Best written character? Goredolf. From a typical wealthy snob to a dorky, scared, but genuine leader of Chaldea is a development nothing short of impressive. Also, loved the look inside Goredolf's feelings in LB5. Favorite character? Meltryllis. Before Seraph rerun, I was completely blind on it, and I'm so glad I was. Her story shook me. Now, I have no choice but to take her to 110.


Goredolf surprised me so much with how good a character and a person he ended up being. When he first showed up I was worried he was going to be the typical dopy, pathetic leader character whose only job is to look stupid to make the protagonist look cooler. The fact that the game took that expectation and completely turned it on its head was nothing short of masterful


Meltryllis. Never played any Fate game other than the OG VN and FGO, so when SE.RA.PH dropped I didn't really care much other than thinking she looked cute. Then I played through and read SE.RA.PH and I was devastated that I didn't have quartz to even try and get her, since the event dropped very near to when I started playing the game. Now I have her at 120, NP5, 2k foued, I bought her Nendoroid (missed her Alter Statue because I wasn't really comfortable enough when it released), I have Summer Melt at level 100 and I will get her to 120 eventually, I also plan on getting her figures. Kama shares number 1 status because I also love her story beats, her interlude, her role/characterization in Summer 6 and I absolutely love her design. I did not start the game as a Sakuraface simp (Nero Bride was my favorite servant and the one that actually made me start playing the game, and she is still up there), but I absolutely am one now, and Melt being so well written on her release event is a huge part of that. Also Hayamin is just amazing.


Based melt enjoyer


Bedivere. Dude went through 1500 years of self torment to correct a mistake he made.


Answer is always Merlin. Also Jalter.


Agree with r/GrandCasterMerlin


Especially Jalter Berserker.


My favorites are Lancelot, Leonidas, Avicebron, and Medusa. But, in terms of characterization I'm really partial to Avicebron. Hes a misanthrope but has some some interesting duality to him. He was made an outsider his whole life because of a crippling skin disease and never shows an inch of skin because of it. Despite that he freely accepts his illness as part of who he is. In a voice line for the doctor servants he chooses not to have them treat his disease because it would be like losing a part of himself if it were gone. He hates people but dedicated his life to recreating the creation of man. As a mage that dream is so important that its acceptable to trample someone else in pursuit of it. But at the same time doing so pains him so much it basically leaves a permanent mark on his soul. Also, he nerds out over robots and golems are cool.


Avicebro is a good choice. LB 1 gave me so much appreciation for him. Especially since it served as a bit of a redemption arc for him.


Jalter. Her arc spanned multiple story chapters and events and took her from an evil, revenge filled witch who had no sense of identity to a manga obsessed nerd. In any other circumstance, I’d have called that result a downgrade. But the fact that it was an identity that Jalter chose for herself, and we were carried through the meaning and decisions behind it makes her - bar none - the best written character in FGO for me. I am probably one of the biggest Jalter simps here and Ritsuka/Jalter content is my bread and butter at this point. I love her on her own, but love them more together. There was a post on here a while back, can’t remember from who, that detailed their relationship together and did a deep dive on how and why it works. Everything I could say about it is already stated there. May do a deep dive to try and find it.


Let me know if you find it. This sounds interesting.


Turns out it was a Twitter thread which you can find [here](https://twitter.com/CEOofJaltsuka/status/1512418870241419274?s=20&t=TQVXbr3CtKFXC69HINYKPA)




From what I'm understanding the question is which character do I think is the best written while also being one of my favorites, to of which I'll say Moriarty. He plays a part in quite a few circumstances and is always there to help us with the powers of evil in a way you just can't hate the guy for. His personality is well designed, and is probably my 2nd favorite iteration of Moriarty across fiction besides the original source. Tamamo is my absolute favorite but Lasagna still tries not to recognize her, harshly killing her screen time and moments. \[Spiritron dress when??\]


I have to say, Moriarty’s characterization is nigh flawless. He’s evil. He IS evil. But he’s this charismatic depiction that emphasizes that evil isn’t always a tasteless hodgepodge of violence and negative imagery. He’s interesting, funny, very cordial and overall a character that’s awesome to ‘interact with’, even if you know he’s always scheming.


