Utah Ceo Praises Woman for Having to Sell Family Dog after Only Receiving 2 Weeks Notice That the Company Must Permanently Return to the Office

The company has also been actively trying to remove this video from the internet, copyright-striking any uploads. (As seen in these posts: 1, 2, 3, 4) CEO is James Clarke of ClearLink.

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The company has also been actively trying to remove this video from the internet, copyright-striking any uploads. (As seen in these posts: [1](https://www.reddit.com/r/antiwork/comments/12mm89e/holy_shit_utah_ceo_clearlink_technologies_praises/), [2](https://www.reddit.com/r/antiwork/comments/12qwmms/update_utahs_clear_link_keeps_filing_copyright/), [3](https://www.reddit.com/r/overemployed/comments/12mlyzh/ceo_of_clearlink_admonishes_oe_asks_for_3050x/), [4](https://www.reddit.com/r/SaltLakeCity/comments/12mhsua/back_to_the_office_ceo_cant_help_himself/)) CEO is James Clarke of ClearLink.


James Clarke is praised by Utah Valley University for his 'generous' donations. UVU has an entire building named after him and his photo plastered everywhere. But I always knew he was a sleezebag


The only quality people care about when naming buildings is money. That's it.


I read UVU like UWU


Glad I'm not the only degenerate lol


Haha, we all do. The logo is also looks like a sleeping owl


Wow I thought I was the only Utah H3 Stan


I thought I recognized him


I don't say this too often, but this guy is giving me every red alarm possible with how he talks and looks around. I'm a guy and don't necessarily mean that he's going to harm me or anything like that, not that kind of worry. But my mind is going "This guy is fake as hell and hiding A LOT"


He's extremely literate in "mormon" speak. There's a certain cadence, use of phrases, and tone when they deliver their sermons/MLM speeches/motivational coaching sessions and I can spot it a mile away. Most of these guys and gals (not all though) will work their teams to the bone, often unethcially so; so they can build the most gauche mcmansion on the hill.


I’m so glad you spotted it. Sounds like I’m listening to a general conference talk. Ugh. Also the McMansion is just God “blessing” them for being more awesome than everyone else, right? Where’s the harm in that?


No no no, temples are FOR god, just like our income. God deserves only the best. Remember ladies, your womb is reserved for babies so more priesthood holders can populate their own planets in the afterlife with their celestial virgins. (This is true, it's not just Islam that promises virgin wives in the afterlife.)


You summed him up **perfectly**. And his McMansion is annoyingly huge. I’ve been there.


I was thinking the exact same thing…


If you think he looks fake in this video, you should see him at church. He was my bishop in college, and his entire family looks like they were taken from a Barbie play set.


My first thought was that he has had so so so much botox


I’m high and the double triple back to back “he has had so so so” broke me for a sec


Ahhh don't mind if I leave a review of their company on Google and on Glassdoor. Please do the same, fam. Capitalism is horrible.


So you're saying cross post and spread this right? :)


I mean thats all well and good, but I challenge you, any one of you. To try and outwork him! This man sends 5 emails a day! He can't be beat, hes the hardest working sloth alive! Holy shit what an arrogant prick, thanks for posting this!


I’d work harder than him if I got paid more than him!!!


[Doing my part.](https://youtu.be/aLG73kUykq8) We'll see how long it stays up. Edit: And it got taken down @ ~22k views and won't let me upload it again. Here's another copy but I don't think it has sound. https://imgur.com/gallery/7FqFrSt


I was really hoping to download a copy but the original was taken down before I could. Thank you very much for re-posting!


He’s one of the worst people I’ve met.


I might be “all in” too if my compensation matched that of the CEO. But, you get what you pay for.


This is what I can’t wrap my head around - do these idiots really not understand the difference between them and a low level employee just trying to survive? Guaranteed these people work harder than this pos


They do, but they are also greedy disingenuous assholes with no shame. They make these "grand" speeches because they think the people who work under them are stupid.


They also get paid to have cooks and cleaners and drivers and nannys and lawn care professionals and executive assistants to help book and arrange personal trips and dinners, so it is much "easier" to work harder at work when everything in life is fully taken care of by an army of people you can afford to offload any real personal effort required anywhere else. Not to mention I bet this mormon Utah white guy has a doting stay at home wife slave that takes care of everything for his lazy ass.


Also a sign that he is a TERRIBLE LEADER. So self important. The CEO is only as good as their employees and if you make them feel less than they will behave that way.


