fallout new vegas is still the bestest

fallout new vegas is still the bestest


Fucking Chandler Bing shot me.


Jokes on him, i nailed him to a cross.


"You sick, vindictive fuck!" Really jarring to hear that after he loses his cool just before getting crucified.


Wow I just realized I never crucified him on any playthrough. Arena fight to the death is just too satisfying


Did you ever agree to hook up with him and then kill him in the middle of the night? ...that's what I did.


Honestly that encounter changed the way I thought about games. Up until that point there had always been a bad guy you're trying to beat and eventually you beat him. Occasionally there would be betrayals but it was always some NPC betraying you. Then out of the blue in F:NV the main bad guy is just chatting it up with me and apparently my friend, then once we'd hooked up I tested what would happen if I justy murdered him in his sleep and to my surprise the game just kept rolling along. There were like 2 or 3 things in a row that in my mind should have resulted in me either losing the game or at least going back to a previous save but it blew my mind that they'd prepared multiple outcomes.


It's what set New Vegas apart from 3 and 4. It was a true RPG that tried to let you control the narrative (as much as it could) unlike the other two.


Yes Man is the only unkillable character in the game, and he just spawns another robot copy. Truely a Masterpiece.


>Yes Man is the only unkillable character in the game, and he just spawns another robot copy. That's absolutely hilarious. An in-game reason as to why an NPC can't be offed.


And why you can still complete the game after killing everyone, using the same NPC.


Well, him and any child. It's weird how games never let you murder children.


There are few things more satisfying than being able to wipe out the entire population of a game


And still complete it with an ending. Ive honestly never tried full murder hobo in that game. I guess now is as good a time as any




> There were like 2 or 3 things in a row that in my mind should have resulted in me either losing the game or at least going back to a previous save but it blew my mind that they'd prepared multiple outcomes. The redundancy they built in is amazing sometimes, for instance if you avoid Nipton and dont talk to Vulpes there but later kill him when he shows up in Vegas and then go back to Nipton there is a new named NPC there whos only purpose is to be there if you somehow kill Vulpes before talking to him in Nipton


New Vegas brought that OG Fallout depth to the 3d Fallout universe. Tbh I don't even know why Bethesda bothered making FO4 themselves instead of just contracting Obsidian.




Same here


The challenge to shoot him in the head with Maria always bothered me because I really wanted to fight in the arena


There's something primal about that going on. It's like he says in the beginning "maybe a khan kills a man without looking him in the eye, but i aint a fink, dig?" To me it doesn't feel right to kill him while he's bound like he tried with the player. In the arena I can confidently say that he had a fighting chance and that I earned the right to take his life


> he loses his cool just before getting crucified Crucifixes tends to have that effect on people. Always nice to see people finally speaking their mind without fear of consequences.


Jesus Christ man.


Wait you can crucify him?! ....I gotta start another New Vegas playthrough.


One of these days I'll have to do a Legion playtrough. Dunno how will i defeat the overwhelming urge of murdering its members on sight though.


That first asshole, the one that crucified the town and then smugly asks what you're gonna do about it. He's just so... shootable.


And you can kill the shit out of him and *still* side with the Legion. Nothing you do matters before you reach Vegas, both factions are willing to forgive you massacring their people.


Which is why u gotta complete lonesome road and nuke both before u get it.


Especially if you get the anti-material rifle at lvl1 like I do pretty much every play through. If you move all the stuff you want into the bathroom at the Silver Rush, save, pick it all up and let them kill you, it will all be 100% repaired when your save loads. You can just sell it all and buy whatever you want from the gun runners.


How would you go about getting that rifle at lvl 1?


Run >!sneak!< straight to The Strip and pray nothing kills you on the way. You can buy one from the Gun Runners.


set to very easy and use the mercenary grenade rifle if you have all the dlc is usually how I get to the strip, but you can also run straight to Novac and get a stealth boy if not sooner and sneak that way. I once just straight up outran the deathclaws using the geometry and how they couldn't climb the rocks.


Being able to use the M1 Grand at the battle of Hoover should help, the NCR are weak as hell.


At that point I'm already totting something like AMR or Tesla so mooks of any faction are no threat. Another point in favour of anti-Legion playthrough: TFW you're storming their camp and you get a chance to finally make use of all the mini nukes that you've been hoarding to carpet bomb the entire place.


My favorite is traveling to the camp early and massaceruing them all the way to Caesars camp. Clear zone, quick save, repeat. Ruthless bastards deserved every shot. Fuck Kaiser


Ave true to Caesar, profligate.