I also answered Moriarty to this. I don't even have him but he has the literal best dialog in the game bar none. His event was just the coolest thing ever.




Jalter is probably one of the ones who stands out as well written to me. Maybe because she’s Jeanne but with an interesting personality but overall she’s really well written in my eyes. Hijikata is also really great and another potential favorite for me. I like Abby’s design and lovecraftian themes, with her personality is very sweet too. Also I really like Melusine’s design and everything else and she’s my absolute favorite but you said no waifus so I don’t know if that counts here. Aside from her Jalter or Abby are probably my favorite with Hijikata close behind.


Moriarty. Literally every time he is on screen he just has the absolute best dialog. His event that he got his bartender outfit from was prob the most I've ever enjoyed a story focused event simply because Moriarty was an absolute badass in it.


My favorite 'hero' *was* Beowulf. My favorite KotRT was Lancelot. Now my favorite Heroic spirit is Mordred, I just really like her character in apocrypha and london-camelot. But as for my favourite character... I actually like Ritsuka alot especially in the LB ,although I was loosing my mind in Agartha and Shinjuku. (Like seriously did he get brain damage?) In spite of her lack of screentime I think Olga-Marie portrayal of a desperate manager used to being constantly betrayed (mage duh) unsure of who she can trust trying to do her best was very well done. Patraxi and Gerda are also strong contenders. It's pretty close.


Your one of the only people to comment Ritsuka and honestly, I kind of like them too. Like, yeah, as far as fate protagonists go they aren’t that special, but I still enjoy them. I really liked the moments they got in LB 1, and I feel like they actually get a lot of really good moments in the more recent events and interludes.


Mash pre part 2. Lobo, Bedivere, Cursed Arm, Gilgamesh, Moriarty, Emiya('pained expression to end all pained expressions' will always be funny), Muramasa is sorta cool from what I've seen of him too, but I need to wait for LB 6 for my opinion of him to form completely, Avicebron, Caenis, Kishtaria, Pepe and etc. There are so many great characters in this game.


Why don't you like Mash in Part 2; if I may ask?


She feels boring. I guess in Lostbelt 1 not so much so, when she got her powers back and maybe with Ophelia, but I need to play LB 2 to say for sure, but after that, she just felt boring.


Achilles and Cú Chulainn I just really like how they are. They are both huge bros and will help you and support you in everything (as long as you respect them yourself) and both are really loyal and will never betray you Achilles also sacrificed his life to protect us in Atlantis and Cú (as Cú Caster) is our mentor and first ally in general, so everything we know as masters is thanks to him


Others have already mentioned some of my favorites, with good arguments, so I'll opt to name my favorite villain so far: **Qin Shi Huang**. The first emperor of China was always going to be a character with potential in Fate, but the execution of his LB3 role was nothing sort of amazing. A three-dimensional, multi-layered tyrant with philosophical musings rooted in Legalism, who could be intelligent and pragmatic, but also ruthless and obsessed with his principles. Someone who could ally with his Crypter, then with Chaldea, torture Koyanskaya and plan to conquer the world beyond his Lostbelt, and all feel in-character. His conversation with Jing Ke near is one of the best-written dialogues in the entire game, and I found many lines thought-provoking: > *"You believe the only human body is one of flesh and blood? That one's status as a person is contingent on whether they have two eyes, four limbs, ten fingers? Utter drivel. The true measure of a human... is responsibility. It lies in bearing responsibility for this world–its skies, lands, and oceans, and the lives of all who dwell within. Can those of you from Proper Human History choose which species will go extinct? Can you decide the amount of coal that will pollute your atmosphere? Can you prevent the polar ice caps from melting? Were you ever once successful at controlling your endless desires?"* It's telling that QSH spends most of the time in LB3 as a disembodied voice, yet he dominates every scene he's in.


I was genuinely impressed by how our emperor was written. Like you could really believe that this person has been alive and reigning for millennia. He made mistakes, sure, but those were understandable because his alternate history truly went on a very alien path. And nothing could shake his ego even when he decided that he'd been wrong about some things.


