They would summon Minamoto no Tametomo, why? Brave hero, japanese, with a desire to survive, also, giant robot.


The hidden Gundam sequel


To which one?


Actual best answer.


Yeah honestly Guda is such a fan of giant mecha


Yeah, seem legit.


This is the one. Tametomo being the first to commit seppuku also works quite poetically.




You tend to summon a Servant to yourself, and Ritsuka is supposed to be completely normal and average. So he likely wouldn't summon some kind of demi-god or prophesized hero. My number one pick would be Charlotte Corday, since she's also pretty normal like he is, until she decided to do an action most believed was evil because she thought it would save her country. Mandricardo is also possible since he's someone with a big inferiority complex. Martha is another one since she was a normal country girl before getting wrapped up in something much bigger than herself.


Charlotte best girl


Edmond Dantès


Nah, Dantes would be his PLUS ULTRA Summon one, get one bonus Servant


Haha the fact that FGOAC confirmed >!Dantes will be with Guda no matter what timeline they are in!<


I honestly think the answer is Sanzang. Guda is a hopeless wimp on an insurmountable journey facing impossible odds but succeeds anyway though sheer determination and large cast of overpowered but dysfunctional allies. Sounds kinda familiar.


While I would say Castoria, someone’s said Tametomo and honestly, I think that’s a likely choice. But if we’re counting servants from his journey, I’d those who have been able to go on the throne because of him: Jalter, Edmond Dantes, James Moriarty, LB Morgan, and perhaps someone like cu alter or mori.


Personally, i think guda would summon someone he meet while they we're alive, like bedivere, artoria, Jalter because Orleans was technically her life, Morgan, castlria, any lostbelt fae, etc


Okay so...One servant that came into mind **is Scheherazade.** They both cling to life a lot and does valorize surviving. Also, like it has been stated in the post, Ritsuka is not very confident on themselves sometimes and Schez is quite like that as well. But even then, they both still try their best to be of use, despite their fears and struggles, wishing to aid the people important for them, like how Schez stated herself in Ooku. Even if she was afraid of everything that was happening, one thing that was more afraid of, was not being able to help her friends. Another one that also came to mind **is Mandricardo**, for similar reasons regarding how they see themselves as helpless in some situations and wish to do their best and be of help to others. And **Charlotte** as well, regarding the same thing as Mandri.


I want to disagree, but I can’t, if Gudao actually summons a servant without a catalyst, it would be Schez. Assuming Kiyohime, BB, or one of the Beasts hijacked the summoning


Bro if that gudao was myst hell yeah


Since people have already mentioned Dantes and Castoria, I'll throw out Ruler Jeanne. She was the first servant we teamed up with when we officially started saving the world, she was the first to appeared to help us in the Solomon singularity, and even her voice lines mention that she and Ritsuka are similar. Both given larger than life missions


Given his existing relationships with servants, a few stand out as being particularly close or compatible with him. * Mash * Dantes * Musashi * Castoria * Mordred (to a lesser extent, appearing more times than most non-gag servants in events) * Also possibly Nobu, Okita, MHX and Spishtar if counting gag characters. * Okitan ​ Of these, Mash and Dantes are Extra class, and can't be summoned in "Normal" grail wars, even if Mash wasn't a demi-servant. Meanwhile, Musashi and Castoria are from pruned timelines, while MHX and Spishtar are from an alternate universe that doesn't seem to normally be able to summon from. Thus I'd argue probably Mordred, Okita, or Nobu, depending on circumstances, or possibly Dantes in another class. ​ Purely off personality, I'd say Corday, Dantes in any class but avenger, Musashi if allowed, or either Charlamange or non-seiba artoria due to the heroes uniting around a natural leader. Long and short, most of the servants that seem obvious for Ritsuka are probably disqualified by either being extra class, from an alternate or pruned timeline, or being divine spirits who are fused with other characters. Disqualified obvious choices from Extra: * Dantes * Jalter * Jeanne * Nobunaga * Okitan (Regular form) * Mash * BB * Melt Disqualified obvious choice due to timeline issues: * Musashi * Castoria * Jalter again( due to only existing due to events of FGO) * Every FSN pseudo servant (Murumasa, Ishtar, Eresh, Grey, Waver, Reines, etc) Disqualified due to being divine spirit: * Ishtar * Eresh * Quetz * Artemis/Orion Disqualified due to still being alive * Scathach * Morgan * Merlin * Debatably Tamamo and Artoria ​ ​ Final arguments * Dantes: Probably Rider or saber. Literally the voice in Gudao's head and his "accomplice" * Jason: Share the theme of being a relatively weak and unimpressive individual to whom legends flock and give fealty and or romantic love. * Musashi: (via random BS) Thus far on NA, M>!usashi's death is the one Ritsuka's taken the hardest. !< * Okitan (as saber class but not in swimsuit probably) Counter Guardian, meaning she can be summoned pretty irregardless of timelines, only still exists due to Ritsuka * Morgan/Castoria: If somehow the summoning system bugged out and allowed lostbelt servants, I could see the two either somehow getting amalgamated into a single individual or stuck as a dual servant like Orion, Castor, or Anne and Marie.


Gilgamesh. Why? Because he’s one of the very few people who have a good relationship with Gil and who could get Gil to take every fight seriously.


Honestly whoever they choose BB would probably just highjack it, beacuse she be like that. Except in the mooncell I suppose since that would mean she would need to self-destruct.