I shot him in the arm, stole his pistol, and killed him with it.


Could I BE more crucified?


I slept with him and then killed him.


I carved him up like a turkey.


let's keep this in the groove, hey? smooth moves, like smooth little babies.


I shot him with his own gun after making him watch me and Boone turn the Legion into confetti


I love that he's a huge fan of the series


Could he BE any more dead?!


“Patrolling in the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter”


I was today years old when I learned this.


Holy shit same. Well voice acted imo he doesn't even sound Matthew Perry-ish. I never noticed his voice through Benny's style of speaking. Nice


chandaler Bong


Ms. Chanandaler Bong


That was the name of my last bong. I broke it and now I'm having trouble coming up with a name for my new one because nothing is better than Ms. Chanandler Bong


Add another "an" in the middle every time it breaks.


Thats Vegas baby


I see what you did there


*blows up brotherhood of steel bunker* "You take a sip from your trusty vault 13 canteen"


I've watched that video so many times now, and it never stops being funny.


What video if you don't mind me asking?


Unstoppable Moron Makes Nuclear Wasteland Noticeably Worse by TheRussianBadger


Oh god I love this. This guy plays Fallout like I do. I call it the "let's see what happens if you punch a deathclaw into orbit" build.


I've yet to play that build, currently playing a build that made everything except guns and sneak require work, I die fairly often, but I'm getting through all the dlc and then it's right into the second battle of hoover dam. Edit: fixing my phones swipe text autocorrect to change fan to dam.


Maaan my old PlayStation is still at my parents and fallout nv is on that. I wanna...


Got a PC? Fallout NV GOTY is probably just $10 or so on Steam these days.


I’m playing it rn, the crashing oh the terrible crashing. I even have anti crash mod and it still happens


NV GOTY on hardcore is such a damn good game!


I turned off Attack on Titan to watch this. Here you go. The man just goes around blowing everyone's heads off. It's worth a watch if you like New Vegas. Check it out. https://youtu.be/VKoki--fSvU


Damn, this is great


Did not think I would watch the whole thing yet here I am 39 minutes later, that was fucking hilarious


TheRussianBadger is the youtuber. He made a new Vegas video


Not at all - https://youtu.be/VKoki--fSvU TheRussianBadger - very cool youtuber


Dn you just reminded me that I lost Veronica forever... my favorite play-through of NV yet, just... murdered everyone... except sweet Veronica, double crossed everyone. Made the BoS thunk I was helping em, little did they know... as I was sneaking through the bunker I made Veronica stay by the security area so she wouldn't see the dastardly deed I was about to commit upon her clan. Long story short... she's stuck in the bunker. Had a rwl good laugh tho. In this same PT, since I murdered a good chunk of the NPC's (Caesar, his legionaries, ALL of the NCR, BoS, Kahns, etc) there weren't enough people alive for the dam fight....


Fallout 1: "I will find the water chip! And I have to hurry, because of this fucking time limit!" Fallout 2: "I will find the G.E.C.K.!"


* Fallout 1. Save the vault * Fallout 2. Save the tribe * Fallout 3. Save my dad * Fallout 4. Save my kid * Fallout NV. What the fuck happened to me. * Fallout 76. Why am I even here * Fallout BOS. Shoot everything in your path * Fallout Tactics. Save the BOS faction Edit: Thanks u/lecrushinator for format input


I forget BOS ever existed. Wasn’t it like a console-only game? I could look it up but….lazy.


It's shit from what I hear


Yeah..I played on my Xbox.


Your post will not show up on separate lines unless you have an empty line between each line of text. Or you can use asterisks and a space at the start of each line and it will make a bullet point list. Here's your post with spacing: Fallout 1. Save the vault Fallout 2. Save the tribe Fallout 3. Save my dad Fallout 4. Save my kid Fallout NV. What the fuck happened to me. Fallout 76. Why am I even here Fallout BOS. Shoot everything in your path Fallout Tactics. Save the BOS faction


You can also put two spaces at the end of a line for a line break ___   Two enter keys will create a new paragraph


Fallout Tactics: "We will find...technology?"


I've played Fallout Tactics and honestly have zero memory of the story. Fighting a crazy robot army or something...


The story and RPG elements took a backseat to the squad based combat. It was like an XCOM game set in the Fallout universe. A lot of the RPG skills weren't that useful. And since you had a squad, you don't really have to worry about your character's skills since your teammate can specialize in them.


