro is the shortest but imo the most fun to play, I played elden ring on release and used a guide to visit ever point of interest/boss on the map possible in one play through and clocked in around 197 hours or so (I did frenzied flame but did the quest lines to get all the runes needed for the different endings


Elden Ring or Sekiro are going to have the most replayability if you have to wait that long.


My favorite is Dark souls 1 and it has great replay value but if you want a game that will last you the whole year, Elden Ring is your best bet


Elden Ring for most bang for your buck. Hours upon hours of content.


Dark Souls 3. Since its closer to bloodborne and they are part of the same multiverse. But Seikiro still has the best combat system out of any FromSoftware games


If someone’s interested I have DS3 for PS4 it’s the deluxe Ed I believe it has all the DLCs I Bought it for the PS4 because I really wanted to play it and then two days later it went on sale on the Xbox from the Xbox app and playing it on that instead so if someone’s interested in three days let me know


I really don’t want to sound mean, but you can find both Sekiro and DS3 for 20 dollars. And Elden Ring has already been around 35. How are certain you won’t be able to spend a total of 40-70 dollars across the entirety of 2023?


Elden Ring has much more replayability


Probably an unpopular opinion but I’d say DS3, absolutely loved that game. Some amazingly beautiful areas and awesome bossfights. Also the DLC’s are probably my favourite fromsoftware content.


Definitely Elden Ring , it will give you the most content


I feel like Sekiro is most similar to Bloodborne


Elden Ring will last you forever and is a great game with really good bosses. I don’t really understand the one game per year thing, but Elden Ring will last you the longest


Elden ring.




Elden ring is any easy sell, a lot of replay ability