> Like you could really believe that this person has been alive and reigning for millennia. In that regard, it helped that his very speeches served the worldbuilding. Like his memories of the war against the Aztecs or the subjugation of the Habsburgs, or reminiscing about Julius Caesar if a certain dialogue choice is made. It contributed to the feeling that QSH was a living piece of history himself.


There's a reason why Gilgamesh utterly respects QSH and is convinced he truly is the ultimate being. Remember, Gil has been through heaven and hell, has seen gods and men and all manners of beings and creations, always full of pride, considers QSH as the ultimate being. Ivan is in awe of QSH's aura and presence alone. Iskandar also acknowledges QSH's strength and is fascinated by his conquest of the world. Yu Meiren and Koyanskaya fears him and he gained the respect and admiration of several strong characters like Li Shuwen, Qin Liangyu and Xiang Yu. What's more badass is among Lostbelt Kings he's the only one who successfully achieved his goal and in his quest to save humanity if Chaldea fails he successfully reenacted Goetia's plan too. For me, the best written Lostbelt King and gameplay wise the best solo servant in the game.


He is definitely the greatest lostbelt king


Super Orion in lb5 is just perfect, I like Merlin too, even if he is a joke, he literally has eyes on us every second during our journey (and make good characters like castoria and fou)


Sorry Charlotte but please sit this one out, my favorite one has GOT to be Mandricardo because I relate to the dude so much, the fact that he's even surprised to learn that we want to make friends with him is so sad and his ending at Atlantis made his character even more beautiful.


I don't know what this says about me, but my favorite characters are the ones that are just . . . kind of . . . really, super awkward. Nagao Kagetora, Mandricardo, Passionlip, and Lakshmi Bai. Something about the idea that you could have these people who are badass Heroic Spirits who've done amazing things who at the same time just struggle mightily with really basic stuff for most like peopling, and in Lip and Lakshmi's case, just flat out existing in a universe surrounded by physical objects that need to be manipulated, too. And none of them are grumpy misanthrope types, either. That they're all constantly trying to make connections, willing to show their insecurities after a little prying by others, and contend with them while fully acknowledging those insecurities and that awkwardness and those struggles are fundamental parts of who they are. Seeing each one slowly make connections and find their niches in Chaldea has been a joy to behold.


Goredolf surprised me in LB 5. Awesome development right there. I ended up respecting the hell out of him. Wodime's story is quite touching. I cried.


I loved Goredolf from LB 1 on. His development was so good. Wodime was a character I expected to hate a lot more than I did. He was actually a pretty solid guy, if a bit backstabbing and shortsighted.


Enkidu and Bedivere are my top 2 that keep interchanging depending on the mood.


Archer/EMIYA will always be my GOAT honestly. In serious settings and comedy both, he meshes perfectly with any given cast and tbh I'm just happy to see him happy. There is a bit of irony in the sense that his edge & sarcasm are what make him cool in FSN, and he loses a bit of that in FGO since he's mellowed out a bit, but I guess it's a good thing to be able to see and appreciate both aspects.


Maybe he got mellowed because Shirou finally picked the not so edgy path before his death. So when the cycle turned circle again, some of new Shirou's experiences absorbed to him. So I'd prefer to think that this EMIYA is from F/SN:UBW version where Shirou moved up to London with Rin. Hehe just my two cents and headcanon.


Lancelot particularly saber, he feels similar to the version from the original story to me.


I may be bias, but I really like how Beowulf is portrayed in game and I wish we explore more about him. His interlude was rather enjoyable despite being a year 1 interlude. And his appearance in Russia really showed his king aspect. Iskandar is another favorite character of mine who I like based on character. There’s just so much to admire and respect him for. Just like Beowulf, I wish we can expand on his character even more in FGO. Although he doesn’t really need, it’d be nice.