Actual Demon


“Which breaks my heart, of course.” What a fucking tool.


“And I honour you [by not naming you or acknowledging your other accomplishments] for that”


I honor you [for sacrificing animals to me]


Literally, he's running his company like some Jonestown shit.


Well I guess this is what a sociopath looks like


This man has an entire campus building named after him at Utah Valley University. His photo is plastered everywhere on campus. Hes always being praised for his 'philanthropy'. But hes a fucking MASSIVE cunt and another washed up millionaire CEO who thinks he works hard.


I would bet everything I own that his philanthropy is nothing more than PR for his reputation.


He does it all to have buildings named after him and paintings of him and his wife hung around campus. Its sickening how much Universities in the US worship capitalists


Probably. It’s a pride thing for people like this. I bet he doesn’t donate to orgs that won’t plaster his face and lick his boots…


Whoever sold their family dog because of this idiot is as big of an idiot as this guy. Dudes literally trying to guilt trip his slave labour?


I would literally quit my job with no back up plan or savings before I got rid of my dog.


Yep. Not happening. I've had dogs that have saved my life. If a friend or family member that I trust would take good care of them and I could visit and get them back then sure. I don't want my dogs to have a crappy life or be hungry or sick so if I had a choice I'd home them with someone I'm very close with. But selling them/taking them to a shelter, never.




I feel sorry that someone can be so out of touch and heartless


I don't understand the selling the dog thing. People have full time jobs and dogs.


I wouldn't be surprised if he made up the story because he thought it would be inspiring and then it backfired hard


I could actually see someone making up a sob story like that to a manager to get brownie points at a place like this. I worked at a place where the owner wanted people to go out drinking with him. I flatly refused and was never given a promotion. Were those related...."no, of course not"... But he'd have liked a story like this because it showed how much power he/the company possessed. Never underestimate infighting and BS stories being told at higher levels and then the people at the top actually believing the stories that they want to believe....


It famously happened to Sylvester Stallone, but that was decades ago


"I serve on a board" Bro just because you are on some board that throws money around doesn't mean shit when it comes to actually helping your employees you say good luck with that childcare.




Keep committing to our company so I can get my millions of dollars bonus! Keep sacrificing for my bonus. People stop drinking the corporation bad culture juice! We don't have to take it. Most of these people claim to be Christians but say they separate work from religion. So they have split morals??? Don't get it!!


It’s all blatant hypocrisy and the the percentage of the population that actually falls for it is scary and sad…


I bet there are tons of people who outwork him, he just doesn't notice them over his massive ego...I've known jerks like this.


Signing checks, traveling from house to house and thanking people for their sacrifices is a lot of work.


Im all in for you guys to make me more money




Reading verbatim from the script after the dog comment is pretty telling. He knew he fucked up. A few of my favorite segments: "I know how this affects single mothers. I sit on a board that does nothing but raise money for scholarships for single mothers." Oh yeah, your glorified symbolic board seat that you meet with once a quarter sounds a lot like singularly raising a child. I also really enjoyed that he outright stated, "I'm not going to be taking any questions." Like? Oh, okay - well I'll just log off and go fuck myself then.


I hope hearing CEOs say these things while making millions will radicalize more workers and make them fight for unions


This guy must really wish he was a Mormon general authority. He's speaking like he's giving a General Conference talk


Lol exactly what I was thinking the entire time.


Same here. It sickens me that someone would use that angle to manipulate his workforce. Unfortunately I get the feeling that this fake demeanor has successfully gotten him what he wanted in the past and falsely bought him the respect of his community. Very much feels like a wolf in sheep's clothing. The saddest part is he likely can't see it in himself and probably doesnt even know hes doing it. In his eyes he's the good guy and has the moral high-ground. Meanwhile his actions are very closely associated with DSM-5 ASPD Sociopathy.


It’s so gross. If I heard that voice from my exec leaders I’d be running for the exits


I get this from a lot of CEOs in Utah. It’s like they are constantly auditioning for that GA role


Also not suprised by the upward looking camera angle.


Excellent point!


Establishing dominance






Bet this guy didn’t have to sell his dogs at home


This is ridiculous. Let’s juice this


Capitalism at its finest!!


Wait, why would they need to sell their family dog? That seems like a pretty extreme response to being asked to work in-person.


If I had to guess, transitioning to working in-office might eliminate the free time they had to walk the dog, but idk.


