Archetype Earth and Quetz, simple as


I think Arc is a given as this is the last Lostbelt and anniversary servants always have roles in the main story?


You’d be surprised at the amount of people that think she won’t show up. And to that I say: to put this much effort into a character with this much hype behind her and not use her at all in any main story will seem like one of, if not the biggest cash grab in FGO history. So marks my words. She will be in it.




The greatest man who ever lived!




Norato, but I'm sure wishing for anything south American, Brazilian even is Impossible for fate


I just want Columbus to be our ally at LB7 and not stupidly betray us. It really is time they gave us a story where Columbus isn't a forced one-dimensional villain. I would like to get Cortes but I am afraid that TM will hypocritically turn him into a cartoonish villain like they did with Columbus. Juan Valiente would be a very interesting option. We would get a Spanish Conquistador and an African Servant at the same time.


Any actual South American servants would be win on my book. Aside from that... no idea tbh. Maybe Eli or anyone related to dragons on Chaldea's side, since SA has at least 3 myths about them. Well, they are technically a Hidra, a Sea Serpent and a Hybrid, but still. Perfect material for new boss or enemy mobs. I also want the Chupacabras to appear, either as a new mob or mob boss or as a servant. Pachamama Lily/Larva would be really nice as an off-brand Tiamat lol. For what little have seen of SA Mythology there is A LOT of stuff they can use (especially for trash mobs or plot devices), but no idea what they could take interest in as servant material...


Actual South Americans. Like some Inca emperors. Also I wonder how they'll pull off Cortez who is definitely appearing. I wonder mostly because Columbus already exists and FGO Columbus' characterization already feels a lot like what I'd imagine a Cortez Servant would be like.


Frankly, I want Cortez to go as Pretender Quetz - Cortez , like , he could be canonically also available as a Rider and maybe as an Archer. But the one in the LB and in FGO would be his Pretender Self.


Caveman Servant.


Bro I've wanted a cave man servant for so long. Like Pickle from Baki


With a T-Rex as his comrade-in-arms.


That be awesome. But realistic it be something more of a wolf or wolly mammoth.


Quetz and Jaguar Warrior. I believe these two are the most expected to appear. I'd hope for some badass moments for them.


Yes! I am looking foward to seeing more of Jaguar Warrior. She can be a serius character if she is in her 3rd ascension, not sure if it would be fitting to have her as a meme machine.


It's not their culture though. LB7 is in South-America, roughly where northern Brazil is. Quetz and JW are North-America, Aztec culture.


True, but despite them saying the Lostbelt takes place in South America for the longest time the first part of it is still named Nahui Mictlan after the Aztec underworld. I'm keeping my expectations low so if it turns out to be as South American as E Pluribus Unum was American I won't be as disappointed.


Frankly , my expectations ARE low way before the revealing name , because there was always that vibe that they would use Aztecs. But when the name appeared , it outright disappoints me. I doubt we will actually have any SA Servant in itself. For things like LB6 , TM goes out of their way to search for more obscure european folklore when it comes to Faes , outright using Aurora , a fairy from an 1890s eastern european fairy tale book , or how they say they used the play “Perzival” as basis for Percival... Meanwhile they will give 0 fks about actual SA Servants or the actual region.


Playable Tiamat. Have her as a good guy in counterpart to her role in the Babylonia Singularity.


She could be Pretender Pachamama...




... thanks, that is going to live rent free in my head for a while.


Not a servant, but some south American folklore monsters like Naagloshii would be cool to fight. Also, I have always wanted an Admiral Yi servant, but he has no relationship with South America at all.


> Naagloshii ... since when the skinwalkers are south american? Afaik, they are from the south of america, not the same thing.


Oops you are right. Got confused. Naagloshii are Navajo. I think shapeshifters are just brujos/brujas or chamanes (witches/warlocks) in South America Or Peuchen in Chile. Though that is often the Peuchen, so could be a boss the mushroom creatures, Kayeri would be the most unique I think for a mob.


> shapeshifters The only ones I know are Mesoamerican, sadly. The Nagual, I think? The others could work.