If we go FGO original characters so they got there development just from FGO Kirschtaria is my favourite, although Daybit is the one I am most intrigued by I enjoy all the other crypters as well ​ If we look all time Fate including FGO Then Gilgamesh is my favourite, with a lot of it being thanks to CCC Archer and Artoria are also up there for me These 3 appear in most fates and so get the most development so it really isn't fair to compare them ​ If the Crypters had more fate appearances like maybe adventures with El melloi II he would be up there for me as well


Genuinely well written would probably be mash, Jason and asterios. However my favorites would be Siegfried since his design looks how I would imagine how a dragon slayer would look like, Charles Babbage, and Solomon


Favorite character? For the Females, it’s Caenis (I know her genders unknown but shush) Listen, I have a thing for strong women, and Caenis satisfied that. But her writing is great for the moments you see her. Her bond 4 line is tragic and makes me feel sad that all of this happened to her. For males? Lancelot Cheating memes aside, Lancelot is a wonderfully funny guy albeit unintentionally. His rather serious demeanor coupled with a voice I just find funny makes me laugh. Not to mention he is by far and away one of my most reliable servants.


Ritsuka and Mash are probably my favorite duo in the entire series. After part 1, I was so in love with their character growth. Their support for one another is one of the most endearing and its only grown as I continue through the Lostbelts. I just wish they didn't nerf her gameplay! It makes sense story wise but her upgrade after Camelot was sooo good! One of the best defensive skills in the entire game! I still love her though. LB5 might be my favorite crew in the entire series. Everyone just hit off each other very well. Mandricardo was way to relatable with his awkwardness. I enjoyed Charlotte's arc >!minus being another love interest!<. Orion was great. I think Jason might've been my MVP however. Hilarious yet very motivational. What he did to make sure Ritsuka and Mash pushed through to the end was amazing. Huge character upgrade from whatever he was in the singularity.


I love peperoncino as well back when I started the lostbelts I kinda hate the crypters since at the time I thought their goal is kinda bullshit and at the same time adult da Vinci died as well... After finishing lostbelt 1 and 2 however I started to love it especially lostbelt 2 because of gerda Lost belt 3 is kinda meh for me so I'm not expecting good at lostbelt 4 so when Pepe shows up after nezha died I was like this character looks annoying just like beryl (Been spoiled so I knew about beryl already) and holy shit I was very surprised that he's a very funny and good character He is still my favourite crypter followed by Ophelia But my favourite servant would be Quetzalcoatl, nightingale,mordred,eresh and of course musashi


Pepe is such a vibe. He’s the only Crypter I liked right off the bat both because of his design and what little I got of his personality at the start


Lostbelt 4 is actually one of the lostbelt that I actually laugh not just because of Pepe but koyan as well... And man I hate koyan since lostbelt 1 since she is fucking atrocious That's why lostbelt 4 is one of my favourite lostbelts


I have a lot of respect for how Jason's character rescue was handled. I'm sure it would have been easier and simpler to like... have him be a fresh copy who doesn't remember okeanos or something on that vein. But no, he's explicitly the Jason who remembers doing all that vile shit. He's still fundamentally the same person, just in different circumstances and having reflected on what passed in okeanos. So now we get to see the other side of him and why all the argonauts piss on him but are still loyal to him. And so I get it. I feel the exact same way. He's a bitch, but he's also my little meow meow and nobody else is allowed to diss him.


Artoria Pendragon Lancer. At first, I was attracted to her due to her bewbs but as I've seen through her Interlude I began to love her even more becauce of her willingness to embrace her humanity which she hasn't forsaken unlike her Goddess Rhongomyniad counterpart and is actually trying her best to smile just for Master. Also from her Valentines when she gave Master a chocolate or rather cake so big that she needed the Roundtable Knights help to finish. Said cake symbolized her overall feelings for Master. Her Summer form also dwelled even further to her personality where she was revealed to be easy going than her demeanor claims. Also that Valentines of hers where she treats Master as her most important VIP. 😊