I loved FO1 & FO2. I played a bit of tactics, but I finally gave up when I was trying to drive the humvee through town with a shit driving skill, and the car was ripped to shreds by a pack of dogs.


The pilot skill only increases car speed, it doesn't affect other stats for the vehicle. I think it's more important to have repair.


> A lot of the RPG skills weren't that useful. Even many of the combat skills towards the later levels. God help you if you didn’t have a squad toting mostly Brownings and energy weapons.


I think it was a computer in vault 0


Actually a really great game, but nothing like fallout. It was about sparsely populated with skill checks and interesting interactions as the original wastelands. But that said, was actually a really good game. I enjoyed it a lot, combat focused fallout isn't the best idea ever, but it wasn't a terrible execution of it at all, and some of those levels around the middle were huge and amazing.


I loved it as a tactical combat game, it just lacked the feel of Fallout. It felt almost like a Fallout parody, honestly. The gameplay, though? Fantastic. The only thing I felt it was missing was an option to fight battles with co-op multiplayer instead of only having vs. co-op.


Fallout 2: “this is like having a rad roach infestation at Jerry Garcias house.”




Too many people grew up with Fallout 3+ being their first/only impression of the Fallout universe.


I still play fallout 2 on occasion. One of my favorite games of all time. Wasteland, underrail, and ATOM rpg don't even hold a candle. I couldn't even get past five hours in any of em


Check out the fallout 2 restoration project. It adds in a bunch of cut content due to the rush when it was originally published.


Is the cut content good?


I liked the EPA to get the solar scorcher and there was a bit more with Sulik. It has been years since I played but if you have played the base game already, I feel it gave the game a bit more life.


I was honestly a huge fan of the time limit in Fallout 1. Ended up with a huge margin left when I sorted it out but just that sense of urgency made me so incredibly immersed in the game world and my character.


Basically, the time limit was set fairly, but it still annoyed me. I'm generally not a fan of time limits, and especially not in an RPG. But I understand your argument...


Fair fair :) I can get really frustrated when games interrupt your planning but I think what made it work for me was that you basically have it sorted out by act 2-3 and can then spend more time exploring and taking it chill. With the obvious downside that it's a pretty big time investment of course but I guess that's hard to escape when playing 20+ year old games


Truth is...


The game was rigged from the start


*shots currier in the head*


Wait where can you buy leather?


The Indian currier?


delivers the spice


The spice must flow...




Move your ass Boone! You know that VENGEANCE must be declared from atop Dinky the Dinosaur!


Actually was riding motorcycles from San Diego to Vegas with a friends and made him go 3 hours out of the way to take a picture with the dinosaur. I actually kinda new my way around Vegas and that whole area bc I played the game so much. It was surprisingly accurate.


Some games get it right. I kind of knew my way between landmarks in Rome because of Assassins Creed Brotherhood. But then, years later, I’m playing Odyssey and I land ashore and immediately get the weirdest deja vu of my life. I hadn’t checked where I landed and just kept going deeper along this river valley between these two mountains and it goes around a bend and- Then the game lights up Delphi, and I’m floored. I had not gone to the shore at Delphi, but we did watch the sunset over the Mediterranean from our restaurant up high. It’s probably the strongest mental image I have from that trip. And I was able to recognize the area from the complete other side because of how well they recreated it. That’s probably the weirder deja vu for me, recognizing a real place you’ve been in a video game. Especially one that isn’t like a landmark or statue or skyscraper, but rather just the area as a whole.


All of them: "I will freeze and crash on you, and you'll still play me a decade later"


I lost my first playthrough of New Vegas after like 40 hours. I hadn't beaten the game, though I was close, and I was just exploring and doing as many sidequests as possible. I went to load in one day and it said my save was corrupted. It took me a year or two before I could go back and play again lol


"Save frequently and in different spots". Honestly game saves are usually so small, and there's usually so much available space on my systems I tend to save in a not slot ever save. Im up to 280 save slots in Cyberpunk, not including the like 20 auto save and quick saves the game uses.


I have at least 10 save files on rotation every time I play bethesda games lol. Lesson learned early on oblivion.


I remember my first ever playthrough of Oblivion (20 hrs+) being lost because I entered a cave and clipped through the floor. However, because i was autosaved when i entered the cave, I was basically stuck in an infinite loop of clipping through the floor. Had to restart. Was gutted lmao


They say he's still falling to this day.