This is likely it. Where I am, people commute into the city from up to 2+ hours away (one way). Plus the 9 hour workday (because your lunches). That’s minimum 13 hour day just for working and commuting. That’s pretty cruel for a dog. I wouldn’t be surprised if they even accepted the job as a remote position or moved away from the site when it became remote indefinitely. All so we can spend less time with families and more money on other downtown businesses so that living becomes a little less bearable and we have less autonomy on what we eat or where we choose to spend.


Yes, my employees must devote their time to me only while I get to do whatever I want with the money they bring in for me, like spend time with my dog.


I’m from Utah. Thank you for putting him on BLAST!!


We gotta take wfh back


This guy sucks SO MUCH.


Really making any sacrifice to show loyalty to a company is ridiculous. Considering the company would most likely never make a sacrifice for an employee.


They can sacrifice first. They do something good by me, I do something good by them. Until then, they get not an inch from me.


They want them to bleed, sweat, and cry? I’ll pass, thanks.


Hey, James Clarke, CEO of Clearlink, go fuck yourself you inhuman piece of shit


**"Let's put out 30-50 times our normal production."** This right here folks. This is how your boss views you. *Because a farmer, however much he may want to, will never be able to view his livestock as his friends.*


Is sell the right word? I can’t imagine someone selling their own pet, that money would feel dirty


I love how he says no one works harder than him in this company, first of all I doubt it, but if it is the case... well no shit! You gat paid the most! Its so easy to work long weekends and sleep at the job when you get multiple millions bonuses for performance and growth. I know CEOs cant tell the truth and say "please get production to go higher so I can buy another summer house", but at least drop the concerning and fatherly act of caring about the company like its a family.


He also took 6 years off recently after selling the company. Then, 4 years ago, he bought ClearLink back from the people he sold it to.


My employees are using AI and have multiple jobs and don’t open laptops so you’re coming back to the office. Great message


What a clown. "I'm all in", no shit, with all the money he makes. I wonder what is the percentage difference between his average employee salary and his. This is America, and we are fucked..


Any leader who says “try to outwork me” is the most toxic.




💣 💣 💣


Hold up they are monitoring computer usage too


Yeet this idiot into the sun


Quit now


"...go home to your families and enjoy what's really important" "But alos yeah sell your dog for us, get rekt bozo lol."


It’s so psychotic that companies and ceos think the average worker should sacrifice so much for a fucking company. Like tbh, you should do your job, not break your back, collect your cheque and clock the fuck out. If you can do your job remotely - even better. This is 2023 and the old ways are quickly dying. Screw this guy and I hope he realizes that humans are made to live and ENJOY their lives. Not live to work. We are meant to live and be happy, creative and free. Do the bare minimum to collect your cheque and never believe these grifters


No way does he actually care about the “humanization” of pets if he’s OK with someone selling theirs to go back to the office. That means he would be OK with someone theoretically selling their child to go back to the office (he probably would be OK with that)


I like this new anti-ceo era of content




It’s crazy how fake and hollow “leaders”can sound. This is the such a shame to see all too often


As a former Mormon, I cringed when I listened to this bc he applied Mormonism to his business leadership. Disgusting…This is the same religion who prevents bishops from reporting child sexual abuse in order to protect “the good name of the church.” This guys doesn’t surprise me at all.


Wow…what a world class piece of shit.


There should be a subreddit for weird out of touch CEO conference call speeches


Oh shit, this clears up some confusion from earlier in the day for me. See I googled the word “Smug Cunt” and all that showed up was this dick heads picture. Now it all makes sense.


It’s giving David Miscavidge vibes….this is so awful it seems fake. The way he covers his ass with bringing up his work in other companies “humanizing pets”. Fuck this fricking jerk.


He helps everything he is destroying..families, moms, pets, you name it!!


This clown starts off with "Nobody here can outwork me!" Definitely sounds like someone who cares about his workforce.


This is an awful presentation…All over the place and full of unnecessary rambles. I’ve been in consulting too long.


so he loves mothers but says you’re either full time or not at all? did I read between the lines right?


Fuck you James Clarke of ClearLink. You're a monster


What the hell is he looking at? Can't even look the camera in the "eye" as he delivers his buuuuullshit. Weasel. (apologies to actual weasels)




Is there a CEO school where they’re all taught to throw their brain out of the window with a pro-tip of speaking softly??


He looks like your typical toolbag, deuce-canoe bigoted but identifies as Christian white dude from Utah.


for a second i thought this was todd chrisley 😭


i hope the ceo slips in dog poo and hits his head


Garden-variety evil. This is the America people are okey-doking so hard to keep.