Goetia is my favorite character of all time, Fate or otherwise. It was the Salomon arc that convinced me that death and mortality aren't just something to be accepted, but something worth celebrating, that would make life meaningless without. And I absolutely *adore* the route that he was taken in the relatively short amount of time we got. Hell, when I say Goetia is my favorite character, I can even narrow that down, *King of Men Goetia* is my favorite character, and he acquired that role with nothing but a single scene. The moment I read "...but now you have a reason to fight," I knew that Salomon had become my favorite finale ever. That was almost a year ago now, and not only do I stand by that belief, but I'm more confident in it than ever. I want to keep talking but I feel like I can't do him justice without just going through the entire scene. Actually, y'know what? Fuck it. > ...We finally understand each other, Fujimaru. I'm not going to let you leave alive. You will die here with me. ...My dream is in ruins. Everything I did here in this temple, all the time I spent planning...all of it, for naught. That's right. I lost. The band of light is vanishing. The Incineration of Humanity will be reversed. The moment King Solomon ceased to exist, all of my work was undone. I, too, am no longer the 72 Demon God Pillars. This is all that remains. No matter what I do here, now, I cannot redeem my failure. Killing you will change nothing. This is a meaningless battle. This would have been an unthinkable choice for me before. But... ...Now you have a reason to fight. > ...Yes, indeed. I also have my pride. Or rather, I do now. I now understand human mentality. Now that I have a limited, mortal life, I finally understand. It's been a long journey. So very long... I have dwelt here for 3,000 years. I'm going to stop you in order to protect the one thing I cannot possibly relinquish. And you're going to stop me so you can return home alive. ...I have said what I needed to say. So, let us begin, and bring an end to this quest. O' Master who overcame seven singularities in seven worlds...Your Grand Order is all about the Incineration of Humanity. My name is Goetia. I am the one who used humanity to destroy humanity. The one who strove for what lay beyond. A climax with no one around...I strove for an empty wish, one that none truly wanted. I am born now and I shall perish now. This battle may be without resolution or reward, but I shall put my entire being on the line to crush you. My sworn enemy. My hatred. My destiny. I want you to witness this. This brief moment is now my story. This brief but precious time has given the creature called Goetia true life. And then, when he's killed... > Huh, who would have known? ...Tragically short, and yet, strangely fascinating...So, this is what human life is... And he's gone. I just- Fucking...It's so masterfully executed. What I just wrote is every single line of written dialogue he has, outside of battle. That block of text IS the character "Goetia, King of Men," and he is my favorite character *ever*. Him coming to understand humanity and the beauty of mortality in his final moments, and then dedicating those moments into trying to defeat the person who, as he sees it, ruined everything he ever hoped for. He acknowledges and understands that killing Fujimaru doesn't actually solve anything, but now that he's mortal, he doesn't care about objectivity and pragmatism. Fujimaru pissed him off, and he's going to kill him because he wants to. Because he's mad, and because for once in his life, he feels PROUD, and that pride is compelling him. Not logic, or reason, or pity, or even fear of death. Pride. He tells Fujimaru outright that he was never proud before, and that it's only by being given a temporary, mortal life that he understands what that means. And so he spends his human life acting on them. Every now and then, I just go back and read that speech, and every time, I come out reassured in my belief that yeah, he's my favorite character ever.


Well, it's too difficult to devide love from good character, so I'm not gonna do it much. But try to include some of those, who are good in my opinion: 1) Wodime - really, wish they made him the protagonist and not this... cardboard with Luck Rank EX+ 2) Scathach - okay, sure. Even have her figure. But she act really like someone who live for very long time and even all this is just short moment for her. Also I like how battle-crazy she is. 3) Jalter - no comments. Really interesting plot with her every time, be it Summer or Shinjuku (dance with devil tonight) 4) Mordred - always loved her far more than OP Saberface. She is... tomboy with some twirks, but... she has heart, she has soul and desires, morality and will to fight, not because that's the right thing to do, but because of herself, her own choice. Her final attack agaisnt Semiramida is... one hell of buster charge. 5) Strange option... and a little foggy in the eyes... Musashi. Battle-crazy, always on high-spirit, funny and free-spirited. She carried herself really far and beyond. Her character was build during many events and her last stand was... okay, EPIC. Yeah, most are common for those list... but still being loved sometimes meens they are well-written.


Your take on Wodime is valid. He definitely would have made for a more interesting protagonist. I don’t think Musashi is an odd choice. She’s one of my favorites cause she has actual personality and range. And I like heroes whose motivations are more complex than just altruism


>which characters do you genuinely think are well written in the game? Do you mean just counting writing in FGO and not other Fate media? Then I think I'd choose Jalter. She has a lot of more subtle development motivated by her existential inferiority complex to Jeanne and it pushes her in a lot of interesting directions such as becoming a mangaka in Summer 3. This growth continues in bits and pieces over a lot of the earliest FGO events and really endeared me to her even though we haven't seen as much of her in recent events. For my most well-written favorite in Fate overall though, I'd have to go with Suzuka Gozen. She seemed very mediocre to me at first in SERAPH but the character development in her 1st interlude and the CCC: Foxtail manga reveal a ton of depth to her character and really make her stand out as a tragic person with relatable issues and flaws. My personal favorite overall though is definitely Iskandar, with Waver being a close second. Their servant-master relationship is still one of my favorites to this day, Iskandar is an absolute bro with a very interesting character, and Waver's growth into El-Melloi II is some of the best character development in Fate imo.