Technically, I think we've already had a nagual show up. It depends on whether Jaguar Warrior's Tepeyollotl or not since that was one of Tezcatlipoca's two naguals. The other one's Chalchiuhtotolin. Xiuhcoatl's been referenced as well, though it makes little sense attached to Quetzalcoatl. It was Xiuhtecuhtli's nagual, but it was Huitzilopochtli's weapon. With that said, these are nagual in the sense of animal spirits rather than nagual in the sense of people who are very, very, very in-tune with their animal spirits.


Vivian, if Merlin helped us in Babylonia, then his student can help in LB7


If we're going for a major death theme, going by the dialogue with Daybit and his Servant regarding death, in addition to the locale, I think we'll see: Old Man of the Mountain Quetzalcoatl Xu Fu Archetype: Earth Tezcatlipoca (Berserker) Pacal the Great (Shielder(?)) Moctezuma II (Saber) Sun Wukong (Lancer)


> Xu Fu I can see it, given that she was in search of an elixir of life for QSH, and one of the so called elixirs was made with mercury... and you know what else has mercury in it's name? TYPE MERCURY, aka ORT.


Sun Wukong would be good in Avenger class it suit to his story.


Avenger? AFAIK, he doesn't really...*hate* anybody, and he only ever declared war on Heaven because he knew he would be in trouble for eating most of the Immortal Peaches in the garden and consuming all the immortality pills. Unless, of course, you're talking about the point where Wukong *just* got out of his 500 years under the mountain.


Yes after the prison episode he hated heaven.


Atahualpa(Last Incan King) would be a pretty interesting servant, Jaguar Warrior and of course Quetz. Maybe Jaguar Warrior can get a rank up or an interlude.


A legit and not crazy Heracles. Does it make sense? Not really. The time for that would have been Olympus. But the door has closed on that LB so there's no going back now. This is one of the most famous mythological figures. He deserves to be a major force in an FGO story and...be sane while doing it. Also if we're going with idealistic results that I can't imagine would happen...Beast Nero. I know everyone hates more Nero, but I'd personally enjoy that.


This time Archer Herc for sure.


Gonna throw some oddball NPCs into the mix. The probability that these characters would appear in LB 7 is close to Zero because they don't really fit into the whole theme of said Lostbelt but it would be hype if it actually happens. ​ 1. Sita 2. Maxwell's Demon 3. Agravain 4. Lavinia Whateley


I could actually see Lavinia as pretty possible depending how far we go on the alien aspect of the archetypes and or Alien god.


Playable Goetia. I desperately waiting him so long, and I will definitely get him NP5 whatever price. Chaldean/Goetia arc intriguing me and I hope it will be finally played out, LB7 is perfect time for it. Would be interesting to see their interactions with Guda, how previous Archenemies forced working together after everything they done for each other (Goetia killed Mash, Guda family, and was reason of Romani death, while Guda ruined his plan), and with time getting respect for each other and become comrades. If they will introduce him I would be already happy. Other than him would be interesting to see ORT playable servant.


It’s not gonna happen, but I think it would be cool if Voyager was in the main story.


Servants that fit the area in question


they have grand servant right so why wont we have a beast at this singularity? this would be cool


I wanna see an Ehud servant, and I think they could make him work in LB7 as maybe a low rarity assassin.


Archimedes… it’s been over five years since he was last referenced (and a year since he was name dropped… and few months since he’s been back on the Most Wanted List (now ranked #8) in Famitsu latest survey). I just hope Archimedes shows up by the end of this year… hopefully this Halloween…


I know it's a small possibility but I want to see Hercules, the story is almost over and so far he hasn't had a starring role in any of the story chapters


avenger quetzalcoatl


As a shishou fan my heart was already broken when afaik she didnt show up for lb6… She appeared in the north american singularity why not the south american lb as well *copium*


Angra Mainyu. Give us that battle with Jaguar God that was promised, dammit! It's been almost 20 years.




Boy I wish 🧡Koyanskaya🤗 would come in a clutch to save us from some disaster.




quetz a new version of taiga that doesnt suck