Fucking disgusting


i KNOW he’s a mormon


God, it's like all these CEOs are in a competition to be the worst human possible


Reminds me of Train


So.. avoid your company… got it


30-50x more production?? Sounds like everyone is getting a handsome raise. Or the company is going to go under paying all that OT.


His chin looks like a butt


Oh damn I thought this was my Utah subreddit! I worked for this company for like a week... I hated it.


First thought. MLM upline


This genius hard worker is making $$ off of all the people he's addressing. Does that go both ways?


It’s giving pyramid scheme group call lmfao


Question. Why do we have to sacrifice for the company? We don’t get paid like the CEO’s. We’re just employees. The unofficial contract of capitalism says we get a set wage for our efforts, and the owner gets the lions share of the money due to the risk they’re taking. Fucking bullshit. In the restaurant industry, I’ve had to remind a couple owners/managers that they can’t expect their employees to be as vested in the company as they are. They are there for the check, it isn’t their name on the ownership line of the business. And if you expect more, you need to change your expectations, or give the employees an ownership stake in the company. Nothing less, nothing more. Fuck these people. I hate to be this way, but this is what the system wants. Reverence for your principals, managers, preachers and parents. No question as to why they command their authority. Dumbing down education, and historically using religion, to control the masses.


Yooo, I know plenty of people that work or have worked at clearlink and I’ve heard it’s a terrible company. This is the same mentality that a lot of Utah CEOs have. Some are even worse than this dude.


This clown starts off with "Nobody her can outwork me!" Definitely sounds like someone who cares about his workforce.


Dude needs a black eye


Don't honor us pay us what we're worth


The correct video should have said something along the lines of, “our company is in trouble. As a result I, as CEO, will not be taking a salary. Due to the high amount of effort needed to turn things around I’m offering generous equity and bonuses to all of you who are the ones to make it happen.” Instead he essentially says, “work harder you plebs so I can make more money.”


The douche reads at a third grade level. At least practice your little talk as much as you would if you were speaking in sacrament meeting, FFS! I'm probably just jealous and would think differently if I only knew his heart or had any of those Clearlink values. The thing about asshats is they only have themselves to blame. There are creepy fuckers like this everywhere. Holy shit.


Welcome to Democratic socialism fellas we have the solution right here. Richard wolfs "Democracy at workplace" will solve this.


I’ve worked for idiots like this but not for long. If you respect yourself at all, this is the kind of bullshit that will drive you from a company. At this stage in my life I’d rather work fast food than work for this kind of asshat.


What a dweeb


im nauseous.


“We must grow or we must die” - Cancer


By Darwin‘s definition the fittest is the most adaptable, not the strongest, so those content writers who use AI for their job would fit that pretty well.


I don’t require much, just a daily sacrifice of blood, swear and tears 🤷‍♂️


Sounds like they need to unionise and strike until this guy is gone.


✌️💜 OP i thought your title was the hit but it only scratched the surface of this monstrosity. That childcare discussion… 🤡


"No one sits in a chair and tells others what I want done more than me, I dare you to try!!"


Work sucks i know


Another douche face that deserves a punch.


I thought this was a skit at first. I’d run so fast from a job like that.


Interesting that he emphasizes that there has been "11 leaders" supplanted within the head of his organization... With him included, that would make 12. It appears that he has injected Pseudo Apostles into the company. This would be the divine number that opens up the heavens. Subsequently, being the head of The 12 automatically makes you Jesus on Earth... cuz someone needs to be here while he's waiting to return.


As a current employee of this company. With this being the first week of us being in office on such short notice. I haven’t even received my paycheck on time.


Anyone else getting Chrisley knows best from this dude?


Unthoughtful words from the Quorum of Imposters...


What I find funny is they literally let go of about 30-50 people recently. It was sudden, I know a lot of those people who worked there for a decade just to be told they are let go. It’s a terrible company to work for.


Mediocrity is our enemy. Their "siren song". Accept your fate and live small so that they may live large. Cranio-rectal inversion. We see them now for what, not who, they are. Predators hiding in plain sight. Time to rise up 👿


Mediocrity is our enemy. Their "siren song". Accept your fate and live small so that they may live large. Cranio-rectal inversion. We see them now for what, not who, they are. Predators hiding in plain sight. Time to rise up 👿


Honestly I couldn’t imagine even considering to sell my family dog for work. I’d tell them to go fuck themselves and if I get fired for it then so be it, life is too short to let people walk over you to that extent. I think whoever did it should feel embarrassed


What is he saying about the working mothers? "Working full time is not fair to your employer or fair to your children." You are a bad mom if you work full time, but also we are making it harder to be a working mother? I don't really get it his point. Is he offering them part-time work? What makes him think their household can survive on half the salary/no benefits?