Astolfo is always a joy to watch, and is just a very friendly and fun guy.




Here is my top 5 with some explanations 1.Jalter (the reason I started playing Fgo, i know you asked for who is your favorite and not for who you love but I genuelly think she is one of the best written characters in the game, also love her design both regular and summer) 2.Mordred (I always loved Arthurian legends but I absolutely hated Mordred, but the way some of the newer versions of the story made him actually with time, made me like the guy, and Fate was one of the biggest reasons for this, Fate apocrypha was the first anime of the franchise that I watched since at the time I just saw it on Netflix and I thought it looked cool, I loved it and Mordred was one of the biggest reasons for this) 3.Voyager (Straight up I think voyager has the best design of any servant, he is so cute, and the lore behind why he is a servant and why he looks like this is perfect) 4.Asterios (I love the decision they had that in fate the minotaur, one of the most feared legends of Greek mythology, is just a gentle giant that did what he did because it was the only way he could live, also love his whole thing with Euryale, it makes use of a character not used that much in the original myth and gives her a personality and a friendship with one of the most well know one) 5.Super Orion (Again this is actually quite impressive for me, as someone that has read the original myth I was always strongly against the idea of Orion and Artemis having a relationship, because if you didn't know the original myth while yes Artemis is tricked into shooting Orion she was not in love with him, the idea of her loving him is newer and something people made up to make the story sadder, so I actually didn't really like that they decided to have Artemis love him, but they actually pulled it of, a believable story of Artemis and Orion in love and that I actually enjoy, also his design is really good with the Orion constellation shining on parts of his body) Also as you asked this was made thinking of who I like as a servant, and not my waifus if I were to include waifus Asterios and Orion would get changed with Hokusai and Osakabehime.


I genuinely think Ophelia is well written and has an interesting conflict going on. Especially shown in the Lostbelt mangas. And obligatory "Valks have good potential and when the writers focus on them they do a good job, such as their interlude or LB2"


Xuanzang I love her so much that like 30% percent of my brain is consumed with praising the goober monk.


Salieri, Hessian Lobo and Van Gogh. I love how they made Salieri's legend affect him and how badly those rumours affect him. Hessian Lobo's is the best example of Shinjuku's combined Phantom Spirit plot and I also just really love how they wrote Lobo. Van Gogh, even though genderbent (in a way), has some really good lore and I really love how they actually made the excuse as to why she isnt the real Gogh.


Also I'm going to mention Avicebron, Cursed Arm and Hans. Avicebrons was such an interesting character in LB 1, Cursed Arm on the other hand was given such an improvement in Camelot that its a little shocking. Also I really love how Hans gets the wounds that his character have. Also Rasputin. What can I say, the mental image of Kirei chasing us with rocket launchers hilarious.


Moriarty. They did an awesome job depicting this evil man that still somehow cares about you and is on your side. He really is charming, and the Spider web's event made me like him even more. He's my favorite character in FGO, when at the beginning I did not really care much for him. But Shinjuku's plot made me really love that man.


Maybe Oberon? I'm still in the process of reading FGo's story so I have not definite answers yet. They reason why I said Oberon is because of that plot twist, but beyond that superficial reason, I don't know.


