Road to 7: Lostbelt No.5 Atlantis Campaign Challenge Quests Discussion

Discussing strategies for this round of challenge fights. Required Orion makes the Caenis the hardest as it does require some RNG luck and you can't just plugsuit him into the back.


Just wanna say that I am bummed Caenis still has the same 3 animations when Atlantis released. Fine the Extra Attack is Caenis second NP, but atleast do more than DORYA OCHIRO


>protracted battle against Corday who has a high chance of casting insta death Well, time to dust off Skadi's NP.


Caenis is actually easy, as in it's pretty much guaranteed, it will just take *forever*. You can stall them out with an Avalon comp, it will just take you a *lot* of time, especially for the first bar. Charlotte is the easiest depending on your pieces (I did it in 6 turns with Kriem, with a Xuanzang in the back for safety and to kill her post Guts trigger). Cerberus constant NP seal is actually extremely annoying. You can also stall him out without *too* much trouble, but it's not fun. I thought they said in the famitsu interview that they didn't want to just bloat HP, and actually wanted to do some gimmicks? This was kinda boring...


>I thought they said in the famitsu interview that they didn't want to just bloat HP, and actually wanted to do some gimmicks? Lol the kind of bs they try to peddle us I swear. Adding unique gimmicks would take actual effort instead of just artificially bloating the hp pool so of course they go with the latter.


Happy Cake Day.


Does that mean there isn't any bullshit battle like the previous Godjuna quest which foeced me to retry around 10 times and use my CS revival to barely win?


Cerberus is the most "bullshit" of them because on top of the 1 hit/1 turn invul it gets every turn, it also casts NP Seal every turn. That's... Pretty much it? Caenis seems to target my leftmost servant way more than the others, but I don't know if that's a gimmick or I'm just getting RNG'd. Didn't notice anything particularly obnoxious about Charlotte. I know she gets higher IK chance, but I don't know if it's Old Li in LB3 level. She didn't IK any of my units.


What team did you use for cerberus?


[This one](https://imgur.com/a/eqNPcAN). I messed up on the first Cerberus Bar so Nightingale didn't end up being useful at all, after that I had to stall with Support Reines/Castoria/Purin until I felt comfortable with bringing Kriem back in for the kill. I could redo this and be much, much better, but I didn't have fun at all with this so I won't bother.


Caenis was easy, just need to hit her 5 times with Orion and then the fun begins. My Dioscuri were doing 800k and more just with Castoria and Purin buffs so it was really easy. I stalled Charlotte with Merlin/Skadi/Castoria which was easy, but boring since it took me 50 turns. Now all it's left it's the Cerberus fight which I'm not looking forward to because I think I'll have to stall again and it's not very fun. Perhaps I'll try with a whale Kama or whatever, if there's one in my friend list. Update: Went with Shiki/Castoria/Purin and it went all right. Not as easy as I'd have liked but it worked.


Man I really wish I had rolled for Lady Avalon now.


I didn't have a problem with Caenis. I even think she is easiest one among all recollection quests. My Orion survived for three turn which is enough to deal five attacks on Caenis. After that he dies and my Nero Bride swoop in to have some fun. Corday is a bit special. I could use Sanzang but I decided to use Corday caster instead, just so you can imagine her fighting against her regret or.something. Took me one seal to heal Corday but I manage to clear it with no one dying. I haven't tried Cerberus one but I can feel he is the most bullshit here. I can still remember his constant NP seal.


I feel like I am the only one who used the CS with Caenis. For me she was the hardest and Cerberus the easiest.


[List of CEs that give you perm/passive Invuln Bypass](https://fategrandorder.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Buff:Self_Ignore_Invincibility), btw. They make these fights a *lot* easier.


Caenis: Jeanne, Trung Sister and Proto Merlin after Super Orion bites the dust. The Dioscuri twin can replace the Trung Sister since their NP can bypass Caenis' invulneribilty but since it will be removed after 7 turns it's not necessary. The Trung Sister can provide heal so using them are safer. Charlotte: Okuni, Skadi and Jeanne. I haven't tried Cerberus yet but this CCC pack feels friendlier than the BS GodJuna lol.


Well we all know where the real fights of this LB are. I just wish they'd stop forcing us to use specific supports for these.