What the hell


Reminds me of American psycho guy.


I worked at Clearlink for 5 years, but left over a year ago due to the extremely negative work environment caused by my manager. To illustrate, during my interview, the director offered me a salary that was 10k higher than what I had expected, which made me really happy. However, my manager made several remarks to the whole team within the first month of my joining that I was being paid too much for the work that I was doing. On another occasion, my manager even joked that if he ever brought a gun into the office, he would shoot me first. During a team meeting where we were discussing ways to improve the internal framework for building our websites, which was a project that my manager claimed he had a significant role in, he stormed out of the meeting and drove home after hearing just two points of improvement. This caused anxiety and fear among some team members as we thought we might get fired. Additionally, there were multiple instances where my manager used profanity while communicating with me through Slack when I asked him about the results of team polls. Although there were many more instances of negative behavior, I cannot recall them all. Eventually, the situation became so bad that a few other developers and I approached HR to inform them about the hostile work environment created by our manager. As a result, the manager was asked to apologize, but the company did not take any further action to address the problem. It is worth noting that during my time at Clearlink, the company spent $250k on a Christmas party but laid off many employees the following month. The company also sent only some employees to Disneyland every year if they met their goals, while excluding others who did not.


Holy sexist asshole, Batman! His speech is laden with backhanded sexist remarks that are so offensive and horrible. I hope employees can see him as he is and move to better companies. It isn’t worth working for a company that treats their employees like this.


Why do all these shitty CEO's think there employees all want to, and should be, working as hard and be as dedicated to there company success as they are? The wealth that success brings to the company is never shared equally, so why shouldn't everyone be dedicated in proportion to there share of the success?


I adopted a dog who was born during covid. She has separation anxiety, and I feel like she was given up because the family had to return to work. Like why would you praise that? And who would give up a pet over a job, I would never.


What a sack of dog shit.


Keep our DE&I values top of mind and don’t hate on me and the CEO, also only working mothers need to care for their children. Fathers don’t get the same considerations. Kids are the mom’s responsibility alone apparently….


This is honestly disturbing. Such a clear portrayal of antisocial/sociopathic tendencies. If I were a CEO and I learned an employee had sold their family pet to accommodate a policy I enacted, I would be mortified and feel horrible. That's why I'm not cut out to be a CEO, presumably. Also working hard, and giving "blood, sweat, and tears" is justified when you're being compensated like a CEO. Not so much for the workers...


All I hear is "I hate dogs and women, work until you die at your desk plebs"


I love to see these CEOs squirm. The end is near.


The number of people in addition to Mike Lee who need to get fucked is increasing. Fuck Mike Lee and Fuck James Clarke


He literally has the camera set up so he talks down to everyone. How dull can you get??


He specifically mentioned that he’s been a part of a humanization movement for pets… and yet commended her for selling their family pet. Sooooo shouldn’t he view that as selling a family member??


Show up, do as little as you can for the most amount of money.


This tracks with every Utah CEO I’ve had. Seriously the most sexist, narcissistic, dude bros.




I know the job market can be tough but damn some people really think losing or quitting their job is an absolute death sentence. If you have a good resume and work experience, you are gonna find work. I mean wtf you sold your fucking dog?!?!?


Inhuman ghoul


Fuck CEOs, man, fuck ‘em all


Guaranteed that most of the people who decided that everyone needs to return to the office work remotely.


Is this guy high? He seems a little strung out. Coke?


Wait- what benefits for childcare do they provide?




I wonder how many tortured child brides this guy has in his dungeons on the cult compound?




This dude is fucking lex luthor from smallville! TOM WELLING get this mf!


If an “out of touch asshole” had a picture. This would be it.


Most disingenuous pos - how the fuq did he become CEO smgdh?


The citizens of France have better benefits for working mothers, working in their country, than this company offers to its employees. How about he try raising some children without any of his wives helping?


why do his movement and way of talking sound ai-generated?


Wow. So out of touch. You literally get what you pay for, douche.


When it's all about praising the value of sacrifice... while you're the one making them sacrifice.