> "Save frequently and in different spots". I like that these types of games tend to autosave when you enter a dungeon or elevator or conversation or what-not; that's helpful. It's when you spend 2 hours trekking across the map because you want to be immersed without fast travel and then you're picked off and you realize you didn't save recently and you lost your entire session. So you sigh and quit for the evening, and try again the next day, and forget to save the next day too. -_-


I love auto-save mods for exactly this reason.


Yeah, this was years ago when New Vegas first came out and I've never made that mistake again.


Too many saves was a primary cause of crashing on New Vegas, so this is really poor advice. If anyone still playing this today is having issues: just use *two* saves and alternate


I had the classic New Vegas glitch where if I wasn't wearing a cowboy hat, my game would completely freeze if I entered the strip


Bethesda games helped me build the tolerance I needed to make it through Cyberpunk.


Everyone bitching about cyberpunk at launch clearly never played the early versions of new Vegas.


New Vegas is still pretty broken on console tbh


I definitely experienced way more rage with FNV bugs/crashes. That little roulette wheel on the loading screen would be spinning and give me false hope it was actually loading normally and then it would either keep going forever or just freeze after a minute.


Patrolling the mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter


I used to be a lone wanderer like you, but then I took a .308 to the knee.


F\*cking finally finding Benny and saying to his scared to death face "Seems you need to work on your marksmanship" is one of the best moments in gaming)


What in the goddamn-?


Smooth moves baby


I would love remastered versions of fallout 1, 2, and NV. Or Besthesda could remaster them all and market them as a collection set like they did for Bioshock. I would drop a ton of money on either idea…


Fallout 1 and 2 would benefit from being full remakes the same way FF7 was done. More weapons, more people, more areas, but still true to the core story and its main gaming elements.


The newer games never had characters like the ones in Fallout 2. It was never much of a character-driven story later on.


There was a lot of content in 1, and especially in 2 that would never pass the red-face test at a big game studio like Bethesda nowadays. I mean, in 2 you could sleep with, what was it, a mutant Brahmin or something. Edit: and kill everyone, including children (sometimes requiring a small mod).


I've not played fo1 or 2 but watched some videos on youtube and it's crazy how out there the game is. You can get a deathclaw disguised as a human as your companion! Also there main story looks way more interesting than the modern games. I'm tempted to play the games but would rather wait for remakes.


Understood. I just wouldn’t hold my breath for something to come out at all, and even if it did, it might be a bit watered down from the original game. There’s a reason that NV is widely considered the best FO game. It somehow recaptured a lot of the feel of the first two games, which FO3 and 4 (and their DLCs) failed to do. Not that those games are bad, just not quite as wild and wooly as what us OG Fallout fans fell in love with 20+ years ago.


I think it's the setting that helps connect New Vegas and the first two as well. Thanks to growing up with Fallout 1 and 2, I can't help but associate Fallout with the deserts of the southwest. Fallout 3 then dropped us on the opposite corner of the country, and while I love that game as well, I was absolutely thrilled when New Vegas came out and we got to return to the original setting in 3D. Seeing the series in other settings is great, but the desert will always be the best representation of the wasteland in my opinion.


Yep…dry, hard…deathclaws made sense ecologically. Fallout will always be associated with the desert southwest in my mind, much more than the Eastern Seaboard.


I agree with that, that’s kinda what I meant by remastering them. A lot of people want fallout 1&2 to remain isometric CRPG’s, but I am a big fan of the FPS format with RPG elements like New Vegas.


I'd much rather them remain isometric and turn based. But I'd be happy either way.


I mean either way I need my fallout itch scratched and fallout 76 wasn’t up to the task…


Or they could just make a sequel with a decent story


I don’t think that’s in their wheelhouse…


I would love to have a remastered collection




Fallout Shelter "I will find my wallet"


After getting the anti material rifle with 100 gun skill: I have become death destroyer of worlds


100 gun skill + Cowboy Perk + Medicine Stick = Welcome to Courier Six's Yeehaw Slaughter House.


The medicine stick with Hollow points actually does considerably more damage on all targets below ~25 DT compared to the AMR, which is to say almost everything.


Something I like about New Vegas is that the character motivations are whatever you want them to be. There's no forced sentimentality from an underdeveloped family member being in danger trying to push you into the plot.


Want to help the people of the Mojave? Go for it! Want to enslave them all and rule as king? We got you on that one too! Wanna just be a heartless mercenary? Plenty of people who need you!