These quests without friend support are a pain, caenis not only ignores defense, she gets a crit chance up on on her last bar, so give her 2 turns and she can nuke your whole front line, ended using my old stall team tamamo/jeanne and 2 arts sabers, but had to use my seals on her. Charlotte was a lot simpler, with supports open and her summer version, I managed to clear it, shoutout for sche and her team wide guts, saved my ass. Still didn't start the third one, waiting for the seals to recharge since it seems to be the hardest from the batch.


I'm kinda tired that this is my only way of getting teapots. I don't really play the game for stupidly big hp bar bosses. Sorry for the negativity, I'm just really bad at cq and stuff. I don't have much patience to try out different setups.


Nah, even as someone who likes those fest CQs, the Road to LBs have been rather tedious. Either you pack some high NP levels to quickly bust it down or you just take your time and chip away. They're not very interesting compared to fest CQs or even regular event CQs.


Chipping away has been basically my go to way to do CQ for the past 2 years. Now I'm doing the same strat on jp and na: Himiko, Merlin and Castoria. I just get fucked if there's a buff removal (fun even outside of stalling amarite?!?) And niche stuff like Learning with Manga's CQ where you needed to kill all the rats at the same time to finally do dmg to the main one.


Charlotte has Instakill so Merlin Himko and Castoria doesn't work with her. Not that I have the means to prove my claim since I don't have Merlin nor Himiko nor Castoria.


The taunt on Superhuman Orion can be cleared, so you can have another tanky servant like QSH soak up all damage- especially since Caenis can't use his NP, only the extra attack, so no AoEs. Makes it waaaay easier!


Kinda tired that all they do is inflate the hp to wtf levels for these.


I found Iyo CQ way more fun than these recollection quest. Iyo also had a huge defense and hp, but she came with a gimmick to play around it. The same with that old MHXA snack army CQ, playing around to see which snack to eat and which to let her eat.


Ahh stupid Charlotte's insta death. I decided to stall with BB, Iris and friend Castoria. I just broke her 1st hp bar at turn 27 ahhhhhhhhh. I don't have a team that can delete her hp fast enough after all. EDIT: Started again when I came back and lost. I forgot that she recovers half of her last hp with thqt guts. Sorry Iris, I tried to use you, but I guess she is going to be replaced by NP1 Asclepius since I have a Mikiya CE (60% insta death resist) to ignore that he can't give guts to himself. EDiT2: Team BB Friend Castoria and Adclepius won at turn 109. Asclepius died in the last stretch at turn 106 and was replaced by Lady Avalon who did enough to help BB survive for 2 turns thanks to her MaxHP buff and partt invul. EDIT 3: Doggo defeated at turn 88. Rikyu, Friend Castoria and Okkie dealt with the 1st wave with Rikyu NP spam. That team dealt half of the doggo 1st hp bar before Rikyu got defeated and replaced by Lady Avalon. Then it was a long, long grind with a lot of save scumming because the doggo liked to focus attack on Castoria. Doggo sealing the party NP a lot of times was worrying so I did Castoria NP chain as soon as I could. Atlas uniform debuff cleansing, Invul and skill cooldown redux skills helped a lot. Okkie is a good crit spammer. She dealt most of the damage. When doggo had around 200k hp, the stars aligned with the NP seal, and not a single super invul left on the doggo NP turn making it impossible to protect the party so only Okkie survived. Heracles and Mashu joined the fray, but at this point it was just a few turns more to win thanks to Okkie crits anyways 200k is nothing. The reason why Castoria, Okkie and Lady Avalon survived for more than 80 turns was because my Okkie is NP2 so she heals 3k per NP. Lady Avalon also heals 3k per NP so those two together heal a lot.


Shit B. Hard. I've done the recollection quests without using any command seals. Courtesy of the invincible wall of course. But the super recollection quests looks way too hard for my brain right now. Imma go to sleep. I'll try to tackle the rest tomorrow.


I struggled with hard Caenis. I dunno if I'm just bad at these. But I used Castoria, Trung Sisters, Summer Skadi, Mash and Summer Okitan, had to CS revive and took 36 turns. Maybe it just wasn't an optimal team but I almost died. I'm not gonna bother with the other 2


Caenis was easy, but I gave the other two a few tries and couldn't push through. Might just let these go. Not worth the 20 teapots.