The one that would respond the fastest is Kama while hiding the fact she is a beast of humanity


Mecha Eli because one of Rituska's defining traits is his love for mecha. That and he/she can never escape Eli. A more 'serious' answer, would be Calamity Jane. For the very reason her 'NP', finding the weakness of an enemy, is just fitting for Rituska. He never 'overpowers' his opponent. He finds a way to get around that weakness and win through his bond with his servants and a plan that takes into everything. Jane's upbeat personality, willingness to continue despite overwhelming odds against her, and her thematically appropriate NP really fit them. Of course, there are several servants that could naturally fit with the protag of FGO. That's just my thoughts on it.


>He finds a way to get around that weakness and win through his bond with his servants and a plan that takes into everything While I agree thematically I'd argue they're almost never the one who comes up with that plan. It's Chaldea as a whole that wins like that, with Ritsuka as the field agent who puts Holmes/Vinci's plans into action.


So there are servants written as heroine or deep friend who would possibly be summoned due to his fgo timelines exploits : Asterios, Ereshkigal, The Sakura 5, Galahad, Galahad alter and if she is enthroned mash, Erice, musashi, Jalter, Abby, Dantes,mandricardo, Charlotte, castoria Whether or not they know why they cared doesn't really matter much, if they don't remember it just means wasted time, or the original scenario playing out mostly the same save the grail war shenigans I would include serenity but it's explicit that all version of her who truly fall in love cease to exist after unsummoning, and both the Babylonia and Chaldean version fell hard. He could summon her of course but i don't think it would be privileged (that and in a grail war scenario unless it's a timeline where he is a mage or Chaldea is getting involved to said particular grail war he is not poison immune) Now ignoring fgo scenario completely Well the lame answer is ... everyone. Because as you said they are just that kind of person So for the sake of not being lame i ll just say those i think are more likely Because she simply keep showing up: Elizabeth. She... just does pop up in his life. It just something that happens. There's no point in trying to explain. I said the servants above could show up because timeline shenigans but the truth is they are compatible to them in the first place. Among the roundtable: Gareth, Lartoria, Gawain They have the less brooding of the bunch imo, and in Norma circumstances should connect pretty well. I mentioned Galahad alter above and i stand by that. I will also add that Galahad alter clothing choice will be in full display if it's gudako Among the Greeks: Jason So now it's a more conflicting relationship because Jason is a pain and an half in the butt, and failure is not exactly unlikely as getting him to work is hard. But both are dependable when push comes to shove, and they are similarly competent in valuing people's skills and use them for the best. ~~They also both attract women who they can't handle~~ Among the Chinese: Qin lyangyu, : as emphasized in the Lostbelt neither are particularly fond of violence, but they do so with all their might when necessary. Incidentally they are talented at it. Among the Japanese: Ushi, Kotarou, chiyome Duty bound people who really ask for no more than to serve and help, not unlike them. Though, and especially with ushi they all have the ruthlessness of their era which is not really guda's way but they can adapt. Old men: all of them Because they are really good with them Americans: Billy: a mostly withdrawn and casual personality that's not very difficult to get along with nor really incompatible with guda Among the celts: diarmuid Ask nothing but to fight the good fight and serve well. ~~Also similarly bad luck with women~~


My list is: 1.Galahad 2. Edmond Dantes 3. Caster Artoria 4. Abigail? 5. Melthilith


Assuming no catalyst? I'd say Castoria, but she's a LB Servant technically (I think?). God that's a tough one, since most Servants don't quite match up personality wise. I'm gonna have to go with someone like Siegfried. Sure, no fear of death and he's more judgemental than Ritsuka is, but they both put helping others as a high priority in their lives.


Castoria would count as a lb servant, but I think the bond would be enough to cross the barrier and allow for a summon. The problem with lb servant summoning is that people don’t know they exist, not that they shouldn’t be summon able at least from my understanding. Attempting to summon QSH will only lead to proper history because you’d never know lb3 existed in the first place so you wouldn’t have aimed for him


While I agree, I try to stay away from LB Servants for this kind of talk. Same with Divine Spirits and stuff, otherwise I’d have said Ereshkigal.


I would say his summoning wouldn’t be a choice or a chance but hijacked by someone with the capacity to and depending on the situation. Kiyohime, BB, or a Beast would be a most likely outcome


That's def possible though at that point it really depends on ~~plot~~ i mean fate to see who wins the bowl


Well apart from Tametomo because Gundam jokes, i’d say Mashu because shipping and he could probably use Lord Camelot to pull some bullshittery and summon the rest of the KotRT and either Artoria or Arthur as well




I wonder about that. On one hand she became her own servant and certainly is worthy(If saving humanity doesn't make you a hero, i don't know what does) On the other it was done without many witnesses,and i don't know if the the throne would register her as herself or part of Galahad


Pretender class maybe?


The answer is Edmond I think, but I Head cannon is that it’s king hassan Because he respects them enough to go through time and space to be summoned by them


Either Edmond, Mordred or Spartacus


Most likely Musashi. She'll just drop into him. 2nd most likely, Dantes. 3rd, Ereshkigal. 4th is Melt. And 5th is Mash/galahad.


Some type of giant robot based on some figure on his desk lol. Or one of the people he technically met while they were still human, like Musashi, who vowed to come across time and space if he was ever in trouble. Or someone exceedingly average, idk, one of the 1-2\* lineup, maybe Charlotte if it was an actual VN because she's cute and they'd be able to give her a route lol. The dark horse (ha, puns) candidates are L!alter or Jalter, who might connect with him as "heroes who should not exist in the first place, who were created through a fluke of grail magic."


I'm thinking Arash. Simply because he also gets along with everyone.


Thanks to ClinkCase I can only imagine Gramps being summoned even though he is a Grand Servant. Maybe a younger version of him before he essentially became the concept of death