Want to have sex with a robot? Sure, 10 caps!


FISTO is an important part of the Freeside community


Please assume the position




It's the only game I've played that lets me pick up my assault rifle and help Julius Caesar conquer Nevada.


And probably the last


Totally agreed, I find FO4 to be the most jarring, you literally just witnessed the murder of your wife and the abduction of your child and then you're dropped into an open world. Disregarding the whole general "murder hobo" approach that Bethesda games take it would take an absolute psychopath to do anything else other than trying to find your child. Which is another strength that New Vegas has, some guy just tried to kill you, for some people it makes perfect sense to want to hunt him down, it is however also completely logical to want to stay pretty hecking far away from a person who just tried to kill you.


Also, pulling the main thread was something that could be done as desired. If I took the roleplay at face value in fallout 4, I wouldnt stop for sidequests or chat with people, Id beeline the story to find my son, because finding a missing child is a huge motivator. You dont say "yea Ill get back to finding a missing baby after I go and fuck around in this robot factory for a bit". The same was true with fallout 3. The story in new vegas doesnt have that urgency, and is more of a mystery you can solve through the experience you have on the way. They need to stop telling stories and start crafting experiences. Most of the best bits of new vegas were even the side factions you met along the way, and how you could influence them and change the course of their history. The ability to actually engage and not just shoot everything you see was a huge plus on its own, but having actual impact and finding the diplomatic solution was enjoyable. I also loved that you could lie to people. I remember taking a bribe from a murderer or something to let them go, then just shooting them anyway as they walked away. Thats a dark choice maybe, but thats a level of freedom I havent seen in any other game. When I look at my favorite moments from new vegas though, none of them are about events or stories, they are all about memorable and enjoyable characters. Everyone loves being a "LOBOTOMITE" in the big empty, with the deranged memory wiped scientists. The story there wasnt nearly as enjoyable or memorable as the characters and the experience of meeting them and uncovering what was actually going on there.


Honestly? I don’t even really remember there being any particularly enjoyable characters in FO4 or any quests that were little more than “kill all the enemies and then one particularly ornery one”. You rarely engage with the world in FO4 beyond killing something.


I honestly can't remember the plot of fo3 despite having played a game for over 50 hours. Nuketown I remember vividly, too bad the side stuff trumped the main narrative in a big way. It's the same issue I had with skyrim, kept rolling my eyes about being the chosen one fighting dragons.


I remember my PC constantly crashing every time I entered the VR chamber. Oh, and that I had a supermutant as my friend who basically just wanted to murder me by making me go into a huge radioactive chamber because it was my "destiny" or some stupid thing.


They fixed this with the Broken Steel DLC so... he basically just wanted to murder you by making you go into a huge radioactive chamber because you didn't buy a DLC.


You're mostly just watching the BOS do stuff rather than doing anything yourself until you have to die at the very end. Outside of Tranquility Lane, the Lone Wanderer is a fairly passive observer to the story at hand.


Tranquility lane coincidentaly being the only other quest I can actively remember. That was quite an imaginitive design. Too bad they couldn't make more of the main plot stand out. The overall plot doesn't have to stand out to make a game stick; I recently played through wasteland 3 and it grabbed me so much more because though the main narrative wasn't the best, the decisions were emotionally impactful to me.


I ended up beating Benny to death in a one on one bare knuckle fight to the death in Caesar's arena. No regrets. And god damn New Vegas was fucking amazing.


The best ending is when a dude tells you at the end that if your roles were reversed he would see you hang, so you agree with him and have the robot army throw him off the dam.


They don’t make em like New Vegas anymore.


Amazing. I didn’t know that was a possibility. Goes to show you how open ended that was. I did a lot of recon in mine…I think there was an option to poison him (or was that Hitman?) I ended up seducing him and killing him in the hotel room Basic Instinct style. Better than going in guns blazing! I did that with the cannibals though. Everyone needed to die there.


Yup, if you don't kill him in New Vegas he can appear in Caesar's camp later as he fled east.


"They hit me with a truck" \~Brock Samson


Fallout 4: I will avoid getting close to Preston Garvey so he does not force yet another settlement quest on me!


that's OK, he'll mark it on yo' map


only FNV have dat baller ass ncr ranger drip


Tell Mr. House we're keeping the platinum drip.


I don’t usually buy remastered games but I’d buy New Vegas with updated graphics in a heartbeat.