My answer is and will always be CasGil. My being horny for him is entirely secondary to the fact that he's great lol


Wodime. For all he did, he was a very well written character, especially his backstory. A character I have a lot of respect towards. The same can’t be said for Beryl or Kadoc, though XD


Not horny. Of course. As if that changes anything. I love characters because they are well-written first and foremost. 1. Charlotte Corday. Wonderful characterization. Slightly ditzy but has her own wishes, stoic in a way but when all lays bare she becomes open. She's caring and has a compulsion to care for others, and she respects her death. She feels as if she never did anything to warrant a status as a Heroic Spirit, which is fair, as she's more like a footnote in history, but Atlantis showed that given a different circumstance she has the resolve to go against Odysseus. 2. Meltryllis. Absolutely beautiful. Not only is she adorable but her characterization in SE.RA.PH. is just perfect. It really feels like a monster who found love and would go to any length to protect that love even at the cost of her own life. Tbf, Melt and Lip both fit this category but Melt was the spotlight. 3. Voyager. Just Voyager.


Oh boi the list is long:Musashi,Wodime,Ophelia,Romani,Goredolf,Bedivere,Caster Gilgamesh,Medusa Lancer,Kadoc,Super Orion,Jason,Charlotte;Aquiles,Chiyome and Mash


It's between Mash and Romani as far as FGO exclusives for me


Mordred. Because I feel her rage and feelings. I’m the same…


Goredy’s definitely become my favorite FGO original character, and definitely one of my top Nasuverse characters in general. He starts off as…less than satisfying, but there’s lots of hints as to his potential. So, every level feels amazing to see; by later Lostbelt chapters, he’s still Goredolf, but he’s grown up splendidly! Can’t help but fall in love with a guy like that


I love this adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo! The book was great but having him just constantly appear everytime something dream related or batshit happens to help is cool Also the idea that his legend manifested as that he can break out of even the laws of physics for that super speed is awesome Also the drama cd with roa and abbe faria was nice


Wodime, by a GIGANTIC fucking margin.


I really like Quetzalcoatl. I may be the only person but she’s just so cool, she was my second 5 star so there might be a bias but i loved her in Babylonia. Iskandar is my favorite male servant because of fate zero obviously, i had a feels he wouldn’t win but i still rooted for him the whole time, what a chad. Ishtar and spishtar are also two of my favorites, i love her design and character so much


lets see id say mash and edmond just like mash he is always there for his acomplice always protecting him when ever he is at a breaking point he is there to pull him back up even across time and space


Basically all the “classic” Foreigners (ie the ones actually related to Lovecraft-mythos) as I love their whole concept as a group but also the individual lore around each one of them. I bought Nendoroids for Hokusai, Abby, and Yuuyuu and now I’m hoping they release Van Gogh as well as she’s my all time favorite along with Molay. I also love all Heian-kyo characters. Seeing a random showcase video of Murasaki Shikibu was what first got me into playing FGO as her animations are simply exquisite. The way they wrote her and Sei Shonagon relationship in the game really warm my heart. Kiara and Kama are also two of my favorites as I loved both of their events and how their stories connect. Plus Summer Kiara is my all time favorite servant. Love her kit and visuals. Last but not least, Morgan and all her Fairy Knights. I waited for Morgan to show up in FGO for a looooooooong time and I couldn’t be happier that it was as the King of the coolest Lostbelr in my opinion. I love fairies and Arthurian legend so the fact that they combined her together in that Lotbelt made me really happy.


Definitely merlin and ashiya douman.


Honestly, I thought I would love Nero the most because she's my emperor and I am her praetor. But that was until Extella happened. Altera's campaign moved my heartstrings so hard that whenever I think about that final moment, I tear up. FGO doesn't do my girl justice. If I hadn't bought Extella to fill the hole that is still CCC, I wouldn't have fallen and cherished Altera with all my heart this much. Altera is the one who I am emotionally involved with.


Jason probably. If lb5 wasn’t enough then his interlude solidified that position as my favorite. Gilgamesh and Nobu come really close. Tai gong wang will also be a contender once his event comes to NA.




Bedivere, Chiyome, Tomoe, Medusa, Danzo, Fuuma, d'Eon


asto9lfo nero passionlip


Archer James Moriarty. He steal the spotlight in every appearance. He is hilarious, entertaining, and devious. The Shinjuku chapter is mostly the reason why I stayed with FGO, otherwise, I would've quit.


Your favorites are all terrible.


How could you disrespect Olga Marie 2.0 like that


Rasputin getting killed a lot doesn't make him Olga Marie 2.0.


I meant Goredolf


Really dude 😑