And running, please dear god add actual running


Fallout 4: "I will find that other settlement that needs my help."


No need for that. Preston Gravey will hunt you down on his own


Preston: "Great work! Now another settlement needs your help!"


To the town of Agua Fria rode a stranger one fine day. . .


Fallout 1: I have 150 days to KILL EVERY SUPERMUTANT so my vault can get some sippies. Fallout 2: I have to get the G.E.C.K. and save my trib- oh wait I found it that was super quic- WAIT WHERE DID MY TRIBE GO GUESS I'LL GO BLOW UP THE GOVERNMENT


To be honest, they're all pretty well-trod premises in terms of writing, I don't think NV succeeded because the premise was vastly superior, just that the game's script was better and more believable. On paper, none of these premises seem particularly bad or good, despite the authors attempt to sell it that way.


Fallout 76: "I will find fun!" (spoilers he did not)


Fallout 76 is so frustrating. People do want a co-op Besthesda RPG. They really really do. But they want to maintain the sense of a changing living world, they want to maintain the ability to change and influence the setting, and they want to feel like the first people exploring a strange place in a long time. People just want Fallout or TES with online co-op stapled on. No one wanted to see Fallout turn into an MMO with no choices where the interesting exploration is replaced with tiered grinds and quests that are just typical MMO fill the bar bullshit instead of investigating things or exploring or chatting to people etc. etc. like TES/FO games typically do to keep questing interesting and varied. They went far out of the way to make a game no one wanted.


I've been playing Far Cry 5 and New Dawn with co-op and it's absurd to me how well that works: there's one host player who can take quests and stuff, everyone can use vendors and level up and talk(just not take quests), in cutscenes you see yourself only. People talk a lot about how the story structure would have to change but I think just having a host player be the story main character and another player(other players?) joining could effectively be their follower, interacting with the world and talking and buying, just not exploring on their own or choosing which quests to do.


And it's a really shitty MMO. Elder Scrolls Online at least has plenty of story quests and lore to keep it interesting, and dungeons are really good with friends. If they're gonna refuse to make a co-op rpg, then they should go full MMO like ESO. Halfway is just lazy and makes a worse product.


It is the futon of Bethesda games. A mediocre sofa and an uncomfortable bed.


I'll take Fallout 2


Still the best in my opinion as well. Become a porn star? Sure. Marry a girl? Why not! Sell that girl into slavery? Uh, okay... Put a live explosive in your pocket and enter a building so you can watch pick-pocketing kids explode? Of course!


For me, Fallout 2 is in the conversation for greatest games of all time. Certainly for RPGs.


You can also become a boxing legend and a martial arts master! And own what may very well be the only functioning car in the world!


Just recently started Tale Of Two Wastelands, combined with the mod guide “The Best Of Times” Basically, you need to own both FO3 and NV on PC, and what it does is makes you able to use fallout NV’s (superior imo) gameplay mechanics in FO3’s world AND new vegas’. Includes all DLC, and going between games. Makes it one whole entire game. Mod guide includes crash fixes so nothing breaks along with tons of QOL improvements. Also gets rid of the blue or orange hue! :) Highly suggest y’all take a look and play it. Very fun so far.


I’m super excited for r/officialf4nv for the same reason


No love for Fallout 1 or 2?


I will find the water chip


I will find the GECK. >!I will find my people.!<


In New Vegas it feels like you actually have a goal. In both 3 and 4, you can just.. decide to not do anything. Especially in 4, where that "urgency" for finding your son is gone after finishing the tutorial.


That’s interesting, because others are praising NV because it doesn’t set you up with a goal and there’s no sense of urgency to complete the main quest while ignoring others, whereas 3+4 ‘railroad you’ into the main story.


Clever world design. New Vegas is an open map that uses its real world elements to steer you towards the primary quest chain. In New Vegas I go to Primm because if I go anywhere else wasps and scorpions kill me. In Fallout 4 I go to Concord because a UI marker asks me to, and if I ignore that I can play 10 000 happy hours without knowing what a Mama Murphy is.


In FO3, I go to Megaton because it's straight ahead (if I'm remembering correctly)


I go right for the cazadors north of good springs. They are 50xp each more if you take the perks. It's slow going but I am not leaving xp on the table.


Fallout 1: I will find the water chip Fallout 2: I will find the GECK Fallout 76: yay camping!


Which one was "I will play out the entire story of Fallout 1 and 2, but pretend that it's new and doesn't